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Astrology Meditations

Astrology Meditations

By Alexandra Lange

Short meditations
meant to
exercise the mind,
activate the heart,
and soak in the wisdom
of astrological archetypes
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TIMELY: Mars in Gemini Meditation - Weigh the Options

Astrology MeditationsOct 02, 2022

Sagittarius: Zodiac Sign Series - Walking Meditation
Nov 20, 202310:49
Scorpio: Zodiac Sign Series- Shadow Work Meditation
Oct 24, 202310:49
Libra: Zodiac Sign Series - Active Mirror Meditation
Sep 30, 202309:53
Virgo: Zodiac Sign Series - Active Service Meditation
May 10, 202310:46
TIMELY: Saturn in Pisces - Living your Day-Dream Visioning Meditation
Feb 26, 202311:58
TIMELY: Candle Gazing Meditation
Jan 26, 202309:56
TIMELY: Jupiter in Pisces - Peaceful Waves Visioning Meditation
Dec 05, 202209:47
TIMELY: Mars Retrograde in Gemini Meditation - Reconsider your Motivations

TIMELY: Mars Retrograde in Gemini Meditation - Reconsider your Motivations

A timely episode for Mars Retrograde in Gemini.

This meditation is a mindful meditation focused on intrinsic motivation and reflection and follows the previous Timely: Mars in Gemini episode - Weigh the Options. During this meditation, you will reevaluate your own intrinsic motivations when deciding between options. Use this meditation on choice to become more aware of your personal motivators.

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Oct 27, 202210:26
Leo: Zodiac Sign Series- Active Dancing Meditation
Oct 11, 202208:16
TIMELY: Mars in Gemini Meditation - Weigh the Options
Oct 02, 202210:06
Cancer: Zodiac Sign Series- Emotions & Their Effects Meditation
Sep 09, 202211:10
TIMELY: Mercury Retrograde Meditation - Reflect, Relax & Release
Sep 02, 202210:02
Gemini: Zodiac Sign Series - Stress Relieving, Mindfulness Meditation
Aug 19, 202210:14
Taurus: Zodiac Sign Series - Bird Sanctuary Passive Meditation
Aug 11, 202210:55
Aries: Zodiac Sign Series - Carpe Diem Active Meditation

Aries: Zodiac Sign Series - Carpe Diem Active Meditation

This is the Aries episode of the Zodiac Sign Series (1 of 12). In this series, I will guide you through each zodiac sign briefly, and share a meditation inspired by the sign’s archetypal meaning.

This Aries meditation is an active meditation focused on seizing the day! This Carpe Diem meditation includes a collection of quotes from famous and wise individuals to help inspire you to let go of the fear and make the most of today.

Aug 03, 202208:45
Intro: Zodiac Sign Series
Aug 03, 202206:59
TIMELY: Hurt & Healing Meditation

TIMELY: Hurt & Healing Meditation

This meditation is a passive body scan focused on the effects of hurt and healing. This is a bonus episode focused on the energy of the week. Predominantly, this week encompasses Mars and Uranus, Venus and Neptune. To briefly explain- Mars and Uranus could mean sudden, unexpected sharp hurts or actions. And Venus and Neptune are about nurturing healing waters. So through this guided body scan meditation, notice where you can feel any hurt or sharp pains - later using a mantra to relax and heal those places.

Keep in touch,

Jul 27, 202208:05
About this podcast

About this podcast

Welcome to the Astrology Meditations podcast. 

Here you will find:

  • Short meditations that explore the many aspects of astrology
  • The archetypal symbols of the signs, planets/luminaries, and ancient wheel
  • Active and passive meditations that use different modalities (breathwork, movement, visualization, mindfulness, etc)
  • BONUS EPISODES of meditations during important astrological transits
Jul 27, 202202:26