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Games Growth with Upptic

Games Growth with Upptic

By Upptic

Games Growth with Upptic is podcast about the craft and business of scaling digital games.
We speak with industry experts and investigate trends to highlight the strategies, technology, and tactical methodologies you can use to profitably grow your game to a massive global audience.

If you’re interested in learning more about upptic games growth technology and expertise, visit us at
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Is user acquisition dead? (Matej Lancaric)

Games Growth with UppticFeb 24, 2023

WTF is Biopsychosocial Gaming? (Solsten)

WTF is Biopsychosocial Gaming? (Solsten)

In science, biopsychosocial factors are physical, psychological, and social factors that impact an individual. What does this have to do with gaming? Joe Schaeppi, Founder and CEO of Solsten, connects the dots in this episode. Joe has a background in both psychology and gaming – starting out as a psychotherapist before moving into gaming as the Sr. Manager of User Experience at Big Fish Games. At Solsten, Joe and his colleagues are building an AI-powered platform to better understand individuals – pioneering the use of video games for cognitive assessment and working with companies to create healthier and livelier experiences for gamers. Listen on to learn how better understanding your users can lead to better outcomes in game development and marketing. SEE MORE AND FOLLOW JOE ONLINE AT:

Sep 28, 202347:25
Cracking Games Growth: Revealing the Upptic Playbook
Sep 21, 202351:29
VC Funding & Its Impact on Gaming's Present & Future (a16z Games, Storygrounds)

VC Funding & Its Impact on Gaming's Present & Future (a16z Games, Storygrounds)

VC investments have long been a key funding resource for fledgling startups – including indie game studios and companies promising innovative solutions for the games industry. How much of an impact has VC funding had on the games industry, though? Are VC investors directing the trajectory of the space with their money – either directly or indirectly?

We sit down with a16z Games Partner Josh Lu and Storygrounds Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Green to discuss VC funding's impact on gaming. a16z Games is part of the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm – focused specifically on games. Josh, who has been in the games industry for more than a decade at places like Blizzard Entertainment and Zynga, is a program lead for the firm's SPEEDRUN accelerator program. Storygrounds is a platform that lets you build webcomics together. Andrew not only heads up the work at Storygrounds as its Co-Founder and CEO, but is also an angel investor and advisor with a rich history in the games industry.

Together, with these two games funding experts, dive into the current state of the industry, developments such as the crypto crash and Apple's VR headset, technological advancements, investor-founder relationships, and the future of the gaming industry as well as how VC funding will impact it.'

Learn more and follow our guests online here:

Sep 14, 202344:15
Appchains in the Games Marketing Ecosystem (thirdweb, Ava Labs)

Appchains in the Games Marketing Ecosystem (thirdweb, Ava Labs)

With their scalability and flexibility, appchains may be the future of web3 gaming. But what is an appchain and how does it differ from other blockchain technology and solutions?

Atif Khan, VP Business at thirdweb, and Ed Chang, Head of Gaming at Ava Labs, give us a crash course in appchains, dapps, sidechains, and more. They also dive deep into the web3 gaming sector and how it's liable to impact gaming as a whole: Atif calls the "bear market" designation of the web3 games sector misleading. Ed says that philosophies introduced by web3 gaming will become present in most games over time. Both point out innovative ways web3 tech can be used to enhance gaming experiences.

If you're in the gaming space, and especially the web3 games sector, this is a podcast you must listen to!

Learn more and follow our guests online here:

Sep 07, 202342:16
The Potent Power of Creator-Driven UGC (Viraaal)

The Potent Power of Creator-Driven UGC (Viraaal)

UGC, or user-generated content, is a big buzzword these days. Amid the buzz, Viraaal has created a UGC platform where content creators can quickly find campaigns, shoot videos, and get paid. Founded and helmed by CEO Alexei Chemenda, a veteran of start-ups, Viraaal seeks to revolutionize the world of UGC agencies.

Alexei shares his insights on the differences between influencer marketing and UGC marketing, how these segments of marketing are evolving, the pros and cons of working with content creators to generate UGC, and how to build a content creator-driven marketing strategy.

If you're looking to add UGC to your marketing playbook, be sure to take a listen now!

Learn more and follow our guests online here:

Aug 31, 202336:13
Building Mainstream Gaming IP with Web3 DNA (BLOCKLORDS)

Building Mainstream Gaming IP with Web3 DNA (BLOCKLORDS)

Both Web2 and Web3 are going through times of change and are in need of a bit of a renaissance. While Web3 can provide the technology for some interesting new mechanics, onboarding can be clunky at best while marketing pipelines are almost non-existent. Meanwhile, Web2 is the current gold standard for mass-market appeal – but is in need of ongoing innovation and fresh ideas.

Amid these two forces, BLOCKLORDS is forging a path as an accessible, mass-appeal, player-driven, medieval grand-strategy game with innovative mechanics. BLOCKLORDS CEO David Johansson sits down with us to talk about creating a mainstream game with some underlying web3 technology included. Get insights on striking a balance between web2 and web3, building a sustainable game economy, targeting the right audiences in the right ways, and much more.

Learn more and follow our guests online here:

Aug 24, 202339:47
Can a Creator Program Drive Deeper Engagement? (Nexus)

Can a Creator Program Drive Deeper Engagement? (Nexus)

In a world that's saturated with games and offers, it's more important than ever that game studios and publishers are driving deeper engagement with their audiences. In this world, content is king. Many companies turn to influencers to help connect with their players. Nexus is taking the natural need for engaging content further with their creator program.

Justin Sacks, CEO at Nexus, sits down with us to explain the difference between content creators and influencers, what a creator program is, why it should be a core part of a marketer's toolkit, performance and attribution for creator programs, and the things to think about when building or selecting a creator program.

If you're trying to connect with your audience with fresh and relevant content, be sure to take a listen to this episode now!

Learn more and follow our guests online here:

Aug 17, 202334:59
Building Games with Your Audience (BattleFly)

Building Games with Your Audience (BattleFly)

Ensuring your game resonates with its audience is key to growth and success. It's easier if you're building games with the gamers who want to play it. BattleFly is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) creating the BattleFly game alongside its players.

Ben, BattleFly's founder, joins us in the studio to talk about the different iterations of BattleFly and how the DAO has engaged with its players to create a game that everyone enjoys. Learn how web3 has helped enable more collaboration with more stakeholders, how BattleFly fosters player collaboration and leans on them for insights, the evolution of BattleFly from an NFT collection into a full-fledged game, and the art of creating inclusive spaces.

If you're a web3 game developer or community manager, you should give this episode a listen right away!

Aug 10, 202331:43
Ad Platform Evolution in the Modern Marketing Ecosystem (Unity)

Ad Platform Evolution in the Modern Marketing Ecosystem (Unity)

Ad platforms are a core component of the modern marketing ecosystem – and one that has been undergoing big changes these last few years along with many other parts of the games marketing industry. As Unity's VP Strategic Partnerships & Business Strategy, Steve Webb works with key advertising and monetization partners and platforms – and also works to provide game developers with unique insights on how to succeed in gaming – giving him a deep understanding of how the ecosystem is evolving.

Learn more about Unity's growth strategy and place in the modern marketing ecosystem, how the ecosystem has evolved over time, it's impact on game development and game marketing, what is going on in the ecosystem now, and where things are heading from here. We dive into data availability and how some changes have leveled the playing field; the necessity of consolidation (or lack thereof) and how it's impacted game developers, publishers, and advertisers; emerging technologies; and much more.

If you're a game developer or marketer, be sure to watch now!

Aug 03, 202340:36
The Evolution of Ad Monetization in Games (Felix Braberg)

The Evolution of Ad Monetization in Games (Felix Braberg)

Whether it's Google's move away from placements, new CMP requirements, or changes in ad quality, ad monetization continues to evolve. We sit down with mobile ad monetization expert and 2.5 Gamers podcast host Felix Braberg to learn the history of ad monetization, current growth hacks, and what's coming down the line.

Get insights on the "beauty of ads," differences between waterfall and header bidding, the rise of rewarded video, SKAN's impact on ad monetization, how quickly growth hacks come and go, and much more!

Jul 21, 202330:46
Tournaments: The Ultimate Engagement Hack? (Fractal)
Jul 13, 202334:50
Engagement & Retention Lessons from Web3 (Soulbound)

Engagement & Retention Lessons from Web3 (Soulbound)

Web3 gaming is a space that continues to evolve at a brisk pace. As game developers and marketers assess and adapt to what's working and what isn't, there are lessons to be learned about effective engagement and retention. It's in this environment that the Soulbound Ecosystem – a cross-game player acquisition and retention platform – has been built and grown.

Soulbound co-founders Casey Grooms and Matt Conn share their insights on the web3 gaming space and what they've learned during their work building and running Soulbound. Learn about the early experiments of web3 games and what AAA titles need to do to incorporate blockchain effectively, get insights on how IP and console gaming factors into overall web3 games growth and adoption, and get versed on gamer trends and effective game design in web3.

It's an episode with applications beyond web3 – watch it now!

Jul 06, 202335:23
New Frontiers in Marketing Attribution (AppsFlyer, Gamesight, Spindl)
Jun 19, 202301:06:24
Web3 Growth Tactics (Big Time Studios)
Jun 01, 202345:29
Influencer Marketing and UGC Strategies (Gamesight & Lucky Axolotl)
May 25, 202339:18
Growth Stacks for Game Marketers (Phiture)

Growth Stacks for Game Marketers (Phiture)

Phiture Partner and Co-Founder Andy Carvell wrote the book on mobile growth stacks. Literally. In this episode, Andy gives us the history of how the Mobile Growth Stack came about and walks us through its components piece by piece.

We take a walk through data and analytics – which Andy notes may never have been as transparent or accurate as people wanted to believe, even before new issues complicated matters. Andy also shares his insights on engagement, retention, and monetization.

Xander and Warren also take some time to compare and contrast Phiture's approach to user acquisition, creative, and ASO with Upptic's approach (wherein Andy amusingly points out how brands' protectiveness over their app store icons can be detrimental to ASO efforts).

At the end of the day, both companies produce great results, even while using sometimes differing methodologies and philosophies to drive success.

May 04, 202345:51
Creatives in Retargeting and User Acquisition (Adikteev)
Apr 13, 202334:39
Creative, Data Modeling, TikTok, & AI (RocketShip HQ)
Apr 06, 202348:11
Polygon & Upptic: Onboarding the next generation to web3
Mar 23, 202335:29
The Metaverse after the Crypto Bust (Polygon Labs, XP Foundry)

The Metaverse after the Crypto Bust (Polygon Labs, XP Foundry)

Upptic has been successfully scaling games on iOS for 2+ years. Learn how you can too in our webinar "Maximizing Games Growth with the Upptic Platform".

The 2022 crypto crash brought much of web3 gaming to a halt. How is the industry faring now? Rian Rabinowitz of Polygon Labs and Melty Tantiwanich of XP Foundry join Warren and Xander for a roundtable on the topic.

We take a hard look at the web3 landscape, lessons learned amid the crypto crash, and how things might change in the near future. If you're in the web3 gaming space, it's an episode you'll want to pay close attention to!

Full episode summary

Mar 16, 202340:42
Is user acquisition dead? (Matej Lancaric)

Is user acquisition dead? (Matej Lancaric)

Wish there was a way to make user acquisition functional on iOS? There is! Learn more in "Maximizing Games Growth with the Upptic Platform."

Sit down with Matej Lancaric and get the answer to the question on everyone's mind: Is user acquisition dead?

Matej is a UA consultant with 10+ years of experience. He has global launched 32 games in the last 4 years, produces the "Brutally Honest" UA newsletter, and is also the host of the no-bullshit gaming podcast “Two & A Half Gamers.”

We chat with Matej about the current state of attribution and privacy, whether SKAN is even worth using, surprisingly effective UA tactics and channels, and the impact of regulators on marketing.

Read the full podcast summary.

Feb 24, 202339:44
2023 Games Growth Trends & Predictions

2023 Games Growth Trends & Predictions

Don't miss our public unveiling of the Upptic Platform on March 15. Register now to learn how to utilize the platform to maximize ROAS.

Welcome back to season 5 of "App Talk with Upptic" – or, rather, "Games Growth with Upptic"! We kick off season 5 by talking about this rebrand before diving into several different topics with a couple of our own colleagues – Upptic Creative Director Ava Savitsky and Upptic Sr. Web3 Growth Manager Ian Brent.

Together, we discuss the state of games growth (which has seen some rough waters), user acquisition trends, creative insights, analytics learnings, and web3 takeaways. We end with some wildly speculative predictions. Think any will come true?

Read a full summary of the podcast.

Feb 17, 202345:42
2022 State of Games Growth: Gaming's New Era

2022 State of Games Growth: Gaming's New Era

As we close out season 4 of App Talk with Upptic, we ask ourselves: Are we entering a new era of gaming?

To help answer this question, we look back at the ups and downs of the last several years and chart out a potential path forward for 2023 and beyond.

Upptic CGO Warren Woodward guides us as we, first, look at why 2022 has been such a transformative year, pointing to privacy changes, worsening macroeconomic conditions, gaming's first revenue contraction, and the growth of web3 technology and products.

We then identify what defined the previous eras of Premium and Free-To-Play gaming.

With this in mind, we look back at the last several years of revenue and investment in web3, mobile, PC, and console – and how these trends might tell us what is on the horizon. We also dive deep into the transformative factors of 2022.

With all the evidence laid out, we make the case that the industry is entering a new era of gaming – one that will include web3 technology, smaller developers, crowdfunding, and the use of multiple devices with cross-platform play.

We end with some tips to help game developers and marketers big and small adapt to what's coming in the years ahead.

We look forward to working alongside you all as we build this new era of gaming together.

See you all in 2023!


Dec 19, 202212:00
Web3 Gaming in the Crypto Downturn (Darewise)

Web3 Gaming in the Crypto Downturn (Darewise)

This podcast is brought to you through a partnership with Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is one of the world's leading mobile game developers and publishers . They are on the frontlines of Web3, investing heavily in a vast portfolio of Web3 projects.

Benjamin Charbit, CEO at Darewise, joins us in our virtual recording studio. Darewise is the developer of web3 game Life Beyond – a metaverse experience, built with Unreal Engine and blockchain, where players can build, trade, and own assets on a mysterious alien world.

Benjamin talks about what makes Life Beyond different from other games – and how web3 technology has made that difference possible. We also dive into what it means to be a part of the Animoca Brands family and what opportunities might be on the horizon for game developers under their umbrella.

Benjamin doesn't shy away from talking about the downturn in the crypto space either – and how that has impacted Darewise and web3 game development. He provides some parting advice to game developers who are considering building web3 games in the current market.


Dec 01, 202257:11
Big Gaming Earnings
Nov 24, 202246:02
Digital Asset Ownership with Vessel by AppLovin
Nov 17, 202254:15
Big Tech Earnings
Nov 10, 202246:30
Web3 Indie Game Development (EtherOrcs)
Nov 03, 202201:06:59
Web3 Game Publishing with Bozena Rezab (Gamee)
Oct 20, 202256:23
Web3 Games Growth with Axie Infinity, Animoca Brands, and Arrivant

Web3 Games Growth with Axie Infinity, Animoca Brands, and Arrivant

This week's podcast is a redistribution of our webinar yesterday – be sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all our upcoming content!

Hosted by Upptic CGO Warren Woodward, our Web3 Games Growth webinar included some of the greatest minds in web3 gaming:

  • Sky Mavis Co-Founder Jeffrey Zirlin
  • Animoca Brands CTO Yusuf Goolamabbas
  • Arrivant COO Meg McWilliams

Together, this panel shares their experiences and learnings on building and marketing successful web3 games, including:

  • The web3 landscape
  • Effective web3 growth tactics
  • KPIs and metrics to use in web3
  • Data, analytics, and web3 infrastructure
  • Differences between web2 and web3 creatives

Many thanks to our panelists for sharing their insights – and for everyone who tuned in live!

Oct 13, 202257:16
AppLovin & NFTs, Gaming Goodbyes, Overwatch 2, App Store Declines

AppLovin & NFTs, Gaming Goodbyes, Overwatch 2, App Store Declines

In this week's episode, Xander and Warren really dive into the nitty-gritty of current events.

First, we discuss AppLovin's new Vessel app – a marketplace where mobile game developers can integrate NFTs into games to drive engagement and revenue. This sits at the intersection of three huge areas of focus for us: Web3, mobile games, and performance marketing. It's exciting news – and also interesting in the fact that AppLovin has managed to work within Apple's strict policies to bring an NFT marketplace into the App Store.

Next we discuss Google's announcement that Stadia will be shutting down in January. The cloud-gaming service has struggled to gain traction, but the company believes the technology will be useful in other areas of its business – such as with industry partners, YouTube, Google Play, etc. Google will be refunding all Stadia hardware, games, and add-ons purchased through Stadia's store.

In another gaming goodbye, Playtika is shuttering Best Fiends maker Seriously – supposedly over discord and clashes between the studio and its parent company on aggressive monetization, budgeting, and other issues. Leaks regarding the fallout seem to heavily favor Seriously, which likely indicates they came from sources within the studio. An article from promises that a new studio will "rise from the ashes" in coming months.

Shifting to incoming games, we highlight the release of Overwatch 2 and it's interesting pivot into a completely live-services model. The game is also doing away with loot boxes in favor of a new in-game shop that uses in-game currency. It's been a long time coming, but that's not surprising given everything Blizzard has been through in the last few years.

Finally, we end on the news that App Store net revenue declined 5% year-over-year for the month of September – a record low for the store. The news was highlighted by Stephanie Link and retweeted by Eric Seufert, who noted that "ATT wreaked havoc on the mobile gaming market, which comprises the vast majority of App Store revenues. The growth of Apple's ad platform, substantial as it has been, was not sufficient to offset that loss within the broader Services category."



Oct 06, 202243:51
Web3 Marketing Measurement with Antonio Garcia-Martinez (Spindl)

Web3 Marketing Measurement with Antonio Garcia-Martinez (Spindl)

Our guest this week is Antonio Garcia-Martinez, New York Times bestselling author of Chaos Monkeys and Founder of Spindl. Spindl is creating attribution solutions for the Web3 space. They offer easy integration, Web2 and Web3 funnels, and meaningful analytics on ROI, CAC, retention, and more in an actual dashboard.

In this week’s podcast we talk to Antonio about the obstacles in measuring marketing performance in Web3 and how developing Web3 attribution will impact marketers and consumers. We also take a step back to discuss the differences between Web2 and Web3 – not just technologically, but from an ethical and human perspective – and the implications of striving for a Web3 digital marketing system that's similar to what we know in Web2.

We also discuss the latest news about Robinhood, podcast ad fraud, and Walmart's metaverse – as well as the "not-news" regarding Apple's supposedly changed policy on NFTs (hint: nothing has changed).



Sep 29, 202254:03
Axie Infinity: From Web3 to Mass Adoption with Quinn Campbell (Sky Mavis)
Sep 27, 202249:14
AAA Blockchain Game Development with Benjamin Lee (Blowfish Studios)
Sep 16, 202201:02:55
UA, Data Privacy, Prediction with Cloé Dana (Tempr)
Sep 08, 202250:08
FTC Lawsuit, Questionable Advertising Products, and Layoffs

FTC Lawsuit, Questionable Advertising Products, and Layoffs

Register now for our upcoming "Growth for Web3 Games" with leaders from Axie Infinity, Animoca Brands, and Arrivant.

We don't have a guest this week, but we make up for it by taking a deep dive into a bunch of industry stories.

First, we touch on the news that the FTC is suing Kochava for selling sensitive location data. We read the fine print on their website and muse about how the case might go. No matter what happens though, it doesn't cast the industry in a good light.

In more legal news, we talk about the growing likelihood of the Department of Justice (DOJ) bringing an antitrust suit against Apple. The DOJ has been investigating Apple since 2019 over allegations that it abused it's market power to stifle competition. We dive into their anticompetitive practices.

Moving onto financial news, we talk about Gabe Leydon's foray into Web3 with Limit Break – which has $200M in funding to build a blockchain game. Leydon was pioneer at Machine Zone with F2P games and it will be interesting to see what he does at in Web3 with Limit Break. (Gabe, if you're reading this, come onto our show!)

We then cover the latest news from Snap – wherein they're laying off 20% of their staff and restructuring their business around community growth, revenue growth, and augmented reality. It's not surprising as layoffs have been happening across the industry. It still hurts to see though.

Next we discuss Netflix's ad tier – which will include limited targeting and no third-party measurement. It sounds rather opaque, to say the least.

Finally, we wrap up with the news that Sony is acquiring Savage Game Studios, which has no commercial products yet, and discuss the larger strategy Sony seems to be executing.


Sep 01, 202239:41
Building Great Teams & Cultures with Derrick Morton (FlowPlay)
Aug 25, 202255:02
Retention Marketing in Games with Manu Gambhir (Snapyr)
Aug 18, 202257:38
Nurturing Communities for Web3 (MetaMods)

Nurturing Communities for Web3 (MetaMods)

Our guests this week are Annie Wong and CrypTotoro, Co-Founders of MetaMods. MetaMods provides custom moderator packages for companies looking to build and grow their online communities. Their packages include experts in security, partnerships, events, community relationships and engagement, and community growth.

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into MetaMod's business and the act of nurturing Web3 communities. From ongoing engagement to incorporating user feedback to handling toxic users, there is a lot that goes into not only building a Web3 community, but keeping it healthy!

Plus, we discuss the latest development in a potential Unity merger, the U.S. Treasury's sanction of wallet addresses connected to Tornado Cash, Apple's latest industry move, and more layoffs in the games space.


Aug 11, 202249:12
Identity & Inclusivity in Gaming with Ian Masters (Flick Games)
Aug 04, 202201:06:41
State of Games Marketing (UA Roundtable)
Jul 29, 202256:01
Web3: The Next Hot Thing? Or Simply Hot Air?

Web3: The Next Hot Thing? Or Simply Hot Air?

This week, in lieu of a podcast, Warren took part in a Web3 panel hosted by Singular.

Joining him were The Sandbox Head of Performance Anya Shapina, Mythical Games VP Growth Marketing Daniel Lopez, and Appvertiser Founder Hagop Hagopian.

Moderating was Forbes Senior Contributor John Koetsier – who brought a dose of humor and didn't spare probing questions to get more out of the panelists when needed.

Among the main topics covered were...

  • What makes a product "Web3"?
  • How close are we to mass adoption?
  • What is the Web3 consumer like?
  • How is marketing different in Web3?
  • What's all this about communities?
  • What's all this about players as owners?

...alongside other Web3 hot-button issues.

If you didn't catch it live, be sure to listen on-demand now using the YouTube video or Anchor audio above!

Jul 21, 202201:00:27
Game Development Past & Present with Ismail Maiyegun (Big Wolf)

Game Development Past & Present with Ismail Maiyegun (Big Wolf)

Before you dive into this week's podcast, be sure to register for our upcoming Web3 webinar with Singular!

Our guest this week is Ismail Maiyegun, Co-Founder and CEO at Big Wolf Games. Big Wolf Games is a game developer, publisher, and live operator. Their leadership team has over 40 years of combined experience in making AAA titles and operating free-to-play games. Big Wolf Games also works extensively with intellectual property (IP).

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into game development throughout the years. Ismail details his history in games and how the industry has changed over time – including the recent impact of remote work. He also shares his insights on the advantages and disadvantages of working with IP holders – and the power of IP in games. Web3 also takes the stage as he discusses the future of the industry.

Plus, we discuss the breaking news around Unity's merger with ironSource – along with news on GameStop's NFT marketplace launch and the Nothing Phone.

Guest: Ismail Maiyegun

Industry Insights
Unity Announces Merger Agreement with ironSource
Unity is merging with Ironsource in an all-stock deal valuing Ironsource at $4.4B
GameStop NFT Marketplace (storefront)
Analysis: GameStop’s NFT marketplace earns the company just $45K in first day

App of the Week
The Scrapyard
AFK Arena

Jul 14, 202201:00:13
Everything about DAOs with Andrew Green (Strider)

Everything about DAOs with Andrew Green (Strider)

Before you dive into this week's podcast, be sure to register for our upcoming Web3 webinar with Singular!

Our guest this week is Andrew Green, Co-Founder and CEO at Strider. Strider is creating a Web3 platform to enable creators to control projects through blockchain-based DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). The ultimate goal for Strider is to provide a place where people own and profit from their ideas and can connect with directly with users of their content (instead of going through third parties like publishers).

In this week’s podcast we take a dive into everything about DAOs. We get answers to questions like: What is a DAO? Why would you use one? What are their pros and cons vs. traditional alternatives? Plus, we discuss the macroeconomic trends that are causing turmoil in the Web3 and crypto spaces.

We also dive into the recent news on BlockFi and FTX and discuss the massive layoffs across the ad-tech and gaming spaces. If you're looking for work, check out what openings we have.

Guest: Andrew Green

Industry Insights
FTX signs a deal giving it the option to buy crypto lender BlockFi
Unity Laying Off Hundreds Of Staffers
Niantic laying off up to 90 after canceling 4 games
AppLovin and Adjust lay off 12% of their workforce

App of the Week
MTG Companion App
Do Not Feed the Monkeys
Resident Evil Village

Jul 07, 202257:05
Gaming M&A and Investing with Shum Singh (Agnitio Capital)
Jun 30, 202258:10
Web3 Growth Playbook with Justin "Jkey" Vogel (Safary)
Jun 23, 202259:21
Community Building with Thomas Hopkins (Perfect Storm)
Jun 16, 202201:13:25
Season 3 Wrap-Up

Season 3 Wrap-Up

This week marks the conclusion to Season 3 of App Talk with Upptic! Instead of having a guest this week, we’re taking a moment to reach out to you, our listeners, and highlight the latest from Upptic – such as our new Web3 Community Growth services and partnership with Arrivant.

P.S. we’re hiring!

But don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you without the latest industry insights and a couple neat apps! In this week’s episode we also discuss the latest news regarding Bored Ape, Square Enix, Activision Blizzard, Facebook, YouTube, and Apple. There’s a lot going on!

And, as always, we close with a couple of our favorite apps.

If you have a topic you think we should cover, or you’d like to be a guest yourself, reach out to us at or via @Upptic on Twitter.

Thank you for listening to us this season! See you in a few weeks!

Industry Insights
Bored Ape NFT company raises around $285 million of crypto in virtual land sale
Bored Ape Yacht Club creator’s metaverse mint rocks the Ethereum blockchain
Embracer acquires Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal for $300m
Square Enix Sells Deus Ex, Tomb Raider Studios to Fund Blockchain, AI Projects
Good Twitter thread on Square Enix news
Activision Blizzard sales and engagement tumble
Facebook shares spike on better-than-expected quarterly earnings
Alphabet reports weak earnings and revenue on big YouTube miss
Apple shares dip after company warns of a possible $8 billion hit from supply constraints

App of the Week
Ether Orcs: Dungeons

May 05, 202241:23
Unifying UA, Data, Creative (and Tech) with Emma Kong (Electronic Arts)
Apr 21, 202255:45
Game Economies & Ponzi Crypto with Ramin Shokrizade (Arrivant)
Apr 14, 202201:09:54