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By Daniel Gullo

“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.”
-1 Peter 2:16 ESV

This channel is dedicated to discussion about how the existence and continued survival of our country is 100% dependent upon turning our lives over to Jesus. Transforming our hearts and minds and loving each other through encouragement, support, prayer, praise, and worship.

Lift up Christ because He has lifted YOU up! Amen!
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Episode 005 - Ronald Gibson

America4GodDec 24, 2020

Episode 005 - Ronald Gibson

Episode 005 - Ronald Gibson

Ronald is a passionate educator and lifelong learner having been a public school teacher for almost a decade. His perspective on the education system is insightful and valuable.  He left the education field because of the insurmountable challenges that the system is facing with pressures from the top and the parents to operate contrary to what is best for children.

Ronald is also very passionate about the Lord and spending quality time with his family, ensuring his son has a firm foundation in the faith and the assurance that he is there for him. Speaking with Ronald it is easy for time to get away from you because his stories are great and he has a wonderful sense of humor.

Dec 24, 202001:13:34
Episode004 - Roman Roberts

Episode004 - Roman Roberts

From Roman:

"It all starts in foster care. Growing up in foster care and abusive homes built the foundation for my mantra “Your Hustle has to be Bigger than your Struggle”. It taught me life can be hard and may not play out quite how you like but there’s beauty in the process (see my appreciation for process started from the very beginning)

To see the world I join the United States Army and for almost 8 years I served as an interrogator. You read that right...I was an interrogator (and no it’s not all like what you see in the movies). I got to deployed multiple times and trained all over the world, I even got to work with some of the most elite special operations teams in the world.

That’s what taught me to value communication, negotiation, and procedures...and unknown to me at the time I was learning to operate as an Agile Practitioner, Quality Management expert, Project Manager, and so much more.

After my time in the Army and working with the military I traded in my military uniform for business casual, I kept the beard, my desire to help other, and found my true passion, helping businesses.

I quickly realized every interrogation, military operation, policy creation, training, and even skills such as land navigation, tactical shooting, and so much more provide value that could be utilized to make any business more profitable.

That’s when I started diving deep into business and learning everything I could so I would be able to help any business, and that’s when make small businesses great became more than a job, it became a passion. It became my way of continuing my mission of helping others, it allowed me to make anyone’s hustle bigger than their struggle. (yeah I get to live my mantra every day)

If you’re looking for some practical tips or just general advice on on improving your business check out my thoughts at #qualitytiptuesday or #realtalkwithroman.

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss how I can use my passion to increase your profits, how you can use interrogation techniques to improve all aspects of your organization, how to make your hustle bigger than your struggle, or even how I manage to keep my beard so full and fluffy, please do so…I’d love to chat."

Dec 14, 202059:40
Episode 001 – Dr. Joseph Oyeleye

Episode 001 – Dr. Joseph Oyeleye

Today  we are speaking with Dr. Joseph Oyeleye.  Dr. Oyeleye is a Baptist  minister, entrepreneur, and author of the new book “The Real Enemy of  the African Americans: The Systematical and Deliberate  Enslavement of the African American Soul through Dependency Programs and  Policies” available on Amazon

Dr.  Oyeleye shares with us his expertise, knowledge, and razor keen insight  on issues that America faces across racial boundaries and political  parties.  He also provides his views on issues within the clergy that  are plaguing modern day Christians.

Nov 19, 202001:07:20