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The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps

The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps

By Michael "Fritz" Fritzius

Are you a business owner with a story to share? Let's face it: building a dream from the ground up isn't easy. But it is easy to think that it's all sunshine and rainbows. This podcast, The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOps, talks about peoples' stories about how they got started, what their dream is all about, what they're passionate about, but also the challenges and struggles they face as they create something out of nothing.

Enjoy the listen.

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Twyla Dell - The Earth's Next Fuel

The Hot Mic @ Arch DevOpsJul 16, 2020

Paul Benigeri - Helping the Nano-Influencers
Jun 22, 202131:24
Kuda Biza - It's Nunbelievable
May 18, 202125:15
Antoan Rusinov - Marketing and Board Games
May 11, 202126:25
Terry McDougall - Entrepreneurship is Not for Sissies
Apr 01, 202128:07
Kate Trusova - Zero Waste Lifestyle During the Pandemic
Apr 01, 202130:40
Purdeep Sangha - Being Distinct and Helping Businesses Help Themselves
Apr 01, 202120:55
Robert Hall - Staying Kissable with Gummies

Robert Hall - Staying Kissable with Gummies

A good friend of mine got me introduced to today's guest, and after hearing what he's got going on, I'm sold on the mission. Robert Hall is the founder of So-B and he's answering the call to improve lip health for everyone. Every year 45 million suffer from ailments causing unsightly lip health, and growing up it affected him in a negative way. He shared with me how he started the company in October 2020 and what the journey's been like. Many of the lessons he's learned center around actively listening to customers, and finding out ways to fold in suggestions from a small segment of those customers. The real treasure, and a great way to improve your offering, is figuring out the best blend of all the data to create a wonderful experience across the whole customer base. Not many companies do this on purpose, because it's hard, but the road less travelled is the most rewarding. Find more about Robert on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn by searching for 'sobliphealth'. Enjoy the listen. 

Apr 01, 202134:51
Dr. Denise Dennis - Marketing Automation the Right Way
Apr 01, 202131:22
Noah Pusey - Old and Busted Performance Reviews? Not Hotness with Ripple
Apr 01, 202130:03
Amber Comadira-Smith - The Sweet Side of Entrepreneurship
Apr 01, 202133:37
Jas Rawlinson - On Unrealistic Expectations with Entrepreneurship
Apr 01, 202133:11
Jane Tabachnick - Simply Good Press
Apr 01, 202132:34
Nelly Yusupova - Putting the Horse Before the Cart
Apr 01, 202129:55
Hanieh Sigari - Helping others to age well, live well, & do good.
Mar 01, 202129:56
John Bunting - The Startup Startup
Mar 01, 202127:30
Ean Murphy - Do You Hate Numbers? Listen to This Episode

Ean Murphy - Do You Hate Numbers? Listen to This Episode

You know, one of the most stressful parts of business for a lot of entrepreneurs is looking at the books. Ugh. I mean shoot even sometimes I don't like to look at where money's going, but if you plan to have a profitable business, you probably should be at least taking a peek at it once in awhile. Ean Price Murphy is a Mastery Level practitioner of Profit First Bookkeeping, a program designed to give you full transparency and insights on where your money is going, and how to think in terms of driving more profit for your company. On today's episode we talk about the mindset that goes into creating such a business, and the effects of engineering your environment to force yourself into being more successful. It's a relaxing yet energetic mix of mindfulness, brain hacking, financing and spreadsheet, but most of all: moxie. Which is great, because that's the name of her business. If you hate numbers but know you need awesome bookkeeping, reach out to Ean by googling Moxie Bookkeeping, and find her on LinkedIn and Facebook. Let's 'pivot' into the episode now. That's a spreadsheet joke. Sounded better in my head. Anyway, here we go! 

Mar 01, 202129:45
Nicholas Prouten - Hot Mic Unplugged: Crypto, Ubiquity, Precious Metals and Psychology
Mar 01, 202137:10
Sidd Masand - Civil Engineer By Day, Rock and Roll Engineer By Night

Sidd Masand - Civil Engineer By Day, Rock and Roll Engineer By Night

He's a civil engineer by day, and a Youtube video producer by night. Sidd Masand is the brains behind the Rock and Roll True Stories channel on Youtube, and hearing his story is a great example of human spirit in action. The financial crash in 2008 and 2009 and a lot of extra work stress made him realize he really wanted to reclaim his freedom and passion for work. So he started up a Youtube channel. And it's ended up being a pretty good revenue stream. The biggest piece of advice he has is, find a niche and go all in. It takes a lot of bravery to do that, but if you go that direction it'll pay off huge. And you won't wear yourself out trying to be all things to all people. If you want to hear more about the stories this chill Canadian is putting together, search for Rock and Roll True Stories to track down his channel. Let's jump into the conversation now. 

Mar 01, 202128:44
Lee Chambers - You Are Not Your Business
Mar 01, 202127:25
Matt Rosenthal - The Department of Redundancy Dept.
Mar 01, 202131:48
Laurent Notin - In the Middle of a Challenge There is Opportunity
Mar 01, 202128:59
Frederick Shegog - Here Now For a Reason
Feb 01, 202133:08
Chantelle Quow - Do You Have a Plan for Being TOO Successful? You Should!
Feb 01, 202124:57
Vinnie Fisher - Rise and Grind - The Right Way
Feb 01, 202126:60
Sanjeev Chitre - The Periodic Table of Entrepreneurship

Sanjeev Chitre - The Periodic Table of Entrepreneurship

I've only known Sanjeev for... well, officially 36 minutes as of this recording. But already I've found him to be an amazingly sharp guy, always willing to share what he's learned about entrepreneurship. There are some key things in here that every new entrepreneur needs to know about before they run out and build their thing. See, there's a reason why most businesses fail. It's because people largely keep making the same mistakes. It's part of the human condition. But there's a scientific way to go about building business that greatly increases your chances of success, and Sanjeev's got it figured out. Four things to keep in mind: is the market confused about what it wants? Do you bring a unique differentiation to the table? Is there a large market for what you do? And do you have the team or capabilities yourself to make it happen? If the answer to all four is 'yes' then you're on the right track. And if not, now you have some areas for improvement. Yeah! Science! You can build a business in a measurable way. After listening to Sanjeev's wisdom, check the show notes for how to learn more about him and his new book coming out in Q1 2021. Let's get going. 

Feb 01, 202129:21
Charles Read - Navigating the Waters of Tax Law, and Having a Blast Doing It
Feb 01, 202128:29
Craig Inzana - The Right Time to Stop

Craig Inzana - The Right Time to Stop

Craig Inzana and I met awhile back when both of us were entrepreneurs, and things ended up changing on his end. Turns out it was for the better. He's now working at a marketing agency where he's able to bring everything he learned about business and himself, to the table. Over the last couple years, he's learned that it's really easy to go down rabbit holes and take on different challenges rapidly. That's kinda how the entrepreneurial brain works! But when trying to build a company of employees and foster stability, that approach doesn't work so hot. I was kinda concerned about bringing up the topic of business ownership today and made sure he was cool talking about it, and he was. And this episode is full of great advice. One day we'll get him back, and when that happens he's got a plan to rebuild the right way, and rock socks. Find Craig all over social media, and in particular on LinkedIn. For now, enjoy the listen and the learning. 

Feb 01, 202139:39
Dustin Miller - PolyInnovator - Maybe Stop Pushing
Feb 01, 202130:20
Steve Pereira - Becoming a Completed Nerd
Feb 01, 202139:00
Ashlee Dozier - Building Business and Smelling Spectacular

Ashlee Dozier - Building Business and Smelling Spectacular

*sniff* You smell that? Well probably not, because you're listening to this. But if the technology were available, smell would be a great way to enjoy this episode. Got the change to talk with Ashlee Dozier today about Anuket Luxury Apothecary. Named for an Egyptian goddess, she shared the story about how she started off working in the public health space, and after some big life challenges, decided to pack everything in storage and travel the world. One of the places she happened to end up was Egypt. And one of the places the guide happened to bring her to was a small family-owned perfumery. And one of the scents they happened to specialize in was Papyrus. It smelled so good, she bought a good amount of it to send home. Turns out that people here in the US loved the fragrance so much they convinced her to start a business. The rest is history. Funny how that happens! Although she's a fairly new business owner, she's already carved out a deep niche as one of the only suppliers of this essential oil in the US, and is helping support that small perfumery back in her second home of Egypt. This is a really good conversation that will give you some neat insights in the world of apothecary, supply chain and entrepreneurship. If you're looking to change how you smell, Ashlee is all over social media under the handle @anuketluxury. Check out the website at or email her directly at She's always down to talk shop, smells and stuff. Let's listen in now. 

Feb 01, 202126:38
Noa Ronen - Look Beyond the Solution That Keeps You Stuck
Feb 01, 202131:50
Bronwyn Reid - Helping David Make Friends With Goliath
Feb 01, 202134:12
Vanessa Zamy - Supercharge Your 9 to 5
Feb 01, 202134:11
William Walley - Slingin' Wisdom by Storytelling

William Walley - Slingin' Wisdom by Storytelling

Got a different episode for y'all today. I met William Walley through a mutual friend who was also a previous podcast guest, and learned more about him on a call a few months ago. And I gotta say: William is the embodiment of 'good old boy'. From the deep south here in the US, he's fashioned himself into an amazing storyteller, painting pictures of his life and lessons learned in a way that you can apply to yours right away. Since our last call of course a lot's happened in the world regarding COVID and political strife, but he keeps plugging away, living life on his terms. This episode inspired me to maybe come up with another type of podcast along these lines. I think you'll appreciate his easy style and willingness to share what he's learned. If you'd like to hear more of him, he's got his own podcast as well called 'World of Walley', and a Facebook page of the same name. Find his personal page on Facebook by looking for, as he describes, 'a bald-headed Bruce Willis looking guy'. There's some key wisdom in today's episode for you whether you're an entrepreneur or not, so listen in and see how it applies. Let's get going. 

Feb 01, 202136:49
Jelena Radonjic - Spending 90,000 Hours Being Unhappy :(
Feb 01, 202125:08
Angel Ribo - Don't Wait, Take Imperfect Action Now
Feb 01, 202130:60
Lisa Cox - It's Ok to Suck At Certain Things
Feb 01, 202137:25
Michael Castiglione - The Cure for Sales Cancer

Michael Castiglione - The Cure for Sales Cancer

Today's guest is Michael Castiglione, Los Angeles native and franchise owner at Sandler Training. In our first conversation I had a few weeks back it was impressive how open he was about sales, and what it truly means to sell with a heart for service. So I asked him if he wanted to be on a podcast and here we are! 2020 has been the year of reslience and sales is one of the best ways to build even more of it. And we have some awesome takeaways for you. Learning to love the word 'no' and treat it as an option to learn more. Driving yourself to having more quality conversations. Not being afraid to take people out of a pipeline. And how to use the acronym BAGELS to set goals for yourself every day. I had a hard time keeping up with typing all the great advice I heard today, and am eager to implement it. You will be too. After listening, reach out to Michael on LinkedIn. He's easy to find, just look for a cheesy smile and bald head--his words not mine. Come on in and join the conversation. 

Feb 01, 202130:49
Raj Goodman Anand - 3rd Time's the Charm
Feb 01, 202118:14
Swire Ho - Turning Prospects Into Fans With Promo Products

Swire Ho - Turning Prospects Into Fans With Promo Products

Got the chance to talk to Swire Ho today and find out what he's got going on with his company, Garuda Promo. We often think that promotional products are just cheap throwaway items that you get at conferences that last a few days before they're used up. And I mean, there are plenty of products like that out there. But Swire's mission is different: incredibly high quality products for the purpose of helping build deep relationships with people. Each item that you gift a previous, current or future client is something that they should really enjoy, and have a constant reminder of the kind of relationship that's being forged between them and you personally. Listen in for tips about what he's learned about himself on the entrepreneurial journey, what sectors to go after and the value of true relationship building. Swire and I are already chatting so come on in and join us. 

Feb 01, 202122:38
Steven Slutzky - Looking Back on the Last 20 Years (and Forward to the Next 20)
Feb 01, 202140:49
Craig Lewis - Don't Lose Your Crown, Kings
Feb 01, 202142:23
Matt Sodnicar - Staying Chill About Entrepreneurship While Staying Just Warm Enough
Feb 01, 202129:02
John Paragon - The Paragon of Business Scalability - Literally
Feb 01, 202145:20
Kathleen Celmins - Video Marketing Might Be the Only Option Now
Feb 01, 202132:01
Jay Shifman - Misuse, Not Abuse
Feb 01, 202132:15
Ange Dove - Ahead of Her Time and Too Successful. Good Problems To Have?
Feb 01, 202135:08
Sharon Davies - Getting Ghosted in Sales? Try This One Weird Trick
Feb 01, 202144:49
Raj Subrameyer - Discovering Your Inner Genius
Dec 04, 202030:29
Simi Mandelbaum - Therapy Couches and Spreadsheets
Dec 03, 202025:02
Nir Bashan - The Creator Mindset
Dec 02, 202031:02
Bronwyn Morgan - It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Drone!
Dec 01, 202026:48
Tenice Wehmeyer - What it Means to be a Chief Engagement Officer
Nov 30, 202032:51
Erin Joy - On Measuring Trust and Creating Confidence
Nov 27, 202035:43
Mary Beth Flynn - A Unique Art Experience
Nov 26, 202029:53
Kris Edens - Busting the 6-Figure Myth
Nov 25, 202029:27
Luca Ingianni - Accidentally Businessing
Nov 24, 202023:23
Amy Blaschka - It Ain't Cheating!
Nov 23, 202038:57
Tom Harris - "Money is a side effect of success"

Tom Harris - "Money is a side effect of success"

It takes a special kind of chutzpah to start a business, and Tom Harris has definitely been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. Starting off his career as a developer, he realized that he didn't want to work for a boss, and wanted to start his own thing. With a group of trusted co-founders, they set out to change a small part of the software development space: creating charts easily for project management software. While it may not seem sexy, project management is an important part of any software project, and being able to communicate results to higher-ups is even more so. As it turns out, the culture that Tom has helped build at Old Street Solutions is one that's poised to help their company be a powerful talent magnet. Fostering trust, enabling people to succeed, and let everyone tap into their Inner Maker's Mindset are the most important pillars to their company's growth. He said, 'Money is a side effect of success', and success to them is happy employees and happy customers. If you're ready to get your project management leveled up to where everybody can understand what's going on, Google Old Street Solutions or Custom Charts for Jira. And as always, enjoy the listen.

Nov 20, 202030:07
Robin Bennett - Versin' and Vibin'

Robin Bennett - Versin' and Vibin'

Today's guest didn't always consider herself an entrepreneur, but after realizing that her approach to business does uniquely solve problems no one else could, she adopted the term. Or at least, kinda. Robin Bennett is an experience content writer, sales and marketing expert, and calls herself a Proud Generalist. The Founder of Verse and Vibe, she helps companies take their content writing to the next level, and encourages straight shooting language. No fluff, no false rapport building and no beating around the bush. These days, direct communication with a clear next step is key when we're drowning in content. How are you distinguishing your message from everybody else, including your competitors? Robin can help you find out. Reach out to Robin anytime at And as always, enjoy the listen.

Nov 19, 202032:04
Jermane Cheathem - Entrepreneurship as a Service
Nov 18, 202027:03
Arn Terry - Happiness is the Most Important Metric

Arn Terry - Happiness is the Most Important Metric

Today's guest was a very well respected and successful recruiter, making six figures and climbing his way up the corporate ladder. And one day he decided to start a business. He quickly went from making six figures to making... well, zero! 'Why would someone do that?' you might ask. Well entrepreneurs are just built different, and today's story with Arn Terry shows that living life with a focus on happiness, and not focusing on money will lead to some amazing opportunities. Sometimes you might think like he did, 'Why didn't I start this particular venture 10 years ago?' and realize later: you're right on time, right where you need to be. Life can be a struggle if you have a stranglehold on it. And life can be oppressing if you aren't looking around at the opportunities available to you. What might you be missing out on? Find out in today's episode. And as always, enjoy the listen.

Nov 17, 202035:20
J.C. Granger - Marketing at Scale!
Nov 16, 202032:49
Justin Cullifer - Hey Alexa, Don't Throw Stones
Nov 13, 202030:02
Megan Miller - The El Nino of Spanish Coaching
Nov 12, 202034:04
Michael McDonnell - Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

Michael McDonnell - Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

At two months old he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Growing up with an affliction like that would bring most people down, but today's guest, Michael McDonnell is just built different. He ended up using it as a way to unlock his super power. He learned at an early age that he had control of his health, and became a personal trainer and tennis coach. Balancing his life with his work was the key to him having a handle on CF in such a way that many people didn't even realize he had it until it came out in a local paper. The fact that he was able to perform at top levels even with a challenge like this set him apart from many others, and set him on a great path to success. Ain't nothin' gonna break this guy's stride, and you'll hear the energy in today's episode. What's holding you back from success? With the right mindset, the answer should be: nothing. 

Find outmore about Michael below: 

Ask Mike Show - Podcast
@themichaelbrian on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

And as always.... enjoy the listen.

Nov 11, 202041:47
Ed Evarts - The Squishy Part of Leadership

Ed Evarts - The Squishy Part of Leadership

So what's true leadership all about? Is it just bossing people around or is it something deeper? Well if you're a fan of this show, you already know where my and my guests opinions lie on this matter, and that true leadership is so much more than just delegating tasks to whoever is available. What we haven't talked about much on The Hot Mic though is about how one becomes a leader. What's the catalyst? How does it begin? Today's guest is Ed Evarts, who is both the Founder and President of Excellius Leadership Development, and also a fellow podcast host for the podcast Be Brave At Work. And we have a really engaging conversation about what true leadership not only looks, but feels like. It's more squishy and human than you might think. And away we go!

Nov 10, 202033:53
Ann Sieg - Best Kept Secret About the Internet

Ann Sieg - Best Kept Secret About the Internet

Hey, guys listen: I've got a secret. Come close I'm gonna whisper it: you can make money on the internet. Mind blowing, right? Some people treat e-commerce like it's some unattainable thing and that you have to have a huge business in order to sell things online. But when it comes to selling items on Amazon, it makes it much easier. I had the chance to talk with Ann Sieg, founder of the E-Commerce Business School, and multiple best selling author of books in the same genre, and talked with her about how literally anyone can get started making money on Amazon. All it takes is some ingenuity and understanding of how the market there works, which her program digs deep into educating people on. I got so excited on this episode that I'm going to bootleg this and give it to my wife so she can listen to it ahead of schedule. If you're looking for a new way to generate cash flow, this might just be a way for you to create some solid side income. Let's jump in. 

Nov 09, 202026:49
Andy Vargo - When We're Our Own Worst Critic
Nov 06, 202023:41
Rev. Fred Shaw - Faulty Medical Models and Misinformed Law Enforcement

Rev. Fred Shaw - Faulty Medical Models and Misinformed Law Enforcement

There's a lot going on these days. Protesting, rioting, law enforcement issues, adn general chaos. But where does mental health and medication fit in? We find out on today's episode with third-time guest Rev. Fred Shaw, who's had a fire to advocate for true mental health. Did you know that many medications make it difficult to get a clean read on peoples' personality, and can actually affect what law enforcement professionals do in response to a perceived threat? Did you know that the medical model that's been used to gauge mental health today has roots in racism? Did you know that even though our society is paying attention to mental health, that the problem isn't getting better, it's actually getting worse? It's a tough nut to crack, but the people at CCHR are actively working on this. If you find yourself struggling with things that normally would be taken care of with psychiatric treatment, please pay attention to this episode and reach out to Rev. Fred when you can. He always seeks to inform, and there's a lot that can be learned that can help you reclaim true mental health. Let's jump in. 

Nov 05, 202026:31
Tracy Nosal - The Renegade Mentor
Nov 04, 202029:39
Jeanet Wade - Is Totally Human Culture Possible in the Workplace?
Nov 03, 202027:52
Jon Manley - Stop Touching Base!
Nov 02, 202029:34
Liz Grantham - What is Your Optimal You?
Oct 30, 202034:09
Tim Hebel - Growing a Beanstalk
Oct 29, 202022:36
Adriana Gavazzoni - "Lawyers Are Just Frustrated Writers"
Oct 28, 202029:15
Helen Fraser - Virtual Travel While Promoting Indigenous Culture
Oct 27, 202036:10
Scott Ford - The Bob Vila of The Internet
Oct 26, 202029:54
Julia Wuench - Fostering Human Connections at Work
Oct 23, 202029:20
Tessie Castillo and George Wilkerson - Voices from Death Row
Oct 21, 202022:01
Dr. Renee Exelbert - Reclaiming Control After Cancer
Oct 20, 202032:54
Brad Farris - Breaking Through Million-Dollar Walls
Oct 19, 202028:30
Matt Martin - Keeping Performers In Touch With Their Fans

Matt Martin - Keeping Performers In Touch With Their Fans

In an age where people are kinda starved for that human connection, Matt Martin and his team found a way to connect two somewhat unlikely demographics: stars and their fans. 

The platform is called Starsona, and during the downtime in the entertainment industry where people are struggling to find work, it's built to monetize the connection between athletes, entertainers and influencers to the very people who like them. Enjoy the listen. 

Oct 15, 202024:02
Rita Joyan - Unboxing Your Gift

Rita Joyan - Unboxing Your Gift

Oct 14, 202036:41
Pam Jamison - Dirty Deeds Done at Reasonable Prices
Oct 13, 202030:18
Elzie Flenard - Always Wanted to Be a Podcast Host
Oct 12, 202027:25
Susan Sheehan - Living Rich and Healthy Lives
Oct 09, 202035:05
Melanie Wood - Empowering Change Through Public Speaking
Oct 08, 202030:51
Nicole Santer - Pivoting into Event Planning During a Pandemic
Oct 07, 202030:51
Mark Kumar - Building Business Around Passion, Not the Other Way Around
Oct 06, 202030:42
Johnny Crowder - How to Cope with Mental Health Using Technology
Oct 05, 202028:26
Madison and Evan Tate - CBD the Right Way
Oct 02, 202029:48
Laura Staley - How to Truly Cherish Your World
Oct 01, 202037:27
Laura DiBenedetto - Accepting the Best You That You Can Be
Sep 30, 202043:59
Jeff Ikler - Pivoting Education Toward Leadership and Culture Change
Sep 29, 202030:17
Neil Hughes - From Left Brained to Right Brained - Leaving Corporate Tech to Change the World
Sep 28, 202028:46
Brenden Kumarasamy - De-Spooking Public Speaking
Sep 25, 202025:45
Brenda Neckvatal - The HR Force of Nature
Sep 24, 202033:21
Kris Edens - Rocking Midlife Like a Boss!
Sep 23, 202027:14
Madison and Evan Tate - Constructing a Construction Biz
Sep 22, 202027:29
Stella Gianotto - What's the Future Hold for Marketing and Branding?
Sep 21, 202028:51
Dr. Darian Parker - Keeping Fit and Healthy in a Virtual World
Sep 18, 202029:33
Abhi Gupta - Virtualizing Learning and Forging New Data Scientists
Sep 17, 202030:47
Trevor Newberry - Navigating the Path of Entrepreneurship
Sep 16, 202036:22
Aaron Shawn Harper - From the Gridiron to the Boardroom, Inspiration vs. Motivation
Sep 15, 202029:41
Karin Tischler - Diversifying the Workforce by Upending Cultural Norms
Sep 14, 202031:34
Chris Chapman - dude don't tell my boss but i'm starting a side hustle lol
Sep 11, 202032:29
Kimberly Davis - Being Truly Authentic Leaders, Not Just Paying it Lipservice
Sep 10, 202029:19
Kevin Strauss - Using Social Media the Right Way to Promote Mental Health
Sep 09, 202037:37
Tom Dietzler - Career Mutt
Sep 08, 202026:43
Trish Springsteen - Introversion as a Superpower for Public Speaking
Sep 07, 202031:33
Thomas Halikias - Gameception
Sep 04, 202028:01
Terri Adams-Munn - Fulfilling Ten Thousand Dreams for the World

Terri Adams-Munn - Fulfilling Ten Thousand Dreams for the World

How many of us settle for a life that is less than we truly want or desire?

So often we take advantage of an opportunities that come our way early in life, however end up forgetting to look for and take advantage of other opportunities later on
We get stuck in a groove of habits, and conform to the expectations placed on us by the world around us, and we forget to pursue our dreams.

Terri’s goal is to get people to reassess this, to