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Una Palabra Sola

Una Palabra Sola

By Megan @ Aprovechar

For the people who have always wanted to learn Spanish but life got in the way – learn Spanish, one word at a time. Labeled Una Palabra Sola for the one Spanish word that’s the focus of each episode: we’ll dive into the use, etymology, history, and how to pronounce this word. Grow your vocabulary and find your voice en español!
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Una Palabra SolaNov 21, 2023

Nov 21, 202330:28
Nov 01, 202328:39
Oct 11, 202331:49
Sep 07, 202331:22
Aug 08, 202329:08
Jun 01, 202330:08
Apr 14, 202333:55
Mar 23, 202328:29
Feb 23, 202326:46
Al Principio
Jan 22, 202320:40
El polvo
Dec 31, 202217:03
Nov 09, 202240:36
El éxito
Oct 27, 202225:03
Oct 14, 202221:12
Sep 28, 202223:54
La identidad
Sep 15, 202225:02
Trailer: Bienvenidos

Trailer: Bienvenidos

Hola y bienvenidos, hello and welcome to Una Palabra Sola. I’m inviting you to learn Spanish one word at a time – but hang onto your hats, as we’ll learn not only how it’s used, the history, related words and verbs, and also the gender for each noun.

This is the perfect podcast for those looking to learn Spanish, or those that are curious to learn more. Some episodes will be in English, others in Spanish, and the majority will be how I choose to live my life – una mezcla, or a mix, between the two.

But how rude of me to not introduce myself before… I’m Megan, CEO and teacher at Aprovechar Language Solutions. English is my first language, but Spanish is my adopted one. Through my language programs and memberships, I teach busy adults Spanish and English. Language is all about soul, connection, belonging, and I explore these heavier topics with a twist – because it centers around each word.

For those that are passionate about languages and communication – you’re in the right spot. I can’t wait to dive in! Stay tuned for the first episode!

Sep 09, 202201:21