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By alonein thelabyrinth

The (ir)regular podcast of Sofinho, author of the Alone in the Labyrinth blog. Principally concerned with OSR and sandbox style play in ttrpgs, but occasionally delving into weird fiction and other stuff.
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20...and now for something completely different...


20...and now for something completely different...

20...and now for something completely different...

A call from Jason (Nerds' RPG Variety Cast) followed by a run-through of some PARIAH with Mr Kent (@MrKentKomiks) and Oisín (@OisinoftheHill).
May 27, 202101:03:54
19. The City of Glass
May 24, 202132:51
18. Hello Dear Listeners (cupboard-cast)

18. Hello Dear Listeners (cupboard-cast)

Calls from Barney, Jason and Safer of Loco Ludus, Nerds Variety RPG Cast and Safer Fantasy Crafting. Prompt: 100 people you meet in the City of Glass...
May 13, 202139:20
17. 1d6 Brooms by Semiurge
May 07, 202107:16
16. Briefest of Notes (1d6 Train Carriages)
May 06, 202126:40
15. Notes from the Labyrinth
Apr 29, 202124:25
14. Jennifers on Quad Bikes
Dec 24, 202001:01:38
13. Pariah Session 24 Round-Up
Dec 20, 202029:05
12. Our Man in [the] Moscow [Metropolitan Area]: Interview with Eugene
Dec 18, 202036:44
11. The Call-In Episode + A Poem and a Song

11. The Call-In Episode + A Poem and a Song

No interview today but I respond to the very kind messages from Spencer of Keep off the Borderlands

...and Barney from Loco Ludus

The poem I read at the end is Bogland by Seamus Heaney, one of the greatest poets in the English language.

All music in this episode is recorded by my alt, Youssef Ifscapulet, apart from a hint of death grips.

Death grips do not endorse this podcast but your mum does.

Dec 07, 202011:07
10. THE JIMTERVIEW — Interview with Jim Parkin of D66 Classless Kobolds
Dec 07, 202046:25
9. ARCHONS MARCH ON PART DEUX: Still got a Semiurge
Nov 30, 202032:43
8. ARCHONS MARCH ON: Summoning a Semiurge
Nov 29, 202045:54
7. No Podcast for an Old Man
Nov 29, 202010:38
6. Breaking Up is Hard to Do - a conversation with Alex

6. Breaking Up is Hard to Do - a conversation with Alex

I've been running a regular (ish) drop-in game on my server

Recently one of my regular(ish) players messaged me to explain that they weren't happy with how the game was going and why they felt they weren't able to continue playing. While this was upsetting, I really appreciated it and asked Alex back to more fully explain himself and why I thinks PARIAH is such a terrible game!

Nov 21, 202001:00:49
5. LBB I: MEN & MAGIC (Part One)

5. LBB I: MEN & MAGIC (Part One)

Sofinho reading the first 16 pages of LBB I: Men & Magic.

Sep 13, 202041:54
4. Last Night's PARIAH session

4. Last Night's PARIAH session

Find Keep off the Borderlands HERE:

Alone in the Labyrinth BLOG can be read HERE:

Buy PARIAH or get a FREEcommunity copy on itch:

Order a print-on-demand copy of PARIAH on DRIVE THRU RPG!

Thanks those who played in this session (not present in this recording but take my word for it, they exist!) Jen Furious, Alex Thezanderd and Semiurge  (

UPDATE: twice in this episode I say PAGODA when I mean PERGOLA. Apologies: I have designed and built pergolas (pergolae?) and lived in a land full of pagodas (also, many pergolas) and not sure why I made that error... apologies!

Sep 06, 202021:13


What a hiatus! Fear not though, I have returned.

Special thanks to Spencer of Keep off the Borderlands for the message, sorry for the late reply!

This is episode is mostly me reading this blogpost:

Witheringly footed in the point is played by Semiurge of Archons March On (yes I know it is a /k/ sound there, sorry for my mispeaking)

Fox-through-the-Stream is played by Sach Gauthier aka

Big thanks to Eugene for playing Quiet One, Rides the Grave and for breaking PARIAH in Russia!

Characters were generated using this thing I made:

Spwack's Meandering Banter blog shares the free DIE TRYING rules hack

PARIAH available in PDF and print-on-demand at

Sep 03, 202020:43
2. Five on Friday, Volume XV
Feb 13, 202016:49
1. Five on Friday Volume XIV - Library of Babel
Feb 03, 202020:60