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Amy-Alex Campbell

Amy-Alex Campbell

By Amy-Alex Campbell

This podcast is the audio version of my key blog posts. Follow me for writing tips, short stories, and updates on my writing projects. For the full blog, visit Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. > Catalogue of Disaster: > Beneath the Grandstand eBook: > The Lowest Realm:
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20 Years On

Amy-Alex CampbellSep 11, 2021

20 Years On

20 Years On

This is my little tribute to the victims who perished in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers, pentagon, and world trade center. In this blog I talked about my own experiences of seeing this unfold on TV. I was 16 years old, an Aussie child in Australia, and this event shock me to my core. 

I will never forget.

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Sep 11, 202103:32
Dealing With Writer's Block
Sep 06, 202106:34
#WRITEboyslove - a new Twitter game for writers and readers of man loves man!
Sep 03, 202101:33
The Darkest Realm Is Finished!

The Darkest Realm Is Finished!

I'm so excited to announce that book 2 of The Miscreant is now complete!

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Aug 13, 202102:29
Fantasy Maps and Seasons

Fantasy Maps and Seasons

Today I talk about things like seasons and biomes, which can sometimes be overlooked when making a fantasy map. 

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May 26, 202103:17
Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start?

This episode addresses the common question that new writers ask: Where do I start? I talk about different types of writing software, pantsing vs plotting, and give you a simplified route to take when self publishing. For the original post, visit my blog at

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Mar 12, 202111:46
Beneath the Grandstand - Chapter 1

Beneath the Grandstand - Chapter 1

Listen to the first chapter of Beneath the Grandstand.

Purchase eBook here:

When Cameron's failing relationship finally comes to an end, he finds  himself on the streets of Sydney, homeless and alone. All he has left is  a suitcase full of his clothes, and his job as a security guard.  Battling severe depression and anxiety, Cameron fears he has hit rock  bottom.
A chance meeting with a young homeless man soon changes  everything, though. Abused as a child, the mysterious Mr Loner has a  dark secret that threatens to unravel his very existence. Will Cameron  get his happily ever after, or will Mr Loner’s past destroy them both?

A confronting MM romance set in Western Sydney, Australia.
The second instalment of The Marsden Park Series.

"How do you define two lost souls, who are completely alone in the world, except for each other?"

Feb 23, 202116:05
I Made A List!

I Made A List!

Beneath the Grandstand was one of Kyler Warhol's top 9 books of 2020. This podcast shares their glowing review of the story.
For links to their review, visit the blog post:
This episode is also available as a blog post:

Jan 20, 202101:58
A Year on...From Flames to Rain

A Year on...From Flames to Rain

In 2019, we had bushfires and deadly smoke.
In 2020, we have a virus.

In my blog, I re-created a number of photos that were taken in 2019, and matched them with 2020. The stark differences are remarkable.
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Dec 31, 202002:59
A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

A free Christmas story, written from the eyes of a retail employee.

Originally posted December 22, 2020.

This episode is also available as a blog post:

Dec 22, 202006:05