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The Women Disrupted Podcast

The Women Disrupted Podcast

By Amanda Hanson

Welcome to the Women Disrupted podcast where Amanda Hanson inspires and challenges you to think and live a more disrupted life.

She wants you to challenge the status quo about finding fulfillment, the definitions of success, beauty standards and developing self-worth.
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Mini Disruptions #1 - Your appearance is not the currency of your worth

The Women Disrupted PodcastJun 02, 2021

S2 Ep12: Disrupting Fast Fashion

S2 Ep12: Disrupting Fast Fashion

Fast vs slow fashion. Do you know the difference?

Fast fashion = a large amount of cheap poor quality clothing produced at a large rate, on the backs of black and brown folks, in order to keep us consuming and feeding our capitalist society.

Slow fashion = smaller amounts of clothing produced at a smaller rate. It respects human rights and better for the environment and is better quality so that it lasts longer and can be reused.

Today, I bring on Courtney Figler from The Kindness Closet to discuss fast and slow fashion and why we, as a society should start to embrace slower, more sustainable fashion.

Courtney is a Social Worker by day and a vintage and preloved clothing slinger by night. Courtney has been intrigued by and involved in political and activist circles for 10+ years, with a particular interest in modern day slavery (in its various forms).

It has been a long-time goal of Courtney’s to operate a social enterprise that would provide education and employment to those with barriers, and in early 2021, she launched the Kindness Closet – a size inclusive online shop selling preloved clothing for accessible and affordable prices. The Kindness Closet is currently in fundraising mode, with educational workshops and other community initiatives launching in the coming months.

In this episode, we talk about the nuances and complexity of moving away from fast fashion and all the different ways we can make change together.

Let's take a hard look at our privilege and how consuming fast fashion can lead to the suffering of others.

Get the show notes -> HERE

Oct 12, 202159:33
S2 E11: Setting Boundaries

S2 E11: Setting Boundaries

"If you can't communicate your boundary, than how is anyone else going to know how to respect what you want/need or keep the space you want? Sometimes you even need to set boundaries for yourself. The best way to practice respecting boundaries is by respecting your own. It's a practice" - Amanda 

On this episode, I bring on my good friend and past guest, Lisa to discuss the need for us to set our own boundaries and the complexities that come from it.

We share how we recognize and visualize our own boundaries.

We dive into how boundaries can be malleable and how it's good to think about why and how that allows you to let people in…

We talk about how when it comes to boundaries setting, we are only responsible for ourselves and not about how others feel about our boundaries.

We talk about understanding that by having stronger boundaries, that people WILL try to push it, because of their own desires or not fully understanding new boundaries. Remember in the moment, it may be hard, but you set boundaries for a reason.

Jul 26, 202101:12:45
S2 E10: Is the medical system failing women?
Jul 09, 202138:31
S2 E9: Navigating body changes in your wardrobe
Jul 02, 202143:05
S2 E8: So I hired a sex coach
Jun 23, 202148:59
S2 E7: Disrupting Life for Radical Self-Acceptance
Jun 11, 202154:09
Mini Disruptions #1 - Your appearance is not the currency of your worth

Mini Disruptions #1 - Your appearance is not the currency of your worth

I am trying something new today on the podcast.

I am sharing my first episode in what I am going to call my "mini disruptions" (I may change this, haha!) I will use them to dive in deeper on a certain topic, thought or idea that has been percolating in my brain. So, here goes the first one on the idea that "your appearance is not the currency of your worth".

In a society that values beauty, youth and thinness. There’s really only a few who get to benefit from it. And even if you do, it’s still fleeting. So we get stuck in a never ending pursuit of chasing flawless skin, a thinner body or hiding the natural aging process by any means necessary. Even if it makes you miserable and unhappy.

You think that it’s the price of admission to acceptance, validation or self-worth....

Jun 02, 202108:56
S2 E6: Raising a gender diverse child

S2 E6: Raising a gender diverse child

Today my guest, Jan Gootjes, is aiming to set precedent with a human rights violation case against a local summer camp that discriminate against her gender diverse son.

I brought Jan on to share her unique and important perspectives on raising a gender non-conforming child.

We discuss many important aspects of how gender is perceived by ourselves and others, as well as her sons experience transitioning at a young age.

She shares an amazing story (that brought me to tears) on how he began to embrace who he actually is rather than what others and society put onto him from birth.

We also share about how boys and girls are both seen differently in the world. How the impacts us on an individual level, on a societal level and how it influences cultural norms, like clothes, sports, hobbies, and even ways of acting.

Jan's shares WHAT normalized micro transphobia is and how cis heterosexual people can help trans people feel more comfortable/ normal in the world and in their own skin.

Jan also highlights the important difference between acceptance and affirmation.

Lastly, the two discuss why the normalization of sharing our pronouns can help gender diverse, non-binary and trans people feel better in everyday life and in the world.

Cause should't the world be SAFE for everyone? No matter their gender, sexuality, skin colour or body size?

May 21, 202101:07:50
S2 E5: 20 personal, but fun facts
May 14, 202101:16:43
S2 E4: Inspirational Women - Cassandra

S2 E4: Inspirational Women - Cassandra

In today's episode, I'm introducing a new series that you will be see throughout Season 2 where I share inspirational women and their lessons in life.

So, to kick off this series, I bring on a friend Cassandra Blackmore, who is running for City Council in Fredericton, NB. However, I first met her when she wanted to start her own Wardrobe Consulting business.

Cassandra worked in wardrobe consulting for awhile, but followed her passion to become the Executive Director of Fredricton's Community Kitchens (making and giving food to people who need it). PLUS taking her undergrad in Political Science.

All at the age of 27!!

She's got a lot on her plate and has a lot to share about lessons she's learned on her way to this point...

I wanted to bring on Cassandra because she is a POWERHOUSE and part of the next generation that is going to make big changes in the world and I needed her voice to be heard.

In today's episode:

  • Cassandra shares about how working a lot of solo careers, she got more in touch with what she REALLY desired to do. Her desire led her to volunteer with the Fredericton Community Kitchens where she, rather quickly, became the Executive Director.
  • She describes her lessons learned when she had to figure out how to continue delivering food to people who need it during the pandemic shortly after obtaining her directorial position.
  • She shares the many life lessons that shaped how she maintained a successful leadership position.
  • She also shares the positive and negatives of being completely homeschooled in her youth...

Full show notes HERE

Apr 28, 202101:11:42
S2 E3: Your sex life is not broken
Apr 27, 202101:07:44
S2 E2: Embracing my grey

S2 E2: Embracing my grey

In today's episode, I'm sharing:

Why I decided to stop dying my hair and to embrace my grey.

What my process was for growing my grey out and the upkeep.

How I felt about the process and if I regret it...will I go back to covering my grey??

What my husband thought about it.

How to know if it's right for you....

Apr 27, 202116:27
S2 E1: Intro to Season 2 & My "Why"
Apr 27, 202109:33
Bonus - Part 2: Weight & Food Freedom
Feb 26, 202101:19:09
Bonus - Part 1: Recovering from body dysmorphia & bulimia
Feb 26, 202101:04:16
Bonus - Resilience through great loss
Jan 21, 202153:48
S1 E28: Season Finale - Lessons of 2020
Dec 23, 202040:33
S1 E27: Living with adult ADHD
Dec 14, 202050:06
S1 E26: Why we need a Death Doula
Dec 04, 202001:10:42
S1 E25: Disrupting the mental health stigma
Dec 01, 202001:04:30
S1 E24: How to have FIERCE conversations
Nov 27, 202052:49
S1 E23: Women In Politics
Nov 23, 202001:09:52
S1 E22: Disrupting Dress Codes

S1 E22: Disrupting Dress Codes

Nov 11, 202001:06:18
S1 E21: Becoming Body Neutral
Oct 29, 202001:05:10
S1 E20: Disrupt the 40 hour work week

S1 E20: Disrupt the 40 hour work week

Anyone else feel like they are trying their hardest to fit their life around their job, instead fitting your job around your life? Why is this so backwards?! We only have one life and it should not be defined by how productive we are or how many hours or years we work.

I used to think that my worth was based on how much money I made, how many hours I worked or how productive I was. I mean I can understand it, working a typical 9-5, 40 hours a week has been the norm since the Industrial Revolution.

But times are changing...AGAIN. There is a cultural shift that has become even more apparent during the pandemic. It has come to light that we CAN work from home, we CAN work flexible hours, we CABN be just as productive by working LESS. There is so much research to support that we are generally productive for a total of 4 hours a why do we keep holding on to the 8 hour day? Why are we pushing that extra 4 hours? Just because it ;s the way it has been done?

I call BS to doing something "just because".

If you can relate and want to disrupt the 40 hour work week, then listen to today's episode!

In today's episode:

I bring on my friend and entrepreneur, Ingrid Munroe (owner of the NB Box), to talk about something we are both VERY passionate about; our desire to flip the middle finger to the 40-hour workweek.

We discuss how the current work structure is outdated and the downfalls of continuing to subscribe to this systems as employers and employees

We talk about new research and examples of places that prove working for 30-50 hours a week isn't healthy or even economically smart for businesses, and we also talk about the scary concept of the "golden handcuffs".

Enjoy today's episode!

You can find her on IG: @ingridelyse
The NB Box: HERE

Full show notes HERE

Oct 21, 202001:19:24
S1 E19: Human Design - The many attributes that make you "YOU"

S1 E19: Human Design - The many attributes that make you "YOU"

As a Psych major, I have always loved diving into what makes others and myself 'tick". Understanding the "why" behind our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours deeply fascinates me. Yup...I am always the annoying one that asks "WHY?!", even to myself. Constantly.

I am a pretty self aware person who is constantly self analyzing and sometimes I found myself judging my emotions, feelings and behaviours. I thought I needed to be a "better person" or that there was something wrong with the way I was. I am not saying I didn't love myself, but I thought there were parts of myself that was "wrong" because I am assertive, not afraid of conflict and I spoke my mind. A lot. I didn't think these were qualities that made me a "nice" person.

Then, I came across "Human Design".

Not heard of it? That's okay...this is was today's episode it about.

My behaviour analyzing brain was fascinated by a system that could help be better understand how I was built and how to best respond to the world. Human Design shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self. It offers a map that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.

In today's episode:

Full Show Notes HERE

Oct 08, 202001:14:36
S1 E18: Disrupting Mom Guilt
Sep 25, 202001:11:29
S1 E17: Ditch the Scale & Gain Sustainable Habits Instead

S1 E17: Ditch the Scale & Gain Sustainable Habits Instead

Have you ever gone to the punished your body through work outs in order to "pay" for something you ate?

Does the number on a scale determines your happiness or mood?

Have you ever thought of moving your body from a place of love, respect or just for the joy of it?

Want to know how to move your body in a way that is kind to it?

Ditch the guilt trips to the gym and listen to today's episode!

In today's episode:

  • On today's episode, Amanda and her friend Maria Trecartin, a personal wellness coach. They dive deeper into disrupting the 'shoulds' in your life in order to break down fear-driven goals and convert them into desire driven goals for feelings of fulfillment.
  • Maria shares about her a group called 'strive inside' that helps women to move their body in a way that doesn't make you hate yourself in order to change yourself.
  • Amanda and Maria talk about the shame women often feel around their striving for fitness and how it comes from a place of a desperate desire to lose weight until it delves into pure obsession with numbers.
  • They also talk about how the expectation for what is a healthy body is determined by businesses who want you to feel shame in order to make a profit
  • Maria also gives some insider tips on how to organize your goals so that you don't get overwhelmed.
  • Enjoy today's important discussion!

Get Full Snow Notes: HERE

Strive Inside group is open for registration from Sept 16-30th, 2020: Strive Inside!
Maria Trecartin provides health and wellness coaching to individuals and groups, runs women's wellness retreats and leads boot camps to help women lift their lifestyle and go for more! She lives to help women lift their lifestyle and to up the ante!
No fluff. Just accountability, support and ideas to make those changes that you crave.
Her unofficial slogan of “you do you” really embodies what strive is all about.

You can find her on FB: STRIVEhealthyandfit
You can find her on IG:

Sep 18, 202043:56
S1 E16: Disrupting Fatphobia

S1 E16: Disrupting Fatphobia

When I say the word "fat" or if you hear someone call someone fat, how does that make you feel? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Are you offended?

If so, then is it because your definition of fat is bad?


When did you decide fat was an insult? Fat does not have to mean "bad". Fat is just a descriptor word like tall, short, thin, curvy, angular... words can have power, but only in the meaning you give them.

In today's episode:

Get the rest of the show notes HERE

Sep 10, 202001:03:45
S1 E15: Uncovering Some Truths About Our Ladybits

S1 E15: Uncovering Some Truths About Our Ladybits

"We need to have a strong pelvic floor to orgasm. We use and contract our pelvic floor to help with our sensation during sex and to help us orgasm, so having that pelvic floor strength is really important." - Stephanie Brown

Do you know what a pelvic floor is? Did you know you have one? I didn't up until a few years ago! Which literally blows my mind. Why wasn't this covered in biology or sex ed?? Did my mother know she had one??

After I had my son at 21, I jumped on the trampoline for the first did not go well. Anyone know what happened? Well...take a listen to today's episode!

In today's episode:

  • Amanda brings on her  friend and physiotherapist, Stephanie Brown! Stephanie is not just any physiotherapist, she is a pelvic floor physiotherapist.
  • How many people heard that and had no idea what that means? The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles and ligaments that stretch between the female pubic bone and tail bone, and it plays a large role in general vaginal health.
  • Stephanie helps us understand what this body part does for us and how our pelvic floor needs to be addressed, because it's heavily neglected in our society's general lack of focus on women's bodies and our health.
  • She shares the most common reasons WHY you might want to see a pelvic floor physiotherapist and how they can help from painful sex, incontinence, to peeing when you sneeze.
  • If you're looking for stronger orgasms as well, paying attention to your pelvic floor health can help...

To see the rest of the show notes, go HERE

Sep 02, 202050:54
S1 E14: Disrupting the "Shoulds"
Aug 26, 202001:04:06
S1 E13: Empower Your Inner Voice!

S1 E13: Empower Your Inner Voice!

"It is so important, I think, to name the inner voice.  Mine is named Lennie, he's kind of a jerk, but also, Lennie needs support" - Elise B 

Amanda brings on her friend and Vocal Warrior, Elise Besler. Elise is a Voice Teacher and Voice Empowerment Coach based in Halifax NS Canada. She has an extensive performing career as a singer songwriter, and is the creator and founder of her Voice and Voice Empowerment training facility, Nusong Studio. Elise believes in the power of the human voice to heal and create change. She works with Singers and Public Speakers to help them gain skill and confidence and overturn limiting beliefs to own their voices and rock the mic!

In today's episode, they discuss:

  • How to identify, name and manage that every present "inner critic". They discuss what is the purpose of the inner critic and how to handle it when it invades your thoughts or actions.
  • Elise shares about how she treats her "inner voice" in a way that you might not  expect!
  • They talk about how to use our voice to say yes or no to the things we want to ACTUALLY say yes or no an honest and authentic way.
  • Elise discusses the importance of making sure the boundaries you set around yourself are yours and not those of your inner voice. You get to control of what you let in and out.
  • Are you afraid of conflict? Then listen as they both dive a bit into how to have non-violent communication during disagreements in a way that benefits both people, even if you’re insanely angry. This is very timely when wanting to use our voices to call out racial injustice. To practice this skill, she recommends a book called "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshal Rosenberg.
  • And again, in what seems to be tradition, the topic of vaginas comes up yet again through ow they can help us project emotion though sounds!

For all the show notes: HERE

Find Elise Here:
instagram: @thevocalwarrior 

Aug 19, 202001:04:35
S1 E12: Why Your Pleasure Matters

S1 E12: Why Your Pleasure Matters

In today's episode:

  • Amanda and her guest, Robin, a pleasure and confidence coach talk about sex!
  • They talk on how our sexuality and sensuality affects our bodies individually because sensuality is our connection with our own body.
  • Robin's goal is to help people feel more present and fulfilled in their lives through acts and feelings of sensuality. She gives advice on how to get rid of the disillusionment that many women feel from their sexual side of themselves, whether it be from stress, unrealistic beauty standards, or sexual trauma.
  • The two also talk about how western society enforces the idea that people don’t deserve pleasure unless they earn it and how it can negatively affects people's ability to get in touch with themselves or have fulfilling sex.
  • Robin explains how group nude retreats help many women, like herself, lose stigmas when it comes to their own bodies and shows us how meditation and presence practices, even masturbation, are important in getting grounded in your body, rather than meditating for the purpose of transcending your body.
  • She gives her experience with these retreats and gives a ton of insight into her practices with tantric yoga... Also, if you want to hear about pussy breathing, stick around…

Get Full show notes --> HERE

Find Robin here:



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Aug 12, 202001:08:52
S1 E11: Discover Your Enneagram
Aug 05, 202059:43
S1 E10: Disrupting Diet Culture
Jul 15, 202050:03
S1 E9: Disrupt the War on Your Body
Jul 08, 202052:04
S1 E8: Disrupt Living on Auto-Pilot
Jul 02, 202045:11
S1 E7: Disrupting Gender Norms
Jun 23, 202047:18
S1 E6: The Healing Power of Our Breath
Jun 15, 202058:38
S1 E5: Disrupting Colorism, Racism & Supporting Black Lives Matter with Melissa Dhillon
Jun 10, 202001:12:07
S1 E4: The Disruption of Miscarriages with Brandy Williams

S1 E4: The Disruption of Miscarriages with Brandy Williams

**Trigger warning: This episode shares sensitive information that may be difficult for some listeners**

Brandy Williams is a Registered Dietitian and fitness instructor who joined Beautycounter because they are going above and beyond when it comes to safety, performance and education in the personal care industry. When she faced her 6th miscarriage, she started to do research and looks for the "why". This lead her on a mission to push for greater federal regulation of the ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products.

In this episode:

  • Brandy Williams shares her personal story of disruption by going through multiple miscarriages and shares the truth about how they affected her emotionally and physically.
  • Brandy and Amanda discuss how the medical system and education system often fails women in preparing them for not just miscarriages, but their health in general, which can lead to shame.
  • Brandy discuss why it’s important for women AND men to communicate about their trauma.
  • Brandy shares the benefits she's had with dealing with loss when it happens instead of pushing it aside and discusses how therapy can help despite how hard it may be to attend counselling.
  • Brandy shares how her experience led her to learn how our environment and hormones can affect women's mental/ physical health. Proper education and restrictions need to be implemented on chemicals to make sure that people aren't doing long term damage to their bodies by using everyday products.

NB COPES Facebook Page:

Brandy's Beautycounter Website:

For full show notes and links, visit:

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May 25, 202001:12:59
S1 E3: Disrupting our Sexuality and Relationships with Amanda Bennett
May 25, 202041:36
S1 E2: My Midlife Crisis, My Way (Part 2)

S1 E2: My Midlife Crisis, My Way (Part 2)

002: My Mid-Life Crisis, My Way (Part 2) "I stopped finding my worth and value by what I did or anything external. It wasn’t about how much I did or didn't do by the end of the day. By how much was in my bank account. By how much time I spent with my daughter or not. What kind of house I lived in, how many degrees I have... I started to measure my happiness based on how much I was living to my values. Letting my values guide me internally, rather then anything that is happening externally to me."

In this episode:

  • Amanda elaborates on the disruption in her life she introduced in the previous episode and discusses how organizing her core values helped her ground herself in what she needs to do to be satisfied with herself again; in her personal life, and in her personal styling business.
  • She explains how a focus on external achievements doesn't necessarily equate to feelings of success.  Feelings of fulfillment and happy is completely an internal process.
  • She discusses the importance of keeping her established core values in mind in everything she does. Connecting to our values lives inside our bodies, rather than overthinking everything or allowing our minds or societal standards to guide our actions and feelings.
  • Keeping these values allows her to be comfortable in speaking her mind and allow her to teach other women to do the same for themselves.

For full show notes and links, visit here:

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May 24, 202036:35
S1 E1: My Midlife Crisis, My Way (Part 1)
May 22, 202022:39