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Unlocking Happiness with Amy Dix

Unlocking Happiness with Amy Dix

By Amy Dix

You want to achieve greatness. We can help.

Join Amy Dix, International Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, and Transformational Coach on Unlocking Happiness. This inspirational podcast brings you insights and interviews of the known, the unknown, and the all-knowing who will guide you to more meaning and success in your life.

Amy explores the most-requested topic - happiness - something that we all want, but never quite figure out how to proactively achieve ...until now!

Achieve Greatness. Choose Happy.
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Unconventional Relationships Doesn’t Mean Unhappy, Macy Matarazzo

Unlocking Happiness with Amy DixJun 06, 2022

Let’s Talk About PTSD, “Maximum Fabulous” with David Nordel
Jan 26, 202329:11
Making Success Happen With Nothing But A Dream, Paola Knecht
Sep 05, 202224:18
Take A Deep Breath, Singing or Smiling - Mariama Whyte
Aug 29, 202245:22
It’s Not The Thing; It’s The Feeling, Amy Eliza Wong
Aug 22, 202233:41
How Are Kindness, Publicity, and Networking All Linked? Jill Lublin
Aug 15, 202221:43
What Is Perfect Equilibrium? Author; Julian Reeve
Aug 10, 202236:58
What Fires Together, Wires Together, Dr. Jennifer Fraser on Adult Bullies
Aug 01, 202227:58
Struggling Heart to Leading with HOPE, Julianne Williams
Jul 25, 202234:16
Financial Happiness Is An Inside Job, Dawna Campbell
Jul 18, 202228:14
Start Small, Build on Gratitude, Deborah Hawkins 
Jun 20, 202223:55
Overcoming Everything, from Childhood Bullies to Suicidal Thoughts, Dorothy O'Dell

Overcoming Everything, from Childhood Bullies to Suicidal Thoughts, Dorothy O'Dell

Pain is inevitable; suffering is an option. Dorothy O'Dell shares a sequence of calamitous events that devours the hope of many. Watching her parents' health struggle consume their lives as Dorothy wallflowers at childhood dances due to bullies, her decision to overcome suffering was thanks to a group of supportive companions.

Dorothy and Amy emphasize the power and importance of a strong support group that will take your call at any hour of the night.

Jun 13, 202228:23
Unconventional Relationships Doesn’t Mean Unhappy, Macy Matarazzo
Jun 06, 202231:47
Just One More Mile, Bishoy Tadros
May 16, 202239:05
One Part Self-Disclosure Theory, One Part Bravery, Rhada Ruparell
Apr 25, 202234:26
Recovery Doesn’t Have To Look A Certain Way, Johnny Crowder
Apr 18, 202232:29
Do Something For You, That’s All! It’s Not Hard - Faust Ruggiero
Apr 11, 202238:13
Spiritual Happiness, Giving Love The Easy Way, Krista Barr-Bastien
Apr 04, 202227:01
Be Heard: Make A Difference, Sarah Olin of Lumo
Mar 28, 202234:50
Poop, Sugar, & Leaky Gut, Healthy Back To Happy - Davie Meine
Mar 21, 202237:55
“Iowa Nice” Don’t Drink The Poison Expecting Them To Die, Beth Montpas
Mar 14, 202231:24
How Do We Make Relationships More Meaningful? Joni Roberts
Mar 07, 202230:16
Does Society Accept Anxiety? Wendy Tamis Robbins
Feb 28, 202232:37
Social Media, Helping or Hurting Mental Health? Greg Kushnick
Feb 21, 202234:54
 Everything In Your Life Pays Rent, Super Joe Pardo
Feb 14, 202234:03
Can Pickleball Teach You How To Live A Better Life? Mike Branon
Feb 07, 202238:15
Speak Equality In Everything for Change, Laurie Levin
Jan 31, 202245:39
Anxiety and Being Hyper-Critical, Carrie Thompson
Jan 24, 202228:39
Pacing Yourself Through Hard Things, A Marathon Runner and Three Times Cancer Survivor, Donna Deegan
Jan 21, 202236:50
Stop Talking About Your Priorities, Start Doing - Terry Tucker
Jan 17, 202235:15
Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate, Corey Harrington

Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate, Corey Harrington

‘High-functioning’ isn’t a means for perpetuating your addiction. Corey talks about how sports kept him off drugs in high school to pursue his dreams, but opioids closed the book as a pro athlete. With a ten-year addiction hidden from everyone in his life, how do you turn it all around?

In pursuit of happiness, check out the internet’s happiest podcast!

IG @coreyharringtonanew

Book: Broken Man to Iron Man

Jan 10, 202250:14
Finding Clarity, Confessions of a People Pleaser, Nina Obier
Jan 03, 202237:14
Hiding In Corporate, Escaping Alcatraz - Michelle McGlade
Dec 27, 202152:39
How Hypnotherapy Cured My… John McGrail
Dec 20, 202137:03
Don’t Take Your Dreams To The Grave, Connie Czepiel 
Dec 06, 202135:08
I Was Supposed To Die At Birth, Warren Coughlin
Nov 29, 202127:41
Being Healthy, As Simple As Going Outside, Henry Guzman
Nov 22, 202139:25
Be With Your Body, Not With Your Thoughts - Laura Khoudari
Nov 15, 202132:25
Ayurveda, Physical & Mental Detoxing, Rochel Lawson
Nov 08, 202132:47
Mindfulness & Authenticity, Not Just Buzzwords, Ora Nadrich
Nov 01, 202140:15
52 Ways To Keep Your Lover, Tonya Todd
Oct 25, 202129:20
Be Better Than Your Circumstances, Rodney Burris
Oct 18, 202149:44
Write With Purpose, Cut The Riffraff, Col. Carla Bass
Oct 11, 202127:37
You Deserve To Live A Life of Joy, Larry Doochin
Oct 04, 202135:58
How Many Women Are Afraid of Being Visible? Rene Murata
Sep 27, 202133:05
From Cancelling To Connection with Anabelle Bugatti
Sep 20, 202147:27
Late Bloomers and Wallflowers, Introversion Isn’t A Curse, Steve Friedman
Sep 13, 202132:16
Certainty, Purpose & Community; Perspective of a Cult Kid, Lisa Kohn
Sep 06, 202145:53
Failure Is A Necessary Step Towards Excellence, Peter Ruppert
Aug 30, 202138:26
Societal Shame and When NOT to Hush! Candy Leigh
Aug 23, 202139:19
Enthusiasm Is Not A “Monday Thing,” Dr. Allen Lycka
Aug 16, 202127:33