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Ascension Diaries

Ascension Diaries

By Alexis of Ascension Diaries

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Pisce$ Moonday Mini Guest-Cast Jayse Conscious Crypto Academy

Ascension DiariesApr 17, 2023

Pisce$ Moonday Mini Guest-Cast Jayse Conscious Crypto Academy

Pisce$ Moonday Mini Guest-Cast Jayse Conscious Crypto Academy

Pisces New moon energy and I want to talk about money and rocket timelines via 1969, to now. Also how Jayse and I had a major ego death and activation in 2015 making our mutual lifestyle and momentum very similar. He specializes in financial independence via crypto and current events around global financial management. Please visit his free call sign up for portfolio support, crypto training, and community support: My info is: (4/20 may be very busy)
Apr 17, 202330:09
Guardian Training "Cleanse" lecture
Dec 21, 202257:43
Sagittarius New Moonday Mini Podcast

Sagittarius New Moonday Mini Podcast

Angels babe. Angels are everywhere, the angelic realm is aligning and Sagittarius season is about to pop the duck off! Literally, idk if you’re ever reading or absorbing my work if you don’t engage with my content so please for the love of God if you can help me share and reflect on these topics please do. Your time is the only resource in the universe. Your conscious attention, so if you can give feedback from engaging with a creation that person’s time is rewarded with wisdom and feedback. You’re literally the great audience of the one and your personal lenses of life and humor are the gold I want to experience as often as possible. I love you guys! Alo nah saying scorpio sun and moon energy that hosted my vessel today. I’m a Scorpio Mercury, Mars, and Pluto child of the heavens so god willed this stream of consciousness and I feel there’s more coming very soon with the solar energy so please go to my YouTube channel and Instagram and telegram and sign your ass into all the notifications and special credit insanity is my TikTok goldmine ok but Twitter is basically our work phone so just stand by on that sumpter fire because as a Sagittarius north node child I want you to know I am going to enjoy the bonfire of conscious awakening that this’ll cause. I’m locked and loaded to process and clear whatever you think you fear, just stop feeding your imagination and thank every thought. They’re safe with you and they can stay as long as they want. It’ll properly accept and allow these negative things to be heard and loved. That’s all we want. We have to try and hear eachother and simply thank them for caring to share time with you 🌹 we got this we are so close!!! I’m an ascension channeler baby, I know my shit and today it’s the beginning of some goooooooooood times, 10/10 Sagittarius season. 😇🔥 Angel fire is another type my friend. Warm your temple! All event details to events and random shit I say is in the link above. I can’t keep up but damn I’m getting better at not caring and being exactly myself. I am Presence.
Nov 21, 202220:59
Libra New Moon Port-Key 🔑
Sep 26, 202216:52
Earth Air Water & Fire Moonday Mini-Podcast
Sep 19, 202217:09
Libra Money Moonday Mini-Podcast
Aug 29, 202217:39
Half Lit Cancer Moonday Mini Podcast

Half Lit Cancer Moonday Mini Podcast

It’s ok to cry! Moon is currently in it’s home but my Cancers were stressin’ before this point. When your heart and emotions speak it can be scary, sometimes foreign. I try to do my best with it but we all have the struggle to keep us in this certain balanced frequency band. To stay on Earth while it shifts, slowly we improve her trajectory as we pick better timelines. Being in full trust brings us back to prayer and friends so do speak out if you need help. We gotchu, the Air-signs are cruising ♎️ Get a session and continue to these steps…
Aug 22, 202210:39
Organizing Your Creative Fire - Aries Moonday Mini-Podcast
Aug 15, 202216:25
Futuristic Perfect Party Ship - Virgo Moonday Mini-Podcast

Futuristic Perfect Party Ship - Virgo Moonday Mini-Podcast

Join my Guardian Blog & chatrooms by Following Instructions Here:

I’ve had visions of collecting a party cruise and doing that work for socializing our communities with ease and style. I have never been on a current Earth cruise ship but the one I’m getting may be right from the Pleiadians. It’s happening soon because we’re getting the dreams at our house, awake or asleep, the ship 🛳 wants to be partied on. I also speak on perfectionism emotions, it’ll be perfect because creator is perfect 😍 love you Virgos butterflies 🦋 image is Migaloo who resurfaced yesterday. A migration is upon us all 🐋 whale moms moving!

Aug 01, 202218:43
Leo Sun Cancer Moon Mini-Podcast: Amaterasu and the Clouds that Cry
Jul 26, 202226:06
Hey Asshole & Screaming Birds
Jul 11, 202217:60
Did Your Family Have an Animal “Spirit-Guide”?
Jun 27, 202211:50
(Dec/21-Jan/8) Ascension Diary Updates

(Dec/21-Jan/8) Ascension Diary Updates

Do enjoy the video version of my diary on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. Link is here

We discuss space weather, galactic community efforts, earthly leylines, and multidimensional chess, as usual. I like to share from a list of things I experienced and meditated on during the time between livestreams. I'm already writing my next stream of consciousness to capture and review for my diary already so more shows to come! Glad to have your input too, it helps me grow and unveils the realms of our mutual experiences, while I hermit in my home. 

Much love! Yours truly, Alexis of Ascension Diaries.

Jan 09, 202203:26:59