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Audium Listens

Audium Listens

By Audium Listens

Audium Listens II is here!

Meet Audium’s artists-in-residence, learn about their work and discover their process designing a fully-immersive work at Audium.

Hosted by Carlino Cuono

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Mark Sabb

Audium ListensApr 29, 2021

Ronald Peabody
Mar 10, 202314:48
Alex Abalos
Mar 10, 202314:10
Sharmi Basu
Mar 10, 202312:52
Pamela Z
Jun 25, 202123:08
David Möschler

David Möschler

Many orchestras are being reborn post-COVID. David Möschler’s Awesome Orchestra was already breaking apart classical traditions before the pandemic- no auditions, free beer, & outdoor rehearsals to name a few. But now, with new revelations around equity and inclusion, even the most non-traditional of orchestras must contemplate change. View the full transcript here. 

Jun 25, 202121:18
Mark Sabb
Apr 29, 202121:27
Scott Shigeoka
Mar 02, 202121:30
Mia Feuer
Dec 18, 202017:22
Cairo McCockran
Nov 18, 202018:38
Jacintha Charles
Oct 20, 202019:42
Jean Jeanie
Sep 04, 202018:54
Blanca Bercial
Sep 04, 202018:18
Stan Shaff
Sep 04, 202010:55