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Audaciously Angela

Audaciously Angela

By Angela Armstrong

Audaciously Angela is a podcast where we celebrate being a leader in our own lives and zigging when everyone else is zagging.

It's where we listen to our intuition instead of the outside noise of the world.

Each episode I will share with you a different person or idea to ignite a new thought process in your daily life.

This podcast is for the change makers, rebels and rule breakers. Here we don’t think outside the box, we burn the whole damn thing!
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Let's Talk About S%x Baby with Tatiana Dellepiane

Audaciously AngelaMar 27, 2019

Let's Talk About S%x Baby with Tatiana Dellepiane
Mar 27, 201948:56
#5: A little bit of Astrology with Colin Bedell

#5: A little bit of Astrology with Colin Bedell

Colin Bedell is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. He’s a passionate student of astrology, personal-growth systems, and the universal spiritual themes explored in A Course in Miracles, as well as a weekly horoscope writer for Cosmopolitan and a contributor to


In this interview, we talk about how he works as a rebellious leader in the field of astrology. His goal is to help his clients find solutions to their problems after his readings; he hopes not just have esoteric conversations with them, but help them put what they learn in their readings into practice in a person’s real life. We discuss the signs we should be looking for in our daily lives; how astrology can help us in out relationships, business, and our daily lives; and how to practice looking for signs from the universe to help guide us.


“[Astrology] gives you a mirror that we, ourselves, don’t ever possibly know. … These are parts of our personalities that, by and large, we have blind spot access to.” - Colin Bedell


Links & Resources Mentioned
  • Queer Cosmos
  • A Little Bit of Astrology by Colin Bedell
  • A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
  • Free Natal Chart and Astrology Report - Alabe
  • Free Astrology Birth Chart Report - Astrocafe
  • Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships | Joanne Davila | TEDxSBU
  • A Course in Miracles
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Dec 12, 201857:10
#4: Thru the eyes of a Medium- Gia al Qamar

#4: Thru the eyes of a Medium- Gia al Qamar

Gia al Qamar is an Evidential Medium who helps her clients empower themselves by relaying messages from the spiritual world. She talks about what it means to have this ability and the difference between a psychic you come across on the boardwalk and those who practices all the time. She talks about how energy of others can affect us and how we can protect our spiritual selves.

She talks about the different types of Mediums, including dispelling the myths many know about psychics from the media.One misconception is that she can just turn it on and off. Gia does a number of things before and after a reading to make sure that the space she devotes to her work is sacred and protected. She also talks about what happens during a reading with her clients and how she communicates with those who’ve passed on, including her weirdest experience with a client and a spirit.

Many clients come to Gia, expecting a “wow moment,” and she says if you just suspend disbelief for a moment, you’ll see that your loved ones are trying to get your attention. She advises us on how to ask for their presence. But the most important thing for these messages are to acknowledge the spirits sending them.

“As you acknowledge them, they will come stronger and more often because they know ‘she’s understanding me’ or ‘he’s understanding me.’”

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Nov 29, 201859:03
#3:  Bawdy Love with Lauren Marie Fleming

#3: Bawdy Love with Lauren Marie Fleming

In episode one of The Rebellious Leader I interview Lauren Marie Fleming. She’s a writer who’s main goal in life is to take the guilty out of pleasure. An audacious storyteller, she wrote the book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body, hosts the Bawdy Love podcast, and leads the #BawdyLove revolution, a movement to banish shame and fill our lives with decadence, delight, and joy. Throughout our conversation we talk in-depth about the power of positive body image, simple ways to start becoming more comfortable in your own body, and the nomadic adventure she’s on this year. Lauren is truly a rebellious leader! She’s a wealth of insights and she shares both practical advice and personal experiences that truly inspired me and I know will inspire you too.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The magic that would happen if we stopped using our time, money, and mental space trying to change our bodies
  • The fact that a personal journey of cultivating positive body image is an ongoing process and journey, as well as some of what that’s looked like for Lauren
  • Lauren’s simple advice for beginning your journey to body love
  • Making a place for all foods in your life while also prioritizing healthy eating and giving your body what it needs
  • Filling yourself up with things that feel good and flipping the switch from a scarcity to an abundance mentality
  • What Lauren learned on a meditation retreat and the trick she started using to tap into her inner truth
  • What Lauren sees as the keys to great sex and her advice for becoming more comfortable in your body sexually
  • The magic of mirror work (and how to start doing it)
  • Why falling in love with your body makes you a better leader
  • Giving up on the idea of being “good”
  • Learning to trust your gut and trust that the wisdom inside of you is greater than the wisdom outside of you
  • The main sources of inspiration in Lauren’s life, personally and professionally
  • Her recent adventure of living nomadically
  • Finding the thing that makes you feel the most alive
  • Lauren’s continued struggles with loving her body
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Nov 01, 201853:08
#2: Live Femme with Bernadette Pleasant

#2: Live Femme with Bernadette Pleasant

Bernadette Pleasant is the creator of Femme! In the Femme! Experience, Bernadette creates a safe space for women of all ages, backgrounds, body types and dance skills to explore their sensual selves. Women are empowered to fully embrace and embody all of their emotions and fully express them through movement. She is passionate about helping women to be fully turned on and unapologetic about their power. We talked in-depth about how Bernadette developed Femme! and what her classes involve, as well as the importance for having a safe space to express all of our emotions. She also shared a lot of insights around her personal philosophy and how she lives her life, which will be really inspiring for anyone who wants to take better care of themselves and live more confidently.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The healing movement practice called Femme! that Bernadette created and what the 8-stages of the practice looks like
  • The emotional tour that participants of the class go on to move through a range of emotions, including those that many people often choose to avoid
  • The repercussions of not having a safe space to express all of our emotions
  • How Femme! has become opened up to male participants and the impact it has had on their lives
  • Bernadette’s self-care rituals that she does even when she’s busy or on-the-go
  • How Martha Stewart played a part in inspiring Bernadette to reclaim her body and her confidence
  • Getting clear on the big picture of what self-care really is and realizing that you do have time for it
  • Letting go of other people’s expectations and creating your own definition of success
  • Learning that it’s okay to take up space and have a commanding presence and that doing so actually gives other people permission to let their light shine
  • Understanding that failure is part of any successful person’s life and shouldn’t stop us from trying something new
  • Forgiving ourselves and rewriting the stories that are holding us back

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Nov 01, 201856:40
#1: Slow Down to Slay with Leora Edut

#1: Slow Down to Slay with Leora Edut

Leora Edut is a master coach, speaker, media personality, and author. When she began meeting with women every week to lift one another up, practice gratitude, and celebrate sisterhood, not only did she begin to see shifts in her own life, but in the lives of those she was meeting with. She began organizing groups to create space in women’s body’s, away from the “should”s they feel pressured with every day. She brings in experts to help women find their own powerful, feminine tools inside themselves.

Connecting with women and helping them connect with their feminine side has empowered her and her friends and now she’s sharing some of the insights she’s learned from creating Goddess on the Go in this episode. She also shares some simple ways for women to be able to take a break from their stress and embrace the moment and practice some self care.

Leora also talks about her new book, which is out now and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“We tend to pull out the parts of ourselves that we know are inside of us, but we don’t give ourselves permission to let out.” - Leora Edut

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Nov 01, 201801:05:48
#0: The Rebellious Leader Podcast Intro

#0: The Rebellious Leader Podcast Intro

Welcome to The Rebellious Leader Podcast with Angela Armstrong.

Nov 01, 201801:12