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Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

By Gillian Behnke

Is mom life always like this? Is it normal to feel tired and overwhelmed? How can I do all the things that come with being a mom and still make time for self-care? Am I the only one feeling like this? You are not alone! Welcome to the Mom Camp: Around the Campfire podcast. This is a space where you can find resources, hear encouragement and be part of a community: each week, host Gillian Behnke chats with busy moms who are experts in their field, hearing what they have to share and learning ways to make mom life simpler, more manageable, so we have the time and space to enjoy it.
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Special episode: My talk at the IGNITE Motherhood Wellness Summit

Mom Camp: Around the CampfireNov 15, 2023

Special episode: My talk at the IGNITE Motherhood Wellness Summit

Special episode: My talk at the IGNITE Motherhood Wellness Summit

This episode isn't like anything I have shared before.

Just over two weeks ago I had the honour of speaking at a new event, called the IGNITE Motherhood Wellness Summit. There was a lineup of incredible moms speaking, and I honestly couldn't believe I was included. I love speaking, but I always have major imposter syndrome!

The topic I was asked to speak on was connection and community, and the importance of finding your village.

I thought it might be cool to share the talk with you here, in case you weren't in the room. I recorded it separately so it doesn't have all the audience reactions, but I hope this version resonates with you.

Nov 15, 202315:20
What you can, when you can: An update from me

What you can, when you can: An update from me

In today's episode you It's a solo episode, because I wanted to share a lesson that I keep re-learning, and that has become a helpful mantra for me over the years. I learned it from Roni Noone many years ago - what you can, when you can (#WYCWYC).

In this solo "chat" I am sharing how and when I use this phrase in my life, and how it can be so helpful to reframe a situation or how you might be feeling.

I am also giving you an update on how I am managing my own time and energy these days, which includes an update on this podcast.

I hope this WYCWYC phrase supports you and can become something that you can keep in your back pocket for those times when you're feeling overwhelmed. You've got this.

Episode webpage:

Oct 23, 202310:56
Getting outside with your kids: A chat with Jennifer Kolbuc and Kate Le Souef

Getting outside with your kids: A chat with Jennifer Kolbuc and Kate Le Souef

In this episode I am chatting with Jennifer Kolbuc and Kate Le Souef, co-hosts of the podcast Get Outside with Kids. As their show name implies, they are very passionate about sharing tips and tricks on how to get outside with your kids - in any mood, in any weather, whenever you can. They chat about the science behind outside time, the benefits of making it a priority, and how it has impacted their own lives. My favourite part is that they also share the funny fails they've experienced while trying to spend time with their kids outside. It's all about real life and how you can make it part of your routine, even on those days where it feels impossible. (Spoiler alert: sometimes those are they days where outside time can make the biggest difference.)

You can find the full show notes, their bio, and contact details at Enjoy!

Sep 28, 202343:43
Prioritizing health care as self-care: A chat with Dr. Ally Power, ND
Aug 07, 202337:12
Releasing the pressure in emotional moments: A chat with Stephanie Rosenfield
Jul 24, 202327:49
The power of understanding matrescence: A chat with Cayley Benjamin
Jul 10, 202341:30
Creating daily rituals: A chat with Kate Bouchard, founder of Loba
Jul 03, 202335:52
Choosing happy and prioritizing your mental wellness: A chat with Jamie Watkins
Jun 26, 202336:23
Living the way you want to feel through simple habits: A chat with Heather Chauvin

Living the way you want to feel through simple habits: A chat with Heather Chauvin

In today's episode I am chatting with the incredible Heather Chauvin. Heather is a leadership coach who helps successful women courageously and authentically live, work, and parent on their own terms. Today we are talking about connecting with how you want to feel in your life. Maybe you want to feel more alive, maybe you want to feel more free...what is that root feeling and how do you get there? Heather shares how through simple habits, in just ten minutes a day, you can connect to that feeling and make it a reality. Heather shares her simple habits framework, and this is one of those episodes where you will want a notebook and pen to capture all the goodness!

You can find all the show notes, Heather's bio, free access to her Energetic Time Management Challenge, and her contact info at

Jun 19, 202343:24
Finding your community, finding your stride: A chat with Janette Shearer
Jun 12, 202346:53
The 5 anxiety styles: A chat with Amber Trueblood
Jun 05, 202356:34
Finding the calm amidst the chaos: A chat with Jenna Hermans
May 29, 202337:15
Creating a truly delicious life: A chat with Catherine Roscoe Barr
May 15, 202328:56
Micro moments of mindfulness and meditation: A chat with Miranda Lee
May 01, 202333:43
Building confidence for parenting the second half of childhood: A chat with Nellie Harden
Apr 17, 202334:37
Unconditional self-love is a work in progress: A chat with Andrea Gibson
Apr 03, 202338:23
Keeping going through grief: A chat with Stephanie Florian
Mar 20, 202301:02:37
Finding solutions that work for you: A chat with Jill Wright from Grow Like a Mother
Mar 06, 202330:31
Life changes to rediscover YOU: A chat with coach Christelle Pillot
Feb 20, 202332:03
Systems and streamlining your home and business: A chat with professional organizer Brittany Dixon
Feb 06, 202330:08
Finding your POPS (pockets of peace): A chat with Jennifer Carlyle
Jan 23, 202331:37
Reflections on a year gone by: A quick check in
Jan 01, 202309:44
100 Days to Slay: A chat with Lindsay Kay
Dec 19, 202225:34
Holding space for your kids AND yourself: A chat with Elise Knox
Dec 12, 202241:29
Nerd moms, finding joy, and making cooking fun: A chat with Kelly Ryan from Nerd Mom Nutrition
Nov 28, 202252:33
Navigating big feelings at home: A chat with Rachel Bailey
Nov 14, 202224:54
Making sure you're in the memories: A chat with Nicole Smith, founder of Flytographer

Making sure you're in the memories: A chat with Nicole Smith, founder of Flytographer

In today's episode I am chatting with Nicole Smith, founder of Flytographer. I am obsessed with this company and totally inspired by Nicole as a mom and entrepreneur for creating such an incredible service. If you don't know about Flytographer, it's kind of like AirBnB for photo shoots, anywhere you travel. She has created a massive network of photographers in 400 cities around the world, and a seamless central booking system. But it's so much more than that, and Nicole shares what she loves most about the service.

We booked Flytographer for our family trip to Maui and it was awesome (shoutout to Taena!). We came away with the best souvenirs possible, beautifully captured memories. It was easy, quick, and super fun.

Nicole and I chat about how so often moms are the ones behind the camera, and don't show up in the family photos as much as everyone else. Photos can be a legacy for your family and you need to be there too!

You can find the full show notes, Nicole's bio, and contact info at

Oct 31, 202233:01
Emotional wellness for moms: A chat with Dr. Missy Gryder
Oct 17, 202237:50
Unwrapping and rewriting your dreams: A chat with Amy Beeman
Oct 03, 202228:57
Finding a therapist is like bra shopping: A chat with Natasha Ghosh, MED, PhD, RCC
Sep 19, 202237:29
Welcome to the jungle of motherhood: A chat with Anneliese Lawton
Sep 05, 202235:01
Like a Mother: A chat with Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabel's Labels

Like a Mother: A chat with Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabel's Labels

In this episode I am chatting with Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabel's Labels. Julie recently published her book Like a Mother: Birthing Businesses, Babies and a Life Beyond Labels. As a mom of six, a successful entrepreneur, a mentor in so many things, Julie has an incredible perspective to share. Her book is a blend of personal stories, sage advice, life hacks, and humour. It's awesome.

This is a fantastic chat and Julie is one of those people you could talk to forever, about anything. We talk about her book, the pros and cons of labels (the title type of label, not the awesome physical labels Mabel's Labels make), self-care, parenting autistic kids...we cover a lot. Grab your earbuds and your beverage of choice, and join us for this great conversation.

You can find the full show notes, Julie's bio, and contact info at

Aug 22, 202243:31
Reframing rage as a call to adventure: A chat with Ashley Kim
Aug 08, 202226:11
Changing how you think about sleep: A chat with Terry Cralle, RN
Jul 25, 202240:25
Intentionally building your village: A chat with Taran Conwell of Undomestic Mom
Jul 11, 202244:06
The journey to honouring yourself: A chat with Meredith Dawson
Jun 27, 202226:50
Creating holistic wealth in your life: A chat with Keisha Blair
Jun 13, 202227:22
Bringing your mom superpowers into the workplace: A chat with Ada Slivinski
May 30, 202235:15
Recharging your batteries: A chat with Gladys Simen

Recharging your batteries: A chat with Gladys Simen

In this week's episode I am chatting with Gladys Simen, owner of My Life Couch. Gladys is a life coach for working moms, and we chat about ALL the things. We talk about how important it is for moms to take time to recharge, and how to find time in your own life to do that. No one functions well when they are running on empty, but so often moms don't even realize they're at that point because it has become a way of life. Gladys shares her best tips for how to first identify when you're at that point, and then how to make changes. This is an important conversation, and I hope you come away with some new ideas how you can recharge your batteries and take care of YOU.

You can find the full show notes, Gladys' bio, and contact info at

May 16, 202228:35
Healing your nervous system: A chat with Katie Connolly
May 02, 202239:10
Cultivating sexual desire: A chat with Dr. Lori Brotto
Apr 18, 202229:43
Habit hacking for your life: A chat with Emily Nichols
Mar 21, 202238:20
Moms Against Racism: A chat with Kerry Cavers
Feb 21, 202201:12:25
The journey to emotional health and spiritual growth: A chat with Kailey Veenstra
Feb 07, 202247:20
Recognizing postpartum anxiety: A chat with Allison Lieberman
Jan 24, 202234:34
Strong as a mother: A chat with Tamara Komuniecki
Jan 10, 202240:55
Finding yourself beyond motherhood: A chat with Bridget Belden
Dec 27, 202127:26
Dismantling the "busyness equals success" belief: A chat with health and mindset coach Samantha Kellgren
Dec 13, 202136:38
Recognizing your triggers and stopping self-judgement: A chat with Darlynn Childress
Dec 06, 202148:52
Connecting the dots between gut, brain, and behaviour: A chat with Dr. Piper Gibson
Nov 29, 202130:50