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Joytrepreneurs Podcast with Apurva Garware

Joytrepreneurs Podcast with Apurva Garware

By Apurva Garware

Are you ready to unleash your inner Joytrepreneur by taking the leap into living an authentic and joyful life? Imagine being connected with inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs who have boldly pursued their dreams despite difficult challenges. Welcome to Joytrepreneurs, a podcast hosted by Apurva Garware, featuring courageous women on their powerful journeys toward true fulfillment! Here we delve deep into how they bravely navigated through life's complexities in order to create solutions that open up new opportunities for themselves and others around them. Tune in as we explore what it truly means to live courageously while achieving personal growth along the way!
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Episode 5: Eugina Jordan

Joytrepreneurs Podcast with Apurva GarwareFeb 27, 2023

Episode 5: Eugina Jordan

Episode 5: Eugina Jordan

About this episode:

Welcome to the Joytrepreneur's podcast with your host, Apurva Garware. 

On this episode, we are thrilled to have Eugina Jordan, the Chief Marketing Officer at Telecom Infra Project and a marketing executive with an inspiring track record of success. 

With experience at globally-recognized companies such as Cisco and Stratton Networks, her career journey was not without obstacles. 

She has been vocal about advocating for women in tech and is now using her platform to create a space where they can reach their goals more quickly. 

In our chat today, Eugina will share her story and the motivation behind her upcoming book- launching in May 2023. 

We'll learn more about the challenges she's faced, how she overcame them, and what advice she has for other women who seek to follow in her footsteps. 

Join us as we uncover what it takes to be an inspirational leader and motivator in the highly competitive technology industry!

About Eugina:

Eugina, a female Executive and an immigrant, started her telecom career as a secretary and now has gone on to become the CMO of the prominent industry organization Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

She has over 20+ years of strategic marketing leadership experience, leading marketing and communications for small and Fortune 500 global technology companies like Starent and Cisco.

Previously, she served as the VP of Marketing of the major telecom industry disruptor Parallel Wireless and was instrumental in creating the Open RAN market category.

She is a well-sought-after speaker at many technology and telecom events and webinars. She is a well-known telecom writer contributing to publications like “RCR Wireless”, “The Fast Mode”, “Developing Telecoms” and many others.

She is also an inventor, holding 12 patents that include 5G and Open RAN.

Her passion is to help other women in tech realize their full potential through mentorships, community engagement, and workshops. Her leadership development book “Unlimited: How to succeed in a workplace that was not designed for you” is due for release in May 2023.

Ms. Jordan resides in Massachusetts with her husband, teenage son, and three rescue dogs. She loves theater and museums. She volunteers for dog rescues and programs that help underprivileged children and women.

Ms. Jordan has a Master’s in Teaching from Moscow Pedagogical University and studied computer undergrad at CDI College in Toronto, Canada.

Connect with Eugina:

Eugina’s Profile


Feb 27, 202332:55
Episode 4: Elizabeth Lee

Episode 4: Elizabeth Lee

About this episode:

Elizabeth is the founder of Holy Moly Foods, a venture inspired by her passion for bringing tantalizing flavors to the market and a long family tradition of delicious Chinese cooking. Growing up in the Bay Area, Elizabeth later moved to Shanghai for a few years before returning to the United States for college. There, she launched multiple grassroots campaigns that quickly garnered an audience from dozens of students to thousands as she returned to the Bay Area and took on a role at the intersection of education and communications. It was then that Elizabeth decided to channel her passion into something bigger; something that would combine creativity with food. Thus, Holy Moly Foods was born.

As their first release, Holy Moly launched their everything seasoning crisp- designed with bold flavors and zestful spices that make it perfect for spicing up any dish. With ingredients sourced directly from small family-run farms, this flavor-packed seasoning adds an extra crunch while still maintaining its natural aroma and taste.

Join our conversation as Elizabeth brings you on her journey through culinary exploration- making sure each bite is as delicious as it is memorable!

About Elizabeth Lee:

Elizabeth is full-time communication professional by day and an aspiring food entrepreneur by night.

Her latest venture, HolyMoly! Foods is inspired by her passion for bringing innovative flavors to the market and her family's long-standing traditions in Chinese cooking.

Connect with Elizabeth:

You can follow her journey at @eatholymoly on Instagram.

Website coming soon!

Feb 23, 202337:08
Episode 3: Rebecca Woods

Episode 3: Rebecca Woods

About this episode:

Welcome to the Joytrepreneurs podcast! Today, we are honored to have Rebecca Woods, Founder, and Chief Information Officer of Bluebird Tech Solutions, an innovative tech services and consulting company operating within the healthcare industry.

Rebecca's ascendance within her field has been impressive and noteworthy. At the age of 30, she was already able to obtain a CIO role - a feat that is unheard of in most industries. Despite her achievements and qualifications, Rebecca found it difficult to be taken seriously in many professional settings; she was often mistaken for event staff due to her youth and gender.

Fortunately, with the help of a strong network of mentors, colleagues, and friends, Rebecca was able to make the best out of any situation. This positive experience propelled her to establish bluebird leaders - an organization designed to support women leaders by providing various resources such as mentorship opportunities, workshops, and conferences.

In this show episode, we will explore Rebecca's journey in more detail while discussing key topics such as the power of mentorship and community in helping women advance their careers. We hope that by hearing about Rebecca's story, you can gain valuable insights into how having supportive relationships can make all the difference when striving for success.

About Rebecca Woods:

Rebecca Woods, MHA, PM, is an accomplished senior executive, with more than 16 years of experience in health IT and healthcare administration. She is the founder and Virtual Chief Information Officer of Bluebird Tech Solutions, and the Founder of Bluebird Leaders. With experience spanning from startups, nonprofits, rural health networks, regional hospital systems, and federally qualified health centers, Rebecca boasts a successful track record of technical implementations that include EMR, telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and central access centers. She previously served as VP and CIO for the University of Vermont’s Porter Medical Center, and VP of Provider Services for Lakes Region General Healthcare, a network of 25 ambulatory primary care and specialty practices. Rebecca is most passionate about bridging the gap between technological and clinical mindsets and is uniquely accustomed to partnering with frontline providers in order to maximize efficiency and drive process improvement.

Rebecca received an MHA from the University of Phoenix and a PM from Villanova University. She worked diligently to receive the national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise. She serves on the Board for HIMSS New England, volunteers at Saint Patrick Academy, and provides mentorship at the University of New Hampshire. In 2022, she became a member of CHIEF, the only private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders.

Connect with Rebecca:

Websites (Company) (Company)

Feb 15, 202330:51
Episode 2: Neeta Jain

Episode 2: Neeta Jain

About this episode:

In today's episode, Neeta Jain joins us to talk about her incredible journey from engineer to performance coach. 

Neeta is passionate about helping women shift their mindset, and move from burnout to high performance. 

Listen in as she shares how she transformed not only herself, but also the lives of others, and founded Her Shakti, a holistic wellness program for immigrant women. 

Since its launch, this program has seen an incredible amount of traction with over 1,500 members - a true testament to Neeta’s hard work and dedication toward helping those who need it most. 

In order to tackle burnout and stress, Neeta advises looking inward and nurturing the source of joy within ourselves. 

When we create space for ourselves in order to do that, we can experience feelings of excitement and positivity as opposed to dread and anxiety that often accompanies stress. 

Finally, we discuss why it is so important for women to take action on their passions - whether it be a side hustle, goal, or hobby - to create balance in their lives and prevent burnout. 

This is an incredibly motivating episode full of concrete advice that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired!

About Neeta Jain:

Neeta Jain is an Engineer turned Performance Coach, Founder of Her Shakti LLC, a wellness empowerment platform dedicated to Immigrant women.

Neeta completed her Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Delaware and worked as a technologist for 14 years until she found her passion in supporting ambitious high performers to shatter glass ceilings without breaking down their bodies and mental well-being.

She is also a board-certified Health Coach (NBHWC) and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Neeta has also worked with hundreds of women in numerous notable companies including Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Connect with Neeta:

Neeta is offering her wellness strategy sessions. 

Here is the link to book the call 

Neeta's Websites:

Feb 08, 202333:07
Episode 1: Megan Nufer

Episode 1: Megan Nufer

About this episode:

Tune in to this podcast episode where we dive into the story of Megan Nufer – the CEO and founder of one of the only places on the internet where you can buy products from brands that align with the values that you believe in.

In 2020, Megan found herself at a career crossroads, encountering a glass ceiling regarding promotions and pay increases. 

Rather than feeling disheartened about her predicament, she used it as an opportunity to tackle a problem plaguing the world – hate crimes against Asians, racism against African Americans following George Floyd's death, and the early onset of the pandemic. 

This inspired her to launch - empowering entrepreneurs to use their everyday struggles as motivation to create something better. 

In this conversation, we'll discuss how entrepreneurs can consider these issues when creating businesses or products that will make a difference in people's lives. 

We'll also explore Megan's journey from idea generation to implementation - including how she overcame obstacles along the way and what advice she would give those looking for inspiration for their ventures. 

Get ready to be inspired by this Joytrepenuer who is transforming our world with her entrepreneurship!

About Megan Nufer:

Megan is the Founder & CEO of Mayven, a consumer platform that allows users to find and discover brands that match their values. 

Initially a certified public accountant (CPA), Megan has a background in financial accounting and audit and vast experience in people management, corporate strategy, business operations, and risk. Before starting Mayven, Megan spent 10+ years in the financial services industry working for large institutional companies.

A Wisconsin native, Megan has spent her entire career in the Midwest and is proud to call Chicago home, where she lives with her two children, husband, and golden retriever.

Connect with Megan:

You can reach out to her via email at or connect with her on LinkedIn-Megan Nufer 

Feb 01, 202334:07
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