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The SoulGarden Health Podcast

The SoulGarden Health Podcast

By Ashlea Hartz

The first step in health care is self care! Join Nutrition and Wellness educator Ashlea Hartz for a health podcast that focuses on the little things you can do everyday that will support a healthy lifestyle.
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Healthy Shopping at Trader Joe's w/ Ashlea Hartz N.C.

The SoulGarden Health PodcastFeb 15, 2021

Healthy Shopping at Trader Joe's w/ Ashlea Hartz N.C.

Healthy Shopping at Trader Joe's w/ Ashlea Hartz N.C.

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition  Educator, I love talking about healthy food, and eating healthy starts with shopping healthy! This week I take you on an audio shopping tour of one of my go-to stores for healthy bargains...Trader Joe's. One barrier to healthy eating can sometimes be the price, but there is always a way to make good choices even on a budget. I love TJ's selections of healthy, organic, and reasonably priced products, so today I walk you through my shopping routine and highlight some of my favorite products. Whether you need a prepared on-the-go meal, a sweet treat, or to restock your pantry staples you can find just about everything you need.  

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Feb 15, 202136:36
Low-Tox Hair Care with Bronwyn Parsons

Low-Tox Hair Care with Bronwyn Parsons

Hair Stylist and Salon owner Bronwyn Parsons joins us to talk about the best ways to avoid toxins in your hair care routine. Bronwyn is Co-Owner of Willow and Wolfe Hair a Green Salon in Santa Cruz, CA.  As a green salon, they use products that are safer for stylists, clients, and the environment. In her next business venture, Bronwyn is helping other stylists and salon owners embrace a low-tox philosophy and spreading her good moxie around the country. You can learn more at and follow Bronwyn on Instagram @holistic.foundations

Jan 27, 202148:30
Anti-Aging Magic and Medical Skin Care with April Umek

Anti-Aging Magic and Medical Skin Care with April Umek

In this episode, we learn about the magic of medical-grade skincare with co-owner of Pacific Coast Aesthetics April Umek.  April is a physician's assistant with over 19 years of medical experience in everything from women's health, emergency medicine, and aesthetics.  At Pacific Coast Aesthetics April and her team take a holistic approach to skincare and their services cover everything from skin cancer prevention to anti-aging.  Their office in Aptos California offers cutting-edge services using the Sciton Laser treatments, and April helps us understand the difference between BBL and HALO treatments which offers a fast and safe alternative to chemical peels.  Beyond the treatments, April and her team support the holistic health of their patients with education and encouragement to adopt a daily self-care routine with thier annual 60-day challenge going on now. 

To learn more visit

And follow the 60 Day Challenge on Instagram -

Dec 13, 202055:21
Healthy Eating for Healthy Kids with Betsy Hicks
Jun 19, 202036:37
How Better Posture Can Ease Your Pain with Abby Brantl

How Better Posture Can Ease Your Pain with Abby Brantl

Do you get a pain in your neck after sitting at a desk all day? Or an ache in your back when standing ? Today I speak with Physical Therapist Abby Brandt about how our posture impacts our body and why it might the root cause of chronic pain. We dive into the proper alignment for sitting, and standing as well as the sign that your posture might out of balance. We also cover exercises and stretches that can help you lead a pain free life. 

May 21, 202034:31
The Language of Plants - Herbal Skincare with Shar'ron Boren
May 15, 202028:56
The Gut - Brain Connection with Rebecca Hazelton
May 13, 202037:38
Functional Fitness With Ashley Lentz

Functional Fitness With Ashley Lentz

 Today I speak with my friend and amazing personal trainer Ashley Lentz EP-C (Certified Exercise Physiologist) coming to us from New York City. We discuss the need for a personalized and functional fitness routine and How to find the "meaning" behind your workout so that you can stay motivated.  Ashley also gives her tips for at home workouts and how to build strength without any equipment. 

May 13, 202027:19