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Content Blues

Content Blues

By Andrew Patrick

Why We Write, What I Write, What I Read, What I See, What I Hear, and How All That Informs what I see to be Art. This is my podcast; there are many like it, but this one is mine.
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3. Poems, Prose, and Princes

Content BluesJun 12, 2021

10. The Prequel Problem

10. The Prequel Problem

Content Blues returns for a new season! We discuss Prequels, what they are, and how they can work, while discussing some that have worked in the past. Star Wars didn't invent them.

Sep 24, 202335:03
9. Brand New Swift Rogan

9. Brand New Swift Rogan

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.

Forget the news, let's talk about the news from two weeks ago! A quick chitchat about Brand New Cherry Flavor, the music of Richard Swift, and How Joe Rogan shimmied around getting cancelled.

Music by:

  • The People's Liberation Orchestra
  • Richard Swift
  • Kevin Morby
  • Neil Young
Feb 26, 202238:23
8. Everything is Over, and I Feel Fine
Feb 12, 202246:42
7. Grumpy Community Publishing

7. Grumpy Community Publishing

In which I confront my inability to form new fandoms, discuss why Community is The Last Sitcom, and embrace my status as a Publisher. An episode almost as meta as Abed, who is to being meta what Mary Shelley is to being Goth.

Jan 22, 202238:32
6. Irishmen on Fire

6. Irishmen on Fire

A pondering of the life cycle of cinema through an examination of Streets of Fire and The Irishman.

Dec 24, 202139:41
5. What is Indy Can Never Di
Nov 07, 202140:00
4. The Lost Summer Episode

4. The Lost Summer Episode

We're back from Summer Vacation with a bunch of notes we took months ago and will turn deftly into a full episode:

  • Why I Care. A Lot. is as bad as you've heard.
  • Why Aldous Huxley was as good as you've heard.
  • Why Ronnie James Dio is better than you've probably heard.

Huzzah for Content!

Sep 19, 202131:53
3. Poems, Prose, and Princes

3. Poems, Prose, and Princes

The new poetry of R. Cam, the old essays of Montaigne, and why Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt is a better film than it has any need to be. 

Jun 12, 202132:31
2. Thus Stuffed Zarathustra Funko Pops into The God-Shaped Hole

2. Thus Stuffed Zarathustra Funko Pops into The God-Shaped Hole

An episode that begins with a Nietzsche quote builds to ranting about the degraded state of pop culture. Deal with it:

  • Why Blade Runner 2049 is the best sequel ever
  • Get Up With It and the whole concept of Fusion Jazz
  • Zero HP Lovecraft's The God-Shaped Hole
  • Why Funko Pops are of the Devil
May 29, 202132:37
1. Absinthe is Delicious

1. Absinthe is Delicious

You're gonna be listening to me run my mouth and overhear myself, in the attempt to fix where I am right now, in what I'm reading, writing, and otherwise absorbing. It's dorky but it's real. Also, Absinthe is delicious.

May 16, 202149:56
The Vast Confederate Lighthouse

The Vast Confederate Lighthouse

Episode Zero of the Content Blues Podcast, from back in 2020 when I was calling it "Whatever." only to discover several other podcasts that were called that. All yield to Branding.

This episode explores how, contrary to Twitter rumour, the Confederate States of America actually did have a Post Office, waxes nerdy about "The Vast of Night" and "The Lighthouse" and has some friendly banter about casette nostalgia.

Aug 21, 202039:32