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Connect 5

Connect 5

By ATD Central Iowa

Welcome to Connect 5, the exclusive podcast from ATD Central Iowa bringing you the stories, insights and need-to-know information to help you thrive in the world of talent development!
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E103 - Kristin Tague

Connect 5May 29, 2023

E111 - Rona Berinobis
Sep 18, 202340:52
E110 - Terry Rich

E110 - Terry Rich

The secrets to unlocking your innovation, creating a culture of idea generation and why failure can ultimately lead to extraordinary success. It’s time for a conversation with author, keynote speaker and former CEO of the Iowa Lottery and Blank Park Zoo, Terry Rich! 

About Terry Rich

Terry Rich is a disruptive innovator and entrepreneur with a drive for integrity and honesty. He’s worked in the trenches, survived the new business trends, and had success with generational changes. Oh, and he’s given away over one billion dollars. 

It's time to welcome the fraud-busting, creative and lucky Terry Rich.   

Creative.  Lucky.  Energetic.  Fraud-busting. 

Terry Rich is a successful CEO and President of 25 years who loves to engage and entertain audiences across the globe. 

Under his leadership, state lottery sales and profits increased by 50%.  He also led the Blank Park Zoo to profitability from a $600,000 deficit while positioning it as the second largest attended attraction in the state.  But his national insight on business, banking, gaming, TV production, marketing and PR led him to success in his professional career and to his passion for public speaking.  Oh, and he’s also given away over $1 billion.  

Terry led the team that cracked the largest lottery fraud in US history.  During the investigation, Terry oversaw day-to-day operations while considering long-term consequences, adapting quickly to change, and delivering on promises.  

Before that, he started four successful entrepreneurial businesses, and has numerous national media appearances including ABC, NBC, HBO, CBS, 20/20, CNN, CNBC, USA Today and The New York Times; a movie host on Starz! and appeared as a panel guest on the "Tonight Show".  His production of a Fox Sports show called “Socker Slam” is currently a featured documentary on the Hearst streaming service “Very Local”.  

He’s a disruptive innovator and entrepreneur with a drive for integrity and honesty. He’s worked in the trenches, survived new business trends, and had success with generational changes.  Terry’s keynotes are energetic, motivating, and perfect for an early morning, lunch or after dinner presentation.  

Terry Rich has authored two books: The $80 Billion Gamble and Dare to Dream, Dare to Act.  

Connect with Terry  

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Sep 04, 202344:29
E109 - Gianna Pugliese
Aug 21, 202348:59
E108 - Amy Pfeifer
Aug 07, 202335:25
E107 - Deidre Williams

E107 - Deidre Williams

What an episode we’ve got today! Get to know Deidre Williams, Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness at EMC Insurance for a wide-ranging conversation including the importance of continuous learning, the secrets of staying AGILE and how a last-minute pivot due to the COVID-19 pandemic led to an award-winning talent development strategy! 

About Deidre Williams

Ms. Deidre N. Williams possesses 20 years in corporate learning and talent development. Throughout her diverse career, she has served in key leadership positions overseeing both domestic and international learning and development training strategies and solutions, project management and business/talent development endeavors with industry innovators Merck & Co., Intrepid Learning Solutions, Total System Services, Inc., and AFLAC.  As a result, and achievement–oriented professional, Ms. Williams has attained extensive trainings and certifications from The Association of Talent Development (formerly the American Society of Training & Development), Harvard University, Development Dimensions International, PROSCI, the SCRUM Alliance, the London Image Institute and the American School of Protocol. She is both a Master Trainer and Master Facilitator and possesses certifications in Human Performance Improvement (HPI), Change Management (CCMP), Agile SCRUM (CSM), and Agile SCRUM Product Ownership (CSPO).  In January of 2023, Deidre obtained her CDE (Certified Diversity Executive) credentialing from the Society for Diversity   

In December of 2018, Deidre relocated to Des Moines, IA and brought her passion and vision for learning to EMC as the new Vice President – Learning and Development. In this role, Deidre oversaw all enterprise learning solutions to include:  industry designations, professional development training, coaching, leadership development, virtual learning, change management and EMC University.  With a fervent desire to align learning solutions with organizational priorities, Deidre and her team have been hyper-focused on ensuring transformative learning experiences for all EMC team members.  In her words, “Learning and Development is laser focused on serving as trusted advisors and active consultative collaborators, engaging in design thinking and customer centricity in all learning solutions. in 2020, Deidre’s role expanded as she became Vice President - Organizational Effectiveness, overseeing enterprise learning solutions via Learning & Development, Leadership Development, EMC University, Talent Development, and Diversity Equity & Inclusion.  Under Deidre’s leadership, in 2021, EMC Insurance Companies was recognized by Chief Learning Officer Magazine as a 2021 Learning Elite Organization.   

Connect with Deidre  

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Jul 24, 202350:14
E106 - Kai Gillespie
Jul 10, 202341:52
E105 - Joey Spivey

E105 - Joey Spivey

Introducing ATD Central Iowa’s own Joey Spivey! Finding your passion in talent development, building an organizational development structure from the ground up and the secrets to honing your personal facilitation style. Plus, Joey runs down "The 5!" 

About Joey Spivey: 

Like many, Joey kind of tripped and fell into the world of talent development. He started his career in an entry-level operational role at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and was looking to take the next step “up the ladder” as soon as possible. A position opened up on the operations training team that supported his department and several others, and the rest was history.  

At Wellmark, Joey was exclusively focused on operational or role-specific training, primarily for Wellmark’s claims staff, where he had the chance to lead a system implementation training project, help establish the onboarding and skill development plan for a brand new role, and take charge of Wellmark’s first attempt at operations-focused e-learning.  

In 2018, he was offered the opportunity to join SHAZAM and truly help build an organizational development function from the ground up. It was an opportunity he simply couldn’t pass up. It was a blank slate, with a supportive leadership team, and an employee population that was ready for a more strategic approach to learning. Over his five years at SHAZAM, he crossed almost everything off the talent development bucket list: LMS implementation, content provider partnerships, employee experience programming, emerging leader cohorts, tenured leadership development strategies, succession planning, DEI strategy, mentoring, employee engagement surveys, performance management. Now, he’s looking forward to his next big opportunity. 

Connect with Joey  
Twitter: @learnwithjoey 

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Jun 26, 202349:44
E104 - Sara Faas Jones
Jun 12, 202336:27
E103 - Kristin Tague
May 29, 202332:45
E102 - Todd McDonald
May 15, 202334:03
E101 - Sarah Noll Wilson

E101 - Sarah Noll Wilson

The joys (and challenges) of starting a business, what it's like to write a book and how a background in theater performance led to a passion for reducing harm in the workplace, listen as Sarah Noll Wilson, President & CEO of Sarah Noll Wilson Inc. takes us on a journey through her career. Plus, Sarah runs down "The 5!"

About Sarah Noll Wilson:

Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. is who you call when you're ready to do the hard work of leading yourself and leading others.

Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. is on a mission to help leaders build and rebuild teams. Our goal is to empower leaders to understand and honor the beautiful complexity of the humans they serve. We create a safe, honest environment, preparing people to deal with real-world conflict, have more meaningful conversations, and create purposeful relationships. Working with CEOs, HR leaders, and organizations that care deeply about their employees and understand the connection between employee development, employee satisfaction, and organizational success, Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. specializes in transforming relationships from good to great.

Through her work as an Executive Coach, an in-demand Keynote Speaker, Researcher, Contributor to Harvard Business Review, and Bestselling Author of "Don't Feed the Elephants", Sarah Noll Wilson helps leaders close the gap between what they intend to do and the actual impact they make. She hosts the podcast "Conversations on Conversations", is certified in Co-Active Coaching, Conversational Intelligence, and is a frequent guest lecturer at universities. In addition to her work with organizations, Sarah is a passionate advocate for mental health.

With 15+ years in leadership development, Sarah earned a Master's Degree from Drake University in Leadership Development and a BA from the University of Northern Iowa in Theatre Performance and Theatre Education - no wonder clients love the energy she brings to their teams! When she isn't helping people build and rebuild relationships, she enjoys playing games with her husband Nick and cuddling with their fur baby, Sally. Connect with Sarah:







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May 03, 202342:00
Coming Soon - Connect 5 from ATD Central Iowa

Coming Soon - Connect 5 from ATD Central Iowa

Want to hear some stories, experiences and tips to help you learn and grow in your career in talent development? Well, welcome to Connect 5, the exclusive podcast from ATD Central Iowa bringing you the need-to-know information – right from the people who have it – to help you thrive in talent development. In each episode, we’ll introduce you to someone new who’s got important stories and experiences to share. From training, to entrepreneurship, to leadership, instructional design and just about anything TD-related in-between, Connect 5 is a can’t-miss addition to your development resources library. Following a brief interview, each guest will be asked to run down “the five” – five quick-hit conversations about lessons learned, memorable stories, success secrets, hot takes and their personal role models. Subscribe or follow to have the latest episodes delivered right to your podcast library and visit to learn more. Episode 1 drops May 3rd, 2023!

Apr 03, 202301:38