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By Peggy & Jaimi

Peggy & Jaimi’s mission is to help others succeed by sharing experience from decades of working in international business, coaching, and training, and from their adventures in living life to the fullest. They’re out to inspire you: to empower yourself, believe in yourself, and ultimately live your best life! Whether running challenging businesses, travelling the world, climbing mountains, riding horses, or skiing remote locations- these ladies are ON the MOVE and want to take you with them! They haven’t done it all yet, so they keep pushing the confines of the comfort zone. You can, too!
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New Episode: New Year, Better You

AlphaweibchenJan 20, 2022

New Episode: New Year, Better You

New Episode: New Year, Better You

Okay, we’re gonna say it.  The idea of New Year, New You is bullshit.  Even though that’s exactly what we titled our episode kicking off 2021, it’s the wrong idea.  So we’re fixing the mishap this year and starting 2022 with New Year, Better You!  Because we all should keep the great things about ourselves: everything that is good, strong, valuable, loveable, or inspiring about yourself is definitely worth keeping – and then build from there to become an even better version of yourself!  Whether you started the year with a slate of resolutions – or key intentions (and we talk about the difference in today’s episode) – or you’re still working on defining what you want to accomplish in the coming months, we’re sharing some insights to help.  To help figure out what’s really important to you and set your goal, the importance of not just setting a goal but building a plan, and how cues & triggers are what really determine behavior (much more so than intentions!).  Understanding the habit loop and applying how our brain works can help you hack your behavior and start consistently doing the things you know are important.  So tune in, and get ready to become the best version of yourself in 2022!

Jan 20, 202227:24


And just like that, it's Christmas time! Are you basking in a season of peace, love, hope and joy? Or are all the demands and expectations of the ending year and holiday planning causing you to feel stress, frustration, and sadness? Even if some of those negative emotions are creeping in, there's no need to let them hijack the entire spirit of the season. We can make choices and take actions to accept where we are and at the same time, embrace a healthy lifestyle and engage with the all the positive attributes of the holidays. Want to know more about how? Join us for our holiday chat about how to make it a Happy, Healthy Christmas!

In today’s episode, Peggy and Jaimi catch up right before the holidays and talk about how to make this Christmas both happy and healthy, even if it feels like neither of those is coming naturally right now! There is often a disconnect between what the spirit of Christmas should be (full of peace, hope, security, love, healing, sharing, joy) and some of the things we’re actually feeling (stress, anxiety, sadness, frustration, nostalgia). We might be feeling overwhelmed with end-of-the-year workload and lots of social engagements, hectic about buying gifts and planning holiday gatherings, or missing important people in our life.  
It’s okay to feel those things! Allow yourself to feel that way, and then reflect on what you’re feeling, and what is triggering the negative emotions. You can then design tactics to help manage those emotions and embrace a healthy lifestyle – including developing a positive mindset; accept where you are and use reflection to also still engage with the spirit of the season.
Also think about what might still trigger you negatively in the days to come, or what might prevent the holidays from being happy and healthy for you. And proactively define strategies to address it. You’d like some input on key things that might help? Listen in to hear the Alphaweibchen Top 7 Tips for staying happy and healthy, so you can create your best Christmas experience. 😊

#mindset #gratitude #healthbasics #manageindulgences #practicerituals #traditions #mindfulness #breathe #metime #takeabreak

#alphaweibchen #season2 #newepisodes #happyhealthyxmas #happy #healthy #xmas #newoffers #adventskalender #christmastime #surprises #experience #empowerment #enhance #createyourbestlife #bestlife #embracechange #selfdevelopment #selfhelp #positivity #wellbeing #emotionalintelligence #motivation #inspiration #livebetter #alphawomen #leadership #beyondthecomfortzone #enhancelife #yougotthis #selfconfidence

Dec 23, 202125:09
Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

Jami and Peggy are back with Season 2!

After taking a publishing break to develop the AW Detox Program and a corporate training program,  they’re excited to share some of their experiences related to developing self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment is about taking control of your life and being confident and actionable in moving it in the direction that’s right for you, by

·  making a conscious decision to take charge of your destiny
·  making positive choices
·  taking action to advance
·  being confident in your abilities

Now, if you continuously have lots of new ideas, but you can never really put them into action, or if you are a very structured, organized person, but you are missing out on new ideas, the most important is to recognize your strength and acknowledge that you are capable of much more than you imagine.

Three key things you can do to build your self-empowerment:

1.  Define your goals (the big ones and the small ones in between!)

A great method to do that is the WOOP Model (by Gabrielle Oettinger).  It stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacles and Plan and is a simple, powerful way to set those meaningful goals that create purpose, motivation, and perseverance!

2.  Develop a Growth Mindset and use it to get out of your comfort zone:

A growth mindset is all about embracing challenges and seeing them as opportunities to learn.  It changes your thinking from, “I can’t do that” to “I can’t do that YET – but I can learn it.”  And the more we seek out these opportunities to learn and grow, the more empowered we feel!

So go try to do something that you think you can’t – you’ll be surprised at how far you get and how strong you become!

3.  Practice Self-awareness:

This is all about recognizing your personal strengths and putting them to use. Doing the things we’re good at – which are also the things that feel good when we’re doing them – creates and environment where we’re more likely to enter a state of “flow.” And flow is a huge factor in building empowerment.

4.  What does all of this have to do Tomato Plants and Box Collections?  

Have a listen to the episode to find out!  😊  And we’ll also share with you a couple of our personal “hacks” to build a sense of self-empowerment, even on those days when you just aren’t feeling it.

Dec 02, 202123:34
Quicky to go: How to break the negative thinking pattern cycles

Quicky to go: How to break the negative thinking pattern cycles

It might be natural to fall into negative thinking patterns when we're faced with difficulties, but we want to minimize and avoid the impacts of these counter-productive behaviors. Getting unstuck starts with recognizing the pattern, and then using techniques to turn your thinking around.  Some great ones to use:   

1. Evidence (use data to convince yourself that your negative thoughts are wrong)
2. Re-frame (look at things from a more optimistic and positive perspective)
3. Plan (develop contingency plans to use if the negative stuff actually occurs - having the plan removes some of the scariness from the situation!) Listen in to today's quicky for more about these approaches, and then use them to limit your negative thoughts and increase your resilience!   

#resilience #bounceback #mentallytough #mentaltoughness #strength #overcome #resilient #challenge #pivot #adapt #mentalagility #cognitiveflexibility #spirituality #mindfulness #stayconnected #sciencebasedaction  If you love these approaches, you can learn more about boosting resilience in Dr. Karen Reivich's class "Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty" on @coursera

Apr 21, 202106:13
Quicky to go: Beware the negative thinking patterns!
Apr 19, 202111:43
Quicky to go: Putting it into Practice
Apr 19, 202102:40
Quicky to go: Mental Agility and Spirituality
Apr 19, 202103:36
Qicky to go: Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

Qicky to go: Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

This is all about being tuned in to yourself; hitting the pause button and paying attention to your emotions, your reactions, what’s happening physiologically (breathing rapidly, elevated heart rate, shaking hands…). And then having the ability to consciously change and guide these factors in a constructive way.

#resilience #bounceback #mentallytough #mentaltoughness #strength #overcome #resilient #challenge #pivot #adapt #selfawareness #selfregulation #selfaware

Apr 19, 202105:20


That almost-magical, super-hero strength that enables people to push through the hardest of hardships, to bounce back quickly from setbacks; that mental toughness that enables us to overcome obstacles with energy:  RESILIENCE.   Where does it come from, why do some people seem to have endless amounts of it while others falter?  And how can we build our own supply of resilience, so that we can #staystrong in difficult and uncertain times?  We talked about all this and more with Nick Hollis, who through not only his extreme athletic challenges but also through his business experiences and his recent battle with long Covid knows a lot about what it takes to be resilient. 

Nick shares two key stories in today’s episode:  his experience with long Covid “During 3 months in bed…your mind goes to some really dark places,” and his amazing tale of summiting Everest, only to become snow-blind as he reached the top and enduring a harrowing, virtually sightless descent from the world’s highest peak.  We talk about the mental state that such challenges – and the everyday challenges that we are living through – can create, and how to push on despite the setbacks.  There are ways to build and nourish resilience, and Nick’s got great advice that we can all implement.  Building resilience and being able to draw on it when we need to will prepare us for the unknown, the unexpected, and the uncomfortable.   We also talk a bit about the need to care not only for ourselves, but for the planet we live on.  And Nick shares his latest incredible endeavor: to become the person on the planet to have climbed the Seven Summits, rowed the Atlantic ocean and walked to both poles faster than anyone else.  His drive to complete this World Record challenge is the 721 Challenge and an effort in creating more action to protect the planet.  

Find out more at and, and follow him on Instagram: @721_challenge and @fitwaysadventures

Mar 02, 202152:51
Swipe - Love - Marry

Swipe - Love - Marry

Modern Love: swipe - love - marry Is love in the modern world as superficial as photos in an app?  Or is it stronger than ever before, because we're more empowered to choose the love we want, how and when and with whom we want it?   How does commitment fit in?  And in a lockdown environment, how do you meet potential new partners?  What's the likelihood of those partners being more than just a flirt, hook-up, or fling?  Can we expect to get more out of it?  Our need for love hasn't diminished and in fact it's probably grown substantially as we struggle through life's challenges and combat that feeling of "alone-ness."  So join us today as we discuss all these questions, and share the story of one woman's experience as she embraces the new tools available to help meet new people, and find a true partner.

The first modern online dating sites were launched back in 1994 and 1995, and since then the numbers of people turning to technology to help find partners (or friends, or playmates, or…) has skyrocketed.  Around 2009, dating apps came on the scene and with the launch of Tinder in 2012, they securely took the world by storm: matchmaking via smart phone made it easier than ever to meet new people.  Not always with resounding success, of course (we’ve heard some horror stories!).  Humans are incredibly resilient, though, technology keeps improving, and we learn how to better use it to our advantage.  The result: a dating app industry doing over $3 Billion in annual revenues, with 270 million users and steady growth across the board.  There is a plethora of options to choose from: Tinder, Grindr, okcupid, Bumble, Hinge, Badoo, Match, eharmony, Plenty of Fish, Silver Singles…  the list goes on…and on…and on.  Each platform has their pros and cons, slightly different approaches and target audience, user demographics (for example, on Tinder 85% of users are under 34, with a median age of 26, and about 75% are men;  contrast that to Match, with only 48% under 34, and almost equal gender distribution).  Some apps you can set up and get swiping within minutes, other require more detailed profile questionnaires, preferences, and information. All of them use algorithms to hopefully find exactly those people you’re going to like; assuming, of course, the algorithms are good and really working to help the users.  Our take-away: technology can be a great asset to help in the search for love!  Or friendship. Or fun.  If you know what you’re looking for, how to choose the best system for your needs and values, and do a little bit of homework on optimizing your use of the system – you’re bound to get results!  They might not all be perfect, but some of them will be really good, and with a little luck and persistence – that perfect one just might turn up in the end!

Feb 09, 202123:41
Quicky to go: Gratitude and Savoring

Quicky to go: Gratitude and Savoring

STOP.  What’s good in your life today?   

Put it in the comments below, because taking time to consciously practice gratitude increases your well-being. Writing down the things you’re grateful for is a great way to practice gratitude – and to also positively contribute to others’ lives, in helping them to see the positives!   

Now look around for a moment.  What are you doing, seeing, or hearing that is wonderful?  Is the sun shining?  Are serene flakes of snow falling gently to the earth? Is your dog smiling at you?  

Are you cuddled up in pajamas on a comfortable sofa?  Take a deep breath and savour this moment, to get the biggest possible boost out of it.   #lifeisgood

Feb 04, 202104:40
Quicky to go: Cultivate Positivity

Quicky to go: Cultivate Positivity

Realistic optimism allows us to experience the best until we have to deal with the worst... which often, never comes "Bill Crawford"

Feb 03, 202103:29
Quicky to go: Exercise, sleep and connect

Quicky to go: Exercise, sleep and connect

Mood-boosting chemicals?  Yes please!  We’re not talking about the stuff you can buy in nightclubs or on the street, though.  We believe in the naturally-generated good stuff.  Best ways to get it?   

1.        Exercise.  Releases chemicals that dull pain, relieve stress, and raise our spirits.  Result: improvements in mental altertness, energy level and overall mood. 

2.        Sleep. Gives our brains and bodies time to clean things up, get rid of all the bad stuff and recover. Result: mood stabilization and better cognitive and physical performance the next day! 

3.        Social connections. Triggers stress-reducing hormones and chemicals related to higher empathy and more trusting relationships.  

Result: strengthened immune system, better resiliency, higher well-being and you’ll even live longer!

Feb 03, 202105:43
Quicky to go: Realistic Optimism

Quicky to go: Realistic Optimism

Healthier, happier, and more successful!  Do you want some of that?   Then develop an optimistic mindset!  The science shows that realistic optimists benefit in all those ways.  You can start by creating a positive environment.  Free yourself from the endless cycles of negative news - just take a break from it, or at least limit it dramatically. Set boundaries for the people in your life who bring you down and make you feel exhausted; you don't have to be part of their drama.  (more on that in our posts about dealing with toxicity, and in Episode 8: Toxic relationships).  Give yourself "me" time - to just take a break or to do something that uplifts you and makes you feel good.  Spend time with people who cherish you, those special friends who energize and motivate and support you.  And stay with us here at Alphaweibchen - we've got more proven techniques coming!  And they're all listed in Episode 09: Realistic Optimism, so have a listen!

Feb 01, 202103:41
Realistic Optimism

Realistic Optimism

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Or maybe somewhere in between? There's scientific data that shows optimists are physically healthier, mentally stronger, and more successful.   The good news: even if you aren't one today, you can learn to be an optimist! And the best kind to be is a realistic optimist - those people who believe in a good outcome and also believe that they have to make it happen. Are you finding it harder to stay optimistic in these long-lasting difficult times?  

Listen in today for our discussion about realistic optimism and our list of 7 great ways you can boost your positive outlook - today and every day!   

Peggy and Jaimi respond to a recent Instagram survey in today’s episode, in which listeners asked for more information about how to stay positive and optimistic – especially these days, when the world around us is a little, well…. #blah .  And the Alphaweibchen team agrees – after so much excitement to start the new year, why does January still have to feel so 2020ish?  The first 2 weeks were certainly a downer. Being optimistic doesn’t actually mean that you never suffer from those down moments, it just means that you know better times will come.  

Today’s episode outlines the various mindsets – from unrealistic optimism to hardcore pessimism and to what really is the sweet spot: realistic optimism.  And then Peggy and Jaimi walk you through their list of 7 things you can do to boost your positivity – even on down days.  In fact, maybe especially on your down days!  So listen in, and in the effort to make the world a more positive place, share this episode with friends and family so they can benefit, too!  And as always, we’d love your comments on social media or a message on our web site to hear what you think.  Have a great day and #stayoptimistic ! 😊   

Visit website   |    Follow us on Instagram    |   Follow us on Facebook

Jan 26, 202122:46
Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

We've all encountered toxic people, and maybe even lived through intense toxic situations and relationships.  Maybe you're living through one right now.  Toxic people often come disguised as friends, colleagues, or even worse your own family, which makes it hard to recoginze that they will drag you down, preventing you from getting the most out of life.  But in the words of  Kamand Kojouri: "Some people are in such utter darkness that they will burn you just to see a light. Try not to take it personally.”  Our friend Ayfer can tell a thousand stories about what that's really like - living with people who set out to burn you.  Recognizing, understanding and overcoming such experiences is within our power, and doing so will change your life for the better.  So listen in for some examples and suggestions on how to free yourself.    

In this episode we introduce the concept of toxicity, a topic that is generating huge amounts of interest in the world today.  Unfortunately, we all experience toxicitiy in our lives, some of it self-created and some of it imposed on us by outside influences (often other people).  Toxic influences impact our well-being and they prevent us from living our best life - from being our happiest and healthiest selves.  Which is why we at Alphaweibchen want to help with toxic rehab: because we are all about getting the most out of life!!!  The more that we can get rid of toxicity, the less drama we'll experience, the happier we'll be and the more we'll enjoy all the positives.    

Some examples of toxic influences:  

  • People and Relationships -  toxic people come in all forms: romantic partners, friends, family, colleagues, bosses.... 
  • Behaviors - Holding grudges, negative self-tak perfectionism, not speaking out,...  
  • Insecurities - I'm....too old, not beautiful enough, not knowledgable enough, insignificant, ... 
  • Habits - cell phone addiction, eating in front of the TV, smoking, drinking too much, interrupting others, not paying attention... 
  • Lifestyle - fast food, sleep deprivation, high stress, sedentary   

We focus most on toxic relationships in this episode, and in parallel we'll be addressing other aspects of toxicity. So stay tuned to our posts, stories and videos as we share wisdom gathered through experience and research about how to live a more toxic-free life.  In addition, the Alphaweibchen team started a 7 - 14 day detox program yesterday (diet intense as we cut out everything addictive or damaging: sugar, alcohol, caffeine, animal products, gluten AND mind/body focused as we do more meditation, reflection, exercise and sauna / massage).  This is a great opportunity to make a re-set, take inventory of what is toxic in life and begin reducing or eliminating it.  We'll be sharing our experiences and if you're interested in joining us on the journey, get in touch!  We'll happier share the details!     

Some interesting web resources for more information: 

Toxic behaviors | Tratis of toxic people | Dealing with difficult people | Behavior of toxic people | Tips for dealing with toxic people


Jan 12, 202141:30
New Year New You

New Year New You

The new year is only a couple of days away!

We are so ready to kick off 2021 with renewed energy, hope, and excitement and just had to take the opportunity to share our thoughts with all of you. And of course, share also some tips on turning plans into actions and actions into an enhanced life! :) So join us in this special New Year's episode, and start shaping yourself and your life to exactly the way you want them to be! It starts with setting some goals, exercising some resolve and will-power, and then designing your environment and actions to create the right habits. So all those things you want to do in your life become automatic processes, not tons of work each time you do them!

What is one of your resolutions for the new year?

In this episode we share some of our take-aways and learning from 2020, which by all accounts has been a super-challenging year. We've used it to learn, to take care of ourselves, to search for balance and to create. This Podcast is one of the outcomes! Some of our key thoughts looking back:

  • happiness is self-created
  • alone doesn't mean lonely
  • slow down, breathe, reflect
  • practice meditation, gratitude and savoring

Looking forward, we have a lot in store professionally and personally. We share our personal resolutions and the get a little science-y and geeky with talking about habits. Because it's creating the right habits that make change sustainable, it's not will-power! So we share the habit loop (cue or trigger, routine, reward), some key strategies for helping to make habit-creating (or habit-breaking) possible, and share some examples of hacks that work. Because whether you want to eat healthier, exercise more, stop smoking, learn something new, change your profession or whatever: it's developing automation that will help you get it done!

#newyear #newyou #whodoyouwanttobe #howtochange #habits #habitcreation #habitloop #friction #piggybacking #temptationbundling #usechaos #sustainablechange #embracechange #alphaweibchen #podcast #female #alpha #create #yourlife #empower #enhance #experience

Dec 29, 202035:31
Holiday Special

Holiday Special

Are you celebrating holidays in the coming few weeks? We're right around the corner from Christmas and the New Year, which are important for us. This time of year usually means large family gatherings, events with colleagues, customers and friends, lots of parties, singing christams carols, drinking Glühwein with thousands of other people at the Christmas Market. Generally, just enjoying the holiday spirit and celebration of new life (with everyone we know and strangers, too). That's not happening this year. Jaimi's traditional bi-annual trip to visit family for Christmas in the USA is an absolute no-go in the current climate, and even the planned celebration with her husband's family is under question given the size of the patchwork family. For the first time ever, Peggy is celebrating Christmas without her children and looking for ways to still share the holiday with them, despite everyone being in different places. So yes, we've been doing some soul-searching about what the holiday really means for us, and how to make it special even though it's very different this year than we're used to. And yes, we've done a bit of research to up our positive psychology with the help of expert knowledge. :) In today's short episode, we share our personal stories and approaches and a few tips we've collected from the pros - hoping that we can help you find the best in this holiday season, too! We would love to hear which ideas you like the most, and what additional ideas you're implementing! Drop us a comment below!

We loved chatting about how to make this Christmas special, and find that even just sharing the challenges and ideas with one another made us feel better about it (connecting with people matters!). Here's a quick compilation of the key points we have (from research and our own plans):

  • put up decorations
  • the earlier, the better. The process itself, unpacking decorations that you see every year, or buying new ones to make this year special, will lift your spirits and remind you of happy previous Christmases (or whatever your holiday is)
  • music! Play it loud, sing along, create your own playlist with all the best and happiest holiday tunes.
  • keep traditions. Even if the setting and circumstances are different, find a way to keep some traditions: getting dressed up, the food you eat, the candles you light, who you call, wrapping presents beautifully...whatever is most important to you.
  • create new traditions. Maybe now is the year that you decide to watch the Christmas story online instead of in a church, or the year you have dinner in a Reindeer onesie instead of a beautiful dress. Perhaps there's a great new game that you play for the first time now, and every year in the future. Embrace trying something new, and making it a part of your ongoing rituals.
  • re-visit Christmases past. Nostalgia can be a good thing
  • consciously identify what you won't miss by doing Christmas differently
  • use technology. Open your presents over zoom, so giver and receiver can share the fun. Share recipes and cook "together" when you aren't. Video chat and maybe even sing your favorite songs together.
  • help someone else. This is one the biggest science-proven ways to lift your own spirits and positively influence your well-being. Provide presents, or food, or clothing to someone who doesn't have much; write letters and make phone calls to people who you know will be lonely, join an organized effort to brighten someone's day.
  • treat yourself. You might have time now to do things you never have time to do.

There are so many ways to spend extra time that make us happy!

Dec 15, 202018:49
Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth

Peggy and Jaimi have a relaxed conversation this week about getting older - and how to stay young despite the increasing years and inevitable physical changes (#wrinkles #bodycomposition #gravitysabitch). There are the obvious, super-important things that are so easy to neglect: exercise, nutrition, sleep.  There are the less obvious but life-changing things: maintaining childlike wonder, being silly, continually learning and experiencing new things.  And there are lots of things to enhance: meditation, stress management, skin care, fashion, botox, and the list is virtually endless!  So join us for a kind of silliness-inducing episode, where we laugh at ourselves and talk about all the different things that we consider elements of the #fountainofyouth .

Getting old with grace sounds aspirational, but it seems most of us don't want to do it...we'd rather find a way to stay young forever!   Well, we can't offer eternal youth, but we can share some advice about what keeps us feeling decades younger than we are. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."   We agree! That's what it starts with: maintaining a young attitude and mindset.  So laugh a little, be silly, do something fun.  And listen to this week's episode for more tips on staying young: mentally and physically!  Getting older can be a beautiful thing, even if we choose to resist it instead of accepting it with grace.  :)

Nov 24, 202022:41
The Power of Mindset

The Power of Mindset

In this episode, Paul Smith shares his inspiring story and phenomenal accomplishment: diagnosed with cancer, he withstood the temptation to give in to uncertainty and instead embarked on a journey to complete the Ironman Wales, one of the toughest triathlons on the planet.    A detective with the police force and somewhat-fit hobby athlete, Paul was cruising through life - comfortable, maybe a bit complacent. And then things changed - and he changed. He developed the mantra "I may have cancer but I'm not sick yet," and he resolutely set about the business of living life to the fullest, for as long as he might still have it to live. Demonstrating the power of mindset, he came back from the "mother of all surgeries" and went from hardly being able to walk, to completing the Ironman - in just 10 months.    In a statement from Christopher Reeve, "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." Paul is definitely a hero, and an inspiration.  He has tackled enormous trials head-on, done what seems a sheer impossibility, and shares his story openly, honestly and with a healthy dose of humor.   His message? "Enjoy your life to the full and be as healthy and happy as you can be right now...[don't] leave it until you get a kick up the arse from a health scare." 

For more about Paul, find him at:  

And his fantastic book, with even more insight into his ordeals and how he persevered here  

And if you'd like to know more about the grueling Ironman Wales (a 3.8km ocean swim, 180km hilly bike course and hilly marathon run), you can find it here   

Nov 10, 202044:30
Overcoming Barriers

Overcoming Barriers

In this episode, we're talking to Simone Zander about the the barriers she's faced in life, and the guidance she has for all of us in how to overcome the obstacles we face.  Simone is a success and empowerment coach for high level women, professional speaker, podcaster and author. She helps women become confident, speak up and unleash an extraordinary life.   Born and raised in Africa, Simones life is characterized by consistent change, overcoming hardships, and learning how to find courage. What she does best: helping you speak up, become confidence and unleash your extraordinary life!  Her international heritage and professional career as a psychologist, business and life coach and yoga teacher build the strong foundation as an expert on speaking, mindset, transformation and leadership.  Her vision: Inspiring authentic self-confidence in women!  Today, with over 15 years of experience, she successfully works at supporting clients and companies alike towards sustainable transformation.  Her mission is to inspire people to positive changes and a more successful and happier life. She ist deeply passionate about guiding women to unfold their true potential and unleash their inner lioness.  Her first book, TRAU DICH OFF-ROAD, will be released in German in October 2020. English Ebook available 2021!  Some of the key take-aways from this episode: recognizing your own strengths, valuing (and using) what makes you unique, having the courage to get going, accepting failure as part of the process, and how outside help combined with reflection and hunger can make you unstoppable!  Listen in, and share your thoughts in the comments!

more about Simone at:
on Instagram @simone_zander
Facebook @simone.zander.official
and her new book here!

Oct 27, 202028:08
Jumping into the Unknown
Oct 08, 202017:06
Leadership in the new World
Sep 28, 202034:43
Facing Fear
Sep 10, 202030:09
What's an Alphaweibchen?
Aug 28, 202024:35
Kick-Off Episode: What's this all about and who are Peggy and Jaimi?

Kick-Off Episode: What's this all about and who are Peggy and Jaimi?

Want more out of life?  Stuck in a rut and looking for inspiration? Living your best life and ready to share experiences, knowledge and ideas with a community of strong go-getters?  We're with you!

In this kick-off episode, Peggy and Jaimi share with you what this is all about, talking about the triad of action: experience, empower, and enhance.  And about who we are - a group of accept-no-bounds, go-out-and-get-things-done, never-stop-learning women with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  Not to mention a healthy affinity for champagne and love for life that keeps us (and you) laughing!

Aug 18, 202016:55