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Spiritual Abundance Creator

Spiritual Abundance Creator

By Ann Varney

Are you looking for a way to develop your spirituality and connect with other like-minded people? Then look no further than the Spiritual Abundance Creator Podcast. In this podcast, we explore all aspects of spirituality, from energy work to feeling the power of the True Self. We also interview experts in the field, so you can learn from the best. Learn how to manifest your desires and live a life of abundance and joy! So whether you're a beginner or an experienced spiritual coach, healer, mystic, or just spiritually curious, the Spiritual Abundance Creator Podcast is perfect for you!
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Empowering Retired Women In A New Way

Spiritual Abundance CreatorMay 14, 2023

Empowering Retired Women In A New Way
May 14, 202322:23
Updating Your Limiting Patterns With Ease

Updating Your Limiting Patterns With Ease

Jo McAlister is a mindset coach; who works with the unconscious patterns individuals have that are holding them back, to shift them and update them. This is done consciously and is quite a quick process.

We discuss how it works and how to change the unconscious patterning we all have.

Get in contact with Jo here:



May 01, 202315:11
A True Alchemist That Creates Change With Others

A True Alchemist That Creates Change With Others

Zsa Zsa Tudos discusses cosmic knowledge and the understanding of the Universe and Souls' representation and how you can help yourself.


“Life is an extraordinary journey. It is full of challenges and unsolved tasks that are put in front of us on the constantly moving and changing road towards Nirvana, the place that today we refer to as Happiness.”

Her philosophy, which is registered worldwide, is based on a metaphysical observation of the interrelated universe as the study of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge. AKIA, the philosophy that sets you free, provides answers to the most burning questions of humanity and the great macrocosm. Parallel to the philosophy, she developed an effective healing method that solely uses the power and tools of the body, proving that all earthlings are equipped to heal and self-heal. She lived in various countries on different continents and visited more than one hundred nations. She studied the mainstream religions and observed their similarities and their effects on traditional behaviour patterns.

Today, she writes books, creates digital Premium Courses and organises the Awakeners Summit, on the day of every New Moon, to provide earthlings with important keywords, giving them the courage to leave their comfort zone.

Zsa Zsa also hosts THE EX-FILES WinWinWomen TV show with the purpose of empowering the emotional and mental intelligence of earthlings by gently pushing them out of their comfort zone.


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Apr 17, 202324:04
Realign With Your True Self
Apr 03, 202324:03
Change Your Way Of Thinking
Mar 20, 202321:50
One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

Helping people in healing themselves on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level using meditation and different healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Healing, Angelic Healing, Light Language Channelling, and Psychic mediumship.

Contact Siddhi




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Mar 06, 202323:07
Are you still attached to your self development?
Feb 20, 202324:20
Sleep state is just as important as the waking state

Sleep state is just as important as the waking state

Linda Green channels her spirit guides and friends in this powerful podcast 

We (my spirit team and I) hope to assist you in knowing who you are, respecting who you are, and allowing transformation to take place. In doing so we will endeavour to exercise wisdom and knowledge throughout.

Bringing about these changes will allow freedom to take place in all dimensions, expanding your gifts of enlightenment, and shedding fear. There is so much more than my spirit team wishes to uncover for mankind

Linda Green Contact details Email:

Feb 06, 202326:51
Release Your Shit
Jan 31, 202337:36
How Intuition Helped Living Life in Harmony

How Intuition Helped Living Life in Harmony

Sarah Clewdyn discusses coming into alignment with the leadings of your inner truth in which the inherent movement of life toward wholeness and love can come into harmony in you.  When we live from this space of guidance and attunement, healing of the body, heart, mind and soul is a natural outcome.

You can contact Sarah at 

Website: (Get Your Transformation Locator Map)


Sep 26, 202226:29
The Gift of Spirit
Sep 12, 202221:07
The Beliefs of Parents and Trauma

The Beliefs of Parents and Trauma

Dr Mindi Kessler is a psychotherapist who helps adults transform childhood trauma. Today she discusses how she helped children, adults and herself from childhood trauma. She discusses her book Cycle Breaker: A Guide to Transcending Childhood trauma. 

You can contact Dr Mindi Kessler at 

Here is the I am enough Meditation we discuss.

Sep 04, 202228:26
How Reiki Transformed My Life

How Reiki Transformed My Life

I discussed with Julie Goodridge how she transformed her life with Reiki. Her light is shone into the world with her energy healings and group energy workshops. She advocates for young teens and adults who are open to change with energy work. 

You can contact Julie at

Aug 29, 202219:06
The Energy of Crystals Saved Me From Alcoholism

The Energy of Crystals Saved Me From Alcoholism

Sherry Haughn discusses the beauty of crystals and how they saved her from a life of alcoholism. How she turned her life around and now is a supplier of beautiful crystals. She also has a wealth of experience and knowledge around many crystals. 

You can contact Sherry at The Record Keepers Facebook group

Aug 23, 202215:00
From Fibromyalgia To Living Her Passion

From Fibromyalgia To Living Her Passion

How Fy Fee went from being in her bed for over 10 years with Fibromyalgia to really living her passion at a spiritual retreat in Glastonbury. Fy Fee discusses this in detail, and what got her there. 

If you would like to know more, please contact Fy Fee at

Aug 08, 202223:11
How Can I Increase My spiritual Growth?
Jul 18, 202207:44
How To Connect With Your Ancestors?
Jul 11, 202210:14
3 Ways Your Spirit Guides Can Help You
Jul 05, 202213:47
How To Change Your Mindset The Easy Way
Jun 27, 202209:16
How Do You Develop Your Spirituality?
Jun 20, 202208:31
1:Episode 6 - From Fear To Freedom
Jun 13, 202223:09
Connecting To Your Spiritual Signs & Growth
Jun 06, 202207:44
Relationship Break-ups Can Help You Become Stronger

Relationship Break-ups Can Help You Become Stronger

Patrizia Micca is an eclectic and passionate woman, a renewal coach, yoga teacher, accountability coach in the Yogini on a mission online program, and a lightworker and reflexologist who helps women remember who they are and realign to their purpose on earth, after breakups.

(Born in Italy, lived in London, Florence, Barcelona and briefly in Paris and India. She speaks 4 languages and understands 5.

She believes in independence and interdependence, sisterhood and women collaborating, and the right to choose the way you want to live, love, and express your unique gifts into the world. No blaming no gossiping.)

After a life of being “addicted and co-dependent to what she thought was love, she courageously took time off from dating at 50, after her last relationship unexpectedly ended, and invested in herself.

Relationships have been coming and going since she was 16 and they were the focus of most of her life until she realized that it did not love but a mixture of an addiction, unconscious beliefs, and compensating strategies (some of the fundamental topics of her coaching) and a distraction from getting to know and express herself powerfully.

Through a long journey of personal inquiry, she discovered that very often women want or stay in unhealthy relationships because of hidden beliefs and paralyzing fears that unless they come to the surface, they will never allow them to be happy, confident, and satisfied. These are the women she wants to support.

If you are ready for magic, want to love, accept and respect yourself first and be your best boyfriend, if you know that there is more to life than just having a relationship and, you feel a burning desire to explore your potential and uncover your gifts and share them to the world she is your woman.

In her coaching as in life, Patrizia is loving, intuitive, fun, joyful, and passionate.

She accelerates your journey back to who you are and who you want to be by generously sharing and teaching you all the skills and tools that made her transformation possible, avoiding the typical pitfalls she fell into. You can expect ancient yoga practices, different kinds of meditations, coaching and mentorship, self-care reflexology, sisterhood and the clear intention to have you shine.

book a free 45 minutes discovery call or get in touch with her through social media or just get her short pick-me-up meditation for busy people.




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1) Free 45 minutes explorative call

(to ask me questions and find out how I can support you)

2) A short pick me up meditation

May 30, 202220:34
Experience The Bliss Of Your Authentic Self
May 23, 202219:25
Mid-Life Crisis and Crushing it!
May 20, 202226:17
Believe in Your Self Upon Awakening

Believe in Your Self Upon Awakening

Believe in Your Self Upon Awakening

Welcome to the Spiritual Abundance Creator Podcast where we deep dive into helping coaches, empaths, mystics and the spiritually curious become a better version of their True Self today we will be discussing Believing in yourself upon a spiritual awakening

A spiritual awakening is a moment in time where one's sense of self, life and the universe changes. It can happen gradually or it may be sudden, but there are signs to look out for that signal an awakening is underway.

One such sign is a shift in perspective: once we realise something isn't what we thought it was before, the world starts looking different. Why it might be important for you to get support from others like you along your journey.

The spiritual awakening is a time of transformation and evolution. It is an opportunity to understand who you are, what your beliefs are, and how you want to live your life. There is no need to feel lost or alone in this journey; many people have gone through the same process that you're experiencing now.

So what happens when we awaken!

International Spiritual Teacher and Author, Ann has a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology and is qualified in Advanced Shamanism, Advanced Pranic & Energy healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Specialising in; Shamanic energy healing; a Master of Sekhem/Reiki; Pranic healing; Firewalk Instructor, and Educational Leader.

A true Alchemist creates powerful spiritual programs that transform her clients’ lives leaving them with a deep spiritual connection and helping them heal from the inside out. A true Magician, she engages with the Soul on a deep energetic level, getting to the root cause of disconnection, and using psychology to dive deep into the subconscious to identify and resolve negative emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Ann has travelled the world in her quest to heal her body, mind and spirit. Searching for real Shamans in Peru; America where she worked with Native Americans from the Coyote Tribe and Nepali Rinpoches. Through working with these experts and living an adverse childhood she has found her strengths in compassion, and empathy and has become non-judgemental.







No B.S. Spirituality Facebook Group:


May 16, 202215:28