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Attract Your Ideal Customers

Attract Your Ideal Customers

By Marcus Schaller

Real-world, actionable marketing advice to help you cut through the noise and attract your ideal customers.

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Playing the Social Media Long Game: Rachel Durci, Founder at Effortless Budgeting

Attract Your Ideal CustomersSep 08, 2023

What are Your “Yeti Slippers”? Logan Mallory, VP Marketing at Motivosity
Sep 28, 202322:58
Transformational Sales and Marketing: Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown
Sep 26, 202344:57
Starting Out With Video Content: Chad Ressler, Co-Founder at Double Take Video
Sep 21, 202317:21
Create “Snackable” Content: Faith Boone, Founder at Boone Logic
Sep 19, 202329:18
Lean Into Your Uniqueness: Ella Glasgow, CEO at Beyond Virtual Events
Sep 14, 202321:27
Paint a Picture of the Problem: Corinne Murray, Founder at Agate
Sep 12, 202324:38
Playing the Social Media Long Game: Rachel Durci, Founder at Effortless Budgeting
Sep 08, 202325:41
Targeting Your Content Style: Mark Donatelli, Managing Partner at Cimply
Sep 06, 202326:42
Filtering for the Right Fit: Suzi Lantz, Founder at Personal Peak Consulting
Sep 05, 202319:58
People Buy Feelings: Christie Calahan, Senior Director, Marketing at ELB Learning
Aug 31, 202321:06
Dare to Be Different: Brad Schechter, VP Marketing at Fuel Cycle
Aug 30, 202324:16
Trust Your Voice: Sindy Warren, Founder at Blue Tree Coaching
Aug 29, 202317:42
How Podcasting Can Help You Grow Your Company

How Podcasting Can Help You Grow Your Company

There are a lot of founders, CEOs, and marketers out there who’ve been thinking about starting their own podcast, but struggle to figure out the right first step and are overwhelmed by the idea of building it from scratch.

The biggest hurdle many of you might be facing is—will it even be worth it? Can creating our own podcast really help us connect with and attract more of our ideal customers?

To help show you what’s possible, I reached out to other founders, CEOs, and marketers who have taken the leap, and asked them to share how their podcasts are helping them grow their companies.

My hope is that by listening to their stories, you’ll not only be inspired to get started with your own podcast, but will have a broader understanding of the ways that podcasting can help you serve more of your ideal customers.


Check out my free webinar—Launch Your Podcast in 10 Days: Create Targeted Content That Attracts Your Ideal Customers.

The live webinar will be on Sept 13, 2023 at 2PM EST. But I’ll also be making the material from that webinar available on my website for those of you who couldn’t make the live event.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode. I highly recommend checking out their podcasts as examples of what’s possible. Here are the links…

Amy Wald, Founder at Green Luxe:

Brandon Eastman, Founder at Be Better Industries:

Chase Clymer, Co-Founder at Electric Eye Agency:

Dan (Danchez) Sanchez, Founder at Audience Growth School:

Eric Rutherford, Host of Build That Podcast:

Logan Lyles, Host of Agency Life:

Marisa Shadrick, Copywriter and Host of Resilient Faith Online:

Mark Evans, Founder at Marketing Spark:

Megha Joshi, CEO at Boardroom Zen:

Scott D'Amico, President at Communispond:

Tim Harris, Director, Product Marketing at Uniphore:

Sindy Warren, Founder at Blue Tree Coaching:

Taylor Evans, Founder at Rust Belt Recruiting:

Aug 28, 202332:18
AI vs Human Content: Kari Hanson, VP Marketing at
Aug 25, 202323:21
Keep Experimenting to Find the Best Fit: Lori Zoss Kraska, Founder at Growth Owl
Aug 24, 202316:07
Building an Effective Website: Ryan McCoy, CEO at Atomic Interactive
Aug 23, 202329:55
Don’t Be “Meh”: Andy Halko, CEO at Insivia
Aug 21, 202328:38
Know When to Trust Your Gut: Craig James, Co-Founder at CatalystStrategies
Aug 18, 202326:47
Stay Focused Yet Flexible: Taylor Evans, Founder at Rust Belt Recruiting
Aug 17, 202316:50
The Customer is the Hero of the Story: Caitlin Cassady, VP of Marketing at Beyond
Aug 16, 202322:07
Don’t Settle: Erin Mogel, Founder at Elevate Social Impact
Aug 15, 202320:32
Leverage Your Strengths: Stacy Sufka, Founder at Gladegy Consulting
Aug 14, 202323:12
Say Yes, Then Figure it Out: Esther Salata, Founder at Benesafe Solutions
Aug 11, 202323:17
The Riches Are in the Niches: Frank Favaro, Founder at ServeCentric Coaching
Aug 10, 202319:02
Be Laser Focused: Amanda Baudier & Rebecca Stump, Co-Founders at Full Plate Full Cup
Aug 09, 202322:44
Putting Your “Why” at the Core of Your Brand: Brittany Rohner, Founder at The DREMR Company
Aug 08, 202332:09
Building a Scalable and Sustainable Business: Warner Moore, Founder at Gamma Force
Aug 03, 202322:45
Know When to Say No: Lenore Elbrecht, Founder at Lenorganized
Jul 31, 202321:09
Share Something Real: Cara North, Founder at The Learning Camel
Jul 28, 202325:43
Earning Trust: Brent Bahnub, Founder at Apogee Process Improvement
Jul 27, 202321:60
Identify Your “Zebras”: Mark Mirra, Founder at Aligned
Jul 26, 202319:36
Focus on Building Trust: Amy Wald, Founder at Green Luxe
Jul 24, 202317:12
Gracey Cantalupo, CMO at MentorcliQ
Jul 21, 202323:08
Martha Magrina, Founder at AuthenticallYOU
Jul 20, 202329:13
Katie Murphy, Founder at Expansion Group
Jul 19, 202326:26
Adam Niec, Founder at Rate Tracker
Jul 18, 202324:53
Brandon Eastman, Founder at Be Better Industries
Jul 17, 202325:33
Steven Douglas, CEO / Consultant at Avagate
Jul 14, 202320:47
Raj Shroff, Founder & Principal at PINE
Jul 13, 202321:52
Ashley Faus, Dir of Integrated Product Marketing at Atlassian
Jul 12, 202323:45
Matt Vojacek, Founder & Creative Director of Made By Things
Jul 11, 202336:35
Bill Balderaz, President and Founder at Futurety
Jul 10, 202314:41
Chandra Cox, Founder & Trainer
Jul 07, 202319:54
Emily Rentas, Founder at Paragon Solstice
Jul 06, 202338:47
Naveed Iqbal, CEO and Founder at Dolr
Jul 04, 202339:07
Natalie Heckendorn, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CSG
Jul 03, 202323:26
Mukul Sheopory, Product Marketing Leader
Jun 29, 202343:22
Chase Clymer, Co-Founder at Electric Eye Agency
Jun 27, 202337:54
James Pickering, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Atlas
Jun 23, 202331:44
Elizabeth Irvine, VP of Marketing at MarketMuse
Jun 21, 202331:31