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A Mighty Practice

A Mighty Practice

By Christine Garvey

A podcast about how to identify and overcome your creative roadblocks with artist and coach, Christine Garvey. Each episode will include concepts you can apply in your creative practice to move through "ruts" and get excited to make your work again.
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Creative Archetype: The Striver.

A Mighty PracticeMar 17, 2023

Sep 22, 202316:27
The Idea Funnel.
Aug 25, 202319:15
Collaboration and the creative process.

Collaboration and the creative process.

What's your relationship to collaboration? What makes collaborating with other creative individuals exciting? What makes it hard? In this episode I talk about some do's and dont's around collaboration. I'll share my own experiences with collaboration and common challenges artists face when it comes to collaborating with others on their creative visions.

Aug 04, 202318:54
Two roadblocks from the AMP community.
Jun 09, 202325:40
Playing to your creative strengths with coach NATALIE DAVIS.

Playing to your creative strengths with coach NATALIE DAVIS.

This week I talk to artist, entrepreneur, and business coach Natalie Davis. In this episode, we talk about the multi-faceted creative life Natalie's built for herself - from her creative practice in leather, to being a creative director and co-owner of several restaurants in Austin, to coaching creatives through the ups-and-downs of their businesses. We talk about how to trust your gut, the importance of creating a vision, and how it's OK to have a lot of creative interests! Natalie talks about how to identify your creative strengths and how that's helped her carve her own path. Hear more about Natalie's work and journey below:

Natalie Davis is a creative director, entrepreneur, and business coach that finds poetry in the small moments. She has collaborated with diverse clients, from museums and architecture firms to hotels and non-profits, along with being a co-owner of several restaurants in Austin. Natalie coaches on maximizing emotional intelligence to create greater impact and bring joy to managing teams. She guides clients through career transitions, starting with the initial spark of change, through interviews, negotiating, and being successful in their new role. From strategic planning to building brand narratives, Natalie helps others expand and clarify their vision and connect their story to the broader world. Natalie is a certified Co-Active Professional Coach and Associate Certified Coach, along with holding a BA from UCLA and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

For more info: of on IG: @canoegoods


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May 19, 202301:02:14
"Time is running out."
Apr 14, 202317:16
Creative Archetype: The Striver.

Creative Archetype: The Striver.

In this episode, we talk about the creative archetype of the STRIVER. Strivers are artists that over-invest in the generate stage of the creative process, and as a result, get stuck. They experience a feeling of scarcity - the idea that there will "never be enough" - around their creative production or output. This mindset can lead to burnout. In this episode, we'll talk about the strengths and challenges of this creative archetype, what motivates them, where they experience stuckness, and how they can move past it.

Mar 17, 202322:40
Taking charge of your creative path.
Feb 10, 202325:20
Vanity Goals.
Jan 13, 202318:58
Getting blocked in your 30's.
Dec 10, 202201:03:30
Having "too many" creative interests.
Nov 18, 202221:14
Finding more energy for your art.
Oct 28, 202216:24
Sharing your work.
Sep 30, 202213:24
Making money and making art w/ painter LESLEY ANDERSON.

Making money and making art w/ painter LESLEY ANDERSON.

In this episode we talk about making money and making art with Canadian Painter, Lesley Anderson! Topics we cover in this conversation: The transition out of art school, using various creative skills to make a living, the possibility of satisfying day jobs, and why Lesley did not choose "the teaching path." Listen in to this episode to hear how Lesley makes her living as an artist and how she leans into the ebb and flow of her creative life. 



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Lesley Anderson is a Canadian artist currently based in Austin, TX. Originally from the west coast, she studied at Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Vancouver, 2009), and completed her Master of Fine Arts at Concordia University (Montreal, 2015).

Her work is informed by materials and process, the formal properties of painting and the relationship between colour, mark making and form. She uses a variety of media and methods such as brushwork, drawing, cut outs, masking, airbrushing, projection, digital drawing and more, to create an inventory of compositional material. Her visual language continues to explore the organic nature of painterly materials, hard-edge and the subtleties of colour.

Learn more about her work at: or on IG: @lesley.anderson


Sep 08, 202201:11:41
How to manifest your biggest ideas. (Part I)
Aug 19, 202208:21
Hear from 3 artists in our coaching program.
Aug 05, 202250:34
Jul 20, 202226:37
A special summer announcement.
Jul 08, 202209:29
Making art in dark times.

Making art in dark times.

It's a dark fucking time. I think many of us feel this way. And when you're making art during a dark period, it's easy to question why you're doing it. What is the value of this work? How is it having an impact? In this episode, I offer a different way to think about the importance of making art during times of darkness.

Jun 03, 202211:28
Making money and making art w/artist KATIE SHULMAN

Making money and making art w/artist KATIE SHULMAN

It's time to hear from some working artists in this Making Money + Making Art series! Today I chat with Detroit-based fibers artist, Katie Shulman. In our conversation we talk about Katie's trajectory as an artist and how she's dealt with the big questions of "How do I make a living? and how do I make my art?" She'll share the various ways she's answered these questions. She'll talk about her feelings on selling her work, her relationship to nine-to-fives, and the value of moving to an affordable city. Listen in for so much wisdom.

Come take Katie's workshop at the school: All About Rope: Transforming Line to Form on May 19th, 2022.
Bonus: Snag a 30-minute discounted coaching call with Katie if you sign up for the class! 


About Katie Shulman
Katie Shulman is an artist from Washington, DC who currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. She holds an MFA in Studio Art from Syracuse University and a BFA in Fine Art from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Her work has been shown wildly in New York State including at the Everson Museum in Syracuse, NY and The Strohl Art Gallery in Chautauqua, NY. In addition to her art practice, Katie has an over nine-year career as an arts administrator. She has worked in various institutions of higher learning and nonprofit art spaces in New York City like The 92nd Y, The Studio Institute and Hunter College.

She currently teaches at College for Creative Studies and serves as a Pre-College Counselor at her alma mater, the Penny W. Stamps School Of Art & Design.

Find her on instagram: @katie.shulman.

May 13, 202245:54
Making money and making art. (Part II)

Making money and making art. (Part II)

In the second episode of our money series, we're talking about your RULES. For most artists, their creative lives and their financial lives are tangled in a very messy way. In this episode we're asking a different set of questions: What does your creative life need to thrive? What does your financial life need to thrive? We'll talk about how you can separate these two areas of your life so it empowers you vs. holds you back from creating what you want.

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Apr 29, 202215:14
Making money and making art. (Part I)
Apr 15, 202217:02
Getting bored.
Apr 01, 202214:34
Finding Your Play Strategy.
Mar 18, 202215:41
Taking Action.
Mar 04, 202217:01
Letting Go of Productivity Guilt with MADELEINE DORE
Feb 18, 202242:28
Being more confident.
Feb 04, 202214:36
Building Resilience.
Jan 06, 202219:57
5 Creative Types and Their Struggles.
Dec 24, 202122:04
Following through.
Dec 10, 202118:08
Talking About Your Art.
Nov 19, 202113:19
Generating Focus.
Oct 22, 202122:49
"Help! I don't have a medium."
Oct 01, 202121:19
When it's time to get a coach.
Sep 14, 202121:29
Creating an Exit Strategy.
Jun 18, 202127:40
Your Post-Pandemic Creative Life.
May 28, 202118:32
How to Rest.
May 07, 202118:55
Should I Keep Going? with BETH PICKENS

Should I Keep Going? with BETH PICKENS

Today on the podcast we have BETH PICKENS, the author of Make Your Art No Matter What: Moving Beyond Creative Hurdles (Chronicle Books, 2021). Beth is a Los Angeles-based consultant for artists and arts organizations. She earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri. Since 2010, she has provided career consultation, grant writing, fundraising, and financial, project, and strategic planning services for artists and arts organizations throughout the U.S. She team-teaches an entrepreneurship course at the California Institute of the Arts School of Theater and teaches workshops at universities, companies, and art spaces throughout the country.

In this episode we talk about a range of things that impact artists: the inner critic, isolation, time, money, social media, and that big looming question - Should I keep going?  Listen in if you need a little creative pep talk from Beth.

You can purchase Beth's new book here:
You can find out more about her work here

Apr 16, 202142:41
Making Your Workspace Work for You.
Apr 10, 202118:14
Denying Your Creative Impulses.
Mar 12, 202115:15
Live Coaching Call: The Inner Critic
Feb 26, 202122:16
How to Start Making Things (How to Play)
Feb 12, 202123:51
Being a "real" artist.

Being a "real" artist.

I hear this all the time from my students and clients: "I'm not a real artist." This always leads me to ask: "What exactly is a REAL artist?" What do we mean when we say that? In this episode we'll talk about our core negative beliefs around what it means to be a "real" artist, and how those limiting thoughts are holding us back from building the creative lives we want to build.

Jan 29, 202116:16
Identifying Your Creative Season.
Jan 15, 202123:08
Your persistent themes.
Dec 11, 202011:52
When to Get Feedback.

When to Get Feedback.

In this episode, we're talking about FEEDBACK. How do you know when it's the right time to get feedback on your work? We'll look at some questions you can ask yourself to understand where you are in the creative process, how you're relating to your work, and if it's the best time to get feedback on what you're making.


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Nov 24, 202019:40
Art-making as Self-care.

Art-making as Self-care.

In this episode I'll talk about how art-making is not a "self-indulgent" activity but vital to our survival and the survival of others. 

Thanks to Beth Pickens, whose work inspired this podcast. Check out her counseling practice here:

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Nov 06, 202011:05
Lowering the Bar.
Oct 23, 202018:36
Critics vs. Haters.
Sep 11, 202013:49
Creative Friction.
Sep 04, 202018:58