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This is Life. Turned UP

This is Life. Turned UP

By Andi Wickman

A personal development podcast to inspire and empower women to step into experiences, businesses, relationships, etc that light them up.

With a little bit of humor, sass and a lot of heart, Andi Wickman is bringing you inspiring stories and deep discussions about what matters most.
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Episode 2: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Alicia Johansen

This is Life. Turned UPDec 13, 2018

Episode 19: This is Life. Turned UP - Connecting with Grief

Episode 19: This is Life. Turned UP - Connecting with Grief

Welcome back! In today's episode, we connect a bit with grief. As always, please email me and let me know your thoughts!

May 27, 202111:30
Episode 18: This is Life. Turned UP with Aliza Friedlander
Feb 25, 202021:42
Episode 17: This is Life. Turned UP

Episode 17: This is Life. Turned UP

Women crave deeper connections with others and sadly most are missing it. 

We spend so much time in our cars driving kids around and less with each other sharing our stories, our feelings, our fears. We tend to hide behind our busyness which only ends up building walls leading to loneliness.

Share your thoughts with me!

Jan 17, 202013:27
Episode 16: This is Life. Turned UP

Episode 16: This is Life. Turned UP

We are all on our own individual journeys. This is an opportunity to really tune in with where you are right now and what you want to draw towards as you move into this new decade and this new stage of your life.

Jan 16, 202014:26
Episode 15: This is Life. Turned UP - Mira Zaki

Episode 15: This is Life. Turned UP - Mira Zaki

Mira Zaki is a Seattle born, Manhattan-based, globally traveling photographer. With over 20 years in the business of photography- Mira Zaki's photography career spans commercial, advertising, editorial, stock photography, tv, media, magazines, newspapers, book publishing, and print.

Mira's personal and professional commitment to her career led her to study Commercial Advertising Still Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography. Mira brings expertise, creativity, and thoughtfulness to all of her photoshoots. Due to her upbringing in an Egyptian-American family, she has been infused with a love and appreciation of multicultural experiences and world travel. Mira has been a member of the American Society of Media Photographers since 2007 and was a board member from 2010-2015.

Mira has been featured in both group photography exhibits and solo shows from 2011-present between Seattle, Atlanta, and New York. 

Mira's clients and publications include the top names in the industry : The New York Times, The New York Times T-Magazine, Travel+ Leisure, The Travel Channel, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Vh-1 Save The Music Foundation,,,, Edible Manhattan, Edible Brooklyn, Taylor PR, Tesla, Food Network, The James Beard Foundation, Well + Good, Veria Living, Olive Magazine Korea, Dessert Professional, Bust Magazine, Eating Well & Siggi’s and more.

Mira's experience and keen ability to capture the essence of the moment will provide you with photographs that stand out and will last a lifetime. Her commitment to making a positive impact in the world has shaped and informed her powerful visual storytelling.




Nov 05, 201915:42
Episode 14: This is Life. Turned UP - Alison Mountford

Episode 14: This is Life. Turned UP - Alison Mountford

In today's episode Alison and I talk all things business! This is a great one!

Alison Mountford is the Founder and CEO of Ends+Stems, a meal planning service designed to reduce household food waste and stop the effects of climate change. Alison turned 15 years of a professional chef and entrepreneurial experience into a solution to help eliminate both weeknight dinner stress and food waste in one clever step.

Alison is a passionate problem solver and approachable leader with a dual vision; to get households cooking again and to save the planet. Before building Ends+Stems, Alison founded Square Meals in 2005, one of San Francisco’s first prepared meal delivery companies. Square Meals was first to market and helped define the trend of chef-prepared meals delivered to your door. After selling Square meals, Alison had a short stint as Procurement Director for a food tech company, solidifying her passion for reducing food waste.

Alison has been named a Spoon.Tech Start-Up Finalist, Rubicon Waste Fit Champion, was a finalist for the Roddenberry Foundation fellowship, and has appeared on many podcasts and radio shows, and works as a food waste consultant.

Oct 29, 201925:38
Episode 13: This is Life. Turned up with Justine Reichman

Episode 13: This is Life. Turned up with Justine Reichman

The Founder, Justine Reichman, and The Creation of NextGenChef

NextGenChef is organized as a benefit corporation. In its first iteration, we worked with an NGO and a non-profit to run recipe contests in Mexico City, where I lived at the time. I partnered with a top chef, Maycoll Calderón, to choose the winning recipe. The winning recipe was to be added to his restaurant menu and a portion of proceeds returned back to the winner & their family. After returning back to California, Cooking Together Marin was born. It was to be the next iteration of our work in Mexico, but here in the United States. Our efforts in Mexico were focused on helping those that had limited means, but after Cooking Together Marin, I realized this was more than trying to feed those less fortunate - in my mind we needed to approach this movement from a bigger more global change. At that time NextGenChef was born.

NextGenChef is a culinary platform dedicated to supporting local, affordable, and regenerative food businesses.

NextGenChef works exclusively with mission-driven emerging food businesses to help nourish our members with the tools they need for successful integration into the professional culinary and food industries. We support businesses and concepts at the ideation stage and mentor those who are ready to go-to-market.

Justine’s goal for NextGenChef is Linkedin for everyone in the food and provide a platform that supports community, education, and innovation and inspires businesses and consumers to make more informed decisions and have greater access to healthy food. She takes great comfort in her craft using from the words of Mahatma Gandhi who said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

Oct 22, 201917:45
Episode 12: This is Life. Turned UP - Tereson Dupuy

Episode 12: This is Life. Turned UP - Tereson Dupuy

Episode 12 is here!

Today's conversation is with the amazing Tereson Dupuy!

Tereson Dupuy has been an inventor and entrepreneur for 20 years. Her first flagship product, FuzziBunz Diapers, was invented to end the diaper rash dilemma her infant son was facing in 1998. She not only built a multi-million-dollar enterprise around this product but changed the industry for the better by providing a modern cloth diapering solution for families around the world and being a public advocate for a return to more sustainable diapering solutions. She is now disrupting the industry of adult incontinence with her new company “The Youni Company” which is not only about sustainability, but goodwill towards our fellow humans in need.

Tereson’s experience in consumer product goods is vast. After realizing she had a “hit” that people wanted, she quickly grew her company doubling, tripling and sometimes quadrupling sales from year to year and she did this with zero investment dollars. She began by building her own manufacturing facility and fulfillment center employing 30 employees so that she could keep a close eye on quality and provide just in time inventory. Once she outgrew her own facility, she went on to use outsourced manufacturing in the USA, Mexico, China, and Turkey.

Branding and marketing seemed to be second nature for Tereson, but Public Relations was her sweet spot with multiple stories being spun to the media on a regular basis. She has been featured in publications such as Money Magazine and The New York Times and has appeared on shows like Big Ideas for a Small Planet, The Big Idea, The CBS Morning Show and countless local and regional news shows for not only her brand but her success as an entrepreneur.  Tereson ultimately landed a spot on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2012 and exited her business shortly after.

More than an entrepreneur, Tereson is a visionary with a strong propensity for influencing positive social change. She is a fearless leader and does not flinch at talking about things that matter such as environmental conservation, our disposable society or in this case, the shame associated with incontinence, our bodies, and the aging process.

But she is far more than an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Tereson has recently published her first book, Superpowers for Entrepreneurs – A 12 Step Approach to Business Success, which helps entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls she fell into as a young entrepreneur. She is teaching entrepreneurs to wield the power of spirituality to grow and run their businesses from a place of “flow” rather than “fight” and seeks to motivate and inspire them to do just that.

Superpowers for Entrepreneurs - A 12 Step Approach to Business Success

Oct 15, 201921:01
Episode 11: This is Life. Turned UP - Chia-Lin Simmons

Episode 11: This is Life. Turned UP - Chia-Lin Simmons

Episode 11 is fire! 

Chia-Lin Simmons is the CEO of LookyLoo, an AI-Powered Stylist and Social commerce company that is Reshaping Retail Therapy through by helping women discover and feel confident in their apparel and cosmetics purchases. She is active in the AI, automotive, mobility, digital media and e-commerce technology space as a consultant and advisory/board member for a number of startups in those industries. Prior to co-founding her company, Chia-Lin was an executive at a number of high visibility technology companies. She was the former Head of Global Partner Marketing for Google's Google Play Music and the Google Play Store; former VP of Marketing & Content for Harman International / Samsung’s Connected Car business; former VP of Marketing and General Manager of Playphone North America; a senior business development executive at Time Warner/ AOL, as well as the VP of Strategic Alliances at Audible / Amazon.

Chia-Lin serves on the Board of Directors for Servco Pacific, a $1.6B global automotive / consumer goods company. In her role as a board member, she consults on strategies related to the future of mobility and investments (direct and LP investments). She is an active angel investor in technology and founded the #bindersproject, which helps connected women tech founders with global funders looking to accelerate them. Chia-Lin graduated Magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from U.C. San Diego. She received her MBA from Cornell University, where she received a full-ride scholarship and stipend as a Park Leadership Fellow and built the Big Red Incubator as a Managing Partner. Chia-Lin earned her JD from George Mason University School of Law and is a licensed New York State attorney.

Oct 08, 201916:40
Episode 10: This is Life. Turned UP - Reflecting
Oct 02, 201910:42
Episode 9: This is Life. Turned UP - "I'm Not Good Enough"

Episode 9: This is Life. Turned UP - "I'm Not Good Enough"

That inner voice/critic is LOUD! This episode is all about honoring it and quieting it.

Share this with your friends!

And email me with questions or topic requests:

Sep 11, 201911:16
Episode 8: This is Life. Turned UP - How to Create a Flexible Work Arrangement

Episode 8: This is Life. Turned UP - How to Create a Flexible Work Arrangement

It feels impossible to "balance" it all. You are constantly in a rush and can barely get dinner on the table before kids turn into monsters. You know you need a change, but have no idea how to get it.

I've been there.

Listen to today's episode and learn how to create a flexible work arrangement!

As always, please reach out to me with questions or topic suggestions.


Aug 14, 201914:31
Episode 7: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Joree Rose

Episode 7: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Joree Rose

Joree Rose is a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a mindfulness/meditation educator. She is AMAZING at helping us cultivate a mindfulness practice that we can actually use! 

This episode in full of easy to implement mindfulness tricks that will change your life!

You can find her at:

Feb 08, 201925:20
Episode 6: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Alexis Haselberger

Episode 6: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Alexis Haselberger

This one is for those who want to do more and stress less. 

Alexis Haselberger is a time management coach who shows us how to best take control of our to-do lists, our time and our lives! 

You can find her at:

Jan 30, 201917:12
Episode 5: Emotional Empowerment

Episode 5: Emotional Empowerment

Covering up our emotions with positive thinking alone is like putting a smiley face emoji on your face when you are feeling empty. Your situation won't actually change because that fear/belief is still there.

In this episode, we break down how to empower your emotions without just tossing them aside.
Dec 20, 201811:28
Episode 4: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Stefanie Arroyo
Dec 14, 201823:28
Episode 2: This is Life. Turned UP - with special guest Alicia Johansen
Dec 13, 201830:23
Episode 3: This is Life. Turned UP - go through life as if we already won the game
Dec 13, 201816:08
This is Life. Turned UP - Episode 1

This is Life. Turned UP - Episode 1

This is the very first episode of the podcast!
Dec 11, 201809:05