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Ari P Podcast

Ari P Podcast

By Arianna Pienaar

The intention of this space is to explore the art of active surrender and spiritual activism, and what it means to be a leader in times where dogma and external validation seems to be the method through which the collective psyche is being controlled.
From me, well you can expect contradictions and questions that stir the soul, all in an attempt to create space to soften around our hardened edges.
Whilst my main jam is to teach about energy medicine let’s be really clear about something - everything is energy and so our thoughts, words, actions and intentions all play a part in the application
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Ari P PodcastJan 13, 2020

EPISODE 47: How to get Glowing, Radiant Skin from the Inside Out

EPISODE 47: How to get Glowing, Radiant Skin from the Inside Out

In this audio, which is originally a video, I’m going to dive deep into the secrets of achieving radiant, glowing skin naturally. You can say goodbye to those endless creams and treatments and start to care for your skin from the inside out.


You’re here because you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on skincare products that promise miracles.
And you’re ready for a change. Let’s explore how a few minor yet super-effective tweaks can transform your skin from the inside out!

Before we get into the solution, let's talk about the problem. I've been there myself. Adult acne in my mid-late 20’s, doctor-prescribed antibiotics, that wreaked havoc on my gut, and so when he suggested Retinoids I said no to those harsh treatments and chose a different path.

Around the same time, I was studying health coaching, and the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. Understanding how nutrition and supplements impact our skin was the missing piece I'd been searching for. Once I gained that knowledge, I started to see incredible results."

Now, let's talk about the solution. Most people focus solely on what they apply to their skin, overlooking what they consume. It's an easy mistake to make—I made it for years. But with the information I'm sharing today, you too, can make a change.

My intention is to provide you with practical tips on incorporating skin-loving foods into your diet and supplementing wisely. We'll discuss what really works and how to embark on your journey to luminous, radiant skin.


Simple as that.


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Sep 24, 202317:39
EPISODE 46: Stop Stretching! An (Unconventional) Conversation with Yogi Aaron
May 23, 202342:22
Episode 45: Burnt-Out Babe (the LIVE Workshop Recording)
Apr 19, 202301:16:35
EPISODE 44: Are you Struggling with your Intuition?

EPISODE 44: Are you Struggling with your Intuition?

Do you think you don’t have access to your intuition?

Then this episode is for you.

I speak to the reasons why you tell yourself you can’t hear your intuition, and also about what seeing psychics can do to our energy overall.



EPISODE 3: Intuition

Come and learn the incredible skill of Energy Medicine with me in my Lessons in Truth Mentorship. We are opening enrolments soon and you can get your name on the waitlist right here to have the opportunity to join me with a very special discount.


Other ways we can work together?

  1. Join me for Aroma Energetics. This is a 1:1 coaching program (with self study modules and recorded trainings) that will give you a deeper understanding of how the oils and flower remedies can support your energy in ways you've likely not learnt before, to draw from them emotionally, to call on them to support in energetic alignment with your true self, and help others do the same.
  2. Join UNIFIED - and experience high end private coaching with me. This is a 1:1 Holistic Health Coaching & Mentoring Program for High Achievers and High Performers who have pushed themselves to near burnout.
Apr 03, 202318:40
EPISODE 43: Strategies to relieve overwhelm and panic in your business (and or at work)

EPISODE 43: Strategies to relieve overwhelm and panic in your business (and or at work)

Feeling Overwhelmed or panicked?

Struggling with making decisions?

This episode is the audio file from a You Tube Clip (here if you’d prefer to watch it) which addresses these fears and how to manage and cope, along with strategies to support you in achieving the outcome you most desire.

I also speak to the fear of letting go, and how this blocks our intuition.

One of the highlights of this conversation is my explanation about focussing on the problem, and how this stops us from finding the solution (the not-problem). When we don't allow space for the solution to surface, we suffocate our innate wisdom, which in turn has all other parts of ourselves, feeling stressed out and undernourished.

We discuss ways to remove yourself from the stressors you're experiencing, which at first seem counterintuitive, but that I can guarantee, work every time.

After listening to this episode, have you realised how you're focussing on the problem and not the solution? If so, share your insights with me via Instagram by tagging me @ariannapienaar. 

Your insights could support others too.



Nov 14, 202222:19
EPISODE 42: My Four Favourite Practices for Heart Centered Living

EPISODE 42: My Four Favourite Practices for Heart Centered Living

In this episode I speak to a question I received about my favourite heart centered practices as shared by Danielle Laporte in her Heart Centered Facilitator Leadership Program.   

I've narrowed it down to four practices.  

Listen in to hear exactly what practices I absolutely love and why.  

These practices support my clients with: 

- parts integration 

- thoughts, behaviours, choices and patterns that you can't seem to shift 

- those who feel burned out,  

- experiencing health issues and nervous system challenges,  

- when you need clarity, rest or rejuvenation,  

- if you're having trouble sleeping 

- for those having trouble understanding the perspective of others 

- if you're experiencing anxiety,  

- have a lack of calmness,  

- to wind down and sleep better,  

- to navigate emotional responses,  

- for when you desire more concentration etc.  All of this and more in this episode.  

THE REMEMBRANCE 1:1 Coaching Program:  

Say hi on Socials: #ariannapienaar 

Watch this episode on my YouTube Channel 

YouTube Video URL:


  #spirituality #heartcentered #unityconsciousness

Oct 06, 202213:04
EPISODE 41: Lov Maté - and what it takes to grow a business
Sep 30, 202222:40
EPISODE 40: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to find inner peace.
Sep 12, 202233:48
EPISODE 39: (with Chloe Hilton) An Ode to the Plant Kingdom

EPISODE 39: (with Chloe Hilton) An Ode to the Plant Kingdom

Today on the podcast, I sat with Chloe Hilton, a Woman, mother + foundress who is finding her way home through the magic of the earth + the plants. This episode is an ode to the Plant Kingdom > How Plants sew their Magical Seeds through our lives I loved having a deep and meaningful conversation with Chloe, she reminded me about how it feels to be truly detached AND YET be in love with the physical aspects of beauty. The artistry of this is once you understand a few key Universal concepts, and you learn a few of the levers and pulleys, you can affect the biggest areas of your life, with the least amount of effort. The practices are simple, and yet they're effective. In this episode, Chloe takes us on a journey through: The Story Of The Sacred Elixir @thesacredelixir Her experience of how how other's perceive of her success How Chloe Measures Success in her own life. Having a Relationship with Essential Oils and The Plant Kingdom The concept behind - ‘The Lower you go the more you’re able to feel’ The energy of lack, and how to notice when you’ve been taken over by scarcity Chloe’s experience of building a business with doTERRA Essential Oils Strategies for coming back into alignment
Jul 05, 202255:43
EPISODE 38:  The AND principle when it comes to YOU

EPISODE 38: The AND principle when it comes to YOU

Why your emotional health is dependent on how you feel physicallygenerations ago can continue to shape our experience in the present. 

Generational trauma, also called intergenerational trauma and transgenerational trauma, is passed down through generations in families through genetic changes to a person's DNA after they experience trauma. 

I didn’t mean to get so heavy within the first few lines of this page, but it’s a reality that is often overlooked when going down a path of self-discovery. It’s never really just about you. 

If you want to create a life of peace, tranquility and harmony, then there are a few things you’re going to work through on your way there. 

Whilst most spiritual new age folks will tell you to meditate and journal, and all will come right, I’m here to say - yes that, AND a whole bunch of nervous system regulation, somatic movement therapy and neuro-change to go with. It takes more than only a meditation practice to create a life of ease, plenty and purpose.

It takes YOU, all four parts of YOU - ticking along smoothly.

And the four parts I’m referring to are the emotional. Physical. Mental and spiritual.

In this episode we explore many of the ways in which we can create lasting change in the mind, body, heart and spirit. 

What we talk about:

  • Generational trauma and inter-generational trauma
  • What your lineage has to do with your spiritual development and why it’s never really just about you
  • Understanding your default patterns and behaviours
  • Examples of where you de-fragment in your everyday life, and what that actually means
  • The power of unifying all parts of yourself across your life
  • How your subconscious mind can be in competition or conflict with your conscious desires
  • Why you need more than just meditation and journalling for real change
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) - what it is, and how to use it for powerful change
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and how it’s different to other modalities like NLP
  • The value of energy practices like Reiki, holistic and complementary therapies, alternative therapies, as well as physical practices like breath work, yoga, and nutrition
  • Why it’s vital to do what works for YOU, and not what someone told you worked for them
  • Why your emotional health is dependant on how you feel physically
  • What I do to start the process of figuring out what really is the best practice for me in the moment, including questions to sit with


Mentions & Resources:

The Zuckerman Institute

The Heartmath Institute

Work with Arianna 1:1 -

Join Arianna’s newsletter list -

Jun 03, 202238:04
EPISODE 37:  Six Tips to Negate Overwhelm in Work and Life

EPISODE 37: Six Tips to Negate Overwhelm in Work and Life

I was leading a teleconference this morning with twenty interesting, diverse, solo entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches. The hot subject up for discussion was how overwhelmed, beat, tired, and burned-out many of the people were feeling due to the “too much to do / can’t stop now” syndrome.

Are you one of those people who can’t seem to stop “doing?”

I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t felt overwhelmed from time to time. Since it tends to feel uncomfortable, if not downright unpleasant, we tend to view it as negative and as a weakness. We don’t dare to admit we are overwhelmed or dare to talk about it, which can leave us feeling isolated and alone, further exacerbating the feeling. We often deny we are overwhelmed because we do not know how to stop the frenetic behavior that leads to this feeling. So we do nothing. Our employers, colleagues or friends often do not help support us to stop overworking.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Primarily, this syndrome occurs in our work life but it can carry over to our personal and family life, and it frequently does. Focusing on projects often begins with good intentions but we can quickly and easily be overwhelmed if we do not have a plan to minimize and balance our work. Getting the project finalized for your team, writing the copy for your website, designing the new sales brochure or completing the 90-day marketing plan are extremely important – but having a balanced, health life is equally important.

This stressful pattern is telling you to change your life! Once you get this message, it is easier to identify the steps you need to take to shift out of the behavior quickly.

Following are helpful strategies gleaned from my personal experience and from my work with coaching clients who are burned out, growing cranky, frustrated and even depressed. These strategies immediately diminish feelings of being overwhelmed so you can refocus and make some work/life balance decisions.

What we talk about:

  • How I burned out twice before I found a new way of working
  • Overwhelm being seen as a negative state, or weakness
  • How perpetual start-up mode can contribute to overwhelm
  • How your physical health (and, importantly, ignoring it) contributes to how you feel in your life and work
  • My top six strategies to create space in my life and avoid overwhelm (some of these might surprise you)

Mentions & Resources:

Ari P Podcast S4 E2 -

Work with Arianna 1:1 -

May 27, 202220:12
EPISODE 36: Perceptions Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye

EPISODE 36: Perceptions Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye

We believe we are in control of life when in fact, we control nothing but our perceptions.

Our perceptions are the way in which we regard, understand, or interpret something. They’re subjective and given the chance, naturally change all the time (because we are ever-evolving). What we perceive and believe today, can change in the blink of an eye, rendering that same belief irrelevant or moot tomorrow.

The thing is that we can find ourselves in a situation where we identify with (and get stuck in) any one of our perceptions.

As such we forget to reassess and recalibrate, and can live IN a perception that isn’t the truth for us - this means that we can live in an outdated truth.

If you’re devoted to evolution, then being open to evolve would seem like an obvious choice. THE QUESTION is - do you value change ?

Can you honour the changing tides within yourself?

We talk about all this and more in this week's episode. Let's explore together...

What we talk about:

  • How when we think we’ve chosen something for life (even small things) we box ourselves in and find ourselves in an outdated perception
  • Impermanence as a law of nature
  • How effortless change can be and why ‘doing less’ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually doing less
  • The impact of words like ‘always’ and ‘never’
  • What’s required to create a conscious life
  • Untangling our perceptions, and the impact of our nervous system

Mentions & Resources:

Work with Arianna 1:1 -

May 20, 202220:08
EPISODE 35: Expect With Confidence

EPISODE 35: Expect With Confidence

Often our expectations are based on the assumptions we have about people or groups of people. The same is true of us. Have you ever noticed how your expectations become reality in your personal life? Expectation is literally a self-fulfilling prophecy. We do this consciously and subconsciously.

Remember the kid in grade school who was always really rowdy and disruptive? Sometimes if people already assume they are perceived a certain way, then that is indeed exactly how they will act, even if they don't mean to.

The rowdy kid in grade school knew everyone perceived him as disruptive, and so he was. The teacher expected bad behavior, and the expectations were fulfilled.

Consider the profound impact this can have in your own life. Are the assumptions and expectations you have about yourself liberating or victimizing?

There are countless examples of "self-fulfilling prophecies," or the Law of Expectations at work in everyday life.  The law of expectation basically says you're never going to get more than what you expect out of life. If you expect small things, you're going to get small things. If you expect big things, you're more likely to get big things. The proposition in probability theory known as the law of total expectation, the law of iterated expectations.

Ever notice how people who think they're going to be fired suddenly experience a drop in the quality and enthusiasm for their work? Then what happens? They get fired! Their belief causes them to act a certain way, and those expectations then work to bring about the very thing that at first was only a figment of their imagination.

In another study, second graders listened to statements from their teachers before taking a math test. There were three types of statements: expectation, persuasion, or reinforcement.

The expectation statements went something like, "You know your math really well!" or "You work really hard at your math."

Persuasion statements involved sentences like, "You should be good at math." or "You should be getting better math grades."

Finally, for the reinforcement statements, teachers said things like, "I'm really happy about your progress" or "This is excellent work!"

Now, what do you think the results were? The scores were the highest in the "expectation" category! Why were the expectation statements the most effective? They created personal assumptions within each student. Those assumptions conditioned the actual external results.

How can you see expectations playing out in your own life? I’m be curious to know! Reach out to me on Instagram and let me know.

What we talk about:

  • The relationship between expectations and assumptions that we have based on people, groups, or ourselves
  • We breakdown what an expectation actually is
  • What happens when expectations are met with disappointment
  • The nature of self fulfilling prophesy
  • How I saw expectations play out when I worked in Human Resources
  • A study done around expectation statements with Grade 2 children
  • Self-empowerment

Mentions & Resources:

Work with Arianna 1:1 -

May 12, 202216:46
EPISODE 34: Defragmentation and Unification

EPISODE 34: Defragmentation and Unification

I recently shared a reel on Instagram on an oral hygiene practice I love and boy did it cause a stir! I got so many messages asking about it, many wondering why, as someone who normally shares spiritual and energetic teachings,  I was suddenly sharing about oral health.

Well, the short answer is: It’s all connected. All of it. Any ritual or practice that supports the physical body has an effect on our mental, spiritual, and emotional lives.

How many times have you neglected your physical health in favour of cultivating transcendence? How many times have you negated your emotions because ‘the show must go on’. How many times have you meditated, cleansed, saved, smoked, only to realise the money mind is in still full swing.

It takes a certain amount of audacity to realign and defragment from an un-useful way of being.

Let’s explore this together.

What we talk about:

  • Why physical health is so connected to spiritual practice
  • The oral health reel that caused such a stir on IG
  • How exactly build up of toxins in the body translates to spiritual and emotional issues
What first brought me to yoga, and why I actually got out of it
  • The four fragments of you and how they’re connected
  • What happens when we de-fragment
  • What I’ve noticed in the spiritual and wellness industry over the past few years
  • Our initiations and how they relate to the pieces of ourselves
  • How I support people through their fragmentation in my mentoring business
  • How to use cleansing practices for the whole of you - physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental

Mentions & Resources:

The Oral Hygiene Reel that caused a stir

Oral Hygiene blog 

8 Limbed Path of Yoga 

Work with Arianna 1:1 -

Apr 29, 202226:48
EPISODE 33:  Loving Kindness (What I know for sure)

EPISODE 33: Loving Kindness (What I know for sure)

Kindness and patience are qualities that should not be understood as individual acts that we “do”, such as an “act of kindness” or “patience in the moment.” Eventually we awaken to the realisation that these are graces that reside within us, subtly reshaping an act of kindness into a person of kindness. But awakening requires reflection time as a way of recognising how often our life circumstances seem to set us up to rely upon these graces in order to sustain ourselves through difficult passages.

Let's explore what these can look like in your life, and how you can carve out some reflection space and time to recognise it for yourself through a practice of loving-kindness.

The Definition of loving-kindness is ‘tender and benevolent affection’.

Loving-kindness, also known as metta (in Pali), is derived from Buddhism and refers to a mental state of unselfish and unconditional kindness to all beings. Maitrī (Sanskrit; Pali: mettā) means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others. It is the first of the four sublime states (Brahmaviharas) and one of the ten pāramīs of the Theravāda school of Buddhism. While loving-kindness involves the motivation for happiness, compassion involves the motivation to reduce suffering – not because we find it aversive and are trying to escape it, but we have the loving motivation to reduce or end it.

The metta prayer of loving-kindness is a prayer or mantra used as part of a loving-kindness meditation, or metta bhavana. This kind of meditation and use of a mantra is popular in the Buddhist tradition. The word, metta, comes from Pali and can be translated as “good will” or “loving kindness.” Loving-kindness meditation (sometimes called “metta” meditation) is a great way to cultivate our propensity for kindness. It involves mentally sending goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others by silently repeating a series of mantras.

Quick Take | Loving-Kindness Meditation Benefits:

  • Increase positive emotions.
  • Grow overall wellbeing.
  • Enhance emotional processes.
  • Increase empathy.
  • Improve social connection.
  • Reduce Self Criticism.
  • Increase compassion towards oneself and others.

May I be at ease in my body, feeling the ground beneath my seat and feet … May I be attentive and gentle toward my own discomfort and suffering … May I be attentive and grateful for my own joy and well-being … May I move towards others freely and with openness 

We cannot build our future world with the same rules that applied in the past because this is exactly what got us into the collective mess that we’re experiencing. You must find the link between your happiness and joy AND the happiness and joy of the planet.

What we talk about:

  • Why we sometimes feel we can’t ‘get something’ from loving kindness and compassion
  • loving kindness as a form of humbling mediative practice
  • Where the term loving kindnesscomes from, and what it means
  • The power of creating visions for yourself, and the collective
  • How compassion pairs with loving kindness
  • Live practice - Metta bhavana prayer
  • How loving kindness supports our fragmented selves and in states of victimhood

Mentions & Resources:

Ari P Podcast: Season 4, Episode 1 - Compassionate Acceptance

Ari P Podcast: Season 1, Episode 2 - Compassion as a Highway to Your Intuition

Apr 21, 202226:36
EPISODE 32:  How to Live in Alignment with Your Best Self
Apr 15, 202223:15
EPISODE 31:  Compassionate Acceptance

EPISODE 31: Compassionate Acceptance

By invoking Compassionate Acceptance within, and by activating (and remembering our) capacity for true abundance, health and wellbeing, we restore our heart's innate ability to instantly radiate in all directions and dimensions of time, impacting all of our energy centres and systems. What does it mean to compassionately accept what is, whilst championing change and facilitating sacred activism? Let's explore this together.

What we talk about

  • What Compassionate Acceptance is, and what it isn’t
  • Why the phase you’re in now is perfect
  • Softening and resting without losing your ambition
  • Releasing expectations on yourself and others

Full show notes:

Explore working with Arianna:

Apr 08, 202224:54
EPISODE 30: What is Energy Medicine (myths debunked) ...
Mar 03, 202222:26
EPISODE 29: Virtues (of the Heart) x Positive Psychology
Feb 23, 202232:23
EPISODE 28: Benefits of Positive Psychology
Feb 08, 202218:21
EPISODE 27: - The Three Graces
Jan 19, 202232:37
EPISODE 26: True vs TRUTH (the often misinterpreted difference between the two)
Jan 07, 202219:22
EPISODE 25: Power & Trust with Tiffany Carole
Dec 13, 202152:54
EPISODE 24: A Love Story ...
Nov 24, 202149:41
EPISODE 23: Cranking up Your Creativity
Nov 17, 202117:18
Oct 19, 202119:29
EPISODE 21: The Four Quadrants of EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

EPISODE 21: The Four Quadrants of EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

This episode includes helpful examples to identify where you could focus your attention and energy when beginning to increase your emotional intelligence skills. 

Oct 02, 202132:45
EPISODE 20: - What is EQ and why is it so important?
Sep 22, 202119:21
EPISODE 19: Simple Strategies For When Life Gets Tough

EPISODE 19: Simple Strategies For When Life Gets Tough

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes has a few sideways thrown in too. When things go wrong or don’t go as planned, or when something happens to throw us off balance and doubt ourselves it can be tough to deal with. After all, we all want things to go well and to end up as ‘winners’. But life will always throw challenges at us, and we can’t control everything. Nor should we try. It’s not what happens to you but what you do with what happens to you that makes the difference. Here are two easy ways that you can always come out on top.

1. Focus on Your Strengths

We’re a bunch of contradictions – sorry to break it to you. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad; sometimes hopeful, sometimes pessimistic; sometimes childish and sometimes mature. We also have a whole load of strengths and weaknesses that affect what we do and how we do it, but we tend to put more focus on our weaknesses and not our strengths.

A strength is something that you do consistently well– it’s something you’re just able to do, you’re hard-wired to do it well and you get an inherent satisfaction from doing it. It could be tackling and solving complex problems, empathising with people, having a lively imagination or being able to make the perfect omelette.

Focusing on what you do well rather than what you’re not so good at makes all kinds of sense. When you look at what you’re not good at you feel bad about yourself and your ability, but when you focus on and play to your strengths you’re guaranteed to get results, and can even eliminate any negative effect your weaknesses might have.

2. Set Things Up Ahead Of Time

Sure, there will be times when you can just head into something, do brilliantly at it and get the result you were hoping for (normally if you’re playing to your strengths), but other times you might blunder forwards, wing it and not get the result you wanted. Whatever challenges or opportunities you’re facing you’ll stand a much better chance of getting a great result if you set things up to succeed ahead of time.

So what exactly do you want to happen? What solution, outcome or result would be great? Get really clear on the outcome you want from what’s facing you and how it would feel to get the outcome you’re looking for. Then start breaking it down – what can you do to set things up so that your desired outcome happens? What needs to be put in place? What will help to make what you want to happen, happen? And to ensure the best outcome, what are you willing to do?


Consciousness & Mysticism, Practises & Tools for Clarity & Grace.

may all beings be happy and free

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु


Sep 15, 202127:10
EPISODE 18: My Review of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach Certification Program

EPISODE 18: My Review of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach Certification Program

Full Details of the Podcast Episode here:

If you'd like to discuss this further, feel free to reply to this mail, or book a call with me and we can discuss how I can support you.

Thank you again for listening and I look forward to hearing from you soon,


​Consciousness & Mysticism, Practises & Tools for Clarity & Grace.

may all beings be happy and free

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु


Also, I can make a little bit of Money through being an affiliate for this product.

Sep 01, 202123:21
EPISODE 17: Yoga and Conscious Parenting with Emma Maidment
Aug 26, 202134:51
EPISODE 16: The Yoga of Devotion - with Bhakti Yogi, Lydia Richards

EPISODE 16: The Yoga of Devotion - with Bhakti Yogi, Lydia Richards

In this episode, we talk about the yoga of devotion, and what it means to be a Bhakti Yogi, taking yoga off the mat in a way that's of service.  It includes a short mantra practice so that you can experience the very thing that we’re riffing about in this episode. To chant along, here are the words to The Gayatri Mantra ☞ Om bhūr bhuvaḥ suvaḥ tatsaviturvareṇyaṃ bhargo devasyadhīmahi dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt Gayatri Mantra English Translation: We meditate on the glory of the Creator; Who has created the Universe; Who is worthy of Worship; Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light; Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance; Lydia Richards is a transmitter of yogic practices, Bhakti Yogi and animal lover based in Melbourne, Australia. Sharing devotional mantra, sound healings and Yoga at Yoga Corner (CBD) and Radiant Sol (Port Melbourne), Lydia’s intention is to bring her students back to the bounty of their loving heart. She believes anything and everything is possible when we live more fully from this space. Lydia considers herself a yogi on the Bhakti (devotional) path, immersing herself in trying to understand the lessons of the ancient yogic scriptures and regularly attending Melbourne’s Hare Krishna temple with devotees of Lord Krishna. Embodiment, Love and Honour are the key pillars of her personal practice and offerings as a teacher of this branch of yoga, considered by the Bhagavad Gita to be the “highest yoga”. Read more at: Follow Lydia on Instagram: @_lydiarichards Event links: Radiant Sol: Yoga Corner: AT ARIANNA PIENAAR CO. We help women like you experience ‘more’ from your lives, while reacquainting you with your joy and helping you to manoeuvre through life’s crossroads. From breathwork through to coaching, energy healing & energy medicine we can devise a protocol that is attuned with your "uniqueness" By shifting your focus, embracing oneness, and choosing a life that makes you feel empowered and expansive, you can intentionally choose to live in joy and freedom and co-create a better future for yourself and your loved ones. If you’re tired of asking, “Is this all there is?” This is all you need. Website - Instagram - Podcast - FB -
Aug 11, 202146:16
EPISODE 15: The epidemic of running away from challenges with Claire Bradshaw

EPISODE 15: The epidemic of running away from challenges with Claire Bradshaw

I recently interviewed Claire Bradshaw, Holistic Life and Mindset Coach, on all things yoga, emotional healing, and what our epidemic of running away from our challenges can be cured / treated by following a consistent yoga practice.   

This Podcast episode talks about: 

1. How Yoga Asana brings emotions to the surface, and why this is important in our current climate. 

2. Dopamine hits, Addiction and the Space Between the stimuli and Response 

3. Yoga Teacher training being the 'start of the journey'. 

4. What does it mean to embody the practice of yoga?  I had so much fun with this beauty, and I know you're going to love hanging out with her just as much as I did.  

Claire Bradshaw is a certified holistic life and mindset coach, yoga teacher and host of Becoming Whole podcast. She supports women from around the globe, both privately and in powerful group containers, to be the leader of their own life - in business and in their relationships. Claire guides her clients to break-free from automatic living & burn out, and to step into the passionate and powerful life that's truly calling them. Claire uses a unique blend of ancient yogic wisdom, proven coaching models and powerful questioning techniques to help her clients connect deeply with themselves, to get out of their own way and bring their gifts out into the world. Her work is grounded in the belief that the world needs more of us to reclaim our authentic power, purpose and passion and to express this, both for ourselves and for the future of humanity.  Website - Instagram - Podcast - FB -  Connect with me on Instagram to be the first to know about my new book to be released on Amazon on July 30th - Caged No More - wisdom from women who broke free from societal constraints.

AT ARIANNA PIENAAR CO. We help women like you experience ‘more’ from your lives, while reacquainting you with your joy and helping you to manoeuvre through life’s crossroads. From breathwork through to coaching, energy healing & energy medicine we can devise a protocol that is attuned with your "uniqueness"

By shifting your focus, embracing oneness, and choosing a life that makes you feel empowered and expansive, you can intentionally choose to live in joy and freedom and co-create a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re tired of asking, “Is this all there is?” This is all you need.

Website -

Instagram -

Podcast -

FB -

Jul 26, 202159:12
EPISODE 14: Healing through movement and plant medicine

EPISODE 14: Healing through movement and plant medicine

Subtle body therapy Is energy medicine🔥 Imagine a world where we're free from dissociation - and back in our bodies. Free from feeling disempowered, & in contrast, courageously opening our hearts and stepping into more love, more compassion & more trust. Imagine a world, where instead of disconnection, we're in right-relationship with THE POWER of CONNECTION AND inter-connectivity . Enter > Aroma x Energetics; a plant & energy medicine immersion for subtle body shifting and recalibration. This Method is delivered in 3 months which includes …. 12 weeks of working together weekly with a Max of 10 PEOPLE PER GROUP.   * Access to SUBTLE AROMA x ENERGETICS content (dropped weekly) ~ 10 Modules of Audio & Video Trainings that help you to improve your understanding of yourself, &, if appropriate, your clients, bringing forth awe-inspiring information that will spark magic & help them (and you) thrive in ways never before imagined. * Access to the 5 Methods that include movement, breath-work, energy medicine techniques, sequences & protocols, along with mudra (hand gestures) & meditation / stillness practices to realign all 5 elements of the body with the 5 elements of the earth….. The Yoga included is a slow-paced style of yoga which is built from foundational principles of traditional Chinese medicine & through longer held asanas, works to restore the healthy flow of Qi in our bodies. By stretching deeply into each pose, we open up any blockages in order to release your energy to flow freely. * WEEKLY Live zoom sessions on days which suit all participants scheduled on a rotating roster - recorded & popped in the portal. Those who can’t attend live can submit questions for Q&A -> that’s 10 live calls/classes where you’ll get my brain, heart, eyes and attention, helping you move through your emotions to find peace & equanimity. * A HUMAN DESIGN READING to personalise your experience (RECORDED AND SENT TO YOU) - consider it a white light BOOSTER for your soul. More about aroma x Energetics here we start 26 July
Jul 16, 202120:27
EPISODE 13: What to do when you’ve been let down and disappointed …
Jul 08, 202110:30
EPISODE 12: Why and How the Human Design System can really help you elevate your life.

EPISODE 12: Why and How the Human Design System can really help you elevate your life.

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of working with my own Human Design in a way that has allowed me to enjoy life a little bit more, with freedom, ease and joy. at the forefront of it all, it's softened the MUSTS and SHOULDS to the point where i've allowed myself to twist and turn and find my own way of living in energetic harmony.

There have been times when it's been relieving (that AHHHH moment, the EXHALE), and then there have also been times of deep reflection and resistance because the narrative would have me believe that the way I do things is not the right way.

This conversation is a the entry for those of you who have been interested in what Human Design is, and how it can support you to live a life in complete energetic alignment with your soul.

ALSO - FRIENDS, if you were listening, you would have heard that there's an incredible program being launched at the moment, called Aroma x Energetics - It's at launch stage right now, and so you're able to book a call with me to chat about whether it's the right fit for you. Here is the link to check it out:

Nicola Cloherty coaches and mentors women to reconnect, remember and reclaim who they truly are in their life and business. Working with a woman’s innate womb wisdom, menstrual cycle & beautifully unique energetic blueprint via Human Design, she offers private coaching, courses and workshops.

She teaches women to tap into their innate creativity, reconnect inward, remember who they are and reclaim their power in accordance with their biology, unique energetic blueprint and ways to support themselves physically, energetically and spiritually.

You can find her via her Website:


Podcast - ‘SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty’ - Apple - Spotify - Stitcher - SoundCloud

We mention the following beauties who you may want to checkout:

Brittany Eastman -

Jenna Zoe -

My Body Graph -

My Website -

Jun 25, 202101:02:20
EPISODE 11: How to fill your field up with YOU

EPISODE 11: How to fill your field up with YOU

This episode is the answer to a question I received to the following question on the gram

 ‘how can I protect my energy and repel bad energy?’  

What this question equates to energetically, is 'how you can still be empathetic towards others ’feeling without taking their emotions on as you own?'.

Working with energy isn’t a “gift”.

Everyone can do it.

Just like learning how to read words on a page, reading and working with energy is a skill that can be learned.

Here are some things I’ve learned along the way:

➡️ Working with energy as medicine doesn’t make you immune to life’s ups and downs. Your life will continue to unfold as it’s meant to and the only thing that will change is your response to it (big perk)

➡️ knowing how to work w energy won’t render your life perfect. You’ll still experience the full spectrum of emotions because you’re human (yep you can’t escape it), but ... it can help you when you feel wobbly and need a bit of extra support.

➡️ energy will flow wherever your attention goes so instead of trying to untangle the tangle, focus on the light and the untangled-ness as if it was already so.

➡️ energy will stagnate in areas which are clogged or overburdened with emotional / energetic baggage. It doesn’t stop flowing (ever) nor is it bad / negative energy. It just slows down to a very low vibration which can cause dis-ease / disease in your body if unattended to over a long period of time.

➡️ Working with energy is really about your relationship to power and not about POWER over others. It’s more about being able to maintain and direct your own power in in intentional ways.

➡️ Knowing how to contain and intentionally funnel your power will open you up to experience life and love and play and joy in a deeper and more connected way. The whole experience of being congruent and free flowing is nourishing and expansive and incredibly empowering.

IT IS LOVE ❤️ AND compassion & deep acceptance of all emotions and experiences just as they are. It’s equanimity at its most potent.

➡️ energy medicine isn’t a religious belief. It has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It’s more about science than religion actually. Its about unconditionally accepting yourself without holding any judgement.

➡️ energy in itself is neutral and is reactive to thoughts, actions and feelings you hold within your body.

The journey of learning how to work with your energy is unique for every single being. For me to witness it as an energy medicine mentor is thrilling and curious and so so interesting.

Are you ready to dive in with me?

Jun 20, 202116:52
EPISODE 10: The WOUNDED CHILD (the archetype in real life)
Jun 09, 202120:11
EPISODE 9: Reclaiming your power
Feb 03, 202127:01
EPISODE 8: Energy Medicine 101 (Live Workshop Recording)

EPISODE 8: Energy Medicine 101 (Live Workshop Recording)

In order for you to show-up as this fullest expression, you’re going to have to delve deep within yourSelf, and heal past traumas and wounds that are still very much alive in your psyche and your body. The more I work with change-agents, the more I realise that we need to lean on the very basics of what energy medicine holds for us. Simplifying completely. Learning really basic principles; and then building on from there.  This episode is the audio form a live workshop i hosted to teach the very basics of energy medicine.  At the end of the episode you'll hear me talk about the Mentorship called LESSONS IN TRUTH, which is an energy medicine mentorship supporting all aspects of self-healing. During the mentorship, we will spend quality time working with the fundamental energetic principles so that you have a firm foundation from which you can transform and heal both yourself, your community, and your clients (if you choose to offer this work). This Mentorship is going to teach you all about your energy centres, how they affect your body, your emotions and your spirit, so that you can step into your POWER in a way that's attractive and magnetic. REDISCOVER HOW TO CLEAR, CULTIVATE & MOVE ENERGY IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE & IMPACTFUL WAYS. To access the slides and images referred to in the workshop, please email with the subject LESSONS IN TRUTH - ENERGY MEDICINE 101
Jan 05, 202101:41:26
EPISODE 7: Chats with Alice Nicholls
Aug 21, 202001:20:15
EPISODE 6: Emotional Boundaries

EPISODE 6: Emotional Boundaries

The older I get, the more I appreciate just how critical self-awareness is, particularly during times of uncertainty, and in the face of adversity.

Self awareness in itself, Is a personal responsibility, and forms one of the four pillars of emotional intelligence.

We're not just talking about knowing what pizza is our favourite, or what style jeans fits our bums best, but REALLY knowing ourselves. Really investing in our mental, physical and emotional health, setting firm boundaries, examining our relationships, prioritising the things that bring us joy, making space in our life for self-discovery.

Enter - Boundaries.
especially when it comes to our emotions within RELATIONSHIPs.
Boundaries are important in all relationships, whether personal, professional, or romantic, because they let others know what you are or are not willing to tolerate, what you will or will not do, and what you expect from others based on the roles of your relationship. by understanding and knowing our own boundaries, we become better communicators, because we ourselves become clear about what is and is not okay, and because we’re clear and firm in our boundary, we can communicate more effectively, which ultimately takes the guess work out from those around us.

the follow-on effect of that is we stop resenting others for not reading our minds and stop resenting ourselves for not communicating sooner. When we know our boundaries and make them clear to others, we can be fully present and compassionate.
Apr 15, 202041:34
EPISODE 5: - How do you get to be so good?

EPISODE 5: - How do you get to be so good?

Tips on how to become good at your craft. In this episode, I talk about the ways in which I learn, what I learn from, and how I embody that which I teach so that I can deliver an experience w my clients which are deep and meaningful. The truth of who you are goes way beyond that which / who you compare yourself to. I ask some juicy questions which will determine whether or not your soul wants you to enjoy the things your ego desire. Hint hint: if you love what you do, it’s a high five from your soul. I also riff about the various ways of learning how to perfect whatever it is your learning.
Apr 02, 202014:59
EPISODE 4: The unseen forces that touch the elements of the world around us.

EPISODE 4: The unseen forces that touch the elements of the world around us.

In this episode, we talk about the constructs of FAITH, LOVE and TIME, and how these beliefs and our underlying conditioning has a direct correlation with how we live our lives.
At the end of this episode, I share some journal prompts for you to use in your exploration of these ideologies, in the hope that by putting pen to paper, you’ll unlock the unconscious and or subconscious systems that lie deep within your psyche.
Mar 22, 202025:15
EPISODE 3: Intuition

EPISODE 3: Intuition

Until we identify how our intuition speaks to us, we can’t be sure as to how to follow it.

in this episode, we talk about the ‘Claire’s’ so that you can hopefully identify (or at least get an idea of) how your intuition speaks to you.

Mar 14, 202025:03
Jan 13, 202026:09


Arianna Pienaar is the girl-next-door millennial mystic charged with creating a movement of conscious action in the world. She is a spiritual activist and through her work as the hostess of powerful mentoring, Arianna educates, inspires, and holds space for people who are committed to taking balanced, conscious action toward global healing.
Jan 04, 202006:09


All of us can change but not everyone chooses to evolve. Not everyone chooses to walk beyond what is tolerated, what is just acceptable.

You can choose to walk amongst those who walked wild new paths to existence—that dared to say yes to walking an unknown path forward.

That’s what the nudge, the soul ache, the frustrating itch is; it is a roaring yes.

Yes, you can. Yes to you!

Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes. DR Carl Jung

Jan 03, 202012:35