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Mindset Mama Bear

Mindset Mama Bear

By Ally Cleveland

Lively discussions with down to earth and extraordinary people I've come to know and love over the years. Each guest has a unique, vibrant approach to managing their own MINDSET. Enjoy the diversity, the positivity, and the nuggets of wisdom these powerful humans have to share with you and the world.
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S1:E3 Gerald Gangaram

Mindset Mama BearMar 14, 2021

S1:E4 Toni Thomas - Powerhouse!
Apr 06, 202152:26
S1:E3 Gerald Gangaram

S1:E3 Gerald Gangaram

For more information on Gerald visit his website or Instagram...

www.geraldgangaram or IG @geraldgangaram

Biography... Gerald Gangaram defied many of the low expectations for his future as he grew up in Queens, New York City and was raised by a single mother in a typically crime riddled urban neighborhood. Despite condemnation that he wouldn't amount to anything more than a gang leader or career criminal who would be in and out of prison all of his life, Gerald always strove to improve himself and by doing so, exceeded what was expected of or for him. Gerald is a retired US Army Major, who many consider a war hero for his service as an Apache helicopter pilot during “Operation Enduring Freedom”, for which he received numerous medals.

Graduating from the US Military Academy at West Point in 2007
with a commission as an Aviation Officer, Gerald attended the
Army’s flight school and ranked competitively to qualify in the Apache – the world’s most advanced helicopter. His first assignment was in Colorado serving as a platoon leader and then battalion adjutant / human resources officer. Quickly, Gerald’s supervisors regarded him as “the closer”, always the go-to leader trusted with the most difficult and time sensitive missions where failure was not an option.

In 2012, Gerald was an Executive Officer who led Soldiers and Officers into combat during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, held responsibility for aerial security in Afghanistan’s south, and flew hundreds of combat hours on numerous missions. A results-oriented manager with a servant leader mentality, Gerald ensured his people continually developed and remained the Army’s greatest asset.

Following his deployment, Gerald was chosen to command the Firebirds – the world’s largest attack company. As a result of his proven track record for team building and exemplary command, the Army extended his command and selected him to become an Army Strategist. Required to obtain a Master’s degree for his new role, Gerald moved to DC where he graduated Suma Cum Laude from Georgetown University with his MBA and from George Washington University with a Leadership and Management certificate. His final assignment was as Strategic Planner in the Pentagon’s Department of the Army Directorate of Strategy, Plans, and Policy.

Additionally, Gerald is a qualified Apache Instructor Pilot and graduate of SERE-C (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) POW training. His awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with Valor, the Army Senior Aviator Badge, and the Combat Action Badge.

Now retired from the military after 11 years of distinguished active duty service, Gerald enjoys contributing to events where he can provide his unique perspective as a servant leader and plans to continue a life of public service; always forging forward.

Mar 14, 202101:11:05
S1:E2 Susie Guckiean

S1:E2 Susie Guckiean

In this episode of Mindset Mama Bears I have a fun conversation with Susie Guckiean - a mother of three amazing human beings, ages 9, 7, and 2. She's an aspiring actor,  model, singer, and artist who was born and raised in Panama and has been living in Virginia since the age of 13. We talk about the difficulties of getting through addiction and the meaning of regret. Susie is a big fan of Dr. Who and Robin Williams. She shares some of her strategies for dealing with a demanding career, a young family and staying positive along the way!

Nov 29, 202057:50
S1:E1 - Sophie O'Clair

S1:E1 - Sophie O'Clair

In this inaugural episode of the podcast I interview a former student of mine who is about to graduate from High School with more than half of her credits for a Bachelor's Degree! She has completed her yoga teacher training and is helping people from all walks of life find their way to a better life. Sophie truly inspires the best in everyone she's around! In this episode she'll share her messages on mindset and finding purpose in a chaotic world. 

If that sounds like it might be a healthy respite from the daily dose of destiny we've all been going through in pandemic times, join us for a great discussion!

You can follow Sophie's journey and escapades at her webpage and on social media...
IG:        @thegratefulgraduate

Nov 20, 202001:03:18
Sophie O'Clair Episode Preview

Sophie O'Clair Episode Preview

I'm so happy to introduce my first guest - Sophie O'Clair. This short clip was taken from our preview call last Sunday and gives a good glimpse of the bigger show we'll post live this Friday the 19th.

I've known Sophie since she was in 7th grade at Maranacook Community Middle School. She's now a senior at Maranacook Community High School in central Maine and will be attending Thomas College in the fall to study Psychology with a minor in Diversity. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in Criminology and graduate debt free! The goal is to then join the Peace Corps and extend her knowledge experience the "rest of the world". Sophie finds joy in nature by doing whatever fits the season - nordic skiing, hiking, trail running, or by simply taking outdoor photos. She's recently begun her practice as a yoga teacher with a focus on trauma and LGBTQ+ informed yoga. She believes holistic health practices belong in every institution. She's also passionate about social justice, and plans to use her education and experience to further her activism within the justice system.

Stop by this Friday for the full interview!

Nov 18, 202005:20
Introduction to Mindset Mama Bears

Introduction to Mindset Mama Bears

A brief introduction and the lead-in for each show.

Nov 15, 202000:57