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Travels with Allie.

Travels with Allie.

By Alison Boler

Retired and Travelling the World
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Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles

Travels with Allie. Mar 08, 2023

Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles
Mar 08, 202302:17
Patnem and Palolem
Mar 05, 202302:23
Farewells, Birthdays and Exciting Arrivals
Mar 03, 202302:25
Turtle Beach & Cooking Class
Feb 28, 202301:32
A Boat Excursion to Chola Beach
Feb 27, 202302:41
Patnem Days
Feb 26, 202301:39
Daisy and Lisa’s First Days
Feb 25, 202302:12
Different Beaches
Feb 19, 202302:38
A Day for Friends
Feb 18, 202302:09
Travelling Times/ Joe’s Birthday
Feb 17, 202303:15
Feb 15, 202302:22
Hot, Hot Days
Feb 13, 202302:39
Pampering, New Glasses and Palolem
Feb 11, 202304:34
Beach Days
Feb 08, 202303:33
Remembering Janet
Feb 05, 202301:39
And Then They Were 13!!
Feb 02, 202301:51
Walk to Chaudi
Jan 31, 202303:19
Cocktails, Pizza and Palolem
Jan 31, 202303:18
Third Week
Jan 28, 202302:06
Out and About in Patnem
Jan 25, 202301:45
Sunset Cocktails and Italian Cuisine
Jan 22, 202302:10
Dinners Out!
Jan 20, 202301:38
Our Party Grows!
Jan 19, 202301:39
Movie Night
Jan 16, 202301:34
Patnem Saturday
Jan 14, 202302:59
Patnem Days and Nights
Jan 13, 202302:32
Patnem Beach
Jan 11, 202302:34
Travelling Back to Patnem
Jan 10, 202303:15
Winter in Goa!
Dec 31, 202203:34
Facing the Possibility of Cancer
Dec 05, 202211:28
December? Really?
Dec 04, 202203:04
Gardening Matters
Nov 27, 202202:32
Nov 20, 202202:27
Birthdays, Medicals and Cyprus Life
Nov 18, 202204:13
Transitioning to Autumn
Nov 14, 202204:09
Medical Check-ups and Quiz
Nov 09, 202204:47
Sunday around Kayalar and Horseshoe Bay
Nov 06, 202202:11
The Poppy Ball
Nov 06, 202202:32
Feasting at The Meyhane
Nov 05, 202203:59
Hammam Bliss and Dinner in Bellapais
Nov 02, 202202:29
Shopping and Medical Matters in Kyrenia
Nov 01, 202205:52
Cyprus Halloween
Oct 29, 202202:02
Villa Days
Oct 27, 202202:47
First Day in Cyprus
Oct 24, 202202:19
Travel Heaven and Hell
Oct 24, 202211:48
A Boat Trip Up the Bosphorus
Oct 22, 202207:26
The Sights of the Old City, Istanbul
Oct 21, 202206:23
Journey to Istanbul
Oct 20, 202203:35
Sep 22, 202202:26
Mt. Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park
Sep 21, 202203:03
North to the Kootenay Rockies: Revelstoke
Sep 20, 202203:55
Creston to Nelson in the Kootenays
Sep 19, 202205:18
Crossing into Canada: The Creston Valley
Sep 18, 202205:55
Sandpoint, Idaho
Sep 17, 202203:33
Catastrophic Deluge – The Biggest Waterfall in the World
Sep 16, 202205:53
Visiting Leavenworth: The Bavarian Town
Sep 15, 202203:09
Journeying to the Bavarian Alps, Washington-style
Sep 14, 202202:51
Pendleton Roundup: Horses and Bulls
Sep 13, 202206:43
Journey To Pendleton
Sep 12, 202202:04
The Timberline Lodge
Sep 11, 202203:08
Anniversary on Mt. Hood
Sep 10, 202206:57
An Unforgettable Day
Sep 09, 202207:09
Further Along the Columbia River: Columbia Hills State Park, Columbia Gorge Discovery Centre and The Dalles
Sep 08, 202205:30
To the Columbia River and History Along the Way
Sep 07, 202207:04
Lake Wallowa
Sep 06, 202203:41
Wildfires and Smoke
Sep 05, 202202:39
Hell’s Canyon! Wild ride and Wild Life!
Sep 04, 202205:23
Baker City to Halfway.  On the Edge of Hell’s Canyon
Sep 03, 202206:23
Journey Through Time Scenic Byway
Sep 02, 202206:56
The Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway
Aug 31, 202205:18
Journey Thru the Wilderness to Westfir
Aug 30, 202208:10
A Day in Crater Lake
Aug 29, 202205:23
Medford to Crater Lake Along the Rogue River
Aug 28, 202206:34
The Redwoods of Jedediah Smith State Park and A Bit of Theatre in Ashland
Aug 27, 202206:35
Brookings and the Chetco River
Aug 25, 202204:39
Highway 101: Yachats to Brookings
Aug 25, 202203:57
Quiet Day at the Beach
Aug 24, 202200:58
Grey Whales, Seals, Sea Lions… A Day With Oregon’s Sea Creatures
Aug 23, 202206:10
Highway 101: The Oregon Coast
Aug 22, 202205:13
Astoria, Oregon
Aug 21, 202206:40
Oysterville and Leadbetter Point State Park
Aug 20, 202206:30
Cape Disappointment and the Journey of Lewis and Clark and the Corps. of Discovery.
Aug 19, 202208:53
The GraveYard of the Pacific
Aug 18, 202203:18
Lake Quinault: Forest Walk, a Giant Tree and a Boat Trip
Aug 17, 202202:40
Lake Quinault
Aug 16, 202202:58
The Hoh Rainforest and a Campfire
Aug 15, 202204:51
Olympic Peninsula’s West Coast Beaches
Aug 14, 202206:13
Cape Flattery and to Forks
Aug 13, 202205:01
Sunny Day at Lake Crescent
Aug 12, 202203:22
Lake Crescent Lodge
Aug 11, 202202:19
Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent
Aug 10, 202205:34
Touring The Eastern Side of the Olympic Peninsula
Aug 09, 202204:43
Mt. St. Helens
Aug 08, 202204:27
Walking in the Woods
Aug 07, 202203:26
Mt. RAINIER Appears!!!
Aug 06, 202204:00
Aug 06, 202204:52
Flying to Seattle
Aug 03, 202203:55
Journey to Heathrow
Aug 02, 202203:49
The Planning is Almost Finished
May 08, 202204:03
Our Last Day
May 02, 202204:22
Lunch at Horseshoe Bay and a Black Tie Dinner
May 01, 202205:59
Turkish Hammam vs Hospital Visit
Apr 27, 202206:52
Summer is Here!
Apr 26, 202201:23
Sunday Lunch and….. it could only happen in Cyprus!
Apr 25, 202202:17
Sunny Days
Apr 23, 202201:17
Tonight in Ilgaz….
Apr 19, 202201:25
Dentistry….. Getting Straight
Apr 18, 202203:10
Decorating the Lounge and Sunday Lunch at Hoots Bistro in Ilgaz
Apr 17, 202203:27
Hot Day, Sofa Hunting and Biriani!
Apr 16, 202203:28
Spa Day and Lights Switched On!!
Apr 15, 202201:24
Villa Days
Apr 14, 202202:40
Busy Days Re-Cycling
Apr 12, 202201:43
Beautiful Day
Apr 09, 202201:36
Spring in Cyprus
Apr 07, 202203:30
Settling in at Villa Rockheart
Apr 04, 202203:42
Travelling to Cyprus
Apr 04, 202204:01
Our Last Day in Dubai
Apr 02, 202201:50
Dinner in Al Seef…. Old Dubai….
Apr 01, 202202:26
Hitting the Beach Clubs
Mar 31, 202205:31
A Weekend in the Fjords of Musandam, Oman
Mar 28, 202206:47
Expo 2020 Visit
Mar 24, 202203:25
Drift in Dubai

Drift in Dubai

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Mar 24, 202202:44
Beach Days
Mar 22, 202204:29
Visit to Lucy in Dubai: Exploring the Desert and Driving the Dunes
Mar 19, 202205:23
Brazilian Meat Feast, Farewells and Homeward Bound
Mar 10, 202203:45
Swimming With the Manatees
Mar 09, 202205:03
Typhoon Lagoon, BBQ Ribs…. Steak Texas Style…
Mar 08, 202203:03
Pool Day
Mar 06, 202201:08
Last Day in Daytona Beach and on to Orlando!
Mar 04, 202202:30
Bob’s Birthday: Shooting, British Sports, Eating, Balloons and Cake!!
Mar 03, 202203:17
Windy Weather and Launch View
Mar 01, 202202:53
St Augustine – the Oldest Settlement in the USA
Feb 28, 202205:04
Last Days in Cocoa Beach and On to Daytona!

Last Days in Cocoa Beach and On to Daytona!

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Feb 26, 202203:11
Beach Days, Family Reunions, Golf
Feb 24, 202202:48
Blast Off, Beach and Golf!
Feb 22, 202203:55
Cocoa Beach
Feb 21, 202202:29
Last Days on Sky Princess
Feb 20, 202203:56
Diving in Cozumel, Mexico
Feb 19, 202202:11
Belize: Rivers, Jungle and Inca Cities…
Feb 17, 202204:59
Roatan Is. Honduras
Feb 16, 202202:60
Costa Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Feb 15, 202201:49
Cruising Past Cuba
Feb 14, 202203:27
Fort Lauderdale Turnaround Day
Feb 13, 202203:19
A Day at Sea
Feb 12, 202201:26
Grand Turk Island, Turks and Caicos…. Diving!
Feb 11, 202202:27
Amber Cove, Dominican Republic
Feb 10, 202203:05
A Day at Sea

A Day at Sea

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Feb 09, 202201:16
A Day in Nassau, Bahamas
Feb 08, 202202:55
Princess Cays, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Feb 07, 202203:35
Sailing Away on Sky Princess
Feb 06, 202204:33
Last Day in the Keys – Beach, Tests and Sundowners
Feb 05, 202201:55
Sunny Day In Marathon, Florida
Feb 04, 202201:39
Key West: The Southernmost Point of the USA
Feb 03, 202205:53
Feb 02, 202202:59
Journey to the Keys
Feb 01, 202202:30
Our Last Day in Orlando…. for a while…
Jan 31, 202201:26
Kennedy Space Center! A Return to the Moon!
Jan 30, 202204:36
Shopping, The Kings Man, Packing…
Jan 29, 202201:40
More Golf and Shopping and Covid Testing Plans
Jan 28, 202201:54
TopGolf and The Mall
Jan 27, 202201:11
Disney Parks and Wonderful Reunions!

Disney Parks and Wonderful Reunions!

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jan 26, 202202:56
Movie and a Bargain
Jan 23, 202201:18
Weeki Wachee Spring and Mermaids

Weeki Wachee Spring and Mermaids

This episode is also available as a blog post:      Mermaids and Kayaking

Jan 21, 202205:36
Holiday Days
Jan 20, 202202:42


Ribs... golf

Jan 15, 202202:04
Airboat Riding, Alligators, SpaceX Launch and Disney Springs

Airboat Riding, Alligators, SpaceX Launch and Disney Springs

This episode is also available as a blog post:

airboat ridinge

Jan 13, 202203:22
Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

A day on the beach

Jan 13, 202202:42
Reunions, Golf, Brisket….

Reunions, Golf, Brisket….

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jan 12, 202202:53
hot day

hot day

around the pool planning

Jan 10, 202201:05
Hot Day

Hot Day

Around the pool... planning

Jan 10, 202201:05
Reunions, sushi and Mexican dinner

Reunions, sushi and Mexican dinner

A Lovely day with Danny and Heather, sushi lunch and Mexican dinner courtesy of Stuart and Fi.

Jan 09, 202201:15
Steak Night Reunion

Steak Night Reunion

Dinner out

Jan 08, 202201:34
Pool Day

Pool Day

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jan 07, 202200:53
Stocking Up

Stocking Up

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jan 06, 202204:42
A Day at the Marriott Grande Vista
Jan 05, 202201:49
Meaux and Golf at Disneyland Paris

Meaux and Golf at Disneyland Paris

A rainy visit to Meaux but success at buying brie and mustard.  A sunny day with golf at Disneyland Paris golf course and an afrternoon by the pool

Sep 16, 202107:49
Life Around the Marriott Village d'ile de France

Life Around the Marriott Village d'ile de France

Several days spent enjoying the facilities of the resort and a description of such.  Booking our return tests, plans for the rest of the week

Sep 14, 202105:41
Day 2 of Our Road Trip - Le Mans and Chartres

Day 2 of Our Road Trip - Le Mans and Chartres

Breakfast at the Hotel de France and then the old town of Le Mans and St Julien's Cathedral, on to Chartres and a visit to Our Lady of Chartres and then back to the Marriott

Sep 11, 202108:02
Day 1 of our Road Trip to the Hotel de France

Day 1 of our Road Trip to the Hotel de France

Journey to the Hotel de France, La Chartres sur le Loire, calling at Orleans en route.  Our 32nd wedding anniversary.  Lovely dinner in the hotel

Sep 11, 202109:18
Lazing by the Pool

Lazing by the Pool

Enjoying the hot weather around the pool.  Planning our road trip for Thursday and Friday

Sep 07, 202105:07
A First Lazy Day at the Marriott

A First Lazy Day at the Marriott

A big food shop, dinner on the terrace.  

Sep 06, 202104:26
Journeying to the Marriott d'ile de France

Journeying to the Marriott d'ile de France

Our ferry and road trip to the Marriott just outside of Paris.  Brexit and Covid regulations.  A lovely dinner out.

Sep 06, 202108:09
Getting Ready for a Trip To France, September 2021

Getting Ready for a Trip To France, September 2021

Preparations for a two week trip to the Marriott Village d'Ile de France, to the south east of Paris.  We plan plenty of days out.  In this episode we cover some of the preparations necessary in a time of covid.  

Aug 31, 202103:01