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Andi and Zach--runners, coaches, and founders of into distance running from every angle. Training tips and racing recommendations? Staying healthy or recovering from injury? Stories of successes or tales of tragedies? It's all here!
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Unfinished Business w/ Keira D'Amato

A to Z RunningJul 28, 2020

Running by Feel is NOT Running by Effort
Jun 06, 202301:04:45
Shoe Drop, Overuse Injury, & Marathon Builds (Monthly Q & A)
May 31, 202301:26:29
Developing Relentless Intuition w/ Molly Bookmyer
May 23, 202301:11:11
Training in the Gap: Recovery and Maintenance
May 16, 202301:08:15
The Best Possible Race Week
May 09, 202301:07:59
Maintenance, Shorts, & Marathon Speed (Monthly Q and A)
May 02, 202355:53
Joining Strength and Speed
Apr 25, 202301:22:29
What is good aerobic condition?
Apr 18, 202301:20:44
How to Build the Best Base
Apr 11, 202301:02:20
Solving an Underdiagnosed Condition w/ Dr. Maskill
Apr 04, 202301:00:18
HR Data, Pacing Charts, & Nagging Injuries (Monthly Q & A)
Mar 28, 202354:15
Recovery Series: Laser, Dry-Needling, and More
Mar 21, 202301:04:59
Recovery Series: Myofascial Release
Mar 14, 202301:21:14
Make-up miles, baking soda, and swimming (Monthly Q & A)
Feb 28, 202350:58
Recovery Series: HOT & COLD
Feb 21, 202301:10:06
Recovery Series: REST
Feb 14, 202349:18
Achilles and Plantar Fascia w/ Dr. Maskill
Feb 07, 202301:16:13
Focus Techniques, Treadmill Problems, and GPS (Monthly Q & A)
Jan 31, 202356:39
Listen to Your Body & Control Inner Dialogue
Jan 24, 202301:15:46
Challenges vs. Threats
Jan 17, 202353:53
Am I tough enough?
Jan 10, 202339:34
How to Follow Through
Jan 03, 202301:09:10
Race distance, down weeks, and trail running (Monthly Q & A)
Dec 27, 202253:03
Eat that Frog during the Holidays
Dec 20, 202246:46
Intersecting Self-discipline and Agility
Dec 13, 202257:02
Cadence Conversation w/ Todd Buckingham, PhD
Dec 06, 202201:03:38
Biking, Snow Running, and Shoe Drop (Monthly Q and A)
Nov 29, 202246:41
Health Benefits of Running
Nov 22, 202254:56
Flow: What It Means for Runners
Nov 15, 202255:25
Downtime and Down Cycles
Nov 08, 202253:41
Overtraining, Marathon Warmups, and Easy vs. Jog (Monthly Q and A)
Nov 01, 202245:34
Matching Effort and Expectation
Oct 25, 202252:24
Progress over Perfection w/ Futsum Zeinasellassie
Oct 18, 202245:56
The Problem with Pace
Oct 11, 202257:26
Understanding Intervals
Oct 04, 202258:32
Intensity, changing plans, and easy efforts (Monthly Q and A)
Sep 27, 202250:50
Dealing with Disruption
Sep 20, 202201:01:51
Successful Marathon Preparation
Sep 13, 202201:08:42
Successful Marathon Execution
Sep 06, 202254:26
Efficiency, Tapering Long Runs, and Fatigue (Monthly Q and A)
Aug 29, 202250:02
When to Go All-out
Aug 23, 202253:43
Essentials for Successful Rehabilitation w/ Rob Andro, PTA
Aug 16, 202252:41
Patience with Urgency w/ Andrea Pomaranski
Aug 09, 202201:07:02
Race hydration, HIIT workouts, and pacing (Monthly Q & A)
Aug 02, 202246:19
Minimizing Mistakes, Maximizing Triumphs (World Champs pt 2)
Jul 26, 202201:04:28
Mistakes and Triumphs in Racing (and World Champs report!)
Jul 19, 202201:01:18
The Rules for Realizing Your Dreams
Jul 12, 202257:14
Fight No Matter What w/ Zouhair Talbi
Jul 05, 202256:23
Wet shoes, hamstrings, and comparing distances (Monthly Q & A)
Jun 28, 202201:19:04
Personal Best by Effort w/ Lindsay Flanagan
Jun 21, 202258:48
Time Management for Runners
Jun 14, 202201:02:41
Winning Mindset for Every Runner w/ Dakotah Lindwurm
Jun 07, 202249:18
Training Adjustments, Plateauing, and Marathon Recovery
May 31, 202201:08:38
Getting the Most out of Yourself and Others w/ Brian Diemer
May 24, 202251:03
Shin Splints and Foot Pain Solutions w/ Dr. Marie Whitt
May 17, 202242:31
How to Run by Effort
May 10, 202201:10:38
What all runners need to know about their pelvic floors w/ Betsy Petry-Johnson
May 03, 202251:34
Tune up races, routines, and training priorities
Apr 26, 202244:53
What Runners Need to Know about Glutes w/ Betsy Petry-Johnson
Apr 19, 202201:02:54
Returning to Confidence w/ Carrie Verdon
Apr 12, 202245:08
Cross Training w/ Colleen Quigley
Apr 05, 202248:11
Racing shoes, drills, and dead butt
Mar 29, 202253:25
Pushing Through w/ Yared Nuguse
Mar 22, 202247:39
"Be honest. Be patient." w/ Benard Keter
Mar 15, 202201:04:27
The Science of LOSING Fitness w/ Todd Buckingham, Ph.D
Mar 08, 202246:41
Hills, mid-week long runs, and micronutrients
Mar 01, 202246:13
Ways to Build Leg Strength
Feb 22, 202257:22
How Social Media Affects Runners
Feb 15, 202201:12:27
How Social Influences Affect Runners
Feb 08, 202249:58
Breaking Barriers and Facing Fears w/ Patti Catalano Dillon
Feb 01, 202201:09:35
Watch data, winter running, and long runs
Jan 25, 202201:01:49
A Pain Guide for Runners
Jan 18, 202256:09
"State of the Sport" w/ Alex Andrei
Jan 11, 202201:07:03
Running Journey w/ Diane Nukuri
Jan 04, 202258:04
Lessons Learned in 2021
Dec 28, 202139:07
Hip Flexor Health w/ Christine Koth, MPT
Dec 21, 202152:35
Food Tips for Busy Runners w/ Chelsea Plummer (Mae's Menu)
Dec 14, 202151:20
Understanding Fartleks
Dec 07, 202101:06:13
Enduring the Load w/ Stefanie Flippin
Nov 30, 202153:14
Happy, Healthy, Hungry for More w/ Allie Kieffer
Nov 23, 202150:21
Embracing Repetition w/ Mario Mendoza
Nov 16, 202151:29
Life Surrounding the Sport w/ Makena Morley
Nov 09, 202149:15
Trying New Distances w/ Erika Kemp
Nov 02, 202141:24
Now what? (I ran the race... what now?)
Oct 26, 202150:48
Confidence w/ Courtney Frerichs
Oct 19, 202148:60
Post-race Recovery
Oct 12, 202136:33
Cycling for Runners w/ Todd Buckingham
Oct 05, 202150:35
Starting from Scratch w/ Natosha Rogers
Sep 28, 202144:31
Functional Movement
Sep 21, 202146:18
Back Health w/ Phil Wharton
Sep 14, 202101:13:42
Improving POSTURE for Running
Sep 07, 202150:57
Seizing Opportunity w/ Kate Grace
Aug 31, 202157:11
Aug 23, 202153:53
LEARNING from other runners w/ Matt Chittim of The Rambling Runner podcast
Aug 17, 202149:38
Tokyo Olympics Running RESULTS (part 2 of 2)
Aug 10, 202101:08:09
Tokyo Olympics Running RESULTS (part 1 of 2)
Aug 03, 202133:02
Tokyo Olympics Ultimate Running Preview!
Jul 27, 202101:06:26
Dealing with INJURY
Jul 20, 202150:41
Long Run Approaches
Jul 13, 202152:54
How CHAMPIONS Race w/ Hillary Bor
Jul 06, 202154:22
The Extra of the OLYMPIC TRIALS
Jun 29, 202101:01:09
Goal Setting in Running w/ Alicja Konieczek
Jun 22, 202101:07:15
RECORDS Keep Falling!
Jun 15, 202101:05:10
FUELING for the Run
Jun 08, 202101:01:01
The Science of BUILDING FITNESS w/ Todd Buckingham, Ph.D
Jun 01, 202101:11:09
Social Running w/ Shawanna White
May 25, 202142:57
Get the MOST from your WORKOUTS
May 18, 202147:28
Experience Running w/ Sam Chelanga
May 11, 202154:35
How can runners TRAIN most EFFICIENTLY?
May 04, 202140:30
Why is CHANGE so hard (for runners)?
Apr 27, 202157:56
Training through Transitions w/ Clayton Young
Apr 20, 202143:57
How can runners execute RACE SEASON?
Apr 13, 202143:59
Racing Season w/ Olli Hoare
Apr 06, 202147:11
How can runners train to AVOID INJURY?
Mar 30, 202131:48
Why do runners PACE races? w/ Andrew Buikema
Mar 23, 202101:04:19
What is a GROWTH MINDSET in running? w/ Kim Conley
Mar 16, 202147:47
What can runners do to PREVENT INJURY? w/ Adam Homolka
Mar 09, 202147:08
Why must runners FACE THE NOISE? w/ Ajee' Wilson
Mar 02, 202143:29
How should runners approach IN-RACE DECISIONS? w/ Emma Bates
Feb 23, 202147:42
How can we STOP wasting time?
Feb 16, 202147:19
How can BUSY RUNNERS train? with Marty Hehir
Feb 09, 202147:27
What is essential for HEALTHY FEET? w/ Dr. Bill Johncock
Feb 02, 202153:14
What makes a GOOD RACE? w/ Alicia Monson
Jan 26, 202148:16
How can runners SUSTAIN long-term PROGRESS? w/ Nathan Martin
Jan 19, 202152:22
How can runners train WELL in ADVERSE CONDITIONS? w/ Anna Dalton
Jan 12, 202154:01
What helps REVIVE running? w/ Kendra Chambers
Jan 05, 202155:54
The BEST of RUNNING 2020
Dec 29, 202054:39
Why is it HARD to THRIVE right now?
Dec 22, 202047:27
Why does NUTRITION matter for running? w/ Meghann Featherstun

Why does NUTRITION matter for running? w/ Meghann Featherstun

Andi and Zach, with sports nutritionist Meghan Featherstun (, discuss why nutrition matters for running and how runners can maximize fueling to help achieve their goals. Tune in for that practical discussion as well as some recent running news (like more records broken!).

For complete details and resources, visit

Looking to get more from your running efforts? Consider AtoZrunning coaching or training services at

Dec 15, 202044:48
What HABITS reap the greatest REWARDS? w/ Charlene Lipsey
Dec 08, 202050:34
How does running influence MENTAL HEALTH? w/ Carol Seppilu
Dec 01, 202057:45
What are the BENEFITS of running TRAILS? w/ Rob Steger
Nov 24, 202053:35
Why should runners structure training? w/ Jed Christiansen
Nov 17, 202055:54
How should runners navigate the space between goals?
Nov 10, 202046:02
What is recovery and why does it matter? w/ AnnMarie Kirkpatrick
Nov 03, 202054:19
How can runners intelligently modify training?
Oct 27, 202048:26
What is serious running? w/ Anne
Oct 20, 202051:18
Speed, Strength, or Endurance? (with Kate Grace)
Oct 13, 202053:11
What is the best way to mobilize? (with Phil Wharton)
Oct 06, 202047:52
Patience & Consistency w/ Paul Chelimo
Sep 29, 202038:02
Behind the Numbers w/ Dathan Ritzenhein
Sep 22, 202053:29
Victory Beyond Gold w/ Mary Wineberg
Sep 15, 202026:38
Father-Son Teams w/ Team Agar & Team Johncock
Sep 08, 202047:48
Creativity on the Run w/ Brittany Charboneau
Sep 01, 202046:00
How to Develop Speed w/ Cindy Ofili
Aug 25, 202045:17
10 Epic Moments in Running History w/ Nate "Q" Van Holten
Aug 18, 202055:40
Better Together w/ Training Partners Emily Oren and Leah Falland
Aug 11, 202044:00
The Art & Science of Strength w/ Kaylin Russeau
Aug 04, 202045:15
Unfinished Business w/ Keira D'Amato
Jul 28, 202047:53
The Highest Level w/ Abdi Abdirahman
Jul 19, 202047:50
Running Foundations: General Health and Wellness
Jul 14, 202048:12
Running Foundations: Strength and Mobility
Jul 07, 202050:04
Running Foundations: Aerobic Condition
Jun 30, 202046:10
Rebuilding Momentum w/ John Cody Risch
Jun 23, 202054:57
Where Personality & Performance Meet
Jun 16, 202048:08
The Language of Running w/ Obsie Birru
Jun 09, 202047:38
The Future is Bright. Talem Franco is Proof.
Jun 02, 202043:23
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn w/ Sam Palmer
May 26, 202046:21
Winning the Uphill Battle w/ Jake Riley
May 19, 202048:49
How to Support Mother Runners w/ Whitney Heins (

How to Support Mother Runners w/ Whitney Heins (

Whitney of joins Andi and Zach to talk about life for mothers who run. Andi and Zach also discuss the retirement of American distance legend Dathan Ritzenhein and in honor of Mother's Day, several notable mothers who ran at the highest of levels while balancing family life.

For the complete details and episode notes, visit

May 12, 202037:36
When Persistence Pays Off w/ Joe Niemiec
May 05, 202050:05
Check Yourself - Don't Wreck Yourself
Apr 28, 202042:26
Why you should run like a Zombie w/ Mike Swinger
Apr 21, 202049:24
Her Dreams Don't Quit! w/ Joanna Stephens
Apr 14, 202040:18
Stay in the Fight with Ron Romano
Apr 07, 202051:10
Long Term Vision
Mar 31, 202047:01
Finding Motivation and Community while Social Distancing
Mar 24, 202047:05
When life gets you down, HANG IN THERE! (Lessons from Olympic Trials Marathoners, part 2)
Mar 17, 202035:44
When Things Don't Go Your Way, HANG IN THERE! (Lessons from Olympic Trials marathoners, part 1)
Mar 10, 202034:36
U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon REPORT (2020)
Mar 05, 202056:52
U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon Preview (2020)
Feb 25, 202047:31
It's All in Your Mind
Feb 20, 202035:36
Love and Support
Feb 13, 202041:26
Let it Go
Feb 06, 202043:38
Treadmill or Dreadmill?
Jan 30, 202040:59
Raw and Simple: Track and Field w/ Louis Falland
Jan 23, 202048:28
Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson

Running Under Pressure w/ Parker Stinson

25k American Record holder and 2:10 marathoner Parker Stinson joins Andi and Zach to talk about his journey through the highs and lows and how to navigate pressures external, internal, and otherwise.

For the complete details and links to resources for this episode, visit

Jan 16, 202038:56
Thoughtful Training

Thoughtful Training

What's the best workout for a given purpose at a given time? Andi and Zach dive deep into different run efforts and workouts and how they navigate the various purposes. See more at

Need support in your training? Check out our training services options at

Jan 09, 202041:41
Feeling Powerful Again w/ Leah O'Connor

Feeling Powerful Again w/ Leah O'Connor

Andi and Zach talk with Leah O'Connor about overcoming struggle and injury in running and what it means to be back in the game. Listen for that and more, and find the full details with links and resources at

Jan 02, 202038:00
'Twas the Day After Christmas (SPECIAL)

'Twas the Day After Christmas (SPECIAL)

Naturally, we couldn't resist some holiday fun! Listen for a bit of festivity, and be sure to visit for additional resources.

Dec 26, 201915:12
Run Faster without Trying Harder w/ Dave Hodgkinson

Run Faster without Trying Harder w/ Dave Hodgkinson

It's no con. Running faster is a great deal easier than many of us realize! Dave Hodgkinson joins Andi and Zach to unpack how to run better and more easily. Listen for the full conversation, or visit for more resources from the episode.

Dec 19, 201943:18
One Small Change
Dec 12, 201934:13
Making the Most of the Race Experience w/ Kyle Cutler
Dec 05, 201934:13
Never Again on Thanksgiving Day (SPECIAL)

Never Again on Thanksgiving Day (SPECIAL)

Every great moment of feasting and play

Went terribly wrong last Thanksgiving Day

Listen to the episode to hear the whole story, or find the full text at

Nov 28, 201916:50
How to be a lifelong runner w/ Dathan Ritzenhein
Nov 21, 201941:44
Nov 14, 201938:35
The Next Level
Nov 07, 201945:26


Nothing douses the fire of a passionate pursuit more than burnout. Listen to Andi and Zach discuss their experiences with burnout, ideas to prevent it, and how to cope when in the midst of it.

For all the details, links, and resources supporting this episode, visit

Oct 31, 201947:36
Knowing Yourself

Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself can facilitate your next goal or break through.  Owning where we are at and where we have to go shouldn't bring us into doubt or fear, but motivate us to make plans to achieve the incremental steps. 

The World of Running 

As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week: 

The Ripley's with Allyson Felix in 2018  Nike shoes controversy (link to
Letsrun Podcast with more opinions)  Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price considered to be the fastest woman in the world. (NBC reports)  Allyson Felix broke  Usain Bolt's World Gold Medal record with 12 gold medals in world events.  The great American distance runner, Shalane Flanagan retired (here's the article mentioned).  Main Topic Summary:  11. Know your limits (time, physical, pace) 

2. Your limitations don’t always mean a cap on your goals, but rather an honest evaluation of how many miles you should run, what pace you should aim to hit during workouts and races, and how much time you need to prepare your body (routines) beforehand. 

3. Set reasonable goals/expectations 

Create multi-tier goals (Thanks, Coach Rod Wortley ). Check out this article all about racing mindset and strategies.  Pursue incremental gains.  Follow or develop suitable training plans with your current effort in mind (not always the pace you want to run or thing you "should" run). 
Oct 24, 201934:29
The Struggle

The Struggle

One thing every runner understands is struggle. Having just (both of us) completed the Chicago Marathon, we decided to dive deep into the topic of struggle and our experiences surrounding

embracing the struggle and overcoming the struggle. The World of Running

As always, before discussing our main topic, we shared some of the most recent tidbits dominating the running conversation this week:

Eliud Kipchoge's
INEOS 1:59 Challenge A whole lot of Chicago Marathon (more on that here) Brigid Kosgei's new world record Parker Stinson's impressive 2:10:53 ANDI RAN HER FIRST EVER OTQ (Olympic Trials Qualifier)! Main Topic: The Struggle

We break it down like this:

embracing the struggle means thriving amidst the pain overcoming the struggle means understanding what you CAN control and learning HOW to control it

To illustrate, we highlight those points with examples and experiences of how struggle in and out of running interrelates. Then we wrap it up with a short list of helpful ways to overcome struggle, like:

prioritizing effectively knowing yourself thoroughly and more!
Oct 16, 201930:40
Thriving in the Running Community

Thriving in the Running Community

Every episode can be found at with links and resources and additional info about the episode. For this episode, Andi and Zach discuss the Berlin Marathon, World Track and Field Championships, and the power of the running community. Read more at!

Find us on Facebook, Instagram (@atozrunning), and Strava (Zach Ripley).

Oct 08, 201930:38