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The Asad Badruddin Podcast

The Asad Badruddin Podcast

By Asad Badruddin

I interview experts about relationships, dating, negotiation, cross-cultures, creativity, inner work and spirituality among other themes.
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Inner blocks to Your Creative Voice by Devon Walz

The Asad Badruddin PodcastDec 23, 2022

Inner blocks to Your Creative Voice by Devon Walz
Dec 23, 202258:30
3 Things I've Learned
Dec 09, 202219:52
Persistence in the Creative Process by Vadia Rhodes
Nov 25, 202201:08:18
Micro-Budget FIlmmaking with Noam Kroll

Micro-Budget FIlmmaking with Noam Kroll

Often when we think about filmmaking, or other large creative projects, they seem inaccessible to us because of the large costs and logistics involved. My guest on this episode challenges this notion. Noam Kroll is an LA based filmmaker, director, cinematographer, colorist and host of the podcast Show Don’t Tell. In this episode we cover:

How to get lucky by making many smaller micro-budget films versus one big budget film How Noam is making his most recent film for under How constraints like smaller budgets can enable creativity Some innovative ways filmmakers have built an audience

You can learn more about Noam on his website:

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Nov 10, 202240:30
Writing and Producing an Indie Film with Emily Somers
Oct 28, 202201:02:12
I've Got 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain't One
Oct 14, 202217:01
Cults, Fatherhood and Sharing in Public with Ruwan Meepagala
Sep 03, 202201:11:37
Saving Face with Maya Hu-Chan
Jul 18, 202201:09:33
Negotiations that Make the Headlines by Gary Noesner
Jul 10, 202244:11
Reimagining Grief with Brad Wolfe
Jun 11, 202201:07:23
Decoding your Emotions by Karla McLaren
May 24, 202250:27
Going from Victim to Creator with David Emerald
Apr 12, 202201:00:05
Adapting Communication and Engaging in Healthy Conflict with Nate Regier
Mar 07, 202254:29
Generative Boundaries by Kendra Cunov
Feb 14, 202250:41
Cultivating Polarity in Long Term Relationships by Justin Patrick Pierce
Jan 21, 202201:13:15
Lessons from Hunting Trip
Oct 20, 202145:16
Cross Species Communication with Judy Skeen
Sep 26, 202101:12:22
Having Difficult Conversations Collaboratively by Misha Glouberman

Having Difficult Conversations Collaboratively by Misha Glouberman

Misha Glouberman teaches communication skills, and facilitates meetings and conferences for organizations.

He has taught his course How to Talk to People About Things to hundreds of people imparting memorable and effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills which have been described as "life changing".

He is the co-author of the book The Chairs Are Where the People Go, which the New Yorker named as one of its top nonfiction books of 2011 and described as "a triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy." In it, Misha relays everything he knows about communication, conferences, relationships, making friends, monogamy, playing charades and more. In this episode with Misha we cover:

The importance of intending for your work to be life changing Understanding everyone is a character in their own movie Conversations as improv games How the best negotiators aim to maximize both substance and relationship in a negotiation A reframe to help bring up difficult topics in conversations Why you are probably running your meeting wrong

You can find him at 

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Sep 12, 202154:01
Dating While Sober
Aug 17, 202141:48
Somatic Awareness and Negotiations: Stephen Kotev
Jul 23, 202101:09:19
Transmuting Grief with Jessica Roemischer
Jun 12, 202101:03:08
Naida Muslić on The Sacred Prostitute, Goddess Archetypes, and The Heroine's Journey
Apr 27, 202101:16:51
Dr. Bernard Mayer Interview: The Conflict Paradox in Negotiations
Apr 19, 202158:31
Mikael Jibril on Martial Arts, Religion and Masculinity
Mar 10, 202102:54:22
Creativity Hangups: My Interview with Visa

Creativity Hangups: My Interview with Visa

My interview with Visa @visakanv where we talk about:

The value of being prolific and the hangups that come with it
Why Visa doesn’t edit his youtube videos
The correct answer to “How much does Central Park cost?”
Why “we are all Westerner’s now”
The importance of having a great boss
Reply Game: how to making friends on the internet
The relationship of creativity to note taking

You can find Visa’s ebook Friendly Ambitious Nerd on Gumroad and find him at his Youtube Channel

Feb 26, 202101:39:52
Stuck on a Dream Symbol?

Stuck on a Dream Symbol?

I speak to Alyssa on what to do if you are stuck on a dream symbol

Jan 15, 202106:07
Alyssa Polizzi Interview

Alyssa Polizzi Interview

We talk Jungian psychology, dream interpretation and more

Jan 03, 202153:27