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Make it a Pear!

Make it a Pear!

By Marlena Compton

The Appear Works Podcast covers the cross section of art, technology and community.
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Peak SF: Fat in San Francisco

Make it a Pear!Apr 05, 2023

Peak SF: Fat in San Francisco

Peak SF: Fat in San Francisco

Today I'll be talking about my journey with my body, how that was impacted by living in San Francisco and where I am today.

Big trigger warning: I'll talking about weight, body image, eating, and all of that.

This episode was inspired by Jennette McCurdy -- "I'm Glad My Mom Died"

Apr 05, 202319:21
No Tears for the Tech Bro Bank

No Tears for the Tech Bro Bank

Let's rant about the VC finance machine in general and the Silicon Valley Bank in particular. 

Mar 13, 202312:40
Don't Be That Guy

Don't Be That Guy

Twitter is back in the headlines as the shiny object of Elon Musk must have in his possession.

It is also one of anchors if not “the” anchor of the San Francisco tech scene in the 2010’s. 

This week, I'll explain why I think Elon Musk has a 50/50 chance of being Twitter's "great savior," and why his purchase of Twitter is really about an "edit" button.

May 31, 202218:54
You have arrived.

You have arrived.

Have you ever struggled to feel like you belong? Most everyone does, but it's worth examining the moments we get, and most of us do have these moments when you feel like you've arrived. If we think back, they might be small, they might not be noticeable to anyone but you, but they do happen. And this type of moment doesn't just happen for us. When does a city arrive? When does a decade arrive?

May 02, 202210:39
Escaping the Overwork Trap

Escaping the Overwork Trap

Tech is known to have  many different types of overwork traps. This week I talk about some of them, and how I avoid them.

Mar 22, 202216:30
The Interview

The Interview

Hear what it’s like to fly to San Francisco for an interview at a cool tech company.

Want to hear what I was listening to at the time? Here's a Spotify playlist:

Nov 11, 202115:12
Nov 04, 202105:02
The Why of Wavelength Part 3 -- The hardest thing to share
Aug 25, 202113:35
The Why of Wavelength Part 2 -- Can you have an online conference without a screen?
Aug 03, 202114:04
The Why of Wavelength: Part 1
Jul 29, 202110:33
How to start making your zine
Jul 01, 202107:58
It's not you, it's them!!!!
Jun 15, 202108:47
Eclipse in the desert

Eclipse in the desert

For patrons, Click here to link to the post I mention in the podcast. 

Art by Wilson Ye. Thanks for capturing Furnace Creek better than I ever could.

Jun 09, 202108:48
What is Wavelength?

What is Wavelength?

Sign up here to be notified when tickets go on sale. 

What's Let's Sketch Tech? Click here to find out more.

Jun 01, 202112:51
Practice is the journey
May 18, 202111:05
All of Tech's a Stage!
May 04, 202114:07
After Agile
Apr 27, 202109:45
Apr 20, 202106:48
The date of expiration in tech
Apr 05, 202115:07
Fun is not optional, joy is not a luxury.

Fun is not optional, joy is not a luxury.

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Beth Pickens:

What is Let's Sketch Tech? --

Mar 29, 202107:13
A simple technique for a self-care breakthrough
Mar 23, 202107:47
What the C?

What the C?

Here's all you need to know...

The 3 question survey I talk about is here:

Mar 16, 202118:22
My depression story and how zines helped me out of it
Mar 09, 202109:42
Telling your story with Zines
Mar 03, 202115:45
Drawing Cute Robots and Computers

Drawing Cute Robots and Computers

A little bit of news and lots of fun.

Learn how to sketch cute computers and robots the easy way!

Feb 23, 202131:04
What is "Let's Sketch Tech!" doing this year?

What is "Let's Sketch Tech!" doing this year?

Plans are happening for 2021. Find out what's in store and how we're tailoring it just for you!

Feb 16, 202110:03
Fresh air for the new year!

Fresh air for the new year!

In this episode we go through an exercise of talking about what we wish we knew last year, and what we'd like to know about the coming year.

Feb 09, 202111:07
Can we talk about January

Can we talk about January

We're 3 days into February. How can we even process January?

I talk about this and what a vision board of January could look like. 

Feb 03, 202113:27