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Eyes on the Right Podcast

Eyes on the Right Podcast

By Eyes on the Right

Amy, eyesontheright4.0 on Instagram, is an educator, counselor, and Bible teacher, who has extensive research on the illuminati, secret societies, pagan religions, Hollywood, symbolism, and truths that are purposely hidden. With her background living near Hollywood, knowing people in the industry, and time spent with survivors and mind control de-programmers, Amy will bring to light some of these hidden secrets, with first hand accounts. With a Biblical lens & seasoned maturity of discernment, you will learn to uncover the secrets in plain sight. Don't glean more information without education.
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The Marine Water Kingdom, Mermaids, and the Fish gods of Old

Eyes on the Right PodcastJun 23, 2023

The False Light Movement
Sep 25, 202344:32
Escaping a Bloodline Luciferian Family - Nathan Reynolds Part 2
Sep 18, 202356:11
Escaping a Bloodline Luciferian Family - Nathan Reynolds Part 1
Sep 11, 202350:49
Burning Man, Music, and Modern Day Rituals
Sep 06, 202341:14
The Moon Landing, NASA, and the Serpent
Aug 29, 202335:43
Top-Level Government Sex Slave and Mind Control Survivor - Cathy O'Brien
Aug 21, 202358:58
Maui Fires, Lions Gate Portal, and the Sirius "Dog Days" of Summer
Aug 13, 202343:20
Clones, Eugenics, Baby Breeding Farms, and Hollywood Doppelgängers
Aug 07, 202358:21
Deliverance, Casting out Demons, and the Biblical Truth
Jul 31, 202301:16:23
New Age, Witchcraft, and the Church
Jul 24, 202301:19:30
Reptilians, Dragons, and the Mysterious Underground Beings
Jul 17, 202301:17:27
Child Sex Trafficking, Johnny Gosch, the Finders, and the Sound of Freedom
Jul 11, 202357:34
World on Fire, Geoegineering, BAAL, and Alchemical Magic of the "Elites"
Jul 03, 202345:48
The Marine Water Kingdom, Mermaids, and the Fish gods of Old
Jun 23, 202349:25
Cross Dressing, Hollywood Humiliation Rituals, and the McMartin Preschool Case
Jun 19, 202329:03
Marilyn Monroe, Dylan Mulvaney, and Mind Control
Jun 15, 202322:03
Pride, Androgyny, and the Ancient gods
Jun 08, 202326:33
Introduction Episode

Introduction Episode

Amy, also known as eyesontheright4.0 on Instagram, is an educator, Christian counselor, and student of the Bible who, over the last 7 years has been diving into the study of the illuminati, secret societies, pagan religions, Hollywood, the secret symbolism of the "elites," and truths that have been purposely hidden.

Amy grew up in Souther California, close to Hollywood and has known people in the industry, and spent time researching and talking with SRA (satanic ritual abuse) survivors and mk ultra/mind control de-programmers - as well as avidly reading to learn more about this beast system that has purposely been set up to keep us in the dark.

Within the last few years, the explosion of satanism and exposing these types of "rabbit holes" has increased on the internet. Very few social media and podcast influencers, couple this rising evil with the lens of the Bible and a seasoned maturity of discernment. Amy decided to start this podcast because she felt as though there was so much information but no real  education behind it. It seems that more and more people are uncovering the evil in the world, but aren’t coupling that with the hope -giving direction and wisdom to navigate our world better both physically and spiritually. As a Christ follower working in ministry and teaching the Bible over 25 years, Amy has delved into some of these deeper constructs of the supernatural realm through her experiences. With this extensive experience working in the trenches with people all over the world it has equipped her for where she is today.

Along with solo podcasts, Amy will also be doing interviews from time to time, and in lieu of a membership you will find deep dive interviews for downloads on her website. Look forward to these interviews with experts in the field of ministry, the illuminati, pagan and occult history, and much more.

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May 31, 202306:32