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The Sensitive & Soulful Show

The Sensitive & Soulful Show

By Alissa Boyer

Have you been told you're "too sensitive" or "too emotional"? Do you often feel drained by other people? Are you moved to tears easily? If so... you just may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Join host and HSP Mentor, Alissa Boyer, as she breaks the stigma of sensitivity and teaches you how to embrace your sensitivity as a gift. Here, you'll always be welcomed exactly as you are.

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119. Dreading Going to That Party? Listen to This!

The Sensitive & Soulful ShowDec 05, 2023

119. Dreading Going to That Party? Listen to This!
Dec 05, 202314:49
118. Breaking Old Habits & Expanding into the Next Version of You [Sensitive & Empowered Series with Matt Landsiedel]
Nov 28, 202340:48
117. How to Navigate the Holidays as an HSP
Nov 21, 202339:51
116. An Empowering Mindset Shift You Can Apply to ANY Situation
Nov 14, 202318:27
115. The Sneaky Way You Might be Self-Sabotaging
Nov 07, 202319:55
114. How to Stop Letting Your Empathy Burn You Out [From the Vault]

114. How to Stop Letting Your Empathy Burn You Out [From the Vault]

This audio was originally recorded in August 2022 for The Sensitive & Soulful Members (now "The Vault"). If these types of "trainings" are something you'd like access to, please send me a DM on Instagram @lifebyalissa


You can be a kind-hearted, empathetic person without burning yourself out.

With so much going on in the world today, it can be extra painful for Highly Sensitive People. It can be overwhelming and heavy and hard to navigate.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • About having healthy boundaries around your empathy
  • How you can use your compassionate, sensitive heart without burning out
  • About the importance of making an impact without losing yourself

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Oct 31, 202329:42
113. This is Why You STILL Feel Stuck
Oct 24, 202319:44
112. Feeling Burned Out? Try This
Oct 17, 202320:48
111. Overcoming the Fear of Vulnerability [Sensitive & Empowered Series with Matt Landsiedel]
Oct 10, 202340:30
110. Handling Criticism as an HSP (Re-air: March 2022)
Oct 03, 202325:31
109. Are You Always Worried if People are Mad at You? Listen to This!
Sep 26, 202317:08
108. A Quick Tip to Reduce Your Overwhelm Today
Sep 19, 202312:17
107. Following Your Dreams When You're Highly Sensitive
Sep 12, 202322:19
106. Why Your Triggers are Opportunities for Growth (Re-air: October 2021)
Sep 05, 202322:36
105. How I Manifested One of My Greatest Desires
Aug 29, 202326:47
104. How to Overthink LESS and Have MORE Fun
Aug 22, 202317:16
103. How to Stop Taking Everything So Personally (Re-air: December 2021)
Aug 15, 202321:20
102. Emotional Resilience & Remaining Calm Amidst Chaos
Aug 08, 202318:20
101. Spirituality, Asking for Signs, & Being Intuitively Guided as an HSP
Aug 01, 202325:52
100. The Connection Between Emotional Trauma, Food Sensitivity, Chronic Illness, & the Highly Sensitive Person with Dr. Ray Gin
Jul 25, 202357:40
99. Discover Your Superpower as a Highly Sensitive Person

99. Discover Your Superpower as a Highly Sensitive Person

Being Highly Sensitive comes with so many unique and wonderful gifts. Sometimes we view these as bad things but I'm here to tell you how amazing they are!

Before you listen, I recommend you take the Empath Archetype Quiz so you know which one to listen for in this episode!

However, you can still get so much out of this because all the traits I talk about are present in all of us!

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The Sensitive & Soulful Show is managed by Happy Pod Productions

Jul 18, 202337:00
98. The Beautiful Intensity of Being Highly Sensitive
Jul 11, 202323:53
97. Avoiding Burnout as an HSP
Jul 03, 202318:59
96. Increasing Your Nervous System's Capacity, Finding Empowerment Through Challenges, & Personal Life Updates
Jun 27, 202341:56
95. Feeling Your Feelings and Emotional Regulation (Re-air: September 2021)
Jun 20, 202324:33
94. Transformation and Rebirth as a Sensitive Soul [with Graciela Rasor]
Jun 13, 202353:45
93. How to Become Your Highest, Most Confident Self
Jun 06, 202324:33
92. The Trauma of Not Being Seen as an HSP [with Marina Yanay-Triner, Somatic Coach]
May 30, 202351:24
91. This Belief Holds SO Many HSPs Back - Here's How to Shift It!
May 23, 202324:33
90. If You’ve Ever Felt Invisible, Listen To This
May 16, 202328:57
89. How to Feel Seen & Accepted in Your Relationships as an HSP
May 09, 202324:34
88. An Episode for Non-Highly Sensitive People to Understand HSPs!
May 02, 202328:37
87. Tapping Into Confidence & Self-Reliance As An HSP
Apr 25, 202316:09
86. Trusting Yourself, Letting Go of Guilt, & Becoming Unbothered by What Others are Doing
Apr 18, 202318:02
85. Romanticize Your Life & Create Magic in the Mundane
Apr 11, 202328:07
84. Managing Triggers, Overcoming People-Pleasing, and Being Okay with Disappointing Others
Apr 04, 202323:44
83. Are HSPs More Prone to Mental Health Struggles? My Recent Experience & How I'm Emerging From the Darkness
Mar 28, 202335:46
82. Why HSPs Gaslight Themselves, Emotion Regulation, & Growing Through Discomfort with Patrick Murphy
Mar 21, 202301:02:15
81. The Spiritual Art of Surrender (How It Can Change Your Life)
Mar 14, 202330:23
80. Becoming Fierce with Your Boundaries as a Recovering People-Pleaser [Sensitive & Empowered Series with Matt Landsidel]
Mar 07, 202346:33
79. Are You Taking on Everyone Else's Energy? An Honest Talk About Energetic Boundaries
Feb 28, 202321:18
78. How I'm Healing My Addiction to Urgency
Feb 21, 202318:33
77. Everything You Need To Know About Relationships As An HSP (Re-air: October 2021)

77. Everything You Need To Know About Relationships As An HSP (Re-air: October 2021)

Feb 14, 202333:44
76. You're Not Dramatic and Your Needs DO Matter
Feb 07, 202316:25
75. How to Get Unstuck and Align to Your Soul Path [Sensitive & Empowered Series with Matt Landsiedel]

75. How to Get Unstuck and Align to Your Soul Path [Sensitive & Empowered Series with Matt Landsiedel]

After a short break, Matt and I are back for the Sensitive & Empowered Series.

In this episode, Matt and I explore the concept of Dharma and how this concept connects us to our soul path and purpose in this life. We talk about our own struggles trying to understand our Dharma throughout life and how we came into connection with the path we both choose to walk. We also explore how we both feel stuck at times in our lives especially when life asks us to pivot as we grow and change, and the resistance we have met and continue to meet along the way.

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Jan 31, 202345:07
74. 3 Reasons HSPs Make Amazing Business Owners
Jan 24, 202320:25
73. A Vulnerable Update - Losing IG Followers, Business Updates & Transitioning into Motherhood
Jan 17, 202323:18
72. Why so Many HSPs Struggle with Burnout and Hyper-Achievement
Jan 10, 202319:46
71. What To Do When You Feel Like You're "Not Good Enough"
Jan 03, 202319:24
70. When Life Feels Hard, I Remember This
Dec 27, 202214:29