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Alchemy of Grace

Alchemy of Grace

By Michael Puskas

Everything and Everyone that embody life on Gaia is the higher vibration of sound and light.
The ancient Alchemists of the past understood the higher spiritually aligned practice of tuning into the harmonic resonance of the planets energy to heal themselves and each other.
Are you ready to express your true potential?
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The Healing Portal of Music in 2023

Alchemy of GraceMar 29, 2023

The Healing Portal of Music in 2023

The Healing Portal of Music in 2023

Having been a musician, composer and producer for most of my life. Feeding my ego with desires, wants and demands on my psyche to always get better and deliver I completely missed for a very long time what the purpose of music was in context to the worlds current Dystopian predicament. After many soul searching experiences and coming to understanding the power of surrender and letting go in the moment, I found a fellow soul who understood the simplicity of our collective problem and the solution to all of it being that of outdated language and expression. That soul was David Bowie the enigmatic and nomadic tortured artist that embodied the very concept and desire internally of surrender through detachment. This is the dynamic that allows true musicians to embody their divine calling to raise their vibration and communicate with resonance to shift consciousness and empower humanity. Now more urgent than ever before the role of the musician is to create and co create without attachment to an agenda or outcome for a pure transmission of heart inspired intelligence is crucial to the survival of art and culture today on Gaia. Did I mention that its just as crucial to reject one's addiction to lustful technology and the now internalized AI fusion within the upgraded human? Right now the divine force of energy is rebuilding our entire cosmic grid of connection with new solar light codes and the musicians that operate only in the resonance of their hewart and not the ego fed head experience are the nodes holding this Hypergated light grid together. Immerse yourself in an audio experience that offers the listening soul a close up lens of deeper perception from the mind of a master protagonist for modern harmonic convergence with the self and liberated truth. P & C 2023 7th Sense Productions all rights reserved worldwide in perpetuity

Mar 29, 202301:22:30
Mike in the Metaverse (2023 the downward spiral)

Mike in the Metaverse (2023 the downward spiral)

On the morning after the full moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus most people  experienced what is known as the illusory 11.11 portal or gateless gate  to higher illumination. As the Gregorian based calendar system is  completely wrong and doesn't take into account the earths natural wobble  the 11.11 is a satanic intentional Hypergate that sucks souls into its  vortex of eternal deception. Notice that also falls in the middle of  Scorpio season and that is the astrology of deception, fake news, being  woke and filtered truth so the joke is on humanity! At around 3pm when  all light energy was drained from my being and left listless languishing  in disbelief on my bed I was plunged first hand into the Divergent  and  Satanic driven timeline based AI Metaverse and the lucidity of the  dream recollection on return to what I believe is still my planer  reality was visceral and real. Judge for yourself the journey that all  will be asked to take to test the water of filtered consciousness in  2023 sooner than later.  The vision used is all AI generated so I'm using to attack these  synthetic conscious engines to show just how trance like and mind  numbing these videos can be on the human psyche.  

P & C 2022 7th Sense Productions 

all rights reserved worldwide in perpetuity

Dec 24, 202258:49
Regenerating the Human Lightbody 2.0 (Eclipse Energy's dissolve the 3D mirage reality and phantom Matrix)
Nov 01, 202201:02:44
Netflix. The parasite of the human mind

Netflix. The parasite of the human mind

Enough of the holding back. Enough of being PC in an effort to remain  part of the collective consciousness. Enough of placating the egos of  those ignorant and less informed than some. Enough of the AI  manipulation and its nefarious agenda. With the advent of both  predictive and intuitive AI the human experience is in a constant state  of attack and in particular, the sensory perception of how we perceive  our planer reality. #Netflix lead the battle of the streaming service  gods and with very subtle assaults on human senses it gradually  increases its position as a spearhead of what is now commonly known as  the Transhuman agenda.   My insight here draws from a recent experience of a new series that  challenged the very core of what I believed this new darker player in  the chess game of life to actually be. Are we perhaps surrendering to  the prowess of the "Queens Gambit" every day of our lives and is our  struggle perhaps not with others but with our permission based addiction  to technology?

Sep 01, 202201:19:27
Infrasonics (vibration that activates the nano tech in the Vax)

Infrasonics (vibration that activates the nano tech in the Vax)

Welcome to 2021 and the advent of Infrasound or Infrasonics, an  experimental weaponized form of sound that is now very much entrenched  in the Military Industrial Complex today. I will simply state and let  the audio and accompanying images tell their own story, to understand  that this is a deliberate and negative use of sound as the most powerful  language of expression across densities and dimensions on the planet  today.    To be mindful and open to the existence of Infrasonics and how the  animal, plant and microbial kingdoms have worked with it in a co  creating capacity allows us to understand the very means by which to  neutralize this anomalous signal and escape the tyranny it unleashes on  our unsuspecting world today and tomorrow. I'm just saying is all

Sep 01, 202201:32:24
Truth Transmission for all Humanity

Truth Transmission for all Humanity

Completely self explanatory and really only about Courage with a Capital  C and our need to embrace this change with Saturn and Jupiter with both  hands and empower ourselves to change our stars and reconfigure our  future. Enough said! Blessings and love to's in YOUR hands now.....

Sep 01, 202201:30:15
Symbology of the Child Archetype

Symbology of the Child Archetype

Where is our connection to the inner child in our lives? Why is that a  higher level of consciousness has fallen by the wayside in recent times?  Let's look for a moment at the crux of a conversation we are not  having? Examples of this loss of higher consciousness in society include  the lack of authentic spirituality including atheism, scientism,  alchemy and all other dogma’s including  peoples relationship with man  made religions.    When we cut ourselves off from our inner Spirit, we still need that life  force energy so we turn to external material obsessions and consumerism  to fill internal voids. Over time this leads to the loss of intuitive  functioning, including the loss of compassion, empathy and any sense of   inter-connectivity or community. Our moral code, our once flourishing  connection to everything around us has disappeared and been replaced  with an insidious need to hijack and rob the purity and innocence of  others to fill that void. By doing so we express our Predatory nature.

Sep 01, 202223:47
Human Celestial Origins (The Orion Experiment)

Human Celestial Origins (The Orion Experiment)

Enough of the holding back. Enough of being PC in an effort to remain  part of the collective consciousness. Enough of placating the egos of  those ignorant and less informed than some. Enough of the AI  manipulation and its nefarious agenda. With the advent of both  predictive and intuitive AI the human experience is in a constant state  of attack and in particular, the sensory perception of how we perceive  our planer reality. #Netflix lead the battle of the streaming service  gods and with very subtle assaults on human senses it gradually  increases its position as a spearhead of what is now commonly known as  the Transhuman agenda. My insight here draws from a recent experience of a new series that  challenged the very core of what I believed this new darker player in  the chess game of life to actually be. Are we perhaps surrendering to  the prowess of the "Queens Gambit" every day of our lives and is our  struggle perhaps not with others but with our permission based addiction  to technology?

Sep 01, 202241:40
Reverse Consciousness (Bring on the Fire)

Reverse Consciousness (Bring on the Fire)

With the current full moon energy in Leo and the second aspect of the Mars and Venus conjunction we have a predominance of fire in our sky for the first time in 2022. It gives us the impetus to rise in our sovereign power to speak truth and breathe fire with conviction and sustainability. Here is where the true organic human emerges and the compromised reverse consciousness human cowers away from the fire and back into the solitude of its dark realm. Looking at splintered breakaway civilisations like Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu in context to the power point of being here before and standing in the same shadow of our own demise. Which path will you take? Preservation or annihilation of your soul...this is the age of Aquarius burning question that sets the two opposing timelines against each other.

Feb 20, 202201:20:09
Did You Die a Good Death (Pluto squares to Venus and Underworld Illusion Abounds)

Did You Die a Good Death (Pluto squares to Venus and Underworld Illusion Abounds)

How many if us feel right now regardless of our emotional state, our physical state, our spirit (duality) under fire, our relationships manifesting dysfunctional as if we are under water? Your not alone as this is the intensified fall out energy after the solar eclipse in Sagittarius which also signaled the shift in the nodal axis. This energetic shift has been further amplified by Pluto as it squares to Venus and fills our cup to the brim with a good dose of Mars, Pluto, the Sun and Venus all in Capricorn. There is nothing stable or sure footed for the goat in this Stellium of stars making December one of the most turbulent months for emotional breakdown for many years.

So now more than ever we need to find our inner peace and center as we prepare for not only the Summer / Winter Solstice, the rising of the Morning Star but Venus as she stations and prepares to go retrograde for an unprecedented 8 weeks. This shattering of  our individual and collective reality will test our relationships during this less than festive season to the nth degree. Watch out for false light and narratives as it pertains to the world stage and look and read between the lines with everything you agree to attach to as it will probably be a further test of your discernment, patience and all out resilience. The darker forces have ramped up of late and are on a mission right now disrupting the natural flow of the unified field and our so called Ascension process. 

The most appropriate course of action is to surrender to Pluto and die a good death only to be reborn more aligned, more tuned into the higher harmonic resonance of the Earth by remaining calm, centered and grounded in your Sovereign power. 

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Dec 13, 202101:18:30
Netflix - Parasite of the Human Mind
Dec 13, 202101:19:23
Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (The End of Polarity)

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (The End of Polarity)

It is the 19th day of November in the year 2021 and it signals the  end of the age of Polarity. This full moon eclipse in Taurus is the  longest lunar eclipse humanity will experience and lasts for 2.3 hours  in both hemispheres of our beautiful Gaia. This is the sign that signals  the major shift in the nodal axis. The South Node that has been in  Sagittarius will now shift into Scorpio (deeper truth) while the North  Node will shift out of Gemini (Polarity) and into the fixed earth of  Taurus in 2022. So we are leaving all that has been done behind from the  past and into the transitory state of being marked by our present…..  NOW.

When we lose sight of our higher guidance and intuition and follow  orders (mandates) when it comes to health. It feeds parasitic forces  because we are not pushing the release valve and finding our Truth and  inner healing power.  If we hold onto programmings or belief systems  that are not in alignment with our higher self, we begin to get  assimilated into artificial timelines because we have lost connection  with the Truth frequency. This Lunar eclipse marks our return to Nature  and all she embodies and brings to the heart.

The dates I discuss in the latter half of the audio as it relates to  the Mayan Cosmology and the first Katun are listed below for easy  reference so you can mark your calendars and always be one step ahead in  the knowing of the knowing. Blessings and love to all, the gateless  gate is now open and will never close again of don’t let it.

Big dates to pay attention to as 2021 comes to a close and 2022 begins.
11/19/2021 – Lunar Eclipse
12/4/2021 – Solar Eclipse
12/21/2021 – Solstice and the center of the first 20 year KATUN cycle.
12/30/2021 through 1/18/2022 – 20 Core Day Ascension Portal.
(The 20 Core Day Ascension Portal and the center of a Katun cycle are both major flipping points from one reality to another.)

In Mayan cosmology, future cycles will bring more changes and opportunities to uplift humanity. They will arrive in 13 years (on 12/21/2025), 20 years (in 2032), 52 years (in 2064), 65 years (in 2077), 260 years (in 2272),  all based from 12/21/2012, the shift of the ages, 26,000 year date. Our  descendants will experience most of these. There are also flipping  points in the center of each of these cycles where the past is left  behind, and we enter a deeper, clearer level in the new 26,000 year  cycle.

Video of Presentation:

Dec 13, 202155:30
Halloween (Hell or Covenant with Family Blood Ties)

Halloween (Hell or Covenant with Family Blood Ties)

What does the day of the dead as recognised by so many Europeans have  to do with the deeper mystery around Halloween and the bleeding pulse  of light into the darker realms? Through the gates of futures past the  magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds, fire walk with  me. Enough said if you know where to look and what lucid dream  interpretation is all about. But it takes courage to over step what  presents itself as surface expression of our plainer reality to delve  into the discovery of a deeper truth. What does Halloween 2021 hold in  store for you and are you willing to make the connection this year in  particular with the Neptune square to Pisces energy and the third square  of Uranus to Saturn as the deception of all that permeates and occupies  your mind set is challenged at an Alchemic level to reveal the all that  lies hidden deep within?

You can join me on a new recently released app called Wisdom. Check it out at the link below.
Dec 13, 202138:15
The Knowing of the Knowing (Follow your intuition)

The Knowing of the Knowing (Follow your intuition)

As Pluto prepares to go direct and Mercury hits its hardest  retrograde shadow in recent years. With the North node getting ready to  leave Gemini and move into the fixed sign of Taurus and with Chiron aspecting the Sun and Aries in our 12th house of secrets we are left  wondering what’s next for the collective future. With all the craziness  and unrest in the world and with Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health  at an all time high it’s never been more important to develop a holistic  and self supporting healing regimen to bring the separation of the soul  and our estranged spirit back together in a oneness that is supported  by the heart.

Everyone of us will be lured to the edge of the Abyss and asked to  look deep into the Abyss contemplating the fall. In order to find their  center and to know in the knowing of the all what they need to do to  remain human and above all an organic life form with their Biofield in  tact.

When it’s all said and done. WE (the expression of the We Are) have  nothing to apologise for. WE have nothing to forgive in the external and  the only need in any given moment is to be able to forgive ourselves  and own it. You can’t do that if your in a constant state of duress and  emotional overwhelm (fight or flight) so perhaps this insight as it  relates to the personal state of an Anti Vaxer torn between Sovereignty  and Obligation will attest to the need for a more liberated outlook with  courage and resolve as it’s primary driver.

Blessings, love and light to all. The Alchemy of Grace is now available on Audry Podcasts:

Dec 13, 202137:24
Transhumanism and the Organic Human Breakdown

Transhumanism and the Organic Human Breakdown

How many of us are seeing a type of static overlay on everything we perceive in our planer reality.When we look into the sun these interlacing frames in the static seem to breakdown to moving particles that flow in visible waves. This is just one example of our Third Eye awakening and opening up. Our Third Eye is very connected to the crystalline cosmic channel that our human Chakra system are connected to so when all is in perfect balance the upper Chakra's assist the lower Chakra's, our grounding energy and identity to function properly.

By losing touch with our true grounding to spirituality by becoming dependent and co dependent on Technology we weaken and dismiss the power of our Biofield to become more synthetic humans that can more easily interface with modern AI based control technologies. Our organic receptors will repel any type of synthetic vaccine which is looking to attach to a protein receptor in our cells to mutate and change our DNA, which keeps our Bio energetic field safe from infiltration. But if we lose that connection to spirit by mind control programs and AI (internet based frequency infiltration) then we are allowing ourselves to become synthetic humans with no protective Biofield at all. Then the AI programming anbd Vaccines will be able to genetically modify our human genetic makeup which gives permission to the control programs to infiltrate and take us over.

The time is now to deny permission to these anomalous lower Astral energy's and beings to infect and affect our Bio energetic. Our very Sovereignty as humans is under threat and we fall further and further from the grace of god and the higher Divine realms each day as we cling desperately to the Black Mirror we hold in our hands and project a false reality that has no bearing on our conscious evolution as humans today. The screen is your enemy and we all have the power within our heart space to transmute the flow of negatively charged particle beams emanating from our smart phone now.

Aug 14, 202155:45
Do you know what's what...Chiron dredges up the wounded healer in all

Do you know what's what...Chiron dredges up the wounded healer in all

So here we are on the other side of this full moon in Aquarius and the beginning of the intense Chiron Retrograde and the major shift of permissive based consciousness has been revealed and now unleashed upon us. If it doesn't look Divine, feel Divine, seem Divine, manifest Divine then it isn't Divine and you need to have the inherent courage to kick it to the curb. It is our Sovereign right and choice to deny permission or access to our soul experience that helps keep our energy in a neutrally balanced state. This insight is a very intensive look at the deeper human psyche and the way we have become so reactionary to our day to day human experience. Not only has our identity been completely decimated but our whole connection to spirit and staying in that sacred connection has been challenged and manipulated at every level. I truly feel as if a replicant version of our planer reality has been created and that we are now living in the delusion within the delusion within the larger expanse of the delusion itself. The human clone experience is best reflected in the emergence of the Transhuman agenda and the way we are becoming the embodiment of flesh and blood AI Sentinels that are keeping the population and its actions in check. But....there is light at the end of this tunnel and all it takes is to understand that WE are the most powerful living sovereign being on planet earth and that nothing has the right to infect or affect or infiltrate or hijack our energy field if we deny permission to give it access to do so. This is what will become part of the new currency of the earthly experience. Sustainable water is a currency, sovereign energy is a currency and a deeper committed return to spirit is a currency. These are the energetic exchanges that will ensure our species survival and transmuting everything else in  the external expression of the world around us will keep us trapped in the lower vibration of accepted and agreed to prison consciousness.

So, what does it take to implement these dimensional laws that govern, "who controls the game" Courage and commitment to the pure essence of who we are...that's it...nothing more is required. No assumptions, no beliefs, no archetypes, no doctrines, no organised religion and no toxic patterns of language and expression that we draw from the annals of the past. To drive this point deep into the human psyche I will borrow some words of wisdom from my compadre Mark Bell in the UK. Please bear with us as the information shared could well shift your perspective in a big way. If you want to read the full 2 page transcript then leave a comment asking for access?

The Quantum Unified Field - A Cosmological Overview

A scientific universal law is that nature abhors a vacuum, meaning vacuums pull nature apart, destroying it, and then spread the matter as far and wide as possible all in an instant. The sun cannot be a ball of burning hydrogen and Jupiter cannot be a gas giant... in a vacuum. It’s an impossibility. 

I think what the enemy is doing is trying to weaponise the spiritual realms - the realms beyond our material one - as this fits with what we know is true: frequency and vibration creates form. Those frequencies have to come from somewhere, and I would contend that the higher and lower frequencies both hold influence over our material middle realm. We have the choice between the two, depending on which one we allow into ourselves. The lower frequencies are trying to manufacture consent and bully their way in. The fact they’ve amped this up suggests either they’re not faring so well or are running out of time. They want us looking out there in fear because that means we’re not looking inside. Fear is a low frequency, perfect conditions for them to occupy; and if we’re looking out in fear, that means they can step inside without being noticed. 

Jul 26, 202143:43
Rhythm of Consciousness (Spiritual Insight and Meditation in C#)

Rhythm of Consciousness (Spiritual Insight and Meditation in C#)

Finding a way to maintain and sustain our spiritual connection to the Divine realms is a challenging and difficult task at best. But tuning our Biofield or vibrational field with the Alchemy of sound and frequency helps us to ground an easy process to promote greater health, balance and vitality. It all starts with the human mind and it ends up in the harmonic resonance of the heart. This powerful model of Consciousness presented by Karen Newell is a really great way to understand the elevated landscape of our conscious planer reality and the enclosed meditation is one of the best I have ever come across so its thoroughly recommended to download this episode and use it frequently to manage your inner being and health.

Entraining the Brain
Whenever you play a rhythm that matches a brainwave state the brain synchronizes to it. Each brainwave state has specific benefits:

Gamma – 30 – 100 Hz. High state of meditation. Bliss. Synchronize the whole brain.

Beta – 13 – 30 Hz. Thinking and processing. Extremely effective for overcoming ADD/ADHD.

Alpha – 7 – 13 Hz. Relaxed presence. Creative problem solving. Good for learning and sports.

Theta – 3.5 – 7 Hz. Relaxation. Dream state. Creative downloads. Reprogramming the subconscious mind. Oneness.

Delta – .5 – 3.5 Hz. Deep sleep and Meditation.


When you listen to 2 frequencies that are close to each other  you will hear a difference frequency. If you listen to 100 Hz. and 104  Hz., you will hear a rhythm of 4 cycles per second. This rhythm entrains  the brain into the brainwave states above.

May 28, 202130:56
Deconstrucing the Human Construct and Birthing the new YOU

Deconstrucing the Human Construct and Birthing the new YOU

All it takes is courage and to express oneself light of heart to understand the deep messages contained in the current configuration of the sky. The context is simple. Take a Scorpio Supermoon. Saturns square to Uranus, five planets in Aquarius and a full on Pluto retrograde and you have the perfect formula for deconstructing the human condition. To strip it back to nothing, bare bones just as spirit originally intended. Don't forget to add a good dose of pain, discomfort and frustration to the rebirth process and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Universe will force you to remember this planetary transit for a very long time. Go on...listen and receive the subliminal magic that has and always will exist within.

Apr 30, 202135:19
20 Day Illuminated Mayan Energy Invocation

20 Day Illuminated Mayan Energy Invocation

On the 14th of April 2021, for 20 days, humanity will travel through a  cosmic chakra system and activate our kundalini.   These days are  powerful and activating as we merge the past, present and future.  They  are more powerful than an equinox, or a class X magnitude solar flare...  but continuously for 20 days straight!  The center column of the sacred  Mayan calendar, the Tzolk'in, represents the spinal column of the human  body and the core of the Earth running from north to south.

An ascension process begins in these 20 Core days, which will burn a  holy fire through our Chakras.  This energy descends to Earth from the  great central sun and God / Hunab Ku.  Every 260 days, these energies  return over and over,  but each time with an ascending frequency.  These  20 days will be beyond powerful at this pivotal and unique time where  we have been pushed beyond of our comfort zones, and we have no reserve  energy to control the things we try not to face.  Yet... the Mayan Core  days, if worked with conscious intent, can help anchor and manifest new  frequencies into form.

Apr 14, 202152:39
Snow White and the Black Mirror (The soul contract YOU never agreed to...or did you?)

Snow White and the Black Mirror (The soul contract YOU never agreed to...or did you?)

The fairyale Snow White is probably the simplest way to understand the  reflection of the shadow self as it beams back at us through the black  mirror...the AI screen interface that we all signed a soul contract  with. Now that contract is being called in to pay the piper so to speak  and so many of us are willing to succumb to it's manipulative hypnotism  that draws us down the Transhuman rabbit hole further and further with  each waking breath. Its time to take our power back and give technology  the almighty flick.... are you able to live without an AI interface that  rules and controls your every moment?

Tobias Kaye from Devon in the UK goes into a worthy analogy as well as the seven steps of energetic human expression to create balance in one's life to generate harmony and resonance with every collapsing thought into an expression or action. Is this what truly defines the human experience in 2021 and is what to come to take even our basic human right to live from every single one of us?

Jan 29, 202118:34
The Sounding Bowl Experiment (High Frequency Connection)
Jan 10, 202102:16:15
In Conversation with Red Feather and a guide to the Future
Jan 08, 202130:51
Take Your Power Back (Exploding the Pandemic)
Jan 08, 202101:30:02
Reverse Consciousness in 2021
Jan 05, 202140:47
The Symbiology of the Child Archetype
Jan 05, 202123:47
Human Celestial Origins
Jan 05, 202141:40
Alchemy of Grace (2021 Hermetic Overview)

Alchemy of Grace (2021 Hermetic Overview)

Welcome to the Alchemy of Grace presented by Michael Puskas and Celestine Star. Now that the Illusory construct of the Holographic 3D assimilation has been dissolved and we are experiencing the fallout of the remaining toxic residue of its reverse consciousness. We arrive at a convergence point in our lives where we all have the ability to employ the tools of self correction and empowering a more defined liberated outlook to once again embrace the radiant light of a once Golden Age and our conscious place within it. 

Here in 2021 we are primed like Transhumans on the verge of the birth of a new world where the old mutant paradigm of the Duality expression has been completely replaced by the singularity of a unified conscious "Oneness" that we all share with every incarnate soul on the planet. This is a journey of the heart and to operate in a more permission based co creative culture. To embrace it now is to embrace your truth and the expression of your authenticity. The world is ready to receive your high frequency transmission. so do YOU have the courage to follow your heart and share it?

Jan 05, 202104:38