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audacity of we

audacity of we

By Mercy Abel

welcome to audacity of we, your fav gen z careers podcast!

your podcast host and resident gen z , Mercy Abel will be having conversations with people at all levels of their careers to chat about the audacious stories behind the job titles. The conversations will explore real life insight that gen z can learn from as we begin to enter the working world as well as valuable insight to help current leaders understand gen z’s changing expectations when it comes to career paths and working cultures.

so... let's get into it!
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greg bunbury (bunbury co) | we’re deserving of a basic level of respect

audacity of weOct 18, 2022

kim gingras (professional dancer & choreographer) | the honesty behind the glam
Jan 10, 202351:18
kamiqua lake (coldr) | forever connecting the dots
Dec 20, 202259:14
charlotte williams (sevensix agency) | no one was there to educate me
Dec 13, 202253:34
misha maseka (village girl productions) | your wildest dreams are achievable
Dec 06, 202201:09:29
olivia mushigo (talker tailor trouble maker) | if you want something you have to ask
Nov 29, 202251:50
chris maho (talker tailor trouble maker) | I did that, thank you
Nov 29, 202252:29
rich maciver (rich maciver photography) | know your worth and stand your ground
Nov 22, 202250:07
fab giovanetti (alt marketing school) | pitch yourself the idea that you have
Nov 15, 202257:44
roshni patel & emily mcguirk (bbc studios) | I will give my life for my job
Nov 08, 202201:19:54
andrew dobbie (madebrave) | you're more talented than you think you are
Nov 01, 202201:12:18
kahlil greene (content creator & gen z historian) | keep going and keep creating
Oct 25, 202236:55
greg bunbury (bunbury co) | we’re deserving of a basic level of respect
Oct 18, 202201:11:01
manisha ferdinand (prime video) | networking with a capital N
Oct 11, 202257:21
jahnavi inniss (graphic designer & creative producer) | have conviction in your decision
Oct 04, 202255:17
luke seraphin (sky studios) | your happiness is based on you
Sep 27, 202201:19:31
julia haber (home from college) | if it doesn’t work you are not a failure
Sep 20, 202257:33
asad dhunna (the unmistakables) | it will all be alright
Sep 13, 202201:11:02
cat agostinho & jay richards (imagen insights) | each young person has an individual voice
Sep 13, 202252:32
jasmine anouna (the bloom) | joy is a tool for social change
Sep 13, 202201:19:50
audacity of we (gen z careers podcast) | trailer

audacity of we (gen z careers podcast) | trailer

welcome to your fav gen z careers podcast!

do you find yourself asking: did they land that job?

...who is going to tell me the reality of that role?

...what's the tea with gen z?

have a listen to episodes launching from September 2022 and you just might get the answer you're looking for!


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