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Jericho: Ditching the Dirt

Jericho: Ditching the Dirt

By The Jericho Project Group

This podcast series has been produced by MA Museum & Artefact Studies students from Durham University as part of our online exhibition, Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed, in partnership with Durham University’s Oriental Museum. Join us as we cover topics related to archaeology, archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon, and excavations at Ancient Jericho, and have a listen as we interview some fascinating guests! PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not represent the position of Durham University or the Oriental Museum.
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Episode 7 Women in Archaeology

Jericho: Ditching the DirtJun 08, 2021

Episode 7 Women in Archaeology
Jun 08, 202119:01
Episode 6 The PEF and Ancient Jericho: Interview with Felicity Cobbing
Jun 08, 202129:45
Episode 5 What links Ancient Jericho and Durham?
Jun 08, 202110:17
Episode 4 Ask an Archaeologist: Interview with Professor Robin Skeates
Jun 08, 202115:53
Episode 3 Archaeology in Jericho: Interview with Felicity Cobbing
Jun 08, 202109:17
Episode 2 Kathleen Kenyon's excavations at Ancient Jericho
Jun 08, 202105:25
Episode 1 Dame Kathleen Kenyon
Jun 07, 202104:09