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A second chance at life®

A second chance at life®

By Arvilla Beckworth

Have you ever been through something that was meant to hurt you, but you found the strength to make it through?

A second chance at life® is a weekly podcast that encourages women to take their past setbacks and turn them into new opportunities for a better life.

Each week you will hear motivating stories, life-changing interviews, along with actionable tips and strategies that you can use to become a better you.

A second chance at life® is hosted by Arvilla Beckworth
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Living your dash

A second chance at life®Jul 19, 2021

Season 6 Finale Lessons Learned

Season 6 Finale Lessons Learned

As I wrap up season 6, I now understand how important it is to embrace getting older and being mindful of the time that you have left.

To live your full potential, you must learn hard lessons, take better care of yourself, and find joy in everyday life.

It is never too late to create the life you always dreamed of. Get out and live!

Take a listen to today's episode.

Season 7 will return in January 2024, so subscribe to the podcast now!

Oct 09, 202312:28
Stop Looking Back And Drive Sis
Sep 25, 202322:10
Sis, There Is A Blessing In Your Lesson
Sep 11, 202315:32
Sis, It Is Time For You To Get Out And Live!
Aug 28, 202316:42
How To Navigate Grief When You Are Hurting
Aug 14, 202346:42
Sis, Are You Taking Care Of Yourself? Because I'm Not...
Aug 07, 202318:11
Is It Too Late For New Friends?
Jul 17, 202319:15
Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships With Shavon Jack, MS,LMHC,LPC,NCC
Jul 10, 202359:50
Ready To Take Your Life To The Next Level? Try This!
Jul 03, 202311:07
How To Reset On Sundays So That You Can Have A Better Week
Jun 25, 202314:54
Overcoming Burnout: Tips for Recharging
Jun 19, 202313:23
How to Set Limits & Protect Your Mental Health
Jun 12, 202316:41
Taking Time To Prioritize Yourself With Jay Bowman
Jun 05, 202336:34
Finding Joy In Everyday Life
May 30, 202316:30
How to Thrive When Your Overcoming Challenges
May 22, 202317:44
Embracing The Beauty Of Growing Older
May 15, 202316:49
Season 6 Trailer
Apr 24, 202300:60
So You Are Not Ok, Now What?
Feb 20, 202311:13
My Journey To Living Whole, Healthy, And Free With Jenny King

My Journey To Living Whole, Healthy, And Free With Jenny King

Loving yourself can be challenging, especially when your self-esteem is low.   

Jenny King, Empowerment Coach, Author, and Public Speaker, talks about her struggle with loving herself. She grew up overweight and was teased in school, which transferred to negative self-talk, low confidence, and constantly comparing herself to others. 

She took what was meant to hurt her and started her healing journey to living whole, healthy, and free.   In this episode, she talks about 4 ways she has bounced back from low-self esteem, how she protects herself from comparison, and the ability to love herself again.   

You can connect with Jenny King on Instagram: @jennjennthefriend Website:

Feb 13, 202326:21
How To Get Over The Bridge Of Hopelessness So You Can Heal With Tiffanie Bacon

How To Get Over The Bridge Of Hopelessness So You Can Heal With Tiffanie Bacon

We all go through life holding on to some type of pain or trauma, but what happens when we do not heal from them? 

Tiffanie Bacon knows a thing or two about healing. In her book, "She Overcame: From Broken to Blossoming", Tiffanie talks about her past struggles with PTSD, anxiety, and amongst other things and how she healed from them.

She is a mental health advocate, and the founder of Girl Be Healed, a community focused on embracing your healing process along with empowerment, support, and tools to assist you along the way.  If it is time for you to heal, listen to today's episode!

You can connect with Tiffanie Bacon on: YouTube:  @tiffaniebacon   IG: tiffaniebaconco Website:

Feb 06, 202335:43
Are You Too Nice Or A People Pleaser With Taneshia Johnson MSW

Are You Too Nice Or A People Pleaser With Taneshia Johnson MSW

Do you know the difference between being too nice and people-pleasing? I know I didn't. In this interview, Taneshia Johnson, MSW, Author of "When Depression & Anxiety Have A Voice," shares her expertise and journey with people pleasing and codependency.  She is also a host of a podcast called Heal Pray Grow Podcast, where she helps you heal from people pleasing, build a relationship with God, and grow into your purpose. Follow Taneshia: IG: tjselfcare Youtube:  @Tjselfcare Free guide to end people pleasing:
Jan 30, 202334:58
How To Overcome Mental Roadblocks With LaShana West
Jan 23, 202324:39
Work-Life Balance In A Busy World With Atoya Follins

Work-Life Balance In A Busy World With Atoya Follins

Do you struggle with balancing your 9-to-5 and your life?

In this episode, I interview Mindset Coach Atoya Follins as she breaks down the need to take care of yourself first, identifying signs you need a reset, and how to find your purpose outside of your job.   

You can follow Atoya at and on IG: atoyafollins

Jan 16, 202336:54
Heal From Your Past So You Can Focus On Your Future With Jen Abans

Heal From Your Past So You Can Focus On Your Future With Jen Abans

Have you ever gotten into a mental funk and needed a way to change how you think?

In today's interview, Mindset & Emotional Wellness Coach Jen Abans of Mind On A Mission talks about the importance of healing from your past so you can focus on your future. Jen's past breakdowns with depression and anxiety helped her push forward to her breakthrough, which now fills her passion for helping others overcome their mindset.

You can follow Jen at

IG and TikTok: @jen_abans

Podcast: Spending Dope Vibes

Jan 09, 202349:07
8 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting My Healing Journey
Jan 02, 202321:15
Healing Your Trauma From The Inside Out With Lillian Hernandez
Dec 26, 202255:44
Taking A Social Media Break Saved My Mental Health With Sharon Wright
Dec 19, 202239:24
Healing From Heart break with LaNise Thrasher
Dec 12, 202245:08
How to Identify and Prevent Burnout with Dr Kim
Dec 05, 202254:14
Let's Talk About Motherhood and Mental Health With Tiara Nicole Riley
Nov 28, 202248:16
My Journey With High-Functioning Depression With LaKisha Mosley
Nov 21, 202247:04
Effects of Self-Isolation (Loneliness) With Starr Griffin

Effects of Self-Isolation (Loneliness) With Starr Griffin

During the first few months of the pandemic, all of us were inside with our significant other, kids, roommates, or pets, but what if we didn't have anyone?

Starr Griffin, Health and Well-Being Coach, talks about her experience with self-isolation during the pandemic and the effect on her. She also provides tips on how to be active with your family and friends and ways to manage your mental health.

Nov 14, 202242:21
Check In On Your Strong Friends With Kierra Sade
Nov 07, 202237:51
What Is Depression and How Does It Affect Your Mental Health With Michelle Burney, LPC

What Is Depression and How Does It Affect Your Mental Health With Michelle Burney, LPC

Depression is a sensitive subject. You may not be going through it, but maybe you know someone who is.   Today I am interviewing Michelle Burney, Mental Health Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. Michelle has always been interested in learning about people and how the mind works. As she furthered her education in psychology, she gained knowledge about depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.   In this episode, she will talk about recognizing depression in yourself and others.   

You can connect with Michelle online at Psychology Today under find therapist, "Michelle Burney" or 

For additional help in mental health, reach out to National Alliance on Mental Health 1-800-950-6264 

Follow us at A second chance at life Podcast

Oct 31, 202235:18
Let's Talk About Mental Health As Black Women With Adrianne Robertson
Oct 24, 202250:03
Am I Ok?
Oct 17, 202213:45
Introduction to A Second Chance at Life ®. A Motivational Podcast For Women!
Oct 03, 202201:29
BONUS Exotic Dancer to Hustleprenuer, Interview with Kierra Sade
Sep 26, 202245:11
BONUS: How To Get Inspired When Your Stuck

BONUS: How To Get Inspired When Your Stuck

Whether it is being inspired to lose weight to being inspired to live your life, you need something that gets you energized and motivated.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says the true meaning of inspiration is something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea of what to do or create.

Are you stuck and need inspiration? Check out today's episode.

Follow us at

Sep 19, 202216:30
5 Ways to Start Showing Up For Yourself Without Feeling Quilty
Sep 12, 202215:42
BONUS: What Is Stopping You?
Aug 29, 202211:42
BONUS: When Obstacles Give You The Opportunity To Become A Better Version Of Yourself
Aug 22, 202209:24
Blessings In The Lesson
Aug 15, 202216:24
When You Will Do Anything For Your Happiness Interview w/Coach Wini

When You Will Do Anything For Your Happiness Interview w/Coach Wini

"My happiness suffered for a very long time, and it suffered because I didn't know I had access to it."-Coach Wini
Wini learned that her happiness came first. Despite coming from dysfunction, struggle, and hurt she decided to take her life back. She turned her pain into her purpose and is now helping others pursue their happiness.

If you would like to work with Coach Wini or stay in contact with her, you can find her on Instagram at @winningwithwini

Aug 08, 202233:37
How To Make A Change When Your Not Ready
Aug 01, 202215:06
Finding Strength After A Loss
Jul 25, 202215:04
Purpose After Pain
Jul 18, 202214:49
How To Bounce Back From A Setback
Jul 11, 202213:46
Food For Thought, Give Grace
Jun 27, 202206:54
When It's Time To Walk Away
Jun 20, 202215:16