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The SocialMaharaj Podcast

The SocialMaharaj Podcast

By Atulmaharaj

The SocialMaharaj Podcast is an extension of our blog , you will find the host Atulmaharaj talk about various topics revolving around Food, Travel, Technology and Blogging.
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Is The Podcast Dead?

The SocialMaharaj PodcastOct 09, 2021

Is The Podcast Dead?

Is The Podcast Dead?

It's been 8 months since I posted anything on the Podcast, I'm sure you would be wondering if the podcast is dead or not. Well, you can say it was under hibernation for a while. But why suddenly this episode? Hear it, you'll know why the podcast was in the hibernate mode and why this is the time to restart :)

Check out the blog to know more on what is happening with me ->

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What I did in lock down ?

What I did in lock down ?

In this episode I talk about how the lock down has gone down with me. Some of the positives of the lock down is that people have got more time to spend with their families. Working parents are spending more time with their children and working children are spending more time with their families. For me, lock down has been rather productive. Why ? Listen on :) 

Also do let me know how is the lock down treating you ? What've you been upto during the lock down ?


Jul 08, 202008:05
Securing your Digital Content - Tech Talks

Securing your Digital Content - Tech Talks

With the Indian government banning 59 Apps originating from China, lots of influencers on platforms like TikTok, Helo are on the verge of losing their content. Hence, I think it's the right time to discuss on how to secure your digital content. What if one day Instagram suddenly charged you to post photos ? Will you still do it ? In this episode, I talk about the need of owning your own space. Invest in your own space and secure your digital content.

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Dr. Amrita's Post:

Jul 01, 202008:25
Why I started Podcasting ?
Jun 28, 202006:20