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On My Mind…

On My Mind…

By Amanda KeramikSLU

This Podcast is about the way I see the world.
This is a REBOOT of my Old School with Amanda podcast.

On My Mind - where I talk about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes, I’ll invite a friend to join in and we’ll talk about what’s on both of our minds.

BEWARE! I do drop the odd F bomb, but nothing too egregious, I think…
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1 New Years Determination

On My Mind…Jan 14, 2023

1 New Years Determination

1 New Years Determination

So here I go, starting all over again 😁
Jan 14, 202309:52
Future Plans & Philosophising
Aug 27, 202123:58
How Did The Auction Go, Amanda?

How Did The Auction Go, Amanda?

Well I’m glad you asked 😁 It went very well. If you want to know what the Saint Lucia Dream Project is, head over to my website: If you want to see the mugs that will be in my mug sale. Head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe for updates when they happen. I’ve also launched my MERCH SITE. Head here for my sunset photographs:
Jul 09, 202105:17
Going, Going, Gone
Jul 01, 202107:15
Dear Being Bravers
Jun 08, 202112:00
How I came to Saint Lucia
Mar 14, 202109:04