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Get Off The Cash Flow Roller Coaster!

Get Off The Cash Flow Roller Coaster!

By Amy Donaldson

Business and Entrepreneurship as we know it is changing. Join me and discover how to successfully navigate this new world of technology disruptors. How do business owners like us achieve sustainable profitably in the midst of automation everywhere? Is it possible to offer the very best customer experience and charge enough to really thrive? Those are the questions! My name is Amy Donaldson, author of Get Off The Cash Flow Roller Coaster!, I am your host and this podcast seeks to find the answers!
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S1:E8: The V.A.L.U.E. Formula with Ken Wendle

Get Off The Cash Flow Roller Coaster!Nov 08, 2019

S2:E20: Accountability vs. Motivation
Jun 10, 202208:34
S2:E19: Seeing The Greater Purpose
May 12, 202210:15
S2:E18: Opportunity Mindset
Apr 11, 202206:18
S2:E17: Eat the Frog!
Apr 08, 202208:24
S2:E16: Real Winners Never Lose
Mar 24, 202210:44
S2:E15: Influence vs. Persuasion
Mar 17, 202211:54
S2:E14: The Importance of Boring Consistency
Mar 10, 202206:04
S2:E13: Compete on Value, Not Price
Mar 10, 202215:17
S2:E12: No One Ever Bet Too Much On a Winning Horse
Feb 24, 202208:15
S2:E11: Time Management
Feb 13, 202214:56
S2:E10: Branding vs. Marketing vs. Sales
Feb 10, 202211:21
S2:E9: How Comfortable is Your Comfort Zone
Jan 21, 202213:35
S2:E8: Luck Vs Skill
Jan 16, 202206:40
S2:E7:Why Entrepreneurs Are The Best
Jan 15, 202210:43
S2:E6: Crucial Conversations
Jan 13, 202210:07
S2:E5: The Purpose of Business Is Not To Make Money
Jan 11, 202207:51
S2:E4: A Closed Mouth Doesn't Get Fed
Jan 11, 202213:37
S2:E3: The Foundation of Free Enterprise
Jan 06, 202212:32
S2:E2: Choose Your Hard
Jan 05, 202208:22
S2:E1 Practice what you preach
Jan 03, 202208:21
S1:E19: The Taboo Subject of Money
May 04, 202023:51
S1:E18: Email Marketing And Productivity With Adam Moody
Apr 20, 202048:51
S1:E17: What About When This Is All Over?
Mar 31, 202009:22
S1:E16: What Do You Get When You Squeeze An Orange?
Mar 23, 202005:04
S1:E15: Give Yourself Some Grace With Colleen Cleary

S1:E15: Give Yourself Some Grace With Colleen Cleary

Do you ever feel like you are taking care of everyone else to the point that you're not even on the list?  Does it seem like the simply aren't enough hours in the day?  I can relate.  So today I am honored to be joined by the amazing Colleen Cleary who wants to share her life strategies with us, and explain how a health coach can improve our daily lives.   

If your ready to make your health a priority, visit Colleen's website to take advantage of her free recipes and other amazing resources.  And if you're curious about what it means to hire a health coach, reach out to Colleen because you deserve the very best.  

Click the link for a FREE downloadable copy of my book, Get off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster!

If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, share and don't forget to leave me a review!  I would love to hear from you!

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Mar 09, 202029:45
S1:E14: Video, Video, Video
Feb 21, 202050:15
S1:E13: The 4 Minute Mile
Jan 23, 202006:21
S1:E12: S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are Stupid -- You can achieve so much more than you realize
Jan 07, 202014:43
S1:E11: Calm Confidence
Jan 01, 202011:14
S1:E10: Mind And Money Make Over with Millie Leung

S1:E10: Mind And Money Make Over with Millie Leung

Dec 14, 201929:37
S1:E9: Your soul knows and loves the truth
Nov 17, 201916:42
S1:E8: The V.A.L.U.E. Formula with Ken Wendle
Nov 08, 201926:38
S1:E7: Impact Beyond Profits with Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa
Oct 30, 201923:19
S1:E6: How To Get MASSIVE Organic Reach On You-tube with Christopher Bücklein
Oct 28, 201924:51
S1:E5: Why is this so hard?
Oct 22, 201912:07
S1:E4: You’ve Changed
Oct 20, 201910:23
S1:E3: Are you afraid of what might happen if you REALLY went for it?
Oct 18, 201911:45
S1:E2: Are You Lonely?
Oct 14, 201905:55
S1:E1: How it all began
Oct 09, 201908:55