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Move Swiftly: Educating Business Owners on Innovative Teamwork

Move Swiftly: Educating Business Owners on Innovative Teamwork

By Aswand Cruickshank

Educating Business Owners on Innovative Teamwork
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She Said Yes!!

Move Swiftly: Educating Business Owners on Innovative TeamworkSep 13, 2021

Dicks Sporting Goods (Competition)
Sep 21, 202304:49
Fight Type
Sep 20, 202332:35
What'd You Get the B in??
Sep 19, 202303:34
What am I Supposed to DO?!?
Sep 18, 202336:43
Toyota Credit - New Tires (Only)
Sep 17, 202307:17
Crayola + Hallmark
Sep 16, 202306:09
Sep 15, 202304:43
Get it done…. Regardless
Sep 14, 202333:37
Applying Information
Sep 13, 202304:53
Creating a “Signature Event.”
Sep 12, 202335:20
".... Our Saturday,"
Sep 11, 202303:53
Don't "Suffer in Silence."
Sep 10, 202306:56
Chipotle (New Flavor Chicken)
Sep 09, 202305:23
Joy Taylor - I Am Athlete
Sep 08, 202305:17
The importance of a Logo
Sep 07, 202304:47
A visit to Duval County
Sep 06, 202328:43
Burden to Blessing
Sep 05, 202304:31
Road Trip to ATL
Sep 04, 202325:03
Can you do it 2moro!?!?
Sep 03, 202302:43
Keep Raising the Standard
Sep 02, 202302:19
Getting Discovered
Sep 01, 202304:56
White Athletes
Aug 31, 202307:05
ESPN Layoffs (Explained)

ESPN Layoffs (Explained)

A full explanation, from your One & Only "Move Swift - LY Speaker," as to why ESPN decided to layoff more then 7,000 people, and make an investment in things like the "Pat Mcafee Show." Book A Workshop - Attend a FREE NIL info Session
Aug 30, 202333:58
Aug 29, 202304:06
Kim Brady - How to sell a Business

Kim Brady - How to sell a Business

An amazing, heartfelt, and informative discussion with two time published author Kim Brady. Who falls under the very small percentage of individuals, that've been able to start and sell a company. Do not hesitate to reach out to Kim using the link below.

KB Business Coaching -

Aug 28, 202343:05
Using Your Gifts
Aug 27, 202308:39
Keep Watching!
Aug 26, 202304:53
No Rising to an "Occasion."

No Rising to an "Occasion."

An example, of me applying a lesson that I learned, from a former guest on this show "Dre Baldwin," Nobody rises to an occasion, people (actually) fall to their level of preparation.

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Attend a ⁠FREE NIL Info Session⁠

Aug 25, 202304:58
Win Your One on One Battle
Aug 24, 202303:48
Intellectual Athletes
Aug 23, 202336:59
How to Properly Celebrate
Aug 22, 202306:53
The "Advantage," of a.... "Disadvantage"
Aug 21, 202339:17
Creed 3
Aug 20, 202306:41
Making Monthly Goals
Aug 19, 202305:37
Learn how to Improvise
Aug 18, 202305:21
Capture a Feeling
Aug 17, 202304:14
Relentless Storytelling
Aug 16, 202328:38
Life is a Sport!
Aug 15, 202304:35
Fly High 3

Fly High 3

A tribute to a late legend. Akeem Hebron, a man who I was not only blessed enough to have on this podcast, but also blessed enough to have as an older teammate. Although, not here in the physical. Akeem, will always be present in my heart and mind, and in the hearts and minds of many others. Fly High Bro.

Aug 14, 202339:05
Coach Prime Controversy
Aug 13, 202308:07
DCC - Participation Part 1

DCC - Participation Part 1

The Move Swiftly Thought, from the Day of the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, in 2023. I spoke on my first experience as a participant I the event, and look forward to creating more experiences every year.

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Attend a ⁠⁠Free NIL info Session⁠⁠

Aug 12, 202306:03
NFL Draft Problems
Aug 11, 202304:55
Be a Positive Reminder
Aug 10, 202304:49
New Jordans or Child Tutor ?!?
Aug 09, 202327:43
Hit it Running!!
Aug 08, 202304:10
K.Scott - Legacy Driven Mindset

K.Scott - Legacy Driven Mindset

Listen closely, as author, speaker, musician & college professor Kenneth Scott. Also, known as, "K.Scott." Absolutely sets the microphone on FIRE! With his story, of one day being a top high school recruit, to the next day finding out that he could have a serious leg injury. Also, how he developed the courage to tell his mothers story, and use it in a way that'll uplift anyone that may be going through a difficult time. Below, is a link to his website, do not hesitate to reach out.

K.Scott -

Aug 07, 202340:26
Spending Problems
Aug 06, 202304:50
Sellable System
Aug 05, 202304:47
Dedicated Runners
Aug 04, 202303:24
Aswand Bio - Part 4
Aug 03, 202346:56