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anarchySF - an anarchist, science fiction podcast

anarchySF - an anarchist, science fiction podcast

By Yanai Sened / Eden Kupermintz

The podcast companion to, an archive of anarchist science fiction.

During each episode, we'll analyze one piece of science fiction media which explores themes relevant to left-wing ideology.
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Annihilation, Discussions of Bodies Being Morphed

anarchySF - an anarchist, science fiction podcastNov 21, 2020

Eternal Discourse War With Warhammer 40k

Eternal Discourse War With Warhammer 40k

We talk about how to critique the Fascist sentiments in Warhammer 40k, without worrying too much about the degrees of intent or satire behind it.

Oct 04, 202301:27:02
Acknowledging the Complexities of Humanity with Ammonite

Acknowledging the Complexities of Humanity with Ammonite

We talk about Ammonite, a somewhat under-the-radar excellent sci-fi book about a virus killing all the men in a far-off planet and exploring indigenous lands as a colonizer anthropologist

Themes explored:

- Anthrophopolitics and diversity within identity

- Biopolitics and virology

- "Going Native" (TM)

- Some Ursula LeGuin themes

Eden's ep of death-sentence about The Dawn of Everything:

May 22, 202301:15:50
Can we fix it? Maybe! Kinda! With Ixion

Can we fix it? Maybe! Kinda! With Ixion

We talk about the sci-fi strategy game Ixion and its somber adventure through space.

Some topics discussed:

- Shameful space

- Space is silence and death

- Gravestone science

- Accelerating the flows

- The eternal recurrence of the same

- Middle management euphemisms

Referenced Some More News video 'Jeff Bezons Learned Nothing in Space':

Feb 27, 202301:00:38
The Potential and Limitations of Clowning on Billionaires on Space Sweepers

The Potential and Limitations of Clowning on Billionaires on Space Sweepers

This is an especially rambly episode of us talking about the excellent kitchen sink space romp movie Spacesweepers.

Topics discussed:

- Billionaires hate humanity

- The limits of Villainry

- What internationalism looks like

- The ethics/politics distinction

Jan 07, 202357:13
Raging in alliance with The Only Harmless Great Thing

Raging in alliance with The Only Harmless Great Thing

We read Brooke Bolander's short and painful novelette and spoke about:

- Nuclear semiotics

- The uses of violence

- The master's tools

- Being pushed to the corner

Sep 26, 202201:09:31
Optimist Awakenings with Citizen Sleeper

Optimist Awakenings with Citizen Sleeper

Citizen Sleeper is touching and optimistic without being saccharine and might be just what we need in these trying times.

The podcast opens with us venting our feelings and thoughts about another demonstration of incredible violence from Israel against the Palestinian people. Free Palestine!

Then we talk some themes. Here's what you can expect:

  • Gaming under capitalism
  • Vicious and virtuous cycles
  • Refugee experience
  • Care ethics - A softer world is possible)
  • Intra-class struggles
  • Radical embodiment (Yes, Eden talks about the body some more)
Aug 07, 202201:16:38
Repo Virtual repossesses Cyberpunk

Repo Virtual repossesses Cyberpunk

We talk about Corey J White's modern vision of Cyberpunk: Repo Virtual, reimagining the genre and its radical potential.

Topics discussed:

- Data creep

- Radical potential of games

- Firearms in smart cities

- Cyberpunk's questionable beginnings

- Opting in / Opting out

- Identity politics and data dystopia

Referenced pieces:

- Video discussing (among other things) how youtube manufactures identities:
- Watched over by machines of loving grace:

May 09, 202201:03:23
Spire, racialization and resistance

Spire, racialization and resistance

We discussed the role-playing game Spire, with its different ways of representing oppression and the struggle against it.

- Epistemic vice and epistemic resistance

- Construction of knowledge and infrastructure space

- Adevnturism and the challenge of struggling in a hopeless fight

- Good weird and bad weird


Eden's podcast appearance about magical realism and much more:

Eden's essay on the topic:

Feb 21, 202201:10:44
The Materialist Fantasy of Mordew

The Materialist Fantasy of Mordew

Mordew is a down-to-earth, complex fantasy world, and a promising beginning to a promised trilogy. We talk about:

- Realist fantasy

- Materialist morality

- Knowledge and Protagony

- Mark Fisher's Red Plenty

See much more anarchist science fiction at

External links:

Protagony, by Innuendo Studios:

Jan 16, 202201:08:13
Woah, the Matrix

Woah, the Matrix

We dive deep into "The Matrix (1999)" and a little bit into the sequels. No Resurrections here as this was recorded before it came out.

Topics discussed:

- What is the Matrix?

- Snooty philosophers vs. the Matrix

- Abolishing everything

- The Messiah Complex

- Do we want to escape to the Desert of the Real?

- Fighting together

Editing took a while, so references to current events are referring to about a month ago, including the sad discussion of Charles Mills' death.

Charles Mills' NYT obituary (many more exist):

CCK Philosophy's video on Baudrillard and the Matrix: 

Jan 05, 202201:01:39
Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Some Pretty Good Books

Kurt Vonnegut Wrote Some Pretty Good Books

We talk about a medley of Kurt Vonnegut books, how they play around with cynicism and sentimentalism, how they're anarchist and humble and absurdist.

Near the end Eden mentions this paper by David Graeber and David Wengrow:

Aug 29, 202154:52
Dishonored, not Resentful

Dishonored, not Resentful

We talk about the video game franchise Dishonored. Topics discussed:

- The means of magical production

- Sociological storytelling

- Resentiment

- Hypocritical opiate (of the masses)

- What good is an individual?

- What to do after a revolution

Jun 30, 202159:41
Oval - Is Reciprocity in Our Nature?

Oval - Is Reciprocity in Our Nature?

We had a great time talking about Oval, by Elvia Wilk. It's a complicated little story about being an artist in Berlin and watching as the world around you burns, or turns.


- Leftism's "call to action"

- Reciprocity vs. Transactions

- The Relationship Between Hi-Tech and Art

- How Tech Falls Apart

- Human Nature and Economics


"Hauntology" is discussed in Derrida's "Spectres of Marx"

We mention a video by the great youtube channel space commune, about art and gentrification:

Mar 25, 202101:11:24
Elysium, design fiction and fake scarcity

Elysium, design fiction and fake scarcity

We talk about a cool little action movie that didn't do well in theatres but has its own little place in our hearts with its scathing critiques of bad environmentalism, bad identity politics, and bad cyberpunk. 

Paper on design fiction (though it doesn't use the term):

Feb 16, 202101:11:54
An Unkindness of Ghosts and the Love of Saying No

An Unkindness of Ghosts and the Love of Saying No

We talk about the Rivers Solomon's thought provoking and gut punching "An Unkindness of Ghosts". But we promise there are no spooks! Some rough discussion topics though (Body manipulation, sexual assault and rape).

Topics discussed:

- The pneumatics of power

- The revolutionary potential of food

- Afropessimism

- Racialization

- Midwives

- Gendered Racism

External reading referenced:

- Article about Afropessimism:

- More critical view on Afropessimism:

- Desert:

Jan 02, 202101:16:43
Aniara also Carries Ruin Within

Aniara also Carries Ruin Within

We talk about the incredible film adaptation to the early 20th century epic poem Aniara. Pretty depressing stuff, but we refuse to be doomers.

Discussion topics:

- Why are the people who cause calamity in charge of fixing it?

- Why do we obey?

- Why do we work?

- How do temporary hierarchies become permanent?

- Opium for the masses

- The complicity of scientists 

Lindsey Ellis video essay on three act structure:

Oliver Thorn's video essay on airport security:

On "efficiency" compromising the readiness of hospitals for a pandemic:

Dec 09, 202001:10:20
Annihilation, Discussions of Bodies Being Morphed

Annihilation, Discussions of Bodies Being Morphed

We talk about Jeff Vandermeer's New-Weird book - Annihilation, a book about climate horror and accepting uncomfortable changes.

Issues discussed:

- The horror of climate change

- Unintelligible politics

- The failure of facts and logic

- Doing better than Lovecraftian racism

- Becoming other

- Permeable boundaries

Nov 21, 202001:00:44
Moon, Exploitation and Opportunity

Moon, Exploitation and Opportunity

We talk about the excellent solitary space adventure that is Moon (2009). Topics discussed:

- How exploitation is marketed to white men

- Foucault's "Care of the self"

- How space capitalism is an especially risky form of exploitation

- How space can be an opportunity to organize

- The race between capitalist exploitation and worker organization

- Capitalism's obvious failures


Innuendo Studio's discussion of the right's obsession with cucks:

The Ethics of the Care of the Self as a Practice of Freedom:

PhilosophyTube and Mexie's video on the housing market:

Current Affairs' Fake Nerd Boys of Silicon Valley: 

Oct 17, 202055:51
Too Like the Lightning, and Enlightenment

Too Like the Lightning, and Enlightenment

We talk about Ada Palmer's "Too Like the Lightning", how it portrays the enlightenment, gender, politics, all the goodness.

It's a challenging read, but it delivers on its promises

Themes discussed:

- How the social contract makes a new person

- What was the Enlightenment?

- Confusing gender roles

- Fabricating consent

- Ideology

Sep 26, 202001:06:54
Shadowrun; Acceleration and Mosaics

Shadowrun; Acceleration and Mosaics

We talk about the pen and paper role playing game Shadowrun, focusing on the themes it allows its players and storytellers to explore. Shadowrun is a troperific mix of sci-fi and fantasy that takes everything that's wrong about the world and blows it up at the same time.

Subjects discussed:

- Accelerationism and the Frankfurt school's influence on it

- Reclaiming Cybernetics

- Meaning in postmodern works

- Mosaicism

- Exceptionalism

- Radical infrastructure space

Sep 05, 202053:24
Random Acts of Senseless Violence - The center cannot hold

Random Acts of Senseless Violence - The center cannot hold

We talk about Jack Womack's "Random acts of senseless violence" - a "minute into the future" dystopia told from the perspective of a 12 year old girl. It's gritty and depressing, just our speed.

Topics include:

- How this is a horror story for the Bourgeois

- The atomization of daily life

- Hobbesian themes

- Derrida and the duality between center and periphery

- The merits of a political book with no obvious villain

- The violence/mundanity barrier

Jul 26, 202051:36
Splendor, Misery, Time and Resistance
May 27, 202055:07
The Telling, Colonialism and the Center

The Telling, Colonialism and the Center

We discuss one of science fiction's titans: Ursula K. Le Guin, in one of her slightly less read books: The Telling, offering a radical perspective on religion, colonialism and reason. Some themes:

- Center-based vs. non-center-based epistemology

- Decolonialism

- Non-ideal anthropology

- Multiple views on religion

- Ways of life as resistance

Audio on my (Yanai's) side is a bit rough due to a recording issue, sorry about that!

For more information on Decolonialism I would, from my limited experience, recommend Serene Khader's "Decolonizing Universalism" and Vrinda Dalmiya's "Caring to Know" (tangentially related)

May 14, 202055:13
Frostpunk and Snowpiercer, Leviathan and red plenty
Apr 22, 202001:06:59
Flow My Tears the Policeman Said, Sex, Drugs and Knowledge

Flow My Tears the Policeman Said, Sex, Drugs and Knowledge

We discuss Philip K. Dick's "Flow My Tears the Policeman Said". 

Some themes discussed:

- Kant's metaphysics in Philip K. Dick's writing

-  Power's will to knowledge

- Radical embodiment

- The danger and potential of drugs

- The transparency of police

- Self identity as a source of stability

Apr 10, 202055:30
Akira, Violence and Friendship
Mar 08, 202053:02
The Girl in The Road, Infrastructure and Standpoints
Feb 27, 202051:18
Disco Elysium, Ghosts and Angels
Feb 04, 202001:01:44