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Authors on a Podcast Talking Books

Authors on a Podcast Talking Books

By David Walters

A podcast for book lovers. From fantasy to horror, science fiction to thrillers, and everything in between, join host and reviewer David Walters as he hosts some of your favorite authors for a chat about their books, writing careers, inspirations, and what the future holds.
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Ep. 11 - Marc Thompson

Authors on a Podcast Talking BooksJan 24, 2020

Author Chat - Genevieve Gornichec

Author Chat - Genevieve Gornichec

Join David as he chats with author Genevieve Gornichec about her debut novel, The Witch's Heart, which has just been released in paperback!

Dec 15, 202121:39
Author Chat - Daniel B. Greene
Nov 15, 202135:49
Author Chat - Steven Erikson
Nov 15, 202156:07
Author Chat - Lee C Conley
Oct 13, 202140:58
Author Chat - Steve McHugh
Oct 08, 202159:22
Author Chat - Jay Kristoff
Oct 06, 202158:23
Author Chat - T. A. Bruno
Sep 23, 202142:26
Author Chat - D.W. Ross
Sep 23, 202145:32
Author Chat - Brian Naslund
Sep 15, 202152:24
Author Chat - Mark Timmony

Author Chat - Mark Timmony

Join David as he chats with fantasy author Mark Timmony about his debut novel, The Blood of the Spear (The Eye of Eternity #1). There is also a ton of gushing over Josiah Bancroft's The Books of Babel series, the upcoming Wheel of Time Amazon Prime series, how SPFBO 7 is treating Mark and his fellow contenders, and much more!


Sep 09, 202157:48
Author Chat - M. J. Kuhn
Sep 09, 202147:49
Author Chat - Jeramy Goble
Sep 07, 202144:59
Website Design - Robert McClellan of ModFarm Design
Aug 19, 202149:44
Author Chat - J.T. Greathouse
Aug 12, 202154:19
Author Chat - Cameron Johnston
Aug 05, 202136:06
Author Chat - Howard Andrew Jones
Aug 03, 202143:31
Author Chat - Ryan Van Loan
Aug 02, 202154:57
Author Chat - Zamil Akhtar
Jul 30, 202101:08:09
Author Chat - L.L. MacRae
Jul 30, 202152:00
Author Chat - Caroline Hardaker
Jul 29, 202144:42
Author Chat - Bradley Beaulieu

Author Chat - Bradley Beaulieu

Join David as he chats with author Bradley Beaulieu about the finale to his sprawling Song of Shattered Sands series, A Desert Torn Asunder. There is also talk of baked goods, swords, and much MUCH more.  


Jul 13, 202101:15:43
Author Chat - Robert V.S. Redick
Jul 07, 202150:31
Author Chat - Alex de Campi
Jun 25, 202152:01
Author Chat - Miles (Christian) Cameron
Jun 24, 202101:16:16
Author Chat - ML Spencer
Jun 24, 202146:36
Author Chat - Michelle Sagara
Jun 23, 202101:08:35
Author Chat - Sarah Chorn
Jun 17, 202101:00:12
Author Chat - David Wragg
Jun 10, 202101:17:24
Author Chat - Philip Fracassi
Jun 08, 202101:10:39
Author Chat - Sarah Pinsker
Jun 08, 202126:41
Author Chat - Stephen Aryan
Jun 08, 202101:06:16
Author Chat - John Gwynne, Vol. 2
May 11, 202157:54
Author Chat - Gareth Hanrahan
May 04, 202154:36
Author Chat - Martha Wells
Apr 26, 202101:00:24
Author Chat - J.S. Dewes
Apr 26, 202143:14
Author Chat - C. L. Clark
Mar 18, 202158:51
Author Chat - M. R. Carey
Mar 18, 202101:09:11
Author Chat - Lee Matthew Goldberg
Mar 18, 202150:45
Artist Chat - Tommy Arnold
Mar 14, 202101:59:18
Author Chat - Yaroslav Barsukov
Feb 26, 202158:25
Author Chat - Sam J. Miller
Feb 24, 202145:51
Author Chat - Alex White
Feb 23, 202101:13:19
Noir at the Bar - Valentine's Eve Edition - 2/13/21

Noir at the Bar - Valentine's Eve Edition - 2/13/21

Come listen to readings by some of the biggest names in crime and thriller writing feat. S.A. Cosby, Sam W. Anderson, Hillary Leftwich, Hank Early, John Langan, Paul Tremblay, Mary SanGiovanni, Josh Malerman, Brenda S. Tolian, Jeremy Robert Johnson, Maryse Meijer and Gabino Iglesias.

Feb 15, 202102:11:23
TBRcon21 - LIVE D&D

TBRcon21 - LIVE D&D

Join Justin Lee Anderson, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, G R Matthews, Steve McHugh & Anna Stephens for a session of D&D during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202102:55:31
TBRcon21 - Gods, Goddesses & Demigods OH MY!

TBRcon21 - Gods, Goddesses & Demigods OH MY!

Join Dyrk Ashton, Justin T. Call, Michael R. Fletcher, Tom Lloyd, Michael J. Sullivan, Jordan Loyal Short & Jonathan Wood as they chat Gods, Goddesses & Demigods OH MY! during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202101:26:47
TBRcon21 - SPFBO Finalists

TBRcon21 - SPFBO Finalists

Join Justin Lee Anderson, Zack Argyle, Alexander Darwin, Robert Fleming, Suzannah Rowntree, Patrick Samphire & Rachel Emma Shaw as they chat SPFBO during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202101:19:43
TBRcon21 - The Future of SFF

TBRcon21 - The Future of SFF

Join Peter V. Brett, Steven Erikson, R. F. Kuang, Devin Madson & Evan Winter as they discuss The Future of Fantasy during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202101:15:07
TBRcon21 - Grim, Dark... or Just Fantasy?

TBRcon21 - Grim, Dark... or Just Fantasy?

Join Ben Galley, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, G R Matthews, Peter McLean, Adrian Selby & Holly Tinsley as they chat Grim, Dark… or Just Fantasy? during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202101:30:17
TBRcon21 - Writerly Advice (NOT)

TBRcon21 - Writerly Advice (NOT)

Join Stephen Aryan, RJ Barker, Nicholas Eames, Anna Stephens & Adrian Tchaikovsky as they chat Writerly Advice during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202101:27:13
TBRcon21 - History in SFF

TBRcon21 - History in SFF

Join Katherine Arden, Alina Boyden, Christian/Miles Cameron, Sebastien de Castell, Daniel Kelly & Evan Winter as they chat History in SFF during TBRcon21.

Feb 02, 202101:30:23