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Attention To Deetail

Attention To Deetail

By Tim Langley

Join me for a weekly couch analysis of the Melbourne Football Club and the roller-coaster ride that is barracking for the Dees. To quote Godfather 3, "Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in!"
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Episode 72: Your Love, Is Taking Me Kysaiah

Attention To DeetailMar 21, 2023

Episode 83: Dees Fall To Purple Reign
May 28, 202301:11:58
Episode 82: Big Month Awaits
May 24, 202354:23
Episode 81: Proudly Naarm
May 17, 202318:54
Episode 80: Dominant Dees A Low Profile with Rohan Connolly

Episode 80: Dominant Dees A Low Profile with Rohan Connolly

This episode proudly brought to you by our fantastic sponsors Hop Hen Brewing and Valley Electrical Group.

This week, Tim and Simmo are joined by journalist and friend of the pod, Rohan Connolly. We discuss Rohan's article detailing the Demons success this year and how some of those markers have been overlooked by the media. There's plenty to cover including how clubs have built sustained success, the headlines for 2023 plus some deep dives into some historical matches.

We also quickly cover the Hawks demolition, discuss the impact of Pett's injury and plenty of gushing for Simmo's number one boy with the best calves in the league, Trent Rivers.

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LISTENER OFFER: QUOTE THE PODCAST NAME AT THE BAR RECEIVE 10% OFF ALL TAKEAWAY BEER AT HOP HEN BREWING (Instore Only)Check out our sponsor's Hop Hen Brewing and Valley Electrical Group for listening and Go Dees!

May 16, 202301:11:60
Episode 79: #FreeRoo
May 10, 202301:13:42
Episode 78: Matt Jones
May 08, 202340:36
Episode 77: Roos Dee-molished + Kozzy Party
May 01, 202301:08:19
 Episode 76: Clawing Back to Victory
Apr 26, 202301:08:51
Episode 75: Reset and Respond
Apr 19, 202301:10:33
Episode 74: Roo Beauty!
Apr 04, 202357:31
Episode 73- Max Gawn for 6, Avoids Dee-saster
Mar 28, 202352:47
Episode 72: Your Love, Is Taking Me Kysaiah
Mar 21, 202359:26
Episode 71- The Allen Jakovich Cup with The One-Eyed Dog Podcast
Mar 12, 202301:03:37
Episode 70: The Dawn of Gawndy
Mar 08, 202319:51
Episode 69: Tis the (Off) Season to be Jolly
Dec 23, 202245:58
Episode 68- Looking Ahead with Jason Taylor
Sep 29, 202201:01:10
Episode 67: Dee-flated, But still Dee-termined with Special Guest Shannon Gill
Sep 15, 202259:50
Episode 66: High Blood(s) Pressure
Sep 06, 202251:59
Episode 65: Monday I've Got Friday On My Mind
Aug 30, 202238:25
Episode 64: Unbe(lever)able Dees Give Lions Hell with Guy Rigoni
Aug 23, 202201:10:15
Episode 63: The Great Escape
Aug 15, 202201:02:16
Episode 62: Back To Our Best In The West feat. Quinn from Pressure Point
Aug 02, 202201:12:22
Episode 61: Dog Day Afternoon (Evening)
Jul 25, 202201:16:13
Episode 60: The Wonderful Wizard of Koz feat. Suzanne from The Demon Army
Jul 20, 202233:51
Episode 59: Any (Cat's) Claws for Concern?
Jul 11, 202201:07:40
Episode 58: The Will To Win
Jul 04, 202252:42
Episode 57: Special Guest Coach Donnie Hess
Jun 29, 202248:27
Episode 56: A Ripping Response
Jun 27, 202245:56
Pressure Point 100th Episode feat. Tim from Attention to Deetail
Jun 15, 202226:31
Episode 55- Staying The Course
Jun 08, 202255:35
Episode 54- It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint
May 31, 202246:51
Episode 53- A Perfect Ten
May 23, 202254:24
Episode 52- Once Upon A Time In The West
May 16, 202236:48
Episode 51- Dees Stifle Saint's March
May 11, 202256:22
Episode 50- Cr(yze)ing in Second with Caden MacDonald
May 02, 202201:23:58
Episode 49- Dees Clarry On Winning
Apr 27, 202248:29
Episode 48- You've Gotta Pick(ett) To Win It
Apr 18, 202201:14:21
Episode 47- The Best Offense is Dee-fence
Apr 11, 202201:09:59
Episode 46- The Rise and Rise of Action Jackson
Mar 29, 202257:55
Episode 45- Starting on the Right Trac
Mar 21, 202245:32
Episode 44- Back to Business
Mar 11, 202234:59
Episode 43- Russell Robertson
Oct 17, 202151:27
Episode 42- It's Coming Home
Oct 01, 202150:43
Episode 41- Dee for Destiny with Andrew Leoncelli and Coodabeen Champion's Andy Bellairs
Sep 22, 202101:28:17
Episode 40- Prelim Dee-lerium with Mitch Cleary
Sep 15, 202152:12
Episode 39- How to Skin a Cat with Titus O'Reily
Sep 07, 202159:47
Episode 38- Lion Tamers with The Age's Daniel Cherny
Sep 01, 202153:18
Episode 37- O Captain! My Captain!
Aug 25, 202101:01:06
Episode 36- Kye Declase
Aug 23, 202121:32
Episode 35- Something to Crow About
Aug 18, 202149:33
Episode 34- Weathering the Storm(s)
Aug 11, 202143:30
Episode 33- Dee-struction Mode Activated
Aug 04, 202144:28
Episode 32- Rohan Connolly
Jul 25, 202137:22
Episode 31- The Luck of the Draw
Jul 20, 202153:09
Episode 30- Power Outage with Special Guest Tom Morris
Jul 11, 202150:53
Episode 29- Giants Get Rub Of The Greene
Jul 06, 202147:10
Episode 28- (Steven) May the Force Be With You
Jun 30, 202120:33
Episode 27- Daniel Cross
Jun 29, 202143:52
Episode 26- No String(ers) Attached
Jun 24, 202121:21
Episode 25- Jack Trengove
Jun 20, 202101:03:45
Episode 24- A Mid-Season Dee-scussion with Pressure Point Podcast
Jun 14, 202101:12:30
Episode 23- Jack Fitzpatrick Part 2
Jun 10, 202147:47
Episode 22- Not Lion Around
Jun 09, 202128:59
Episode 21- Jack Fitzpatrick Part 1
Jun 05, 202146:40
Episode 20- Dee-fence to Offence
Jun 03, 202143:15
Episode 19- A Chat With Kate Roffey
May 27, 202150:03
Episode 18- The Need for Weid?
May 19, 202140:24
Episode 17- Clarry On, Demons
May 12, 202148:21
Episode 16- Jack(son) of All Trades
May 05, 202151:50
Episode 15- The (Trent) RIvers of Dreams
Apr 28, 202101:01:59
Episode 14- Taking It To The Max
Apr 21, 202148:43
Episode 13- Right On Trac
Apr 14, 202116:57
Episode 12- Oh When the Saints, Go Marching Home
Mar 30, 202138:34
Episode 11- Round 1- Return of the (T)Mac
Mar 24, 202139:50
Episode 10- Guy Rigoni
Mar 08, 202134:39
Episode 9- All the trade deetails
Nov 19, 202040:08
Episode 8- Shane Woewodin
Oct 28, 202055:10
Episode 7- Andrew Leoncelli

Episode 7- Andrew Leoncelli

Steph and I are joined for a chat by Dees great, Andrew Leoncelli. We discuss his impressive career through a very successful period for the "blue collar" Dees in the late nineties and early 2000's, his close relationship and influence under legendary coach Neale Daniher and can't help but romanticise over a win-for-the-ages against Carlton in the 2000 Qualifying Final. 

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Oct 15, 202030:19
Episode 6- Season (Essen)Done: A 2020 Review
Sep 23, 202044:57
Episode 5- A Giant Improvement
Sep 15, 202029:48
Episode 4 - Deesaster Strikes: A Sydney/Freo Recovery Session

Episode 4 - Deesaster Strikes: A Sydney/Freo Recovery Session

Steph is good enough to put up with my rants and complaining, as I struggle to face what was a week from hell (and back, 2020 edition). We discuss the Demon's Jekyll and Hyde identity problem, question Goody's fit for the club and scrape the bottom of the barrel to find any positives in last couple of rounds. Apologies for the rants but appreciate all the continued support and feedback we've received. C'mon Demons!

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Thanks for listening! 

Sep 09, 202029:56
Episode 3- Demons Vs Saints Review

Episode 3- Demons Vs Saints Review

Join Steph and I, as we review the Dees nail-biting win against a spirited, yet inaccurate St Kilda side. I laud our superstar efforts of Christian Petracca and table my concern for our tackling issues, whilst Steph continues to watch re-runs of the first quarter of the dogs vs cats game and decide that's where the game should've ended. Thanks for all your continued support and keep up the feedback. C'mon Demons! 

Remember to follow our instagram page @attentiontodeetailpod or send us an email

Thanks for listening!

Aug 31, 202017:13
Episode 2- Demons VS Bulldogs Review

Episode 2- Demons VS Bulldogs Review

This week I'm joined again by resident Mitch Wallis fanatic Steph, as we review the Demon's disappointing loss on the weekend. We chat about how 20 minutes of the Dee's inability to defend could have a huge impact on their finals chances, praise the defensive brick wall that is Steven May and relish the great dollar value of a box of fruity lexia. Big apologies about the sound quality this week, unfortunately it was too far beyond repair but got to give the people what they want. Thanks for listening and go dees! 

Aug 24, 202017:52
Episode 1- Demons Vs Western Bulldogs

Episode 1- Demons Vs Western Bulldogs

Join myself as I preview the demons penultimate round 13 clash with good friend and resident dogs fanatic Steph. We chat about how the dees need to contain the Bont, discuss the state of the haircuts of players and reminisce about some special moments in 2016. Thanks for listening!

Aug 20, 202026:42