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The Anxious Pineapple

The Anxious Pineapple

By Kayla Chorley

What happens when we stop looking at anxiety as an enemy and start looking at it as an ally? The Anxious Pineapple is a show dedicated to getting curious about our good friend anxiety. Hosted by anxious therapist Kayla Chorley, who will share her own experience with anxiety and provide listeners with helpful tips and strategies to befriend their own anxiety. Have an anxiety related question you want answered on the podcast? Connect with me on Instagram @pineappletherapyyeg
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Perfectionism & De-Colonizing Mental Health with Aisha Shabazz

The Anxious PineappleAug 12, 2021

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Jan 31, 202248:30
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Parenting Anxious Children with Aliza Katz

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Perfectionism & De-Colonizing Mental Health with Aisha Shabazz

Perfectionism & De-Colonizing Mental Health with Aisha Shabazz

On today’s episode the lovely Aisha Shabazz joins us to talk about the world of perfectionism - how it shows up for many of us, how society promotes it, and questions to reflect on in regards to its role in your life. So, if you identify as having perfectionist tendencies like me, this episode is for you.

We also touch on the topic of de-colonizing mental health and asking the most important question “why” - why do we do what we do? Is it really as inclusive as we think? Can things be done differently? How is perfectionism tied to things like white supremacy and what can be done to address it? Such an important topic as we work together to become anti-racist.

Before we get started with today’s episode, let me tell you a bit about Aisha. Aisha R. Shabazz is a licensed clinical social worker, therapist, career strategist, and solo private practice creator. Aisha established a mental health private practice, In Real Time Wellness (@inrealtimewellness), that offers individual and group therapy to socially conscious and creative teens, young adults, and human beings who are seeking to relieve anxiety, release insecurity, and build confidence.

Through her consulting firm (@aisharshabazz), she serves marginalized mental health therapists and helping professionals who are striving to offer high-quality care to their client and patient populations without sacrificing their own health and wellbeing in the process — addressing not only the impact of employee exploitation, toxic working environments, and burnout that occurs in the helping industry, but also offering practical guidance on how therapists and helping professionals can creatively use their unique technical skills to expand into entrepreneurship.

Her business enterprise is value-based and founded on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), decolonization, anti-racism, and mindfulness.

The episode transcript can be found at
Aug 12, 202148:37
Counselling & Family Resistance with Dulce Orozco

Counselling & Family Resistance with Dulce Orozco

Today’s episode features the wonderful Dulce Orozco, where she shares a bit about her journey of immigrating to the United States, and the anxiety that comes with such a big change. We also discuss how to navigate going to therapy if your family/friends aren’t supportive or don’t understand that decision. I see this come up a lot in my own practice and if you are experiencing family resistance, this episode is for you.

Before we begin, here is some background information on Dulce. Dulce Orozco is a licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts. She holds a master’s degree (MS) and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Mental Health Counseling from Suffolk University. She is committed to bringing compassion, warmth, and authenticity to her work.
Dulce’s first language is Spanish, and she is also fluent in English and Portuguese. Dulce has extensive experience working with individuals who themselves and their families are not native to the United States. Because of her personal and professional experience, she is fascinated by the role that culture has on our mental health and how we perceive ourselves. She works using mindfulness, whole-body integration, self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).
She provides an environment offering the connection, trust, and safety that can help individuals achieve greater resiliency and empowerment. She currently has a private practice where she works remotely with adult women who feel like outsiders and have a tough time taking care of themselves. Dulce also does corporate engagements and urges corporations and organizations always to give mental health the importance it deserves. Lastly, she has been doing Immigration Mental Health Evaluations for the past four years. When she is not working, she is with her young daughters trying to savor their childhood as much as possible.
Show transcripts available at
Jul 29, 202129:14
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Jul 22, 202137:00
Can we Control Anxiety?
Jul 15, 202119:34
Post-Pandemic Life… Kinda?
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Anxiety 101: what is it and how our body responds.

Anxiety 101: what is it and how our body responds.

On the first episode of the Anxious Pineapple, I share some of my experience with anxiety growing up, and then we dive into learning more about anxiety - what it is & how the body responds when it’s activated. Show transcript available here:
Jul 01, 202128:31