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"Get ready for a nerdy thrill ride! We're diving into video games, anime, comics, movies, and more. Join us on this unpredictable adventure through geekdom – it's a wild journey you won't want to miss! 🚀🎮📺📚💥"
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Episode 50: Blerd Love with SiddeeQah Love

Amerime JunkiesFeb 17, 2019

Amerime Junkies: Interview with Demetrius Holt/ Hell Spawned Cosplay

Amerime Junkies: Interview with Demetrius Holt/ Hell Spawned Cosplay

Welcome to an exciting episode of our channel, where we had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the one and only Demetrius Holt, who you might know as the phenomenal Hell Spawned Cosplay extraordinaire. This is a conversation you won't want to miss, packed with fascinating insights, jaw-dropping cosplay revelations, and a glimpse into a brand-new venture that's about to shake up the world of comics, TV, film, and so much more. So, grab a seat and let's dive deep into the world of Demetrius Holt and his upcoming venture, Blerd Station. 🌟 **Discovering the Cosplay Universe with Demetrius Holt** 🌟 In this riveting discussion, we uncovered the heart and soul behind Demetrius's favorite cosplay creations. From the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each costume to the inspiration that fuels his creativity, we explored it all. You'll be amazed by the passion and dedication that bring his favorite characters to life in ways you've never imagined. 🚀 **Dreaming Big: Demetrius's Dream Cosplay** 🚀 Ever wondered what character Demetrius dreams of cosplaying as? You're about to find out! We delved into his ultimate dream cosplay, and it's a revelation that will leave you in awe. You won't believe the level of detail and effort he's planning to pour into this dream project. 🎉 **Introducing Blerd Station: A Revolution in the Making** 🎉 But that's not all! Demetrius dropped a bombshell during our conversation, revealing a brand-new company he's launching: This company is set to redefine the landscape of comics, TV, film, and more. We uncovered the groundbreaking concepts and incredible projects that are in the pipeline. You'll get a sneak peek into how you can be a part of this thrilling journey. 📢 **Subscribe and Share the Excitement!** 📢 If you're as captivated as we were during this conversation, make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on your notifications, so you never miss an update from Amerime Media and Amerime Junkies Podcast. Don't keep all this excitement to yourself; share this video with 3 fellow cosplay and comic enthusiasts. Get ready to be inspired and entertained, and join us in celebrating the limitless world of cosplay and the upcoming journey with Demetrius Holt has some astonishing tales to tell, and you're in for a wild ride. Subscribe, share, and let's embark on this adventure together. To follow Hellspawned Cosplay IG: TikTok: FB: To join or look at Berd Station

Oct 22, 202301:10:30
The Writer and Actor Strike: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Hollywood's Biggest Labor Dispute
Jul 25, 202337:34
Amerime Junkies: Retro Retake Podcast
May 25, 202301:05:38
Amerime Junkies: Star Wars Visions Season 2 podcast

Amerime Junkies: Star Wars Visions Season 2 podcast

On this episode of the Junkies we talk about the latest season of Star Wars Visions and how we felt about each episode as well as the season overall.

May 13, 202348:47
Amerime Junkies: May the 4th be with you!

Amerime Junkies: May the 4th be with you!

Yup its That day once again and the junkies have come from a galaxy far far away to tell you all about the latest happening with the star wars franchise.

May 05, 202344:05
The Amerime Junkies go to Pax

The Amerime Junkies go to Pax

Games, Games and more games. That was the mission we set for Pax East and we did just that we played and talked to some of the next indie titles to fall in love with or the next AAA game to suck up all of your time. Can we just say what a time to be alive as a gamer. so sit back and listen to the Junkies talk about what they love and can't wait to get their hands fully on.

Apr 10, 202341:54
Amerime Junkies: Hogwarts Discussion

Amerime Junkies: Hogwarts Discussion

On this episode of the junkies we discuss Hogwarts Legacy and all the things that go with it. From the games to the controversy and everything in between.

Mar 18, 202301:01:50
Amerime Junkies: DC and Marvel Discussion with Chef Soma
Feb 10, 202301:22:37
Amerime Junkies: Discuss wrestlers turned actors
Feb 03, 202351:51
Amerime Junkies: Last of us Episode 2

Amerime Junkies: Last of us Episode 2

The second episode of Naughty Dog’s hit game the last of us dropped on HBO Max. If you haven’t watched it yet what are you waiting for if you are watching it for the first time and didn’t know it came from a game click the link below and buy it for yourself or the gamer in your life and let us know what video game also deserves an adaptation?

HBO subscription

The last of us 1

The last of us part 2

The last of us art book hardcover

The Last of Us Comic


0:00:05   "The Last of Us: Episode 2 Discussion with Kamala and Demon Engine"

0:01:22   Discussion of Opening Shot Episode 1: Ellie's Introduction and Encounter with Clickers

0:03:33   Analysis of "The Last of Us" Video Game and TV Series

0:10:24   Heading: Discussion of The Last of Us TV Series

0:13:17   Conversation Summary: The Last of Us TV Series


It was good seeing the clickers for the first time. I love how it looks beautiful, but I hate how it looks. It just gets under my stent. I'm not looking forward to seeing them again.

And I can't wait for the next episode. It's actually making me want to download Last of US, even though I refuse to play Last of US, Too. Joel is the reason why I don't want to play Last of US, Too.

But as good as Neil Druckman is like the go between naughty dog and the people putting on the series. They took tests out with Joel and to give her more depth and to give Joel a reason to take Ellie with them to whatever destination they have to go to because Joe did not have a reason he wanted to go to back home, turn her lower assignment and go live his life.

We should be getting more of diving in more to the games because all this fairly happens within the first hour or so into the game. First couple of hours into the game so far.

And for the whole assignment to come get that job by this time. Touch her all the day that she's bitten and she's turning and she's going to sacrifice herself to save Joe with Ellie.

Jan 23, 202315:14
Amerime Junkies: Open DnD Controversy
Jan 21, 202336:11
Amerime Junkies: Last of us show episode 1
Jan 20, 202339:10
Amerime Junkies: The Game Awards Podcast
Dec 12, 202254:07
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Tre Braswell
Sep 30, 202257:18
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Rogue Catnip

Amerime Junkies: Interview with Rogue Catnip

Rogue Catnip Links:   Follow the team: Check out the website: Don't miss out on the streams:

Sep 23, 202201:04:25
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Creative Theory
Aug 26, 202241:25
Amerime Junkies: Interview with SDTrinity
Aug 05, 202201:04:53
Amerime Junkies: The Boys Podcast
Jun 10, 202259:04
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Tru.comics.only
Jun 03, 202256:04
Amerime Junkies: How is Pokemon still alive?
May 27, 202201:01:23
Amerime Junkies: Game franchise that drop the ball
May 24, 202255:35
Amerime Junkies: Villain Tier List Podcast
Apr 15, 202244:55
Amerime Junkies: Women in the Gaming industry
Mar 11, 202257:45
Amerime Junkies: Interview with CC The Geek
Feb 19, 202247:31
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Jason Richardson
Feb 12, 202253:58
Amerime Junkies: The Legend of Vox Machina discussion
Feb 04, 202201:03:26
Amerime Junkies: Marvel's report card pass or fail.
Jan 30, 202201:12:26
Amerime Junkies: DC's report card pass or fail.
Jan 24, 202201:02:54
Amerime Junkies: Whats new 2022!?
Jan 14, 202201:05:55
Amerime Junkies: New year and year end review
Jan 07, 202201:31:24
Amerime Junkies: GeekReport podcast
Nov 22, 202143:09
Amerime Junkies: Monster Mash
Nov 05, 202101:11:05
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Sharea Morishita
Oct 29, 202101:01:33
Amerime Junkies: Interview with La Deva Arazel
Oct 22, 202102:00:60
Amerime Junkies With special guest B.D. Didley
Oct 15, 202101:45:40
Amerime Junkies: Fantasy pets
Oct 08, 202101:16:38
Amerime Junkies: Star Wars Visions Discussion
Oct 01, 202157:17
Amerime Junkies: Back to school podcast
Sep 10, 202101:04:43
Amerime Junkies: Marvel V.S. DC
Sep 03, 202101:20:53
Amerime Junkies: Blerd Con Discussion
Jul 30, 202101:04:05
Amerime Junkies: Interview with Steven Van Patten
Jul 23, 202101:15:42
Amerime Junkies: Father's Day podcast
Jul 02, 202101:06:27
Amerime Junkies: E3 Podcast
Jun 25, 202101:17:51
Amerime Junkies: Gatekeeping and Cancel culture
Jun 18, 202101:15:45
Amerime Junkies: Love Death and robots
Jun 11, 202101:07:13
Amerime Junkies With special guest Knightmage
Jun 04, 202101:04:18
Amerime Junkies With special guest Ameer Atari
May 28, 202101:03:03
Amerime Junkies: Revenge of the 5th
May 16, 202156:26
Amerime Junkies: Invincible Podcast
May 12, 202101:01:51
Amerime Junkies: May the 4th be with you
May 07, 202101:06:27