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Mantras of Success

Mantras of Success

By Akhilesh Vats

This podcast belongs to the single agenda of being successful in every aspect of life. Listen to this podcast carefully and apply it in your daily life.
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Law of Cause and Effects in Hindi

Mantras of SuccessJul 29, 2021

Law of Cause and Effects in Hindi

Law of Cause and Effects in Hindi

The Law of Cause and Effect states that whatever has a cause has an effect. That means if something has a cause, it will have an effect. We use this knowledge every day, when we walk into a room, see a painting, hear a car go past, etc. It is the "big bang" theory of how things work. The cause and effect relationship goes both ways though, because in reality there is no such thing as cause and effect, but only abstract knowledge of what occurs.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that there is only one possible relationship: the relationship between A and B. If one occurs, then the other must also. Causality is the influence by which one cause, event, condition or object results in the production of another effect, event, condition or object where the cause acts directly, but the effect is indirectly related to the cause through some medium. There are two possible relationships: direct and indirect. Direct causes are those that directly alter the state of any physical entity, while indirect causes are those that indirectly alter the state of any physical entity through some medium.

One example of a cause and effect (what is karma in hindi) that are widely understood is that of childhood obesity. When a child is born, the mother has all of her natural inclinations to nurture her newborn, feed it, coddle it, love it and protect it from every danger. However, once the child comes out into the real world, where it is not safe to be carefree, it has been "shipped off to mom's market". In short, because the parent(s) of the child have neglected the needs and welfare of the child, there are now a cause and effect relationship whereby the obesity develops. सक्सेस टिप्स

Jul 29, 202104:14
Karma Ke Fal- The Consequences of Karma

Karma Ke Fal- The Consequences of Karma

In general the word Karma literally means "action"; deed, work, or purpose. The word also refers to the religious principle of causality, commonly termed the ethical principle of karma, in which an act or purpose of a human being is judged according to its results in the here and now. Basically Karma is a theory that states that through the choices we make now; we will affect future outcomes of that very choice in accordance with the choices we make then. In other words we can choose to be a good person, but if we commit a crime in the future, then that crime will be manifest in the future as consequences of our decisions.  Karma is taught in the Buddhist and Hindu religions, in fact the Hindus refer to Karma as the law of cause and effect. For the Buddhists and the Hindus, Karma is the unalterable path, the imperative path; it is not something that we can alter or change, so changing or controlling the past actions is not possible. If you are one of those people who believe in Karma, then please read this article carefully, for it has more to offer you than you may have ever thought. Firstly let's begin with the definition, so you know what Karma actually is. Then we shall examine the two different methods of understanding the concept of Karma. Sometimes karma does to the human what it had been ingulfed as the past, you attract what you are? You can understand this concept by just reading the Law of Attraction in Hindi.  In Buddhism, Karma is described as being the unavoidable result of our past actions and is thus required by them. According to the Buddhism religion and belief, Karma is neither good nor bad, and the concept of Karma being bad is not at all present in Buddhism. Instead, they believe that Karma is inevitable as it is the condition of man in the animal world and that being human is superior to being animals. The concept of Karma is also present in the ancient Buddhism religion but much less prominent. Read Karma Quotes in Hindi

Jun 25, 202103:41
The Mantras of Success in Hindi

The Mantras of Success in Hindi

Success is the condition or state of meeting a properly defined set of expectations. It can be seen as the antithesis of failure. In any situation where an individual expects something of himself/herself, they are said to be successful. There are many different definitions of success and what those definitions mean. However, the standards of success can be understood on the basis of context and can also be dependent upon a specific cultural or other psychological belief system. You can achieve success by just following the law of vibration in Hindi also, this law intended to use in every kind of situation. 

The most common meaning of success is based on the material benefits that one derives from success in any given situation. In order to achieve material benefit, one must work hard. The standard of success therefore is related to the amount of effort expended in any given situation. For example, if you are working in an office, you are not going to be considered successful if you receive only a paycheck, because that income would not help you pay your rent and buy food for the house, so it is not the standard of success.

The standard of success in relation to happiness is however different. It is related to the feeling of well-being, both physical and mental, and to the ability to function successfully in a situation where one has set expectations for themselves, and has the resources to meet those expectations. Successful people who have attained this level of achievement tend to feel like they are part of a world in which they are the greatest thing that has ever happened to anyone, and they also tend to feel like they have accomplished something important, and that they have lived their entire life in pursuit of this feeling of success. Those who feel like they are on the path to success are described by successful people as having an abiding connection with happiness. you can also read Law of attraction in Hindi

Jun 24, 202103:17