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Turning Troubles into Treasures

Turning Troubles into Treasures

By Applied Mindfulness Training

A podcast from Applied Mindfulness Training exploring the challenges of modern life and offering meditation and mindfulness techniques to help make the most of our greatest resource—the human mind.

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Episode 7 — Rousing Sleeping Dogs

Turning Troubles into TreasuresJul 07, 2021

Episode 7 — Rousing Sleeping Dogs
Jul 07, 202110:33
Episode 6 — Changing Aggression into Accountability
Feb 13, 202113:08
Episode 5 — From "I'm Right" to Insight
Aug 23, 202017:07
Episode 4 — Lightening the Load

Episode 4 — Lightening the Load

This episode features an excerpt from the newly available audiobook version of Carol S. Hyman's book Meeting Your Mind. The section featured here deals with the baggage all human beings carry. Thought patterns and emotions so deeply ingrained we don't recognize them as distinct from ourselves. But if we take the time to unpack—to get to know our baggage—we can learn to recognize our burden for what it is, and maybe even lighten the load. 

You'll find a link to purchase the full audiobook version of Meeting Your Mind and many other free resources for helping you Turn Troubles Into Treasures at

Jul 14, 202013:23
Episode 3 — Deep Dive Detox
Jun 11, 202018:08
Episode 2 — Dancing with Desire
May 11, 202017:12
Episode 1 — Having Fun with Fear
May 08, 202024:53