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The Leader's Guide

The Leader's Guide

By Alex McCall

My name is Alex McCall and I have a passion for leadership and helping people become the best version of themselves. This is a podcast designed for today's leaders who are looking to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. Leadership is about inspiring oneself and others towards a greater cause. Together, we will explore different ideas, subjects, and stories from insightful conversations. Let's get started!
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to Bridging the Gap Between Values and Finances (ft. Marci Grossman)

The Leader's GuideSep 13, 2022

to Higher Level Marketing (ft. Scott Robertson)
Jun 29, 202334:26
to Navigating Change, The Gap Between Two Worlds (ft. Kevin McNulty)

to Navigating Change, The Gap Between Two Worlds (ft. Kevin McNulty)

If there is one thing that remains consistent in life it is change. Every new change comes with its unique challenges but fear, uncertainty, and anxiety do not need to be among them. In this episode, Alex speaks with international speaker, author, coach, and podcaster Kevin McNulty. Kevin began his career in the United States Air Force advising military commanders on human relationships within their organizations. After a 20 year career, he left the military with the goal of implementing these ideas within his own company, Humadyn. In navigating his own transitions, Kevin McNulty wrote his book “The Gap Between Two Worlds” to help people lead themselves through difficult transition. 

1:00 - Who is Kevin McNulty

5:00 - Kevin McNulty’s path out of the military and into his private career

  • Dealing with depression, anxiety, and a massive transition

9:50 - Understanding the Gap Between Two worlds

  • Navigating seasons of transitions

12:00 - Transitions are inevitable - what are the first steps in recognizing/navigating a transitionary period?

16:00 - Embracing uncertainty within a transition - the “Foggy Zone”

20:30 - Understanding transitions as “Seasons of Life” with a beginning and an end

  • “Either you shape your future or your future will shape you” - Kevin McNulty

26:30 - The most important step for anyone entering a transition, ESPECIALLY out of college

Connect with Kevin McNulty

Dec 14, 202237:49
to Learning to Dream in Your Career (ft. Katie Bargetto)
Dec 06, 202228:56
to Understanding Your Belief Systems (ft. Sherry Anshara)

to Understanding Your Belief Systems (ft. Sherry Anshara)

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right” - Henry Ford.

This idea goes so much deeper than just a “can do” attitude. In this week’s episode of The Leader’s Guide Podcast, I learned that your beliefs are so powerful that they can make an impact at a cellular level. I was joined by Author, Speaker, Business Coach, and Medical Intuitive Sherry Anshara who, 30 years ago, developed a belief that literally saved her life. Now, she uses the power of beliefs to help people with their own accelerated healing and to create a life of abundance.

1:05 - Who is Sherry Anshara?

6:30 - What sparked Sherry’s journey to understand our belief systems?

9:50 - What is cellular memory?

13:00 - How you belief systems begin to develop

  • Understanding the origins of our belief systems

18:45 - How can we begin to recognize the belief systems that help/harm us?

21:45 - What are the practical applications to recognizing your belief systems?

“Fear is the lack of correct information”

Nov 22, 202232:35
to Investing Time in Who You are Becoming (ft. Albert Loveland)
Nov 08, 202228:30
to Focus! As a Perceptual Learner (ft. Tina Kramer)
Nov 01, 202234:00
to Embracing Your Differences as a Leader (ft. Karen Mendoza)

to Embracing Your Differences as a Leader (ft. Karen Mendoza)

So often, the things that served as our biggest obstacle turn out to be our greatest asset. After immigrating from the Philippines and studying at the Univeristy of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Karen Mendoza developed a passion for eSports and established  her presence as a leader at Nintendo. Now, she serves as the Vice President of Sales at D-Box Technologies Inc.

1:03 - Who is Karen Mendoza?

5:30 - What kind of impact is D-box and haptic technology having in the tech industry?

10:30 - How has the video game industry shifted over Karen’s career?

16:00 - Impact of diversity in the eSports industry

17:30 - Karen’s drive to serve as a representation for women and immigrants in eSports

20:30 - How did you find the confidence in yourself and your personal differences as a leader?

Oct 25, 202229:13
to Developing Your Personal Brand (ft. Antoinette Logan)
Oct 21, 202227:04
to the Importance of Patience in Communication (ft. Kellina Powell)
Oct 18, 202229:19
to Creating the Most Value for Your Industry (ft. Marlita Hill)
Oct 14, 202226:01
to The Giving Challenge (ft. Stephanie Jones)
Oct 11, 202229:08
to Expanding Your Comfort Zone Through Your Values (ft. Danielle Abbott)
Oct 04, 202231:15
to Pursuing Your Goals With Authenticity (ft. Nelly Caldeira)

to Pursuing Your Goals With Authenticity (ft. Nelly Caldeira)

Who am I? This may be one of the most important yet complicated questions that we can ask ourselves. However, in the pursuit of the answer, we learn to live an authentically driven life of happiness. In this episode, Alex sits down with Nelly Caldeira, a Transformation & Communication Coach, to learn what questions you can ask yourself to start down this path. Nelly immigrated from Brazil and learned the value of true authenticity through her career as a Brazilian Zouk Dance Instructor and is now on a mission to help people live a purpose driven life.

0:51 - Who is Nelly Caldeira

2:25 - Why is authenticity so important in pursuing your goals?

4:30 - What questions can you ask yourself when pursuing authenticity?

“Before asking these questions, give yourself permission to change”

Questions to ask in discovering who you are

  1. What is important to me?
  2. Who do I want to be?
  3. Why do I want to be this person?
  4. What do I need to do to become that person?

14:10 “How much authenticity do I incorporate in my strategy for success?”

15:00 Learning to allow your identity guide your personal boundaries

“Instead of aligning yourself with your goals, allow your goals to align with who you want to become” - Nelly Caldeira

20:20 - How do you navigate trusting yourself and the path you are on vs knowing when it is time to be flexible with your goals?

  • Know where you are headed but be flexible in HOW you get there

26:00 How Nelly’s immigrant story lead her to living a more authentic life

Connect with Nelly Caldeira

Instagram: @nelly_caldeira

Sep 30, 202232:54
to Investing in Yourself (ft. Saket Jain)
Sep 27, 202233:59
to Mastering Pivotal Conversations (ft. Ann Visser)
Sep 20, 202230:05
to Bridging the Gap Between Values and Finances (ft. Marci Grossman)
Sep 13, 202231:32
to Building Rapid Rapport

to Building Rapid Rapport

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where you forget about everything else going on? Rapport is about opening up a line of communication between you and another person and you can develop it with anyone in a matter of seconds! In this episode, Alex goes over two strategies to help you develop rapid rapport with anyone

0:30 What is Rapport?

2:00 - Matching and Mirroring - the key to getting comfortable with someone in seconds

3:30 - Paying attention to Physiology, Tone, and the Words people use

5:50 - Pavlov’s Dogs and Classical Conditioning to get people to like you

7:10 - If you are able to make others feel values and important, even in a short interaction, you will develop a deeper relationship.

Aug 30, 202208:49
to Communicating with the 7-38-55 Rule

to Communicating with the 7-38-55 Rule

In this episode, Alex breaks down the 7-38-55 rule of personal communication. This outlines the relationship between our verbal and non verbal communication and just how impactful each is when conveying meaning, emotion, and intention. Understanding this idea is the first step in mastering communication with any individual in any context.

0:55 - The better you are able to connect with the individual and their problems through your communication, the better you are able to manage a situation or relationship

1:35 Difference between verbal and non verbal communication; what you are trying to communicate vs what you actually communicate

2:20 Albert Mehrabian's 7-38-55 rule of personal communication

3:03 7% spoken words

4:55 38% tone

5:55 “Your tone of voice will immediately begin to impact somebody's mood and immediately how their brain functions.” Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator

6:30 55% physiology

7:35 Hack to becoming a Master Communicator - the Golden rule vs platinum rule

Jun 01, 202211:55
to Living Your Values (ft. Ken Hoffman)

to Living Your Values (ft. Ken Hoffman)

Understanding your own personal values may be one of the most critical aspects in growing a business and growing yourself. In this episode, Alex sits down with Ken Hoffman, the former General Manager of Postino Annex and the current Area Director for Upward Projects, to discuss the values of one of the most influential restaurant chains in Arizona. Ken breaks down how understanding and living his personal values help him develop into the leader he is today and challenges every leader to ask a critical question: “How can you use your values to add the most value to the people you serve?”

1:20 - Who is Ken Hoffman?

5:10 - What makes Upward Projects special in the hospitality industry?

The Values of Upward Projects:

10:15 - Be Authentic and Humble

  • 13:20 - How does embracing your authentic self in a professional setting develop a team?

15:50 - Act with Integrity

  • “How do you live you life when no one is watching”

18:15 - Bring Good Energy

  • You need to have a passion for what you do. Why is this integral when building a team? 
  • “There is a clear difference between hiring and recruiting”- understand your values and build a team that aligns with those values

26:30 - Get Extraordinary Results

  • “Work so hard that your signature becomes an autograph”
  • When you finish a job, do you feel proud putting your name on it?

30:10 - Achieve as a Team

  • Learning to be honest with your team because you care about THEIR success
  • The secret ingredient at Upward Projects: Team Service
  • No job is too low for any individual, do what need to get done to support the team

38:10 - Inspire with Hospitality

  • As a leader, one of the most critical aspects of influence is the ability the inspire your teammates to do what needs to get done
  • Develop leaders that inspire by delegating decision making freedom
Apr 12, 202249:02
to Building Awareness to Your Own Wellness

to Building Awareness to Your Own Wellness

The past several years can be defined by nothing short of wellness. Both on a personal level and within businesses, wellness is essential in building any kind of people centered organization. In this episode, Alex sits down with Dr. Julie Alvira to discuss wellness and how this shows up in the workplace. Dr. Alvira has dedicated the later half of her career to understanding behaviors, addiction, and corporate burnout and in this episode, she breaks down the key to recognizing the patterns/behaviors in you and your team and just how to resolve them to become a stronger leader.

1:10 Who is Dr. Julie Alvira?

4:35 The journey that starts with curiosity

5:50 techniques for taking a step back to build awareness

9:10 Burnout in the workplace - recognizing in self and others

  • Needing to appear strong even when you feel weak
  • Recognizing different patterns within yourself and your team

15:15 Burnout and a detachment from your why for doing what you are doing

16:20 Performance failure /self critical burnout cycle

31:30 When you notice burnout, what can you do to support yourself and others?

24:10 Building awareness starts by asking  yourself “Why?”

Feb 22, 202232:44
to Inclusion and Seeing People Through (ft. Uhriel Bedoya)

to Inclusion and Seeing People Through (ft. Uhriel Bedoya)

A company’s culture is something that can make or break their employee/customer experience. When building a company or working to transition cultures, what are some of the most important factors to focus on? In this episode, Alex sits does with Uhriel Bedoya, an Operations Executive at Fintech, who has dedicated his career to helping startups grow and establish their own company culture. Uhriel outlines the mindset a leader must have when approaching this problem and how the most important aspect to making a change starts with the leaders approach to their people.
Discussed in this Episode:
1:00 Who is Uhriel Bedoya?
4:00 Uriel’s experience with Lime Scooters
6:00 Working with Startups
6:50 Miami Mayor Suarez changing the technology industry in Miami with one simple question: How can I help?
14:00 How do you balance the flexibility of starting something new with having a plan?
14:30 What big companies can learn from the startup mindset
16:40 “We are not here to see through people but to see people through” - Uhriel Bedoya
19:20 Learning the intentions of others so you can see people through as a leader
31:00 What are the foundational aspects to building, transitioning, and recognizing company culture?
34:30 How does diversity and inclusion impact startups?
35:30 Diversity is about more that bringing people into the room but also given them a seat as the decision making table
38:40 What kind of mentality does a leader need to have when approaching recruitment and diversity?
Feb 15, 202250:25
to Intentions for 2022

to Intentions for 2022

Time to start the new year with strong intentions! New chapters always bring opportunities for growth and in this episode, we break down a different way of thinking when it comes to New Years Resolutions. How do you want to start the year and who do you want to become as a result of your goals?

Jan 04, 202208:38
to Building Professional Relationships (ft. Madison Furnas)

to Building Professional Relationships (ft. Madison Furnas)


Known by so many in the ASU community but who is Madison Furnas?


What is networking and why is it important

  • “Facilitating relationships and building connections with those around you” - Madison Furnas
  • Value - Connect with those who will bring value to your life or who’s life you can bring value to
  • Transactional in the growth and learning, all about learning from those around you

How a solo dance concert propelled Madison from a shy kid in a small town to networking queen

  • Learning to love the stories of people
  • Small actions and wins that lead to confidence and courage to connect with others
    • When you connect to your intention for wanting to connect, it does not become scary


“Some of the best things in life are on the other side of fear” - Will Smith

Fear indicates you are about to do something out of your comfort zone, for a lot of new experiences, if it is not scary it is not worth doing


How do you start a networking based conversation?

  • The key to preparation, finding talking points, and having a memorable first impression: asking questions


How do you start a conversation when you do not know what to say?

  • Find out what initially made them interested and how their goals show up in a company.
  • Lead with real questions you have that are deeper than the application process and company culture
  • People centered questions - connect with the person not the job; connecting with the application/position will not give you an upper hand but connecting with the recruiter will


Finding those “met too” moments


Why is it important to be a storyteller?

  • Embracing fear to create stories in your life
Sep 07, 202158:19
to Mentorship (ft. Connor Baskin)

to Mentorship (ft. Connor Baskin)

A strong mentor can make a huge difference in the success and failure of any aspiring leader In this episode, Alex sits down with Connor Baskin, a former career coach of the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, to discuss the importance of finding a mentor who aligns with your career goals and values. Connor has influenced hundreds of students in their journey to accomplish and navigate their career aspirations based on his own expertise and their "why."

Discussed in this episode:


  • What is Mentorship?
    • A mentor challenges you to ask and think about “why” you are doing what you are doing
    • Tied intimately into the light bulb, wow moments - bringing that out through efficient questions


  • Why is it important to ask “why” when applying to jobs and looking for career options?
    • Asking what problems do I want to solve is a huge step and figuring out why you are doing what you are doing so you can build a more sustainable path for growth
    • “Starting with why do I want to do this thing and what problems do I want to solve is a far more sustainable way to stay engaged in what you are doing” - Connor Baskin
    • Asking why takes courage because sometimes you will not find an answer. In this case, that question becomes an opportunity to learn and become better
    • “Not knowing your why provides an opportunity to get better, opportunity to know yourself better, and an opportunity to ground yourself in what you do” - Connor Baskin


  • What is Connor's why? How has that inspired him throughout his different careers?
    • Make people’s lives easier so they can pursue what they want to do
    • There is an empowering excitement that comes with surrounding yourself with people who’s why is aligned with your


  • How do you find a mentor that excited and aligns with you?
    • Hold up the mirror and reflect on yourself first to learn how you can show up as a mentee


  • Integrity, commitment, and discipline with yourself - how does this tie into mentorship?


  • How do you know when to and not to listen to your mentor?


  • How do we start the journey of finding our why?
    • Biggest key? Get moving and be patient with yourself through the process
Aug 25, 202145:02
Trailer - The Leader's Guide

Trailer - The Leader's Guide

My name is Alex McCall and I have a passion for leadership and helping people become the best version of themselves. This is a podcast designed for today's leaders who are looking to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. Leadership is about inspiring oneself and others towards a greater cause. Together, we will explore different ideas, subjects, and stories from insightful conversations. Let's get started!

Aug 17, 202100:41