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At Home Librarian Podcast

At Home Librarian Podcast

By Tibby & Alexis

A podcast that demystifies how learning happens.
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6. Read Alouds

At Home Librarian PodcastAug 01, 2022

10. The History of Kidlit, Part 2
Feb 19, 202350:18
9. The History of Kidlit, Part 1

9. The History of Kidlit, Part 1

To close out our first season we're doing a nerdy dive into the history of children's literature (primarily picture books) and tying it in with the evolution of child development theory. It sounds boring, but we promise it's interesting and we have a good time presenting it. This first part is covers the 18th century up to the start of the 20th. Surprisingly, there is is a lot about the development of a middle class and unsurprisingly, lots of handwringing over what the children are reading. 

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Oct 03, 202237:29
Bonus Episode: Countering Scary Narratives
Sep 12, 202257:56
8. How to Find Books
Aug 30, 202258:49
7. Beyond Books
Aug 15, 202258:00
6. Read Alouds
Aug 01, 202255:44
Midseason Bonus: Book Recommendations
Jul 18, 202245:57
5. The Picture Book
Jul 04, 202201:01:42
4. Raising a Reader
Jun 20, 202247:47
3. The Reading Process
Jun 06, 202256:31
Summer Reading
May 30, 202204:19
2. What Is Kidlit?

2. What Is Kidlit?

In which we give you lots of terminology to build a foundation and tackle reading levels.

May 15, 202229:12
1. Welcome to the At Home Librarian Podcast
May 02, 202213:18
April 22, 2022

April 22, 2022

Apr 22, 202200:59