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What The SFF?!

What The SFF?!

By Angry Robot

Incoming transmission! Welcome to What The SFF, a new podcast hosted by Angry Robot Books. Join our host, resident robot overlord Eleanor Teasdale, as she travels through the scifi-fantasy multiverse, picking up new authors and exciting guests, tackling the hottest topics in genre fiction, and discovering how to make the perfect cup of tea in space.

So tune in each month for your scifi update! And we promise, we are the robots you’re looking for.
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A WorldCon Exclusive – Wendy Trimboli & Alicia Zaloga

What The SFF?!Aug 28, 2019

Chairs Are The Best Weapon Against the Undead - Stephen Deas and Robert V.S. Redick
Mar 24, 202153:33
'When There's Trouble, Call a Mario!'
Feb 11, 202155:17
Empire of the Antipodeans - Amanda Bridgeman and Amie Kaufman
Nov 12, 202058:41
Launch in the Time of Corona - Dan Hanks & Chris Panatier
Sep 30, 202058:60
Time Travel, Board Games and World Building
Jun 04, 202029:23
You Have to Want It More Than the Video Games
Apr 17, 202001:04:10
Bigfoot in the Box

Bigfoot in the Box

In this episode of What The SFF?!, we're joined by two of Angry Robot's newest authors: Rob Greene, writer of just-released debut The Light Years, and Ginger Smith, whose first novel The Rush's Edge  will be out later this year! Listen in as they chat to junior robot Sam McQueen about researching sci-fi, what they've learned about the art of writing from the art of teaching, the trials and tribulations of collecting typewriters and toys, and a very expensive way of getting rid of a body...

Find this month's guests here:

Rob Greene

Ginger Smith

Buy their books here:

The Light Years:

The Rush's Edge:

Further reading/watching/listening here: 

Bloodchild by Octavia Butler:

Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi:

Stories From the Twilight Zone by Rod Serling:

Neuromancer (Book 1 of the Sprawl Trilogy) by William Gibson:

Rob's piece on his typewriter collection from Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favourite Bit blog:

The Mars Foundation


To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar:

The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd:

The Beatles (aka The White Album) by The Beatles:

The Lord of the Rings/Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope: Sorry, never heard of them, you're on your own there...

Feb 27, 202057:32
Writing a series is TOUGH
Jan 27, 202001:00:49
Don't Be Like Enya

Don't Be Like Enya

In our final episode for 2019, Robot Overlord Eleanor Teasdale is joined by Dan Abnett (author of Triumff, Embedded, and too many comic books and Black Library novels to count) and Jen Williams (author of The Copper Cat Trilogy and two-time BFS Best Fantasy Novel Award-Winning The Winnowing Flame trilogy, and the upcoming thriller debut Dog Rose Dirt) to finish the year with a bang! Join them as they discuss the delicate art of writing genuinely funny fiction, the pleasures and challenges of working across diverse genres, and why the most importance lesson you can learn as an author is 'don't be like Enya'.

Find this month's guests on Twitter:

Dan Abnett: @vincentabnett

Jen Williams: @sennydreadful

Eleanor Teasdale: @Eteasdale

And their books here: 

Triumff by Dan Abnett:

Embedded by Dan Abnett:

The Copper Cat Trilogy by Jen Williams:

The Winnowing Flame Trilogy by Jen Williams:

Further reading:

Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories:

Slow Horses by Mick Herron:

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon:

The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber:

Jack Vance's Dying Earth Series:

Dec 31, 201901:05:16
So You've Written a Book for NaNoWriMo...
Nov 25, 201901:11:42
A Long Time Ago On a Chess Board Far Far Away...
Oct 28, 201950:24
A Horse and a Triceratops Walk Into a Podcast...
Sep 29, 201944:35
A WorldCon Exclusive – Wendy Trimboli & Alicia Zaloga
Aug 28, 201943:13
Dragons, fires and how to fight them

Dragons, fires and how to fight them

Authors Marie Brennan, Scott Lynch and Sean Grigsby talk about their novels with your host Eleanor Teasdale. Catch them discussing the ideas and inspirations behind the unique characters of their novels (fire-breathing dragons and firefighting all included) and learn about why you can actually fall asleep in the back of a fire truck. Catch Lynch’s every last word, laugh at the stories Grigsby tells, and learn all about dragon-lore from Brennan. 

Also, Marie currently has some of her books in this pretty great humblebundle deal - - it expires soon though so grab whilst you can! 

Marie Brennan, Memoirs of Lady Trent




Scott Lynch, Gentleman Bastard series 



Sean Grigsby, Smoke Eaters series




Jul 29, 201953:08
Episode One: Neurodiversity & LGBT In SFF

Episode One: Neurodiversity & LGBT In SFF

In our inaugural episode we’re diving straight into some of scifi’s most important talking points: neurodiversity in fiction, LGBTQ+ love stories, and the #OwnVoices movement. Joining our host are Ada Hoffmann (The Outside) and Vylar Kaftan (Her Silhouette, Drawn In Water), adding their expertise to the discussion and offering exciting insights on their new books. 

Jun 24, 201938:15