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Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence

By Imteaz Ahamed

At the intersection of AI, people, and getting stuff done.
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Generation Wealth: Wealth Management, Taxation, and Estate Planning

Applied IntelligenceJul 22, 2023

Empowering Change: Lisa Gable's Mission to Transform the World One Connection at a Time

Empowering Change: Lisa Gable's Mission to Transform the World One Connection at a Time

Show Notes:

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep with Lisa Gable, a former US Ambassador, UN delegate, CEO, and 5-time award-winning Wall Street Journal/USA Today best-selling author of "Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things Are Going South." Lisa's remarkable journey, from working alongside global leaders to tapping into the potential of tomorrow's innovators, gives her a unique perspective on addressing the world's pressing challenges. With her extensive experience, she discusses the importance of partnership, mentorship, and relationship-building as tools for catalyzing positive change. How can we ensure that groundbreaking solutions reach those who need them most? And in an age overwhelmed by technology and apps, what simple productivity tricks does Lisa swear by? Holding significant roles such as the Chairperson of Diplomatic Courier’s futuristic think tank, World in 2050, and as a Distinguished Fellow at the Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanities, SMU Lyle School of Engineering, Lisa is a force to be reckoned with. Her motivation is infectious, and her call to action is simple yet profound: make one small change for another person every day. Don't miss out on this awesome conversation!

Connect with Lisa:

    - Website:
    - Linkedin:
    - Twitter: @lisagable
    - Instagram: lisagableofficial


    00:59 - Innovation and Leadership
    07:21 - Advocacy for Ethical AI
    24:48 - The Importance of Mentorship
    25:53 - Health and Wellness Advocacy
    29:57 - Legacy and Future Endeavors
    32:32 - Drive for Service to Others
    33:52 - Productivity Hacks and Habits
    35:25 - Book Recommendations Join us for more fascinating conversations on Empowering Change: Lisa Gable's Mission to Transform the World One Connection at a Time, and stay inspired!
Sep 28, 202337:34
Navigating the AI Revolution: A Candid Conversation with AI influencer Justin Fineberg on Curiosity, Content Creation, and Mindfulness

Navigating the AI Revolution: A Candid Conversation with AI influencer Justin Fineberg on Curiosity, Content Creation, and Mindfulness

Show Notes:

In this insightful episode, we are joined by Justin Fineberg, a thought leader and influencer with 300k+ followers in the generative AI space and co-founder of Cassidy AI. Justin's passion for AI, content creation, and mindfulness shines through as he delves into how curiosity guides his path and how others can engage with AI without feeling overwhelmed. Justin's wisdom isn't confined to AI; he also shares his fascination with meditation through Sam Harris's book, "Waking Up," and gives insights into personal growth and negotiation. You'll be on the edge of your seat as he opens up about his introverted personality in the sales world and the balance between emotional connection and logic.

Whether you're interested in AI's potential impact on personal and professional life, tips for staying updated, or even meditation, this episode has something for you. Don't miss Justin's unique take on negotiating, his recommended books, and his transparent approach to newsletter subscriptions. Will his intriguing methods resonate with you? Tune in to find out 👊

Get in touch with Justin through his website or learn more about Cassidy AI at or LinkedIn Company Profile. Also, don't forget to try out his weekly newsletter!

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, content creator, or just curious about the future of AI, this episode is a must-listen! Grab your headphones and embark on a journey with Justin Feinberg as he shares his wisdom on AI, content, and the art of living. Timestamps: 00:00 - Meet the AI Visionary:** Introduction to Justin and Cassidy AI

02:14 - AI's Next Big Thing:** Generative AI and its transformative potential

04:45 - Stay Ahead of the Curve:** Intentional learning and staying updated in tech

10:23 - Breaking Free from the Noise:** Social media detox and curiosity-driven exploration

15:35 - Finding Balance in the Inbox:** Unusual unsubscribing strategies and newsletter equilibrium

20:52 - Creativity Unleashed:** The fusion of creativity and content in AI

24:28 - Mind Over Machine:** Mindfulness practices and personal growth insights

30:10 - The Art of the Deal:** Understanding customers and mastering negotiations

35:00 - AI for Everyone:** A beginner's guide to getting started with Generative AI

38:46 - Stay Connected:** Justin's contact details, Cassidy AI, and final reflections


Twitter: @justinfineberg_


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Aug 28, 202338:24
Shaping the Future of Learning with Pasha Rayan: Insights on Generative AI and EdTech Innovation

Shaping the Future of Learning with Pasha Rayan: Insights on Generative AI and EdTech Innovation

Show Notes:

In this insightful episode, we sit down with Pasha Rayan, Co-founder and CTO of Forage, an online training platform revolutionizing the intersection of education and recruitment. Pasha brings a rich mix of technical acumen, strategic vision, and an unquenchable passion for education to the table. His groundbreaking work in the EdTech space is shifting the paradigm on how students access learning, and employers scout talent.

From discussing the birth and evolution of Forage to delving deep into the potential of generative AI in education, Pasha takes us through a riveting journey. We gain a sneak peek into Forage's strategic partnerships, its commitment to providing real-world exposure to students, and how it's nurturing future talent. Pasha also unpacks the power of personalized learning and the role of stubbornness and motivation in startup success. What does he think about aligning mission, technology, and work in an impactful way? Tune in to find out.

Join us in this captivating conversation that's sure to leave you with fresh perspectives on educational technology and the exciting opportunities in store. You won't want to miss Pasha's unique take on the role of generative AI in boosting learning outcomes and his infectious enthusiasm for shaping the future of education.


Twitter: @Pashpops

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- 00:00: Introduction

- 02:43: Origins of Forage

- 07:56: On Generative AI and its Role in Forage

- 12:12: Expanding partnerships and Forage’s role in recruitment

- 24:18: The significance of personalized learning

- 29:32: Insights on Forage's target market

- 38:05: Tackling challenges and celebrating success

- 48:00: Startup motivation and the journey of Forage

- 52:36: Key takeaways

- 55:26: Wrapping up

Aug 09, 202348:31
Generation Wealth: Wealth Management, Taxation, and Estate Planning

Generation Wealth: Wealth Management, Taxation, and Estate Planning

In this episode of Applied Intelligence, we dive into the complex world of wealth management, taxation, and estate planning with our guest, Mohammed, an esteemed expert in these fields. He is a highly qualified financial planner and a Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners member. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he provides valuable insights into managing wealth, minimizing tax burdens, and protecting assets for individuals and families.

During the conversation, Muhammed emphasized the importance of seeking specialized advice and assistance, especially for nomadic or international people. He sheds light on the significance of understanding domicile, deemed domicile status, and its implications on investment holdings across jurisdictions. Muhammed highlights the need for professionals in multiple disciplines, including legal services, trust management, taxation, accountancy, and regulated wealth management.

Listeners will gain valuable knowledge on structuring financial planning, the role of accountants and wealth managers, mitigating tax, and the importance of expert guidance in these areas. Muhammed shares personal anecdotes offers practical advice, and underlines the significance of early preparation and setting up the right strategies. Tune in to this insightful episode to better understand wealth management and estate planning, and discover how it can impact your financial future. Guest: Mohammad Uz-Zaman



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00:00:00: Introduction to Muhammed and his expertise

00:03:27: The significance of domicile and deemed domicile status

00:09:45: Understanding the role of specialists in wealth management, taxation, and estate planning

00:15:12: The importance of high-level qualifications and conversance in multiple disciplines

00:20:38: The limitations of general accountants and the role of tax specialists

00:25:19: Leveraging the expertise of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) members

00:29:56: The impact of specialized advice on inheritance and taxation implications

00:32:15: Taking the first steps towards preparing for your financial future

00:36:42: Productivity hacks for entrepreneurs and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

00:40:23: The benefits of leveraging software tools for productivity management

00:43:59: Recommended book: "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie

00:45:37: Balancing risk and investment strategies for long-term success

00:49:12: The importance of proper protection policies and early financial planning

00:50:27: Closing remarks and how to connect with Muhammed.

Jul 22, 202351:07
The Power of Coaching and Humble Inquiry, with Pete Roxburgh
Jun 24, 202358:30
The Power of Learning, Grit, and Startups: A Conversation with Brian Davis

The Power of Learning, Grit, and Startups: A Conversation with Brian Davis

In this podcast episode, the host interviews Brian Davis, an experienced technologist and currently the Director of Technology at LSU. The conversation centers around the application of AI in the education sector, how to manage high-performing individuals who may have complex personalities, and how to transition from being an individual contributor to a manager.

Brian also discusses his fascination with generative AI, how he uses it to make his life more accessible, and his approach to learning new things and skill stacking. The conversation concludes with some productivity hacks Davis uses to balance his busy personal and professional life.

Listeners can find Brian Davis on LinkedIn, where he shares his experiences and thoughts on technology and management. This episode provides valuable insights for anyone looking to manage difficult personalities, learn new skills, or increase productivity.

Jun 17, 202351:18
Building with Generative AI | Podcast with Inviqa CTO, Kaustav Bhattacharya, & Imteaz Ahamed

Building with Generative AI | Podcast with Inviqa CTO, Kaustav Bhattacharya, & Imteaz Ahamed

In this first episode of Applied Intelligence, Imteaz talks with Kaustav Bhattacharya, an AI and data science leader with over 20 years of experience, about the intersection of generative AI, business and education. Kaustav discusses the potential for generative AI to assist with and accelerate learning, particularly for neurodiverse populations. However, he also acknowledges the need for caution, given the potential for bias in the training data sets of generative AI models. The conversation also touches on personalized experiences for consumers based on their data profiles, and the challenges and opportunities that come with this. Throughout the conversation, Kaustav emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and the need to keep up with the rapid pace of change in AI and data science.

Kaustav recommends a book, "The Culture Map" by Erin Meyer, which provides a deep appreciation of global cultures and could be a helpful tool in creating culturally nuanced, less biased AI algorithms in the future. He also talks about the impact of culture on the development of personalized experiences, particularly in areas like healthcare, where the impact of bias can be significant.

The episode concludes with Kaustav sharing his social handles and encouraging listeners to contact him for continued conversation. Highlights include the potential for generative AI to accelerate learning, the impact of bias in training data sets, the importance of cultural nuance in personalized experiences, and the need for lifelong learning in AI and data science.

Guest's social handles: LinkedIn - Kaustav Bhattacharya ( and Twitter - @jupiterorbit

Jun 10, 202353:25