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Elite Golf

Elite Golf

By Andrew Storm

This podcast focuses on golf peak performance. It will offer you strategies and tips to improve your golf game and have more understanding of what you need to do to perform at your best.
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Becoming a Division 1 Golfer with Judd Cornell

Elite GolfNov 26, 2019

Junior Golf With Ed Gill

Junior Golf With Ed Gill

In this episode Ed and I discuss the following topics: 

-Incorporating life lessons into golf

-Different programs that have helped junior golfers

-Practice games


Oct 26, 202037:02
Golf Fitness and Bryson Dechambeau talk with Mike Servais

Golf Fitness and Bryson Dechambeau talk with Mike Servais

Mike is a fitness and performance coach. 

He is TPI Golf Fitness Level 2 Certified. Mike is pursuing his masters degree in Biomechanics. 

Mike has 3 services that he offers: 

1. semi private training with adults/athletes

2. Online coaching (

3. Consulting for large groups seeking fitness training. 

We talk about movement today and how it is important to strive towards this movement in the gym and not just strengthen or work on a certain area or muscle group. 

We talk about Bryson Dechambeau and how his work in the gym has paid off this year. 

Oct 05, 202031:02
The Come Back with Nate Lashley

The Come Back with Nate Lashley

Nate Lashley has an incredible story that includes tragedy, bouncing back, and success. 

Nate played collegiate golf at the university of Arizona and suffered a horrible tragedy during his college years. 

He turned professional and played several years before giving up golf to sell real estate in 2012. He reconnected to his passion and started playing again and accomplished a life long goal by getting to the PGA Tour. He accomplished another life long goal by winning on the PGA Tour in 2019 at the Rocket Mortgage. 

May 05, 202037:20
The Route to the PGA Tour With Brady Schnell

The Route to the PGA Tour With Brady Schnell

Today I interview Brady Schnell. Brady currently has Korn Ferry Tour status. He has been a touring professional since 2007.

Brady was a high level player as a junior- he won the Western Junior Amateur

He played college golf at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In college, he won the North South Amateur. 

In 2018 he won on an event on the Korn Ferry Tour and finished in the top 25 earning status on the PGA Tour for the 2019 season.

Brady shares with us his experiences as a touring professional and some of his keys to playing at a high level. 

Apr 21, 202034:00
College Golf With Leo Oyo

College Golf With Leo Oyo

Leo is currently one of the top players in collegiate golf. 

He will be a junior at Oklahoma State University next season.

He recently won The Prestige presented by Charles Schwab (which is one of the biggest events in college golf)

Apr 10, 202032:54
Becoming A Champion With Gary Gilchrist

Becoming A Champion With Gary Gilchrist

Gary Gilchrist is a Golf Digest Top 50 coach in the world. He has worked with many PGA and LPGA players over the years, including Yani Tseng, Lydia KO, Charles Howell, Sean O’hare to name a few. He has taken three different junior academies and grown them to the top of the industry (IMG Academy, International Junior Golf Academy, and Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy).

Today he shared with us his experiences and wisdom with golf and what it takes to improve. Golf is about developing confidence and your self-image. If you want to be great, look at what the best players are doing and copy them. Make sure that your team around you are supporting you and making you better.

To get in touch with Gary or to visit his academy visit

Apr 03, 202053:40
Develop the Skill of "Reading Your Lie" While Chipping and Pitching

Develop the Skill of "Reading Your Lie" While Chipping and Pitching

Take your time and read your lie before selecting the shot you want to hit. 

Some things we cover with reading your lie: 

Grain- is it growing into you or with you?

Is it sitting down or up on the grass?

Is your ball on a slope? 

When to hit high soft shots vs a bump and run? 

To get a visual of some of these things watch this videos I created on Youtube:

Mar 24, 202013:31
Optimal Launch Conditions for Long Straight Drives

Optimal Launch Conditions for Long Straight Drives

In this segment I explain some important factors in getting the most out of your driver. 

The optimal launch conditions for someone who swings their driver around 100 mph is to have the ball launch somewhere 12-15 degrees and have 2,500 spin. 

I layout three areas to focus on to help with this- equipment, set up position, and important factors in-swing. 

I mentioned a Youtube video for a drill to help hit more up on the driver

Mar 06, 202013:24
Understanding The Body Swing Connection With Brant Loose
Feb 29, 202031:54
Playing Golf In Windy Conditions

Playing Golf In Windy Conditions

I generally see amateur players swing too hard when playing golf into the wind. This causes the ball to spin too much and get up in the air and make it difficult to control distance and direction. 

When playing in the wind it is important to keep the launch and spin down. 

In cross wind scenarios take a little more club and make solid contact, also move your swing direction a little more in the opposite direction of the wind to help start the ball away from the target to help bring it back to the planned target. 

Feb 20, 202012:08
Transition To Impact. What The Best Players In The World Do
Feb 12, 202010:47
What Makes Phil Mickelson So Great?

What Makes Phil Mickelson So Great?

Phil is arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time. 

His approach has always been unique and is interesting for me to try and learn from. In today's episode I point out some of the brilliant things Phil does to be successful. 

1. He's a creative player

2. He's fearless and positive. He's never been afraid to fail.

3. He's willing to adapt and be flexible in his approach- he's tried many different things to get an edge. 


Feb 10, 202009:35
Course Strategy Tips That I Follow

Course Strategy Tips That I Follow

Notes from today's segment:

1. Build a solid routine. Here are the important aspects of my routine that have worked well for me-

A. Take in all information and assess the shot (distance, wind, trouble, pin location, etc.)

How good do you feel today? A,B, or C game?

Assess all options before making your game plan

B. Make a game plan (what do I want to do with this shot)

C. Make a rehearsal swing

D. Execute

2. In practice play a 3 ball scramble to see what strategy works best for you on different holes.

3. Have a game plan before going out to play- what clubs are you going to hit off the tees? This helps us feel prepared and confident that we have something to fall back on.

Feb 05, 202013:21
Developing Golf Skills With Tim Sheredy

Developing Golf Skills With Tim Sheredy

Tim is a golf instructor/coach based out of Bradenton, Florida. He is a mentor of mine and my personal coach while I was playing golf at the high school and college level. Tim's resume speaks for itself as he has personally coached many PGA/LPGA tour players, 46 AJGA All Americans, 2 US Amateur Champions, and over 165 juniors who went on to get college golf scholarships. 

Tim talks to us about why his players have been so successful, he explains his philosophy on developing golfers skill and technique, and also explain his approach which includes helping his players be better people and develop life skills and not only golf skills. 

You can follow Tim on

instagram: Tsgi2010


Jan 27, 202043:21
Understanding Nutrition With Leah Harvey

Understanding Nutrition With Leah Harvey

Leah Harvey is a nutrition coach based out of Omaha, Nebraska. She has earned a coaching certification through "Trim Healthy Mama". She is very passionate about what she does and is kind enough to share some of her insights with us today. We discuss golf specific nutrition- what kind of things you should eat before, during, and after a round of golf. Then we get into some of Leah's overall philosophy regarding nutrition. 

For more information regarding Leah, check out her website at 

Her Instagram handle is livli_leah

Jan 22, 202033:05
Developing Mental Toughness With Chris Dorris

Developing Mental Toughness With Chris Dorris

In this segment I interview Chris Dorris who is a success coach and mental toughness coach. Chris is such an impressive coach who is passionate and energetic about helping others develop mental toughness. Chris and I discuss what mental toughness is and some strategies to develop mental toughness on and off the golf course.

You don't want to miss this episode!

Chris references "The O line" during the interview- watch this video which explains "The O line"

Chris also plugs his golf specific mental toughness training course "The Edge" visit this link to purchase half off!

Dec 31, 201957:07
Junior Golf Development With Nick Duffy

Junior Golf Development With Nick Duffy

Nick and I discuss what it takes to become the best golfer you can be. We discuss topics such as competition, tournaments, needed personality traits, practice routines, and the importance of coaching. 

Dec 20, 201943:55
College Golf Insight With Brendan Ryan

College Golf Insight With Brendan Ryan

Brendan runs a business named "Golf Placement Services" which helps a junior find the right school in the recruiting process for them to attend and play college golf. 

Brendan was the head golf coach at The University of Kentucky before starting this business and he has great insights into helping players maximize themselves and get recruited to play collegiate golf. 

Dec 02, 201949:09
Becoming a Division 1 Golfer with Judd Cornell

Becoming a Division 1 Golfer with Judd Cornell

Judd Cornell, head golf coach at Creighton University will be joining us in this episode. We will be covering topics such as, Judd's history as a golfer and what he has learned and found valuable to become the best player he can be. Also, we dive into what he looks for when recruiting players to play at Creighton and what juniors should be doing to get to that level- tournaments they should play in, their daily practice and fitness habits and how often they should be competing. 

Nov 26, 201943:54
November 19, 2019

November 19, 2019

Nov 19, 201900:35